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The complete collection of the best minimalist WordPress themes for blogs, portfolios, corporate, magazines and other incredible websites.

This collection presents versatile WordPress themes that can be used for different domains. The main focus for minimalist themes is in their own content rather than design elements, however, these themes look impressive even without heavy effects and design elements.

The minimalist design has always existed, but it has become modern due to the success of the material. Design and flat design that have inspired designers. The minimalist design is here to stay and more and more websites follow these trends and it is the right time to create a minimalist website for your business, portfolio, blog, magazine or other.

This collection includes several amazing themes for different purposes and we hope you can find the one on your website. If not, there are dozens of other collections of WordPress themes in colorlib.

Why WordPress? It is the widely used blog and the CMS platform, which powers 27% of the entire web. There are millions of themes that are ready-made add-ons for this amazing open source platform. These add-ons and themes are made by the community around WordPress, which pushes this platform forward.


Divi is beautiful and visually refined and dazzling, aesthetically clean and pristine, stylistically minimalist and very well structured, intuitively navigable and very modern and avant-garde, tech-savvy and easy-to-use, infinitely flexible and infinitely resourceful and feature-rich, inherently responsive WordPress multi-concept, multipurpose website theme. It is a decidedly elegant and deeply appealing WordPress theme, built as a widespread universal tool capable of training webmasters with no background or coding experience to effortlessly and skillfully arm the most sophisticated and powerful modern websites.

Divi is very suitable for any niche, in an unbreakably elegant, clean and minimalist presentation that will subtly impress the most demanding audiences and keep your website clear and focus oriented, lend itself to a more meaningful connection between your visitors and your content, and will ultimately lead to the success of your online business. Divi is widely user-friendly, implementing the Divi Builder page designer developed as it allows a completely visual, non-coding and block-based creation of pages, which is easily mastered and produces professional quality results in minutes, making use of more than 40 unique content modules that offer all kinds of functionalities and wonderful graphic customization options for all types of identity and brand purposes. Try Divi today, and experience the joy of having a clean and minimalist website.

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Decode is a light and fresh face, youthful and lively, visually striking and tidy, pure and pristine, clean and crisp, fast charging and very agile and flexible, easy to use and intuitively customizable, stylistically minimalist and very polished receptive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose theme. This theme is a unique combination of incredibly technological competition with a rigid and brutally efficient code base that quickly loads into all connections, a subject that has been masterfully developed for a long time to produce a set of tools that enables webmasters without coding or developing a fund effortlessly and consistently delivering high quality, elegantly constructed and fully functional websites that are aesthetically clean and impeccable.

Effective implementation of an enhanced and extended Visual Composer, customized Revolution Slider options and a superior integrated Layer Slider across a range of demo websites and professionally compiled graphical templates makes Decoding a natural choice for webmasters They look for an elegant website that can be ready to be published in minutes of the simple installation of 1 click. Completely out of the box, the integration of WooCommerce makes decoding even more versatile, while its native response capability offers a crisp and ready-to-use presentation on every device known to man. Try deciphering, and you will never regret it!

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Jevelin is a colorful and useful, eloquent and attractive, modern and technologically intuitive, highly responsive WordPress premium theme. It is a wonderfully versatile platform for the development of a wide variety of websites through a range of diverse industries and businesses, applications and use cases. From professional portfolio websites to landing pages or technology startups, Jevelin can take them out of a series of demo websites and professionally designed page templates for all types of purposes, each easily customizable through a completely visual interface that does not require Absolutely no experience or coding knowledge. .

With Jevelin, you can easily create your own virtual grandstand where you can reach a massive audience with your message effortlessly. Jevelin is also ready to be deployed as a blogging platform, with six different blog designs with which you can choose to express yourself. With Jevelin, you have access to five different personalized publication formats, including Gallery, Link, Budget, Audio or Video, as well as great custom templates of author pages to present to your audience, as well as an incredibly convenient network sharing functionality social integrated in a series of beautiful buttons with which you can work. With Jevelin, you will never find yourself without words!

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If you are looking for a minimal WordPress theme that may highlight your portfolio or blog, be sure to check out Kalium. A professional content generator add-on is included that allows users of this theme to customize their web page. Kalium can be translated into many languages ​​with ease, thanks to the .mo and .po files and the multilingual WPML plugin support. With Kalium, you no longer have to worry about browser compatibility. It can run in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera, without experiencing any problems.

