70+ Ways to Make Extra Money – Easy Side Hustles in 2018


Carrying a little extra money once in a while is easier now than ever thanks to the Internet. People are making money online from the comfort of their homes, providing a small monthly increase in income. I have been using many of these tactics over the years to help me get where I want to be in life. These little tricks to make money can generate enough money to reinvest in big projects / ambitions or help alleviate money worries you may have.

Providing a young family can be stressful, especially when most of your money is spent on bills, rent and feed your family. Earning just $ 300 to $ 500 per month, literally, can change people's lives and give them a better quality of life.

These more than 70 methods of providing a little extra money range from fairly obvious to ideas that few people have thought of.

Ways to earn money on the Internet

1. Start a blog

Starting a blog only takes a few minutes and costs almost nothing from any of the dozens of blog services available on the Internet. The important thing to start a blog is to keep it focused on a topic that interests you, since adding content can become a task, especially if it does not generate a large amount of money immediately. The monetization of your blog can be done through graphic ads or links affiliate networks. The best bloggers have turned their blogs into media empires that generate millions of dollars a year.

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    2. Fill out online surveys

    The online survey has been an easy way to make money since the late 1990s. Back then, survey companies often looked at people in their database to see who could qualify for certain surveys. Today, you may not see as many emails as ever, but those surveys for which you rate often pay much more than the few ~ $ 1 you would have received in 1999. You could win an extra of $ 200 per month.

    3. Publish on social networks

    Some companies allow you to post links on their social networking sites and receive payments for each click your post receives. It may only be a couple of cents per click, but if you have a lot of followers, or if you publish often, you can add up a substantial amount of money.

    4. Make YouTube videos

    Popular YouTube videos can generate tens of thousands of dollars in a very short period of time if they go viral. These videos can be taken with the camera of a phone and not last a minute, but offer an entertainment value that has rarely been seen elsewhere. Anyone with a YouTube account can register with the YouTube Partner Network, which allows them to monetize videos.

    Vloggers (video bloggers) earn a lot of money through advertising and product placement, and it's one of the most popular ways to make money with videos.

    5. Write for entertainment websites

    Entertainment websites are always attentive to the pieces that attract visitors and, in general, pay well for popular items. If you like to write about the latest episode of Game of Thrones or celebrity gossip, if your work is popular, they will gladly pay you to continue publishing the articles.

    6. Operations with stock market and currencies

    You can consider that the stock market and currencies is something risky, but if you manage your risk starting small and continue learning your trade You can be a valuable method to make extra cash online. In fact, once you learn to do it, you can make a considerable profit by exchanging currencies and stocks.

    To become a successful trader, you need to be able to recognize which currencies and stocks are likely to increase or decrease. terms of its total value.

    The best place to learn and try your luck in the trade is . Etoro Go there and sign up to get a trial account. It is incredibly easy to use and will attract those interested in social commerce. They have many resources to help you learn how to trade with stocks, stocks and currencies.

    7. Equal bets: virtually no risk bets

    Unfortunately, this is not an option to earn money for people in the US. UU

    Matched bets are made when you use the free bets and promotions Bookmakers give from time to time. It is a type of coverage bets where bets are placed on all the results of certain sporting events. If you follow the instructions correctly and do not make foolish mistakes, you could win between £ 800 and £ 1500 per month with combined bets.

    Check out this impressive combined betting guide for more information on this smart Way to make extra money.

    8. Sign up for the Get-paid-to websites

    These types of sites have existed for almost 20 years and remain quite solid. Many GPT websites give you the opportunity to perform seemingly easy tasks for a small payment. The amount of money you get per task may not be much, but you can earn decent money for what would otherwise be downtime.

    9. Put class notes on sale

    Taking notes in class is useful for studying for tests and exams, but not everyone can attend all classes or they may not be good note takers. When you sell your notes through a third-party website, you may receive a payment so you would probably be in the trash after the semester ends.

    10. Sell ​​designer clothes / accessories in boutique applications

    Some applications, like Poshmark, are made specifically for those who want to sell their high-end clothing without having to leave it for a bargain price elsewhere on the Internet. These sites work by reducing the final sale price a bit, but in return, they perform the entire payment process for you and even provide prepaid shipping labels.

    11. Change domain names

    Buying a domain name that you think might be popular in the future may result in a good deal on your way if that is the case. This is seen a lot in the domains of political subject matter, since domain names with a trademarked word or phrase can generally be taken by law from a fin without compensation.

