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A Town Uncovered Free download 2019 PC game for adults The latest with all the updates and DLC for Mac OS X DMG Including modifications of Parasite and Incest Mods and save Worldofpcgames files.

General Description A Town Uncovered:

A Town Uncovered is based on a visual adventure novel with visual simulation. The game has multiple dialogue options and has consequences associated with them. It is driven mainly by Renpy. You must play the role of a energetic student in a new city. There are new faces in the game, while you have to build a close relationship with them. During your stay in the city, you discover a strange and mysterious phenomenon or a parallel universe that you can say. Sex is allowed in the game.

A Town Uncovered allows you to develop a relationship with the characters in the game. The system of skills statistics of the game allows you to increase your skills. There are a variety of fetishes and a lot of side quests. In addition, you are free to explore the new city where you reside. There are many even more interior places and scenes H.

An uncovered village has more than 42 characters. There are 43 individual locations. An uncovered village has multiple dialogues and roads. The day and night cycle has become part of the game, while there is also a calendar system. The skill system and the relationship points system will provide you with your skill level, as well as your relationship status with the other characters in the game. In addition, in the main story there are also three character stories, while the gameplay of the game covers more than 6 hours. However, the game is still in alpha phase and there is a ton to add and improve.

Free download of a discovered city:

  • Experience the life of a student.
  • A new city.
  • Mysterious phenomenon.
  • Parallel universe.
  • Stock exchange and monetary system.
  • Unconditional and soft scenes.


System Requirements

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8/8 ./10
2 :: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
3 :: Ram :: 2 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 9
5 :: Graphics :: Any graphics card would work
6 :: Storage space :: 2 GB of space

How to install this game Watch here

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1 :: Download the game
2 :: Extract game
3 :: Install the game
4 :: Game launch
5 :: Have Fun




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