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Searching for the best WordPress slider plugin for your site

To help you choose the right WordPress slider for your specific needs I rounded off six of the most popular and best-rated plugins (including options) free and premium).

But I did not want to update the information that you can see on the add-on's marketing page, so I went a step further and installed each of the add-ins on my test site .

Next, I will share what each WordPress slider can do, as well as a practical view of the interface. As it is more of a summary publication, I will not be able to show you all the corners of each supplement. But I will try to highlight all the highlights so that you have a good idea of ​​how things work, and how each complement balances ease of use with depth of functionality.

In the end, my goal is that you know one of these add-ons is right for you.

Let's go directly to the slider add-ons, starting with …

1. LayerSlider – Deep Functionality + Visual Builder

LayerSlider is a popular premium slider plugin sold through CodeCanyon, where some flashy sales and review numbers have accumulated. At the time I write this publication, LayerSlider has been purchased more than 84,000 times and a great [4.459006] rating of 4.75 stars has been maintained in more than 3,000 revisions ( of 5 stars ).

So … a lot of people like LayerSlider. To find out why it's so popular, let's go to the feature list …

LayerSlider function list

LayerSlider offers a drag-and-drop visual editor to help you build your sliders, which makes it more Easy for beginners and advanced users alike to create some great looking sliders.

Beyond that central visual generator, you also get:

  • Productivity Tools such as keyboard shortcuts, easy undo / redo, multiple-choice layers, rules and guides, and much more.
  • A powerful animation engine that includes more than 200 predefined slide transitions.
  • Pre-built templates that help you create a final product that looks great even if you're not a designer.
  • The option to insert dynamic content in sliders, including the content of any type of publication.
  • Receptive design for the sliders to work correctly no matter which device a visitor is using.
  • Easy image ed iting through the Adobe Creative SDK.

Let me show you how those features combine …

A practical look at the LayerSlider interface

When you create a new slider in LayerSlider for the first time, you can create one from scratch or explore the template store, which contains a large variety of templates.

If you bought LayerSlider yourself, you will have access to all the templates. But if you do not have a LayerSlider license key ( as if it came included with your theme ), you will only have access to ~ 12 of them:

 layerslider control panel ]

No matter which option you choose, it will end up in the same place, which is the LayerSlider constructor.

At the top, you will see all your slides:

 layerslider interface

And below that, you will get the visual editor, as well as a list of all the layers of your slides. Again, this editor is drag and drop, so it's very easy to build your design:

 layer generator

You also get those handy receptive controls that allow you to activate or deactivate individual layers according to the device of a user.

And beyond the slide creator interface, you also get a very detailed set of slider settings:

 Layer server configuration

In total, you have one ton of control over its sliders. It can be a bit overwhelming if you are a casual user. But if you are an expert, you will know how much control you have.

Price information for LayerSlider

Costs for LayerSlider $ 25 at CodeCanyon. There is no free version of LayerSlider.

More information / Download demo

Master Slider is a popular freemium slider that is available on both WordPress.org and CodeCanyon.

Its only sale proposal is touch . That is, users of devices with touch screens can navigate the slider with soft hits. While many of the other sliders also support touch navigation, Master Slider makes it a main focus of your slider.

Currently, Master Slider has more than 22,776 sales in CodeCanyon and has maintained a 4.65- star rating in over 775 reviews .

Master Slider Function List

Just like LayerSlider, Master Slider offers you a drag-and-drop visual editor to help you build your sliders ( only in the Pro version ).

Beyond that, you get:

  • more than 70 prefabricated slider templates to help you get started quickly with something that looks good.
  • An easy animation engine that includes an animated timeline that facilitates the synchronization of all your animations.
  • Built-in controls to help you quickly align the elements in their correct position.
  • The option to create sliders from any type of publication, as w ell as external sources such as YouTube and Flickr.
  • A Integration of WooCommerce to create product sliders.
  • 6 different interactive slide transitions .
  • An ordered access points function that allows you to add information about tools to specific parts of a slide.

A practical look at the interface of the master slider

Note: I am using the free version of Master Slider on my site test, so this demo will not include all the features you get with the Pro version .

When you are creating a new slider, you can start from scratch or use one of the 70+ pre-built slider templates. There are also sample sliders, which fit between a blank canvas and a template:

 master slider interface

From there, the master slider initiates it in the interface configuration of the slider. You will see a list of your slides at the top, as well as tabs to access other settings:

 master slider templates

And further down the page, you can edit individual slides.

Unfortunately, the free version that I have access to does not include the visual constructor. But if you pay for the Pro version, you will get that drag-and-drop constructor.

In general, I think that the Master Slider interface has a slightly easier to use design than LayerSlider. There are more blank spaces, which makes the number of options less overwhelming.

Price information for master slider

There is a limited free version of Master slider available on WordPress.org. To get the full-featured version, you will pay $ 24 in CodeCanyon.

