5 Fascinating and Educational YouTube Channels to Keep You Engrossed

YouTube is not just a burrow of time-consuming videos. You can have fun while learning something new. Watch these YouTube channels that make animated videos to explain, educate and entertain.

No, this list does not include old unconditional ones like CGP Gray, ASAPScience, Minute Physics or Wendover Productions. We want to talk about some of the less advertised channels that follow the "animation for explanation" format. And yet, they offer something new that is as interesting and fascinating as YouTube's big fish.

Every Thursday, Half As Interesting releases a new video that includes a fascinating story in just five minutes. The surprising thing is that the channel is not dedicated to any broad topic, so you get amazing data on a wide range of topics.

The creators are the same people behind Wendover, so you have the assurance of thorough research and thought. Out of arguments. For example, the video presented seeks to discover the longest driving distance on Earth. They are careful to set warnings, explain why certain routes are not possible and then show you the longest possible connection. It is a wild journey.

Half interesting isn't based on humor as much as unconditional ones like CGP Gray, but maybe that's for the better. These bite-sized lessons are entertaining due to the theme and, given their short duration, it is also fun to learn.

 Second Thought creates entertaining and educational animated videos

Like Half As Interesting, Second Thought does not focus on a subject. Then you will learn about enough diverse topics based on science and facts, such as the loneliest place in the universe, or a secret island of Soviet death, or how a man cheated death 600 times.

Where it gets interesting is in exploring unknown. Like some of the other blogs and vlogs "what would happen if", Second Thought tries to answer the craziest hypothetical questions

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too. The videos include explorations of what happens after death, how to denuclearize the world, what would happen if people stopped dying and what would happen if the oceans disappeared.

If I had a complaint, it would be that the Second Thought videos do not match the quality of their research and subject. They often look rough and amateur. However, with a new video every Friday, it is a guarantee of something worth thinking about during the weekend.

3. WonderWhy: detailed explanations on geography and history

  WonderWhy creates animated video explainers on geography and history

Why are there two Congos? How logical are you? What is the oldest country in the world? Why do the Dutch wear orange? WonderWhy is here to answer all these questions in entertaining videos.

The channel focuses more on the geography, history and culture of our world. But from time to time, it will also be diverted to other topics such as logic, astronomy, economics, etc. On average, each video lasts approximately 15 minutes, so you will get more than a superficial understanding of the subject.

Naturally, making such long videos takes a while, so you will find a new video approximately every month in Wondering why. But hey, it's worth waiting to get all that knowledge while traveling daily.

4. Business Casual: how corporations shape our world

  Business Casual creates fun animated videos about how companies and corporations affect the world

Business Casual takes an interesting turn to a seemingly boring topic. You probably suspect that companies and corporations are deeply rooted in our world today, and their actions shape much of our lives. Well, find out how.

Every two weeks, a new video analyzes the history of a business and its dealings with a specific theme. Some examples include how the Korean War led to the birth of Samsung, how Coca Cola lost India and then recovered it, and the rise of the world's richest family, the Rothschilds.

The visual narrative of Business Casual deserves special mention. . They edit the videos exquisitely and seem to have carved their own style that is refreshingly modern. Aided by the expert use of audio, this attention to detail is what makes even a monotonous subject become something worth seeing during the 5-10 minutes of the video.

5. Suibhne: The animated history of …

  Suibhne creates animated videos about the history

Who knew that learning about the whole history of a country or its people could be so interesting? Suibhne presents animated videos about the fascinating little things in the history of a nation. They splash the videos with humor, as well as audio and real images.

Many existing YouTube channels are already trying to teach history through an entertaining perspective. However, Suibhne manages to stand out in that crowd. They will love you with the cartoon figurines and will capture your attention with a well written and written voiceover. In general, he usually has fun while learning.

It may seem that the focus of attention is entertainment here, but there is a surprising amount of research that focuses on it. The use of old recordings is a wonderful way to add that authentic flavor to the videos.

A carefully selected selection of fascinating videos

It is worth subscribing to any of these five channels, and in fact, I suggest adding them. All your list. These channels do not load more than one video per week, so you will not be overloaded with a lot of pending videos on your "watch it later" playlist.

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