    12. Reselling the garage sale finds

    Finding items at a garage sale that are worth much more than what you paid for can be tricky, but it can be done almost every weekend during the warm months. You want to stick to the articles that make it worthwhile to resell them. Taking the time to market a 50-cent figurine that sells for $ 5 is not worth it, instead of a $ 50 cabinet worth $ 150. The fact that there is a wide margin does not always mean it would be smart to resell it.

    13. Create websites for third parties

    If you're good at HTML, WordPress or any other Internet language, you can make a lot of money by offering your web design skills to clients in your area or anywhere else online. There are many websites that allow you to market your skills to people around the world independently, such as Upwork. These websites do not necessarily have to be extremely sophisticated, but they do have to conform to customer specifications. You can bid on jobs that clients have published or let clients come to you and name their own price.

    14. Learn affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is the process by which you can receive payments for people who buy or test products and services through personalized links on marketing platforms. If you already have a website, it does not take long to be approved in the affiliate marketing networks. All you have to do once it is approved is to add the personalized links that will be delivered to your site and let the money start coming to you. Get more information about affiliate marketing.

    Another great tool you can try out is Michelle's affiliate marketing course, which teaches you absolutely everything there is to know about affiliate marketing.

    15. Write an e-book

    If you have special knowledge about a certain subject, or if you are a good creative writer, you can write an e-book in a fairly short period of time. Many websites are dedicated to selling e-books, but the biggest market by far is Amazon.com, which attracts millions of people a day in search of a new e-book. Your work must have a special format and the content must be approved before its publication, but there are authors who usually make five figures (and more) only when publishing Amazon e-books.

    A great resource for What Helps You Write is this book

    16. Start a website

    A website that targets a certain crowd and is marketed in the right way can be quite popular in a short period of time. Unlike a blog, websites that are going to be picked up by search engines must have a large amount of unique content published to be able to reliably contribute a considerable amount of money. There are many tutorials and tutorials available online that should give you an excellent advantage in what should and should not be done when creating a website. Why not check out my guide to create a website?

    17. Comment on websites

    Website owners need quality comments to make improvements to their user interface. You may be paid to do this even though the work is far from being regular. What it entails is to check a client's website with a fine tooth comb, make notes about what he likes and what he does not like about it, as well as the errors he receives or the problems he may encounter when using the site . [19659021] 18. Use your graphic design skills

    Graphic designers have a fairly high demand in many industries. If you have any experience in creating scenes or images, put together a portfolio and announce yourself. You can also find companies and individuals looking for a designer on independent websites and for publication of works.

    19. Start a dropshipping website

    The opening of a website that attracts visitors to where you can sell products for a price higher than what you pay for them. You never have to touch the products, all you need to do is take the buyer's payment and buy the item from a wholesaler, then send it directly to the buyer.

    20 Flip Websites

    While this requires a significant amount of money in advance, it can be very profitable for a relatively small job. The purchase of a website can be done in different online markets, allowing you to modify the site to your liking to increase revenue or traffic. Reselling the same website for a price higher than the original purchase price (plus the standard market commission of 10%) gives you the opportunity to earn money both with the sale and with the advertising revenue that the website offers while you are in his power.

    21. Perform infographics

    Along the lines of graphic design, a person who is good at doing infographics will usually have no difficulty finding a client to use their services. You can see an interesting infographic millions of times on social media platforms, making anything you charge a bargain for your client.

    Resources: The best infographic of all

    22. Work for clicks

    Some work platforms give you pretty routine tasks to do, which pay a few cents per piece. These are commonly called "Turkish" jobs after the original mTurk launched by Amazon years ago. The work is quite easy, it usually takes only less than a minute to complete a task, but the payment is quite low, so it is necessary to perform many tasks before earning significant money

    23. Online Refereeing Arbitrage Articles

    If you have an eBay account, an arbitration business can be a good way to make money selling items at a higher price than anywhere else on the Internet. Once a product is sold, it uses the money it receives from its buyer to buy the item from another site at a lower price, setting the shipping address as its own. There may not be many opportunities to do this as in the past, but those who monitor their chosen niche well can still make a profit.

    24. Look for Craigslist concerts

    The "concerts" section of Craigslist generally provides a number of different options for temporary jobs, projects or one-day concerts that are open to the general public. Paying for these concerts depends largely on who they are, some can only pay between 20 and 30 dollars for relatively simple jobs, while others can pay thousands in the case of long-term work

    25. Create an Etsy account

    Those who are good with artistic projects could benefit from having an Etsy account and selling their projects online. The website is set up to be a mix of eBay and Pinterest, which attracts those who like handicraft items that are usually handmade. The highest level of Etsy sellers regularly contributes five figures per month, which makes art projects their full-time job.

