We are only a few days away from the expected October hardware event at Google, but the leaks have not stopped. A store in Hong Kong already started selling the Pixel 3 XL for HK $ 15,880 (about $ 2,030 US), and Engadget borrowed one of the devices for early practice.

There is not much new information here, except that this is the Packaging and final retail software. In the box, you get a pair of USB C-type headphones, a headphone jack adapter, a C-type cable and an 18-watt power adapter.

Left: OnePlus 6; Right: Pixel 3 XL

Specifications (as reported by CPU-Z) include a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 12.2MP rear camera, two 8MP front cameras (one of which is a wide-angle lens), a 2960×1440 OLED Screen, and Android 9 Pie. The main camera can record 4K at 30FPS, while the selfies cameras are limited to 1080p.

The only aspects of the Pixel 3 XL that remain in sight at this point are all software functions that have not been included in the retail units, however small they may be. Nor have all the colors been seen in nature, like the Pixel & # 39; Sand & # 39; recently filtered