After watching Solo, spend half an hour in Paul Feig’s Other Space

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What to See

"Into the Great Beyond … Beyond" is the first episode of the short-lived science fiction sitcom Other Space .

In the spring of 2015, the Yahoo Screening service attempted to compete with Netflix and Hulu by launching its own high-profile original programming, including Season 6 of the canceled Community Community and the first ( and so far only) Other Space ] Community season got more attention at the time, but in later years, fans of the maladaptive shows have spread the word about the strange Other Space . It is a different kind of comedy in the workplace: it is the crew of a spaceship that is dangerously lost in its inaugural mission.

Why look now?

Because the show deceives with love the dense mythology and interpersonal dynamics of space operas such as Solo: A Star Wars Story that is on the bill this weekend.

Before the original Star Wars was released in 1977, American sci-fi movies were largely divided into two types: B-plane adventures and artistic and intellectual exercises. George Lucas fused the buzz of the first with the latter's visionary style, and added a narrative approach that borrowed equally from old film serials, elegiac Hollywood movies, and richly detailed pulp novels. Much of the appeal of the original film came from the sense that this "very, very distant galaxy" had a history and population beyond what Lucas put on the screen.

The viability of a prequel to Star Wars as Only talks about the continued success of Lucas's experiment. After 1977, science fiction movies and television shows tend to suggest early and often that there is much more to their universes than we could ever see. Potential franchises provoke mysteries, stories and connections of deeper characters, all to engage their audiences.

In Other Space the first episode presents Stewart Lipinski (played by Karan Soni), a young cadet in training to explore the galaxy as part of the ambitious but increasingly unpopular Project of Universal Cartography of the Century 22. Stewart's UMP bosses think the audience might like this young fool, so they put him in charge of his own ship, the Cruise, with his sister Karen (Bess Rous) much more qualified as her resentful second to the I send. In addition to a member of the UMP-mandated team, Kent Woolworth (Neil Casey), the youngest son of the company's boss, Stewart chooses the rest of his co-workers, including his unrequited crushing object Tina (Milana Vayntrub), his nanny cool babysitter Michael (Eugene Lamb), a sexy computer named Natasha (Conor Leslie), and the legendary engineer Zalien Fletcher (Joel Hodgson).

"Into the Great Beyond … Beyond" quickly establishes who these people are and gives an idea of ​​where they come from. It also leaves a lot for viewers to discover later, as the first season of eight episodes unfolds. Although every half hour works as an independent story, it is better to see this show from the beginning, to capture the nuances of the characters and their experiences. Like the best genre pieces, Other Space is a saga that explores its themes and scenarios through the plot as well as through dialogue. That begins with episode 1, where a poorly supplied and poorly stocked Cruiser traverses a mysterious zone of distortion and is immediately attacked by insidiously intelligent aliens.

Image: Yahoo Screen

Who is for?

This show is for science fiction devotees with good senses of humor, but it's also for fans of TV cults Freaks and Geeks Superstore and Mystery Science Theater 3000 .

Other Space was created by Paul Feig, a former stand-up comedian and writer and director of Spy and Ghostbusters (2016). Feig previously created Freaks and Geeks with Judd Apatow, and much of the sensitivity of this show is conveyed to Other Space particularly in the way that Stewart gets some power and immediately he takes it to try to revive his adolescence Similarly, one of the main writers of the series Yahoo was Owen Ellickson, who currently works on Superstore another comedy about well-meaning people but with many defects trying to pass another tedious day at work.

Other Space is, above all, a discreet comedy driven by characters, but it's also a fully functional science fiction program, full of futuristic technology and freaky intergalactic threats. Part of the humor is astutely referential (as when Zalien reveals his homemade ART robot, which has the voice of the old MST3K Hodgson's partner Trace Beaulieu), some are deliciously nerdy (like when the Warp zone briefly turns all in the crew in babies, except Natasha, which becomes a game Pong ), and some are simply foolishly silly (like the way that future fashion trends have men with "balls" neck "instead of ties)) Here there is much more than just" dweebs in space "… maybe enough to inspire a series of Other Space spinoff movies someday.

Where to watch it

Yahoo Screen no longer exists (at least not under that name or business model), but every episode of Other Space is still available for free on Yahoo Entertainment. The easiest way to access all is through the Tumblr of the show.

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