5 Nifty YouTube Channels for Learning a New Skill or Strength


Even if you're not in school anymore, that does not mean you should stop learning. On the contrary, the always connected world of today makes it easier than ever to learn about any subject you can imagine.

Whether you want to learn a new language, a physical skill or anything else, the Internet can help you. And because of the additional visual element, YouTube is one of the best places to learn something new.

Here are five amazing YouTube channels to help you start learning something new.

1. ChrisFix: learn to fix your car

Most people who have a car are not expert mechanics. They may know how to control fluids or change a tire, but they can not perform most of the standard maintenance or the specific job. This channel wants to help change that.

In ChrisFix, you will find many videos about various types of car maintenance. This includes specific part replacements, tips for better cleaning, how to diagnose certain problems and more. Chris has a simple style, which means that his videos are accessible even if he does not know anything about cars.

Working in your own car can help you save money

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and you will feel very good knowing that you can do it yourself. You may still have to visit a professional for advanced work, but you will be surprised how much you can achieve for yourself.

2. JustinGuitar: Learn to play the guitar

Learning an instrument is an excellent way to add a new facet. The guitar is a popular choice, and if you want to build a solid foundation, you should know absolutely about JustinGuitar.

This long-time favorite is perfect for the newcomer. The beginner course begins with the absolute basic concepts, which include questions such as what guitar you should buy and how to hold a guitar. You will learn to play basic chords and move to scales and simple songs before you know it.

If you enjoy the videos, you will find even more content on the JustinGuitar website. It is a great companion to use Rocksmith to learn guitar

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We have written a lot about how it is beneficial to learn to program

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. If you are considering learning a programming language, you can learn a lot from this YouTube channel.

In freeCodeCamp, you will find complete tutorials for many popular languages, including JavaScript and Python. Each one has a full course of several hours that teaches complete beginners the basics. After that, you can see other examples to learn how to make games, work with website integrations and more.

Of course, programming is a vast field with much to learn, so you should go beyond these. Videos if you want to become a professional programmer. Some people may find it easier to follow text lessons, but if you like to use the video format, this is an incredible way to start learning a desirable skill.

4. Khan Academy: learn a little about everything

Not sure what you want to learn? You must browse the epic video collection of Khan Academy. The site behind this channel has worked to provide free educational tools for all for more than a decade.

The great variety of themes offered here is incredible. You will find everything from calculation to government / civic education, biology and everything in between.

These videos are usually aimed at students of various grade levels, so they may be a bit rudimentary for advanced students. However, they serve as an excellent introduction to several topics and are a great way to spend a few spare minutes.

Not everyone is in the mood or has time to learn a new problem. ability. You may have difficulties in social situations and want to work to become a more pleasant person. This channel hosts all kinds of videos to help you improve your charisma and dominate social situations.

Most of the content here takes the form of lists and specific areas for improvement. You will learn to be more aware of yourself, discover tips to improve appointments and learn to make subtle adjustments in your body language.

We do not recommend that you try to fundamentally change who you are after. However, watching these videos. Small adjustments can make a difference if you've been struggling, but you should not try to be someone you're not.

What will you learn next?

In this article, we have taken a look at Five channels that you can use to learn something new. Whether you want to learn something specific to help you now or just want to discover something you've never known before, YouTube is a treasure trove of information. Being able to get tips and tricks from knowledgeable people and having years of videos available is incredibly valuable.

If you did not find what you were looking for on YouTube, do not despair. Previously, we have covered websites to help you learn online

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