More information / Download demo

3. Soliloquy: a simpler interface, but still with Premium features

  Soliloquy WordPress slider

Soliloquy is another popular slider plugin that comes in a free and premium version.

Previously, Soliloquy was part of Syed Collection of Balkhi plugins (from WPBeginner). However, at the beginning of 2018, Soliloquy (and the Envira Gallery) were acquired by Nathan Singh.

All the sliders you create with Soliloquy are responsive, and it also offers you many different options for creating dynamic sliders.

However, Soliloquy is a lighter option than the two previous supplements. You do not get the same "creator of pages" style interface to create your slide content.

For that reason, if you really want to play with each slide, you may not like Soliloquy. But if you just want something simple and easy to use, you'll love it!

List of Soliloquy functions

To organize your sliders, Soliloquy offers what it calls a "drag-and-drop generator". However, I would not say it is a constructor. It's more "drag and drop to organize your slide order" than to build your content.

Beyond that, you get:

  • Pre-built slider themes to help you quickly create something beautiful.
  • A WooCommerce integration to create product sliders.
  • Dynamic content based on publications, pages or any type of personalized publication.
  • Functionality of Lightbox to create a lightbox slider.
  • Social media integrations in the form of Pinterest Pin It buttons or an option to import Instagram images to your slider.
  • PDF sliders to create presentations.
  • Scheduled slides or slides which is a fairly unique feature. It allows you to program entire sliders or only specific slides to show only at certain times.

A practical look at the Soliloquy interface

When you are going to create a new slider with Soliloquy, you can upload your own images or use one of the dynamic options ( if you have them available ):

 soliloquy panel

Once you have some content, you will see all your slides in the background. You can also use the tabs to configure other options. And if you click on the icon Pencil it will open it in the slide editor interface:

 soliloquy slides

Again, the interface for editing individual slides is much simpler because it does not have the page compiler style approach:

 soliloquy manage slides

Soliloquy price information

There is a limited free version available at WordPress.org. If you want Soliloquy Pro, which is what I used previously, there are four different price plans, each of which gives you access to different functions. You can see them below:

 soliloquy pricing

More information / Download demo

With more than 276,000 sales in CodeCanyon Slider Revolution is without a doubt one of the most popular WordPress slider plugins you'll find. Much of that popularity comes from the fact that it is included with what seems to be each theme in ThemeForest. But that's not a blow, because Slider Revolution has managed to maintain a rating of 4.79 stars in over 8,000 reviews .

In general, it is packed with a lot of features to help you build your sliders.

List of functions of the sliding revolution

Like many of the others, it all starts with a [visualizador visual] drag-and-drop . This editor helps you create responsive sliders and also lets you control how individual slides look on different devices.

Other useful features include:

  • Social media feed support to import the content of the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Vimeo slider.
  • Dynamic content of publications to include a list of your latest publications in a slider.
  • Many navigation options including thumbnail navigation.
  • Tons of animation options including an option to create your own custom animations.
  • Programmed Slider Controls to allow you to post slides based on predefined dates (like that nice Soliloquy feature.

Despite the name, Slider Revolution also touts itself as "not just a slider. "And it's true: it goes beyond the functionality of the slider and includes features to, say, help you build a website page.

A Hands -on Look At The Slider Revolution Interface

Slider Revolution go back to the visual style, drag-and-drop interface that you saw with LayerSlider.

In fact, the main panels of these two add-ons look almost identical ( I thought I had activated the wrong add-on for a second! ).

As LayerSlider, you can start from one of the existing templates, create a new slide bar or import a slide bar:

 slide panel Rotation Type

If you create a blank slider, you can choose from all the available sources, as well as your basic slider type (for example, carousel, standard slider, etc.):

 Slider revolution sources

And once you configure all those general settings, you will place it in the interface of the individual slide editor. Again, this looks a lot like LayerSlider.

In the upper part, configure the general slide configuration:

 sliding of the new sliding revolution

And below that, you get the drag-and-drop visual builder for content of individual slides, including an animation timeline and a summary of all the layers:

 Creator of revolution [slider]

In general, you have a lot of control over how your controls look sliders and function. If you want all that control, you will be happy. But if you just want something simple, you may feel overwhelmed.

Price information for Slider Revolution

Costs for Slider Revolution $ 26 at CodeCanyon. There is no free version of Slider Revolution.

More information / Download demo

In terms of available functionality, Smart Slider 3 is one of the best slider add-ons you'll find. If you need more of the generous free plugin, there is also a premium version that points to more types of slider, more slider templates and some other useful functions ( as an animation timeline and the Ken Burns effect ]).

Smart Slider 3 has a rating of 4.9 stars on WordPress.org in over 500 reviews . It is also active on more than 300,000 sites ( so yes … people like this! ).

