8 Useful Twitter Accounts to Follow for Life Hacks

Twitter offers bite-size information in an easy-to-read format. Which makes it the perfect platform when you want to learn how to make your life more manageable.

The tricks of life have been one thing for many years, and people are still discovering new ways to hack your life. Here are the most useful Twitter accounts for hackers.

Frugal Girls is a really useful Twitter account worth highlighting. Directed by Heidi lifestyle blogger, Frugal Girls is the social media arm of thefrugalgirls.com website. On Twitter, Heidi talks about cheap life tricks for food, DIY room decoration and money-saving tips.

Recent posts on the Twitter account include tips on how to save money in coffee shops like Starbucks. There are also quick tips on five-minute recipes that will help you feed your family.

Frugal Girls is an excellent account to follow if you have a limited budget and you have to cook for others. This is especially true if you are looking for a penny without hindering your style.

Nifty is BuzzFeed’s Twitter account for “tricks that save money and DIY home improvements. ” It is full of home crafts, organizational tips and tricks and productivity tutorials on how to better manage your life. The account is updated frequently.

With a larger budget and a good eye for design, Nifty uploads short videos that will guide you through the DIY creation process. Nifty also publishes links to his blog articles, which include frequent references to life’s tricks for cooking.

Follow this account if you are looking for small and ingenious ways to make your busy life more manageable.

Before continuing, we believe it is important to let you know that you can follow us (MakeUseOf) on Twitter. “Useful” is in our same name. We even have a dedicated DIY section on the site.

However, we publish many articles daily. It is almost an endless avalanche of information about everything from technology news to productivity-oriented life tricks for the job seeker.

You may not have time to examine all the different sections. If that is the case, our Twitter feed is the best place to go. From there, you can choose which articles you want to read in a condensed format.

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My Recipes is the Twitter arm of the mega food website myrecipes.com. It announces itself as the “largest collection of professionally proven recipes, reliable cooking tips and cooking tips.”

We are not sure of the claim that My Recipes is the largest, but it is a great site. My Recipes also publishes a lot of useful life tricks for food that will help anyone who has little time, money or is looking for something new to eat.

If you want an easy way to access the large amount of information offered, then My Recipe’s Twitter account is a must.

Real Simple is a New York-based “life hacking” account that operates as part of social networks wing for the realsimple.com website. The goal of Real Simple is to “show good information with inspirational ideas.”

Tweets range from product reviews on items that will make your life easier to DIY room decorating tools that you can use at home. Real Simple also publishes tips on organizational tasks that will increase your productivity tenfold.

My favorite life hacking account on this list, and one I can’t praise enough, It’s Ikea Hackers. It is the Twitter branch of the previously viral blog, ikeahackers.net.

Ikea Hackers is a DIY room decoration account in every way. Collect ideas and step-by-step tutorials on how to “hack” your IKEA furniture to make it more ingenious and useful. Then, Ikea Hackers catalogs these ideas on its website and on Twitter.

The reason I am so attached to this hacking account is because it manages to combine my two favorite things: productivity and creativity, in smart household objects. He does so with the expressed understanding that most people have a limited budget and will work with limited space if he is trying to “hack” his apartment.

This Twitter account is really useful if you are looking to decorate your apartment or house with limited funds. This is doubly true if you need to create custom furniture.

Coupon Cabin is an incredibly useful Twitter account if you have a limited budget and love to save cash. It is one of those life hacking accounts that will help you manage and reduce your daily living costs.

Coupon Cabin tries to gather the best deals on particular articles that have been published on the web, from coffee to toothbrushes and books. Then post these offers in your feed.

Coupon Cabin also talks about how to save money when you go to private stores, the best stores to buy certain items and the time of year when you should buy those items. It is really a great way to help you adjust to a budget.

The latest on our list of useful Twitter accounts for life hacks is a quick nod to the Twitter account, Make. Make is less about serious life tricks and more about teaching you to design really cool DIY technology projects. These projects range from robotics to home games.

He often posts links to his YouTube videos.

How to hack your way to a better life

Now that we’ve reviewed the most useful Twitter accounts for life hacks and more, you can track them. Maybe you start to find some of yours. If you do, be sure to let us know about some of the useful Twitter accounts that also follow.

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