5 Brain-Hacking Positivity Apps to Manage Depression and Change Your Mood

When you feel stressed, depressed and unable to get out of funk, these free apps can help you control your mood and trick your brain into feeling more positive for the time being.

Of the robots that will speak to you, through long-term funk projects that help express and manage your mental state through photography, these applications have several approaches to changing how you feel. It is about the management of mood and mental tricks, a combination that can help you better understand depression and anxiety

This depression and anxiety test will help you understand your emotions.

This depression and anxiety test will help you understand your emotions

There are too many people who deny depression, anxiety and stress. Use this self-assessment test to see where you are with each of the three and what you can do about it.
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and deal with disorders.

Important: If you have signs of depression, mood disorders and other mental health problems, these should be attended to by a medical professional. The applications in this article are measures of interruption or supplements to therapy and real advice, can not replace medical diagnoses.

The One Project (Web, Android, iOS): Therapeutic photography for disorders

The One Project has been around for eight years, but a recent revision has put it in a new stage . The project continues with its objective of using therapeutic photography, but now incorporates it into a new mobile application that allows you to better connect with the community and the goals of the ideal.

Therapeutic photography is about taking and analyzing your photos to understand how you see the world. Other members of the community can also comment on your images to discover things about you that you did not realize. It is a learning process, done both consciously and unconsciously. You can get more information about it in the TED talk of founder Bryce Evans.

The One Project usually has a membership of $ 9.99, but the community is proud not to deny anyone. Then, if you have financial restrictions, you can still use the application by requesting a free membership.

Healacrity (Web): Daily questionnaire to reduce stress

When you wake up and start the day, you can tackle the challenges and tasks with a Clearer mind. Healacrity takes this clarity to prepare your brain for the day, no matter what happens, so you do not feel stressed.

The web application, which also works on mobile devices, has a step-by-step questionnaire. You will be asked about the big goals and the future, the small goals and what concerns you, and the worst scenarios as well. When writing your deepest desires and fears on a daily basis, it's a bit like making an ideas dump that also prepares you.

Healacrity will send your answers by email immediately so that, in case things go wrong, you can check your inbox. You have a plan that you set at the beginning of the day about how to deal with obstacles. It's better than having your mind tired and stressed with a new attack.

Youper (Android, iOS): Bot to Track Moods and Rewire Your Brain

Youper is a mobile application that combines an AI-based chatbot with basic application features to perform a monitoring of mood and progress

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. Through a series of questions and exercises, it will help you discover how you feel, why you feel it and how to overcome it.

The chatbot will ask you a daily question to control your mood, or you can start the application to talk about how you feel. There are a lot of pre-set adjustments for common moods, and you can also choose the intensity of your feelings. Over time, Youper will elegantly discover patterns of how you feel and counteract them with exercises.

There are also short-term exercises, such as guided meditations, for situations where you feel stuck and want an instant boost. The bot understands normal language and even has automatic responses to feel like a natural process.

Download: Youper for Android | iOS (free)

Moodrise (Android, iOS): Instant videos that change the mood

Our moods depend on the chemicals in our brain, such as dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, etc. Some studies have shown that certain types of videos, sounds or activities release more of these chemicals. For example, watching nature videos can launch GABA, which makes you feel calmer.

Moodrise is an amazing application that brings together a series of 10 video exercises to help you change your mood. First, you indicate how you feel, so that the application can follow your emotions. Then you choose between the recommended chemical products and you do the exercise. It takes less than five minutes to finish one, but when you look, listen and interact with the set, your mind will be deceived to feel better.

Moodrise is completely free, and you can do multiple chemical exercises in a day as well. If you can not find "Moodrise" in your phone's app store, try searching for the developer AeBeZe.

Download: Moodrise for Android | iOS (Free)

Pause for Pausable (Android, iOS): Move on the screen to meditate

We all know that mindfulness meditation applications help improve your life

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but many people find it difficult to sit still in a place without any activity. Pauseable combined the principles of Tai Chi with technology to create Pause, an application that makes you meditate.

Start the application, connect your headphones and you will be asked to touch the screen. Then you have to slowly move your finger across the screen. Soothing sounds are reproduced in your headphones, synchronized with the animation and movements of the fingers. You will receive directions if you go too fast or if you stop, along with instructions to close your eyes.

Ideally, a break session will last 10 minutes, after which you will receive a notification on your headphones. But you can change the duration of the configuration of the application, as well as the difficulty of the slowness with which it moves on the screen, the amount of contact you need, etc.

Download: Pause for Android | iOS (free)

To combat depression, get away from the screens

This set of applications offers several ways to change your mood and feel better. But do not trust them too much. In fact, technology can be the source of your depression without you knowing it.

The Internet, smart phones, social networks and other similar digital factors can affect your mood. Learn how technology fuels depression

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5 ways that technology could be fueling your depression

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and take measures to counteract it.

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