    26. Write independently

    Independent writing platforms are available for those who can write engaging content on a variety of different topics. The salary is pretty good for the amount of work involved, which ranges from a penny per word to more than 10 cents per word. If you know a lot about the subject, you can write the articles fairly quickly, with a very good $ / hour rate.

    Take a look at this impressive list of over 200 independent writing niches to inspire you. [19659002] If you are thinking about becoming a freelance writer but you are not sure how to do it, take a look at this independent writing course, as there are some really valuable tips and guides to help you along the way.

    27. Review applications

    Application creators have some of the same problems as website creators when it comes to getting feedback on their products. In order to get enough feedback to make changes in the user experience, some application developers pay you to review your application, usually offering it to you for free and giving you a small amount of money in return. They can also request a public review that they would publish in App / Play store if they like their product.

    28. Help build resumes

    For those who work in human resources, this can be a lucrative source of secondary income, especially in the spring and summer, when college and high school students are looking for work. A few tweaks to a resume can help someone get an interview that would otherwise have been overlooked for the position. You can advertise your services on job search websites, or anywhere else on the web where job seekers tend to congregate.

    29. List of items for sale on Facebook

    Almost all cities and towns in the United States have a Facebook group dedicated to the purchase and sale of random objects open only to people living in the area. This can be safer than selling items on Craigslist, since you will almost always have a Facebook account linked to the transaction. Facebook has even facilitated these groups recently by adding certain features to these "garage sale" groups.

    30. Collectable Flip on eBay

    There is a market for almost everything that can be collected in the largest online market in the world. Often, you can find these figurines or oddities in garage sales or at auctions for a very low price, and then proceed to sell them on eBay to get an orderly profit. Generally, complete sets require more than the individual pieces for an online listing, but generally, you can get a complete set more economical than these individual pieces in auctions / garage sales.

    31. Using Fiverr

    Making Fiverr concerts is a great way to build a portfolio and earn money at the same time. Fiverr is primarily used for marketing purposes, which can be an excellent way to show your graphic skills, or even write content. The website will take 20%, which leaves you $ 4 for the average concert, but doing a few a day adds up to a substantial amount of money by the end of the month.

    32. Sell ​​your unwanted gift cards

    Gift cards to stores where you do not buy may seem like a waste. Forcing yourself to find something you like in a store that you are not familiar with can be annoying, especially if you do not end up using what you get with the card. There are many websites that will give you a percentage of what the card is worth, which generally results in a nominal value close to popular stores like Amazon and Wal-Mart, with less generous offers for smaller chains and innovative stores.

    Ways to make Money offline

    33. Offer some space on AirBnB

    Whether you have an open room or want to rent your entire home, AirBnB and sites like this give you the opportunity to rent your living space for short periods of time. Often, you can get the best prices on weekends, or if there is an important event in your city.

    34. Become a Uber / Lyft driver

    For those with a clean driving record, becoming a Uber or Lyft driver can generate a lot of money in a short period of time. Those who do the best on these travel-sharing websites are available to drive just after the big events in populated areas.

    35 Sell ​​items in consignment stores

    Consignment stores work by allowing you to offer your items for sale at your brick and mortar location and obtaining a percentage of the sale price. Most consignment stores deal primarily with clothing, but in larger stores you can find everything from large appliances to decorative ornaments.

    Directing groups on excursions

    If you live in an area that is popular with tourists, you can start your own guided tour or become a tour guide in an already established travel company. The best tour guides are those who have lived in the area for a long time and know a lot about its history.

    37. Put your resume on the job sites

    Job search can be difficult, but most important job sites allow you to upload a resume so potential employers can contact you. In general, this only takes a few minutes and can generate good employment opportunities directly in your inbox.

    38. Be a mystery shopper

    Retail stores and restaurants often use mystery shoppers to evaluate the performance of their employees when they do not know they are being tested. Often, the mystery shopper will keep any merchandise that he buys, or he will receive a free meal if he is trying out a restaurant

    39. Sell ​​DVD, CD, etc.

    As broadcast services are increasingly popular, getting rid of physical pieces of media makes sense from multiple perspectives. You may not get much for each individual DVD or CD, but if you have a lot, you can add. When you sell these things, you also give less to pack if you move or reorganize your home.