A custom style is included for your portfolio. Each template has its own appearance and feel. This topic definitely has something for everyone. It incorporates an ingenious Revolution Slider, which results in greater flexibility for the user. You can edit your own animations or transitions, doing something that is truly yours. In addition, Kalium also has a LayerSlider that completes the impressive list of features. It can be used to create wonderful galleries, optimized slide shows, excellent content sliders and impressive effects. All this demo content comes with the subject, without additional charges. Each client will have to choose their own mouse over the style and other surprising effects. Whether it's a simple style, or something that looks elegant, that's up to you.

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Gillion is an incredibly easy to use WordPress blog theme. Quick to set up and easy to customize thanks to detailed documentation and carefully structured code, Gillion is the perfect subject to display your items in an elegantly beautiful way. There are no distracting details or unnecessary effects that divert visitors' attention from the main: its content.

The Gillion theme is SEO and translation friendly to attract more visitors to your website. The theme is optimized to load quickly on all major mobile and desktop browsers. Gillion has it covered on all fronts, so if you ever get stuck on something, you can be sure you'll get the help of a professional, as long as you need it, because Gillion has excellent customer service.

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Folie is a 100% live edition WordPress theme, the best of its kind. Therefore, it is intuitive, with a responsive design and easy to use. You can instantly see all the changes you make without needing to update. Use the amazing visual composer and you do not need any coding skills! Folie was designed for advanced and inexperienced users with modes for each. It also allows you to create items from scratch or use predesigned options. Folie uses the Page2page communication so you can easily copy and paste elements. It is the first theme that can save the previous changes with a click!

Folie has unlimited layouts that are easy to configure in both box and full-width formats. It comes with an integration of premium add-ons such as MailChimp (forms) and Slider Revolution (galleries). It also has integration with WooCommerce for stores and compatibility with WPML for translations. Folie offers you free updates and free support. This theme was optimized for speed and SEO. It can be used with all types of browsers and screen sizes. Test your impressive media library too! Folie has a perfect image quality in pixels that will surprise you! Take control of your designs with all their well-designed features. Get it with a single import click! Get Folie!

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Adios is a simple, effective, easy-to-use and highly customizable, intuitive system and the WordPress multipurpose portfolio website theme of fast loading and easy response. It's the perfect theme for creatively inclined webmasters who need an expressive website that's fast-loading and detail-oriented, with a seamless visual interface that greets visitors and guides them through their precious content. an attractive way

final, Adios has been conceived as incredibly light and fast-loading, presenting some of the lowest load times of any subject on the market today, as well as an uncomplicated visual aesthetic that puts your visual content in front and the center of its pages while keeping everything else in order so that its users do not deviate from its content and make the most of it. Adios integrates a minimalist philosophy in its design, incorporating the mantra of which there is less and less, which makes its Adios websites visually sophisticated and totally seamless and pristine. Completely receptive, Adios is intrinsically compatible with devices from all over the world, while its exhaustive SEO improvements make it one of the best in terms of search engine rankings, being a true magnet for traffic. With Adios, say goodbye to any other topic!

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Arnold is a WordPress theme of minimal portfolio. Works with Retina Ready HD products and allows animation. Arnold projects himself for online business as it is compatible with WooCommerce. It has a search toolbar within its features that is optimized with SEO. Translation through .po files is available. It supports constant free updates and has a responsive design. Arnold has more than 4 columns, an organized publication sidebar and 8 demos. It has 14 promotion labels and innumerable designs and has 8 headings. Use the LazyLoad image to make a comfortable experience. The buttons to share on social networks include Twitter.

Within your premium options you will find customization of themes. Arnold uses the Drag & Drop page generator for additional pages. The publications have a lot of flexibility and options with more than 7 types allowed. This theme is ideal for architects, interior designers and photographers. It supports many heavy image, video and animation formats. Arnold gives special importance to the fonts, using Google Fonts (more than 600) and Awesome Fonts Icon (more than 400). You will get a 6 month support of BWSM. It has a quick demo access and a plugin from right to left multilanguage. Create magnificent configurations, structures and designs with this powerful tool. Try and witness the beauty of the Arnold WordPress theme.

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Stash by HighGrade offers a clean, minimalist look that resembles a blank canvas about to be used. Choose your favorite theme and make incredible designs of your 48 amazing demos. Stash is full of add-ons like Slider Revolution and Essential Grid for free. It's even built in blocks through Visual Composer! You will get more than 260 blocks and more than 85 items to move around.