Smart Slider 3 Feature List

Smart Slider 3 has a great visual drag-and-drop constructor to help you create your sliders.

If you do not want to build a slider from scratch, you can choose between global sliders templates (more than 100 ), as well as templates for single sliders (80 +) .

You can import the content of the slider from tons of sources. Currently, Smart Slider 3 offers more than 40 sources for dynamic content, including:

Dynamic content is definitely an area where Smart Slider 3 stands out. It is worth noting that the free version only supports dynamic content from WordPress publications; all other sources are only professionals.

Beyond that, you also get:

  • Layer animations, including a timeline function to see how everything fits together
  • Ken Burns effect and other background animations
  • Embedded image editor
  • ] 16 different types of layers, including videos, buttons, etc.
  • 5 types of sliders, including the carousel, the accordion and the showcase.

A practical look at the Smart Slider 3 interface

I am using the free version of Smart Slider 3 for this example .

When you are creating a new slider, you can create a new empty slider or browse the template library:

 Smart Slider 3 interface

Once you select your point starting, you will access the editing interface.

On the main edit page, you will see a list of all your slides, and also be able to configure the general settings of the slider like:

  • Autoplay
  • Navigation
  • Size
  • Etc.

 Intelligent slider settings 3

And if you click on an individual slide, it will take you to the visual drag-and-drop constructor, where you can control exactly how the slide looks using the function of drag and drop, as well as different layers:

 smart slide bar constructor

In general, Smart Slider 3 has my favorite slide maker because the constructor interface is much less crowded.

Price information for Smart Slider 3

The free version of Smart Slider 3 that I saw in this article is available at WordPress.org. If you want the Pro features, the plans start at $ 25 to use at a single site. You can see all the plans below:

 price of smart slider 3

More information / Download demo

Finally, MetaSlider is another good choice of WordPress slider, although like Smart Slider 3, there is also a premium version if you want more functionality.

In November 2017, MetaSlider was acquired by the same team behind the popular UpdraftPlus plugin. UpdraftPlus is very generous with its free backup functionality, so it is not surprising that MetaSlider does the same and also offers a generous free version.

It is well qualified ( 4.7 stars in almost 500 comments ). And it is also popular (active in over 900,000 sites according to WordPress.org).

MetaSlider Function List

MetaSlider offers a lighter approach to building sliders, which is great if you've been overwhelmed by the extensive lists of features / interfaces crowded from previous add-ons.

All the sliders you build are responsive and touch-enabled. And MetaSlider also places special emphasis on SEO compatibility, including options for easily managing image metadata.

Other useful features include:

  • 4 different types of slider – Flexslider, Responsive Slides, Nivo Slider and Coin Slider.
  • Dynamic Slides, including a WooCommerce integration to create product sliders.
  • Trimming smart images to make sure the slides are the correct size.
  • Compatible with Lightbox with the free version MetaSlider Lightbox add-on.

A practical look at the MetaSlider interface

I'm using the free version of MetaSlider for this example .

with Soliloquy, MetaSlider has one of the simplest interfaces on this list, which makes it a good choice for beginners. While many of the other add-ons are deeper in terms of functionality, it also means that their interfaces are overwhelming with the large number of features available.

When you create a new slide show, you leave it directly in the entire interface. On the right, you can configure some basic options for size, transitions and navigation:

 meta slider interface

And if you click + Add Slide you can be able to create a new slide using any of the options on the left:

 metaslider create slide

Once you have added some slides, you will get the basic options for each slide. But just like Soliloquy, do not expect a full page generator style interface here. If you use the layer slide, you will get more options . I just do not have access to this in the free version :

 metaslider manage slides

If it's okay with simple, the MetaSlider interface is simple and easy to use.

MetaSlider pricing information

The free version of MetaSlider that I used is available on WordPress.org. If you want the Pro features, the plans start at $ 39 . You can see all the plans below. There are no feature differences between the paid plans: the only difference is the number of licenses:

 price of metaslider

More information / Download demo

Which WordPress add-on Slider should you use? ? [19659173] Well, then, which of these sliders should I really use?

Well, let's break it down into some different scenarios.

First, let's keep things in order. If you are specifically looking for a free slider plugin then I think your two best options are Smart Slider 3 or MetaSlider . Smart Slider 3 will give you a little more functionality and the drag-and-drop visual slide builder, while the MetaSlider interface is a bit simpler.

If you need more functionality and are willing to choose a premium WordPress plugin, things get a little more complicated.

If you want the simpler premium option that still gives you access to many dynamic sources, give Soliloquy a look. But if you want a lot of options to configure every little aspect of your slider, you could be happier with LayerSlider or Slider Revolution .

And if you want the ] most of the dynamic data sources as well as an interface that is still quite detailed, the Pro version of Smart Slider 3 is also a good option .

Now to all of you – Have you used any of these WordPress slider plugins? What is your favorite and why?

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