    40 Look for rare coins

    While you may not find a coin worth more than $ 50,000 in your pocket change, you may find coins that are valued between 5 and 500 times their face value. The coins made before 1964, the cents of the Indian head and many other ancient coins are worth much more than their numismatic value. Older coins that are in very good condition may also have a higher intrinsic value.

    41. Hire a roommate

    Even if this situation is not ideal, taking a long-term roommate can drastically reduce your housing payments. The best roommates are those who already know that they are relatively friendly and like to keep their current space in an orderly manner. If you do not know someone who meets the requirements, you can usually find someone on Craigslist or on some other "desired roommates" websites.

    42. Carefully use credit card vouchers

    Most credit cards offer a 1-2% cash back as a minimum, but some offer up to 5% cash for certain purchases or through the use of a bond system. Many of these cards offer additional cash rebates in certain purchase categories each quarter, while others will offer double-refund promotions or provide you with generous registration vouchers.

    43. Look for car wrapping opportunities

    Being paid to have a wrap in your vehicle can virtually eliminate the payment on your car, or at least give you a little extra money a month for doing nothing. Watch your local newspaper or job websites to find these opportunities, simply act quickly because they usually fill up in a day or two, since it's almost like getting free money

    44. Become a tutor

    A good tutor will often be overwhelmed by work, as it is difficult to put a price on the highest test scores, especially on college entrance exams. Even those who teach a specific class can contribute $ 30 + / hr. If parents see a noticeable improvement in their children's grades. Many people start by registering with a tutoring company that will assign work according to the tutor's specialty and availability.

    45 Give a speech / presentation

    Becoming a paid speaker does not mean taking classes or giving seminars, often local businesses or even the Chamber of Commerce look for speakers who can inform and motivate a group of people. If you have extensive experience in a particular field, you may want to think about communicating with local businesses or making yourself available as a speaker on job search websites.

    46. Join a group of car sharing

    . Renting your car for a few hours or days at a time can be an easy way to earn some extra money without having to do much in return. As long as your insurance allows you to do this, all you have to do is register on a carpooling website and clean the car before your first customer arrives

    47. Selling photographs

    Selling images to photo companies can be an excellent way to earn additional income without the need for a substantial initial investment. The camera of most smartphones today is of a high enough quality that it is difficult to distinguish the image taken with a phone and the one taken with a DSLR camera. If you can capture unique images or images that a photo agency may find useful, you may be paid fairly well for what will only take a few minutes of your time

    48. Help train animals

    Pet training can be a great way to earn some extra money if you're good with dogs and cats. Getting a cat to use a litter box or a dog to go to the bathroom alone is worth a lot of money to pet owners who have difficulty doing it themselves. For those who have experience with horses, being an assistant coach can be very good money, even if it is done part time.

    49. Do a garage sale

    One of the easiest ways to make some quick cash, a garage sale can help you clean your house or garage of the things you no longer want and make it worthwhile. Coordinating your garage sale with other people will probably end up attracting more people to your neighborhood to see, especially if you have it on a weekend.

    50 Become an officiant

    Being able to legally perform wedding ceremonies can be done relatively easily if you register as an online officiant. Usually, there is a small fee to do this, but a wedding should be all that is necessary to make up for this initial payment. Many people do this at the beginning to supervise a friend's wedding, but then they are available for a small fee for other couples.

    51. Use extra space in your home

    Unused space, like a garage, may be better than climate controlled storage units for someone looking to store enough furniture to fill a house. If you are not going to use your garage space, consider renting it to someone who can store your things there in the long or short term. Some storage units require at least a three-month contract, so a private residence is an attractive option for someone who only needs one place for their things per month or two.

    52. Request an increase

    Perhaps one of the simplest ways to earn extra money is to ask for an increase. This should only be done if you have not received an increase recently, or if your work obligations have changed significantly since you were hired. The worst that can happen is that your employer tells you no, but you may be aware that you would like to receive additional compensation. On the other hand, you could get the increase, and you could end up with thousands of dollars more per year for 10 minutes of your time.

    53. Start a detailed business

    Detailing a vehicle involves more than washing the exterior and vacuuming the interior. The end result should make the car look like it has just left a lot of dealerships, which can involve a lot of work, but the pay is relatively good. All you need to start is regular cleaning products and some lessons from automotive detailing professionals who post on the Internet.

