Alexa Can Now Speak Spanish in the US

Now you can speak Spanish with your Alexa-enabled devices in the US. UU. While Alexa would have responded earlier with: “Sorry, I don’t understand,” you can now answer your voice commands in Spanish and respond in Spanish.

Amazon teaches Alexa to speak Spanish in the US UU.

Given its proximity to Mexico, the United States has a high number of Spanish speakers. However, Google Home learned to speak Spanish.

Your Google Home can now speak Spanish

The Google Assistant has been able to understand Spanish for some time, but now Google Home can also speak Spanish. Thank you very much, Google.
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in 2018, Amazon took longer to teach Alexa how to speak Spanish. But it has finally happened.

In April 2019, Amazon announced that Alexa could soon speak Spanish. In effect, the company had asked developers to “begin to develop skills for Spanish-speaking clients in the United States […] with the new Spanish voice model for the United States.”

How to start speaking Spanish to Alexa

With those skills having been certified, Alexa can now speak Spanish in the United States. According to The Amazon Blog, support for Spanish speakers is very deep, so there is a “new voice in Spanish, local knowledge, hundreds of skills and more.”

There is also a new multilingual mode that allows users to seamlessly switch between Spanish and English. Once enabled, if you ask Alexa a question in Spanish, she will answer in Spanish, but if you ask Alexa a question in English, she will answer in English.

If you want to start speaking Spanish with Alexa and have it respond in kind, change to “Spanish (States United) “in the Alexa application. Or, as an alternative, enable multilingual mode, which will be especially useful for multilingual homes.

As an additional benefit for Spanish speakers in the United States, Amazon has added a series of playlists of Latin music to Amazon Music These include a playlist full of urban artists and a playlist full of dance songs, all of which you can ask Alexa to play in Spanish.

Is it time to learn how to start speak Spanish?

With 50 million Spanish speakers in the United States, this is a long time ago. Amazon has taken a while to catch up with the competition, but it’s better late than never. And if you still can’t speak ar Spanish, these are the best applications to learn to speak Spanish.

The 8 best applications to learn Spanish fast

Are you looking for the best applications to learn Spanish? These excellent applications cover vocabulary, language immersion and much more.

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