Stash is fresh and goes by the motto less is more to offer your pre-built options. It is built for both the lazy and creative! You can use clean and soft functions prebuilt or customized to the fullest. Try setting up amazing video backgrounds and CSS3 animations to have fun! Stash is based on great ease of use and intuitive configuration. It has impressive third-party compatibilities such as WooCommerce and WPML. Stash is well documented, is compatible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the first 6 months and even offers a secondary theme to add. If you want to avoid the hassle of incorporating a lot of separate things, this all-in-one theme is for you. Go for something that comes with the basics and beyond. Get Stash!

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is a modern, minimalist device, easy to use and effective, aesthetic and attractive, very responsive creator of multipurpose WordPress creative websites. It is a clean, useful and highly intuitive website generator that has been carefully designed with the most powerful premium add-ons, including Visual Composer, WooCommerce, Revolution and Master Slider, MailChimp and much more, easily integrated into a concise visual interface, the Live Website Builder, which allows you to edit designs, configurations, abbreviated codes and more in real time.

Massive Dynamic includes more than 70 unique short codes that greatly increase the capabilities of your website with a minimum of complications and extensive configuration possibilities. More than a dozen header styles are available for you to choose from, while advanced header technologies allow you to further customize them to meet your specific needs. With great confidence in visual elements and communication, Massive Dynamic's impeccable dynamic content presentation creates elegant, minimalist websites that load incredibly fast and run smoothly, regardless of the intensity of the traffic load or the base volume of the user. Optimized for both multi-page and single-page websites, Massive Dynamic allows you to express much more in much less space, with its eloquent design styles, including floating content, full-width layouts and more. Keep things simple, with Massive Dynamic!

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Studio 8


In the web design market, sometimes less More. While massive and expanding websites may have some appeal, sometimes a more minimalist approach is required. Regardless of the chosen format, Studio 8 is a subject that can do the job. After installation, you can access a well-written source of documentation that promises to explain all the features. The code is optimized and clean, and there are many customization configurations. For those who want to present their content in an accessible and intuitive way, Studio 8 offers an excellent full-width slider. Users can also enjoy a 404 error page and multiple types of personalized publications. HTML files were added, along with PSD files and a powerful drop-down menu. Despite these useful features, the product is still very easy to use. The installation only lasts a few minutes, and there is no need for coding or web development knowledge.

Studio 8 gives supporters a voice, since it can implement threaded comments sections. The WP APIs are respected and there are several areas of widgets. The design of the theme is receptive and compatible with all handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. A secondary theme was included and the loading speeds of the page are very fast. For those who want to try Studio 8, a live preview was made available.

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The display is elegant and attractive, useful and efficient, easy to use. use and surprisingly flexible, highly sensitive theme of WordPress WooCommerce commercial website. It is a theme that has been developed by a group of professional coders and designers who seek to create the ultimate theme for people trying to market their products, whatever it may be, for a massive and undifferentiated mass audience. Merchandiser has been equipped with a series of premium add-ons, sophisticated tools and state-of-the-art capabilities that allow it to operate at the highest levels of online business without skipping a beat.

Merchandiser builds on the uncomplicated premium page builder Visual Composer, reducing the complexities of web design to an intuitive drag-and-drop experience that will take minutes to fully customize the look and feel of your online store's website. With complete integration of WooCommerce from the beginning, this powerful theme includes sophisticated elements such as the beautiful functionality of the Off-Canvas shopping cart, the quick view out of the canvas for individual products and some of the most beautiful product image galleries in the world. the news , making your clients' mouth fill with water with your high resolution images and an attractive visual design. Try Merchandiser now and make the sale!

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Opta is a simple WordPress theme designed for artists and photographers. It is the perfect tool to show your work in an elegant way. You will have a clean and minimalist design focused on the screen to show all your projects. Opta includes types of personalized publications for galleries and portfolios. It supports Contact Form 7 and AddToAny plugin. It also comes with a demonstration in XML at no additional cost! You will have a theme with incredible accessories and versatility. It comes with a short code generator and a typography of excellent quality. Play with 700 Google Web fonts and a flexible and original text and image slider.

Opta is a responsive responsive design designed to adapt to ideas. Its design can handle all formats and additions and has been proven to work well with many browsers. Few tricks are needed as their images and texts will be highlighted. You will get first level support, regular updates and detailed documentation! Show your work fast and easy. It's time to catch potential customers by letting you out. Start your wallet showcase and memories of photo albums now! Start using Opta!

