7 takeaways from Samsung Unpacked 2018

Samsung introduced a wide range of devices and updates today at its Unpacked event in Brooklyn. The general theme of the event was focused on increasing productivity throughout its connected ecosystem with performance improvements in all areas.

Here are seven Samsung unpacked conclusions:

1. Note 9 confirmed rumors

The last Samsung phablet was presented this afternoon without much surprise after weeks of leaks, speculation and even a photo of CEO DJ Koh using the phone in public made his rounds online. Little has changed aesthetically in this year's Note, apart from some new colors, a displaced fingerprint scanner and a screen that is a fraction of an inch larger than its predecessor. However, the only improvement that stands out is in the Note's battery, which now measures 4,000mAh hours, that's a 700mAh jump over the Note 8. Samsung is on the offensive this time and made sure to highlight his eight security verification points that the company instituted after the firestorm of the Note 7 batteries exploding.

2. Greater functionality on the S-Pen

The Samsung stylus has its own reboot today with a focus on performance. The company has equipped the S-Pen with low-energy Bluetooth, which allows users to disconnect from the phone and use the stylus as a remote control to take pictures, advance slide shows or play music. Samsung also said that developers will be able to incorporate BLE into their applications later this year.

3. The new Galaxy Watch seeks widespread adoption

While the rumors of Note 9 swirled before today's event, Samsung did a better job of maintaining its new Galaxy Watch secretly. The latest smart watch from the company will come in two different sizes, an improvement over previous Samsung watches, which were too big for many dolls. Samsung beat Apple in the draw by introducing LTE functionality in the Galaxy Watch and stays with Tizen as the operating system, instead of switching to Android Wear.

4. Bixby gets more conversational

Samsung demonstrated an updated version of Bixby, the company's voice assistant who saw a lot of reaction when it was released last year, due to its lackluster performance. Fortunately, that has changed and in today's event, Samsung showed how Bixby will conduct conversations and answer follow-up questions. The update also presents a range of application integrations with Yelp, Uber, Ticketmaster and more, allowing users to make reservations, take trips and buy tickets, even if they do not have the application installed on their phone. Samsung also noted that Bixby will learn from its past decisions to better serve applications in the future. For example, if you have requested French restaurants in the past, Bixby will generate other French restaurants in future food-related applications.

5. Samsung is (finally) getting into the smart speaker set

The improvements in Bixby became even more evident when Samsung introduced its own smart speaker in the today's event. The Galaxy Home features a cloth cover and a tripod base with a built-in subwoofer and eight microphones designed for far-field communication that are seen in other intelligent speakers. Like the initial announcement of HomePod, there was not much information about a release date or price. For now, the product only appears as "coming soon".

6. The integration of Spotify allows a perfect cross-audio experience

To accompany its new smart speaker, Samsung announced a partnership with Spotify, consolidating the Swedish streaming service as the preferred music provider. on Samsung devices. Spotify will now be part of the configuration process for Samsung devices, and the integration allows a seamless listening experience between devices within the Samsung ecosystem. The association also links Apple directly to Apple and the exclusive integration of HomePod with Apple Music.

7. Fortnite for Android launches as an exclusive Samsung

Finally, Fortnite will hit Android this summer. The incredibly popular survival game will be available to Galaxy users with an S7 or higher, and the 6.4-inch screen in the Note 9 for mobile gaming power. As of today, the title will appear in the game launcher of the Galaxy devices and will remain exclusive to Samsung until day 12, at which time it will probably be available to all Android users.

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