    54. Detect the detection of metals

    Hunting for coins and rings may seem like a hobby for the elderly relegated to the beach, many of the most impressive metal detection finds have been found in places where you would not think to look. Even an affordable metal detector can help you find jewelry, coins and other metal objects, some of which have reached almost $ 1 million in the past. The best places to look include sites of old houses and walking trails.

    55 Turn your yard into a temporary parking lot

    If you live near an area where there are many festivals or other outdoor events, you can make money by allowing people to park in your driveway or on your lawn. The vehicles that circulate around your lawn, especially if it has rained recently, can potentially damage your lawn, which means that it is likely to be a trade-off between bringing in extra money and having a yard full of healthy grass.

    56. Obtenga un certificado de maestro sustituto

    Por lo general, los maestros sustitutos son llamados a trabajar en escuelas K-12 con carácter preferencial. El sustituto que está en su lista por más tiempo por lo general se llama primero, con la administración de la escuela bajando de la lista hasta que llenan todos los lugares del día. Si tiene conocimientos especializados en un campo determinado, puede solicitar que solo se le llame para una determinada clase, pero es posible que desee obtener varias listas de sustitutos en su área.

    57. Árbitro / Árbitro deportivo

    Convertirse en oficial puede demorar entre dos semanas y tres meses, según el deporte. Una vez que haya finalizado su entrenamiento, querrá ponerse en contacto directamente con las escuelas para estar disponible o visitar una agencia de deportes que le asignará ciertos juegos en su área elegida.

    58. Alquile tierras adicionales

    Las tierras al lado de su casa se pueden usar para una variedad de propósitos, dependiendo de cuánto tenga disponible. Si tiene la mitad de un lote de construcción que se conecta a su hogar, puede alquilar el espacio a alguien que quiera guardar su RV o remolque en lugar de pagar mucho por una unidad de almacenamiento. Los terrenos que tienen varios acres de tamaño se pueden usar con fines agrícolas ligeros, lo que le otorga varios cientos de dólares al año, si no más.

    59. Trabajo durante el verano

    Esto es principalmente para individuos de escuela secundaria y universitarios, pero un trabajo de verano puede ayudar a obtener dinero de un trabajo que de otra manera sería difícil hacer durante el año escolar. La mayoría de los lugares de empleo comenzarán a buscar ayuda de verano a principios de la primavera, por lo que es importante comenzar a buscar ofertas de trabajo tan pronto como empiece a calentarse afuera.

    Formas de ganar dinero rápidamente

    60. Encuentre un trabajo de medio tiempo

    Un trabajo de medio tiempo puede ser cualquier cosa, desde recoger algunas horas a la semana esperando en mesas hasta trabajar los fines de semana en un bar deportivo. La mayoría de los trabajos de medio tiempo no tienen horarios rígidos, dependiendo mucho de la disponibilidad de los trabajadores. Por lo general, esto hace que quienes están más disponibles obtengan la mayoría de las horas.

    61. Sea una niñera / niñera

    Mirar a los niños ha sido un elemento básico para hacer dinero para la generación más joven por más de 60 años. Los adolescentes pueden ganar $ 10-20 por hora mientras cuidan niños en la casa de un cliente, mientras que aquellos que tienen entrenamiento especial y que están viendo bebés pueden ganar mucho más.

    62. Caminar un perro

    Los perros que caminan en el vecindario una o dos veces al día son una excelente manera de ganar dinero extra, especialmente en una gran ciudad. Si puede encontrar suficientes clientes, puede lograr que sea un trabajo de medio tiempo, ya que aquellos que pueden pagar paseadores de perros generalmente obtienen un ingreso sustancial.

    63. Recoja turnos adicionales en el trabajo

    Si tiene un trabajo en el que no trabaja regularmente durante 40 horas a la semana, podría ser posible obtener uno o dos turnos adicionales para ganar algo de dinero extra. Esto se ve con mayor frecuencia en el negocio de restaurantes, donde generalmente hay docenas de servidores que trabajan durante la semana, lo que hace probable que al menos una persona necesite a alguien para cubrir su turno. Los turnos de los restaurantes de los fines de semana y de la noche suelen ser recogidos por los compañeros de trabajo rápidamente, ya que las multitudes tienden a ser más grandes, lo que lleva a más consejos.