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  proton minimalist wordpress theme

Proton is one of the best minimalist WordPress themes you can use to boost your work and creations in a way only. It is a portfolio style tool with a distinctive touch that will captivate and surprise all your visitors and potential customers. Creative agencies and independent professionals can all benefit greatly from Proton and turn it into a web destination that will attract more and more visitors and make your business thrive.

You do not need to invest too much time and effort into designing and developing your website once you have Proton at your fingertips. Most of the work has already been done, all you need to do is use the predesigned content to use and it can be ready to work in minutes. Some of the key features of Proton are Visual Composer, unique portfolio pages, three attractive headers, online store and ordered pages of blogs. Whatever you would like to do to push yourself, do it with Proton.

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Ocularus is a prominent WordPress theme in portfolio. It has a clean and minimalist design centered on images and photographs. This theme is ideal for designers, photographers, artists and creative people. You will get an amazing and eye-catching design with an elegant and professional style. Ocularus was designed to show in an elegant way all your projects and works. The main page comes with a carousel gallery ready to show its best features. It offers you a left main menu bar with pre-designed practical sections. You will have predefined sections such as contact, portfolio, team and more. All sections have different and creative galleries styles. Some galleries include pop-up animations to show information.

Ocularous includes a progress bar, translation files and several portfolios. It even supports Contact Form 7 and Google Web Fonts! Try the incredible typography and reach customers easily. Ocularous has a versatile adaptive slider for images, carousel style and videos. You will get it with a receptive design adaptable to all screens and browsers. Make a powerful impression on customers with this tool. 24/7 premium support, regular updates and detailed documentation are part of the deal. Use Ocularus!

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Crane is a brand-new responsive WordPress theme certified by Envato Market. It is the perfect option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and photographers looking for simplicity and accuracy. It is simplicity at its best: minimalistic professional design with adjustable configurations. The theme also allows you to create personalized websites using different layouts and element libraries. Crane is made for business, thanks to WooCommerce and its various elements for online stores. Make product catalogs, arrange posts, and showcase services. Whatever you want, MegaMenu and Visual Composer will help. Crane offers 11 homepages, 150+ inner pages, and integration with seven premium plugins. You get to customize live previews, +2,000 icons, and 25 Shutterstock clipart images, too! Get updates and a support team. Make simple yet powerful slides using Slider Revolution and Layer Slider. Other features include Massive Addons, ConvertPlus, and Groovy menu. More info / Download


June is a clean, sharp and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. This theme is a simple yet powerful website building platform for users of any skill level. A slew of premium plugins offers advanced functionality through an intuitive visual interface. Handcrafted, clutter-free demo websites let you set off on the right foot. Customize them to your heart’s content with a broad array of options and settings. Colors, fonts, sections, layouts; mix and match templates and elements and make it your own.

Designed by professionals, June’s visual language is seamless and eloquent. Webmasters looking for a minimal, yet communicative website will feel right at home. June’s minimalist aesthetics let your content be the star of the show. Beautiful portfolios and product pages showcase what matters most to you. If you want your work to speak for itself, in the most unobtrusive light, get June today!

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Air Lightweight is a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme. It offers design versatility and creativity focus. Get it now with the gorgeous portfolio, gallery and project layouts. Air Lightweight uses a drag & drop page builder and BM slider. Play around with 7 post formats and 600+ custom Google Fonts to display information. Sharing buttons for recognized platforms including Pinterest and Tumblr are also available.

Air Lightweight offers shortcodes to save time/energy while customizing everything. Modules and blog pages can be set as well as sidebars, footers and 400+ icons. Businesswise, you set up shop(s) and make transactions with WooCommerce. Reaching clients is also easy thanks to Contact Form 7. Elements are given, and if not integrated, you get compatible plug-ins! Air Lightweight is trendy, accessible friendly and packed with features. What else could you ask for? Have fun and set your new showcase pieces with Air Lightweight!

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ART is a WordPress theme orientated to creative persons who want to promote their work. It is incredibly easy to install and use, without coding skills or HTML language required. You will have a modern, minimalistic and stylish concept in your hands. ART comes with multiple stunning layouts designed to showcase all your projects. Over 6 pre-design layout templates and more custom options are ready to use! Build interesting interactions using the scrolled animation. ART features several types of headers, blogs and custom posts. More than +20 options are available within all to choose from. Rich typography and iconography will be provided too. Even product selling through WooCommerce is an option!

ART supports WPML translation, RTL writing format and Contact Form 7 plugin. Social media connectivity is allowed. ART uses BM Content Builder to customize your content and see the changes in live mode. Retina ready quality makes everything stunning and impressive. It has without doubt a responsive layout tested to work with main browsers. You will get a 24/7 premium support, regular updates and well detailed documentation! What else could you need for you blog? Make your own website is easy and fast! Don’t wait any longer! Use ART!

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oshine minimal photography theme

Oshine is a clean and minimal multipurpose WordPress theme well suited for fashion, portfolio corporate, app landing page, photography, architecture and other websites. There are 16 different demos for this theme and all these demos can be installed on your website via WordPress importer. This theme features many fancy design elements such as parallax scroll, smooth transitions and animation on page loads to make your website to look more professional. Oshine theme is designed and developed using the best practice and are fast to load on any device. This theme is the right for you if you are looking for minimal and beautiful multipurpose theme which is easy to setup and administer.

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POFO is a minimalistic multipurpose WordPress theme. It has tons demos to pick from and elements to get creative with. Make amazing designs and get the most gorgeous smooth settings possible. Shortcodes and quick install (one-click import) are provided. POFO came to rock and roll the online website building business. It’s got 150+ elements and 210+ pages to customize with. Use its MegaMenu to set amazing posts with style and readability. It offers Font Awesome and Themify icons, custom widgets and sidebars for customizations. Translation for texts through WPML, unlimited colors and typography are given. Share everything with social media buttons. POFO is retina ready, so no need to worry about those videos or slides looking good. It is 100% responsive: adaptable image, cross-browser compatibility, you name it. You get it with updates, documentation and support on purchase. Have a look and give it a try. Try POFO!

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H-Code is a multipurpose WordPress theme dedicated to practicality. It intends to give you most aspects previously detailed to make simple picks. It has a clean, modern, minimalistic concept that aims for simplicity. H-Code also provides many pre-built shortcodes and icons. Additionally, it is WooCommerce ready and WPML compatible. You will get original black or one color set backgrounds to make posts and images stand out. You can also modify these with videos or Parallax. H-Code lets customize many aspects within layout always thinking that less is more. Because of this, you get 3 different premium sliders to arrange amazing photos in one space.

H-Code adjusts to anything, but it aims to satisfy people without interest in design. It affords basic choices for the lazy or busy people. Despite this, it has many qualities that make it still have great impact. The developers created H-Code to suit on all browsers and be fully responsive to all screens. It can handle Contact Form 7 and W3 Total Cache. H-Code is all browsers compatible and provides many different ways to get documented. A high quality 5 star rated support team is also available. Start your building process with the best choice possible! Try H-Code now!

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foodica - awesome food blog theme

Foodica is a lightweight, clean, fresh faced, minimalist WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, suitable for use in a wide range of applications and a great variety of websites, but designed with the specified purpose of satisfying food industry related website needs, ranging from restaurants or caterers to chefs, critics and food lovers of all kind. This theme can handle a great range of website needs because its design is uniquely clean and minimalist, meaning Foodica knows how to make your content shine while staying out of the way. Foodica’s aesthetic concept conforms with the “less is more” philosophy–less clutter, more focus, less distraction, more direct enjoyment of your content.

The authors empowered this theme with HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to effortlessly offer you an enormous assortment of widgets and tools to craft your websites in an efficient, stylized manner, adding functionality without stealing the limelight from your content. Also, Foodica keeps things easy and intuitive, with extensive shortcode implementation for creating attractive recipe pages that are streamlined and easily sort Ingredients and Directions in a way that’s understandable and visibly communicative. Additionally, Foodica is natively responsive, meaning every device, screen and browser will be able to access your content seamlessly and effortlessly, maximizing your reach with minimal effort. Keep things neat and delightful with Foodica.

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Kleanity is a sleek and responsive WordPress minimalist creative multipurpose website theme. It’s a flexible platform for devising ingenious modern websites within minutes. You don’t need to write a line of code to work Kleanity like a pro. With the sophisticated GoodLayers Page Builder, customization is fast and effortless. With Kleanity’s high-quality homepages, crafting seamless websites is a walk in the park. Every demo is unique and handcrafted by the GoodLayers team. Also, sophisticated websites are yours for deployment with a single click, awaiting your content.

Kleanity’s every layout and template follows a strict minimalist visual philosophy. This provides a seamless environment for your audience to engage your content. Additionally, sleek navigational interfaces are yours for the picking