5 Free Apps for Reminders to Take a Break From Screens


You know that looking at the screen for a long time is not good for your health or your sight, but it's easy to get caught. Use these applications to get a reminder that you should take a break from screen time, and take care of your health.

Continuous use of the screen can cause severe eye fatigue, neck pain in the phones cause and sitting too long causes health problems

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too. It is also surprisingly easy to avoid all these problems by simply turning them off once in a while. Usually, a reminder is all you need, and that's it.

Stretchly (Windows, macOS, Linux): Simple Reminder for Micro and Long Breaks

For most people, Stretchly is the reminder of interruption that will change the way you use the computer. The application allows both micro-breaks and extended scheduled breaks that will keep you focused.

A small pop-up window will inform you before it's time to take a break and then remind you when it's time. One of the most pleasing features of Stretchly is that you can jump to the next break or micro-break at any time, in case you feel like stopping now and not later. The micro break is every 10 minutes, for 20 seconds, where the application recommends some stretching to keep your body healthy. Every 30 minutes, suggest a longer 5-minute break.

You can naturally customize the duration of the micro breaks and long breaks, as well as the duration of a break. In fact, Stretchly can even become a simple Pomodoro timer to be more

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In case you do not want to take a break, you can skip the warning and continue working. But if you do it too often, you are putting your own health at risk. You may want to enable "strict mode" to make sure you stick to the breaks.

Download: Stretchly for Windows | macOS | Linux (free)

Eye Care 20 20 20 (Android, iOS): place your mobile phone

The screens of computers and phones are illuminated, which throws their light into your eyes. Over time, this can have a cost. In fact, you should check if you have the telltale signs of the computer's eye strain

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Eye Care 20 20 20 is a mobile application to alleviate this eye fatigue using an old technique. The idea is that every 20 minutes of using a screen, look at something 20 feet away, for at least 20 seconds. Apparently, this is the relief your eyes need to keep you healthy and not dry up.

The Eye Care 20 20 20 application will simply give you simple reminders when the time comes and you will not get lost any more. With that, we mean that it does not depend on whether the screen has been on for all those 20 minutes or not, that reminder comes.

You can immerse yourself in the configuration of the application to personalize it even more, so that you can start it manually or configure it to start automatically at a certain time every day.

Download: Eye Care 20 20 20 for Android | iOS (free)

Outstanding (web): web application for stand-up reminders

  outstanding is a web application for reminders to interrupt browser notifications

if you do not want to install Stretchtly (or not you can install it for any reason), then Outstanding is the easiest way to get those timely reminders. It is a free web application that works with any modern browser with notifications.

Go to the website and you can choose how often you want to receive a reminder (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour). You can also set how long you should stand (30 seconds to five minutes) before receiving another reminder to return to work. It's a simple timer that will keep you on the right track making sure you do not spend too much time in your office chair.

Since it is a browser-based application, for Excel to work, you must enable notifications in case you have disabled browser notifications

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Unhook (Android): set the time limits of the screen and walk for more time

Unhook is the most different application on this list. He has no reminders to take breaks, but instead, he forces them to do the same.

This is how it works. Set a daily time limit for different types of screen usage, such as social applications, video streaming and games. Once you cross the limit you set, Unhook makes you walk to unlock more time. For every 100 steps you walk, you will get 10 minutes of additional usage time on the phone. The data is collected through Google Fit integrated into Android

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that you can also synchronize with any of your favorite fitness apps …

Do not worry, it's not an intrusive and strict application. When you really need to navigate your phone but can not bother with those extra steps, you can deactivate Unhook and continue using your phone as usual. But use this sparingly, it's about self-discipline.

Download: Unpick for Android (free)

Micro Breaks (Chrome): customizable reminder for multiple Breaks

  Micro Breaks is a customizable Chrome Extension for periodic reminders to take breaks ]

If you use Google Chrome, do not look beyond this small extension for all your rest reminders. Micro Breaks is the simplest and best tool for the job.

By default, there are some reminders already established for healthy habits. This includes:

  • Breathing: Inhale and exhale to control stress, for 2 minutes, every 2 hours.
  • 20/20/20: Avoid digital eye strain by observing something 20 feet away, for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes.
  • Pause: A simple rest, for 6 minutes, every 80 minutes.
  • Exercise: Stand up and stretch to relieve muscles, for 2 minutes, each

Micro Breaks also allows you to set any personalized reminder you want, and everything is free. This is unquestionably the simplest implementation of a timer reminder in Chrome. However, you may want to see other excellent Chrome extensions to stay healthy on your desktop

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Download: Micro Breaks for Chrome (free)

Fix your posture quickly

These applications solve the important problem of getting a reminder to take a break regularly from your computer or phone screen . But they do not always tell you what to do when you take those breaks.

We have some suggestions on

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either a long or a micro break. One of the best options for desktop workers is to try this 3 minute exercise to fix your posture

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This 3 minute exercise will really fix your posture

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. You can do it anywhere, and it does not seem so strange that the whole office will stare at you.

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