    64. Recicle latas / chatarra

    Algunos estados cobran un depósito por cada lata que se vende en una tienda dentro de sus límites. Si vive en uno de estos estados, puede recoger latas y recogerlas para recibir el depósito, que generalmente es de alrededor de cinco centavos por lata. Incluso si su estado no recibe depósitos, el valor del desecho del aluminio puede hacer que una bolsa de basura llena de latas con un valor de $ 10 +. La chatarra puede venderse por más de $ 200 por tonelada, dependiendo de la ubicación del país en el que se encuentre, lo que le brinda la oportunidad de ganar algo de dinero al limpiar las áreas sucias

    65. Participe en la investigación médica

    Hay muchas empresas de investigación médica que realizan pruebas en voluntarios humanos. The tests can run from a few hours to a month or more and they all pay relatively well. Long duration tests sometimes require you to stay on the firms’ property in order to properly evaluate you, but you can receive several thousand dollars for your time. These tests almost always require you to take an experimental drug that has been proven safe in animals, but human tests are required before it can be brought to market.

    66. Give blood/plasma

    Though many people donate blood voluntarily, there are companies that pay you to regularly donate blood and plasma. There is always a need for blood and plasma that volunteers alone usually cannot fulfill, making it necessary for some compensation to be offered to those who regularly donate to the same company. A simple internet search for your area should come up with all of the places that will pay you for this kind of work.

    67. Clean out homes

    Banks, mortgage companies and real estate investors are often in need of people to go in and clean a house before it can be renovated or sold. Some of these homes may not need more than removing items the previous owners left behind, while others can take days to properly clean. Talking to those who deal with houses in your area is a good place to start in order to find jobs like this.

    68. Service electronics

    Changing a smartphone screen or repairing computers is relatively easy since there are lots of walkthroughs and tutorials on the internet for just about every model of popular electronic device. Nobody wants to send their phone in to the manufacturer just to get a bill for a couple of hundred dollars for a repair you could do for under $100. Likewise, a computer repair job might take you a day and your price would likely be less than half of what the manufacturer would charge.

    69. Sell textbooks to other students

    At the end of the semester, bookstores will sometimes buy back textbooks for pennies on the dollar. By holding on to your books until the new semester begins, you can sell them to other students for a lot more than you would have gotten from the bookstore, while the buyer gets the book for far less than they would normally pay.

    70. Put in for overtime

    Not everyone wants to be the person who stays longer than they need to at work. If your boss is alright with it, offer to work overtime in order to make some extra money. Some places of employment all but forbid overtime while others almost require it. Voluntarily working overtime will make you look good in front of your superiors, which can help if you are in line for a promotion.

    71. Setup a stand at the farmer’s market

    Those with a green thumb, or a passion for baking, can make a lot of money at a farmer’s market. Many people go to the farmer’s market specifically so they can purchase fruits and vegetables that were grown in the area. In addition, those with baking skills can do very well for themselves selling pies, cakes, cookies, etc. You may need to obtain a license from your city in order to set up a stand, as well as pay a small fee, but if you have a lot of product, you should make up the initial cost very quickly.

    72. Offer gardening services

    Pulling weeds may not seem like very much fun but it make you a good amount of money several months out of the year. Older people may enjoy planting a garden and watching it grow but the hard work of keeping it free of grass and weeds is an opportunity for you to offer your gardening skills to help boost their harvest. It may only take 1-3 hours a week per garden, making it important to line up more than one customer if you want to make significant money.

    73. Offer handyman services

    Fixing basic things around a home does not always require a professional in a certain industry, especially if the work is relatively minor, but not within the scope of knowledge of the homeowner. Handyman service providers usually have a good grasp of carpentry essentials, but might also know a lot about flooring, plumbing, roofing, and how to do other repair work.

    74. Paint outbuildings

    Painting a home usually requires the skills of a professional painter since even a small mistake can necessitate a large area of a home to be repainted. Looks matter far less when it comes to other buildings on a property, making it possible to get into the painting business while sticking mainly to sheds, barns, or other structures not directly attached to the home.

    While this is not an exhaustive list by any means, it should give you a good overview of what you can do to make some extra money. Not all of the methods here are viable for everyone in every place, but most of them should be doable with a few basic tools and an internet connection. Sticking to one or two methods over a long period of time should result in an increase of money coming in, especially if you decide to offer services and build up a clientele.

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    My name is Jamie Spencer and I have spent the past 5 years building money making blogs. After getting tired of 9-5, traveling and not seeing my family, I decided that I wanted to make some changes and I launched my first blog. Since then I have launched lots of successful niche blogs and after selling my survivalist blog I decided to teach other people how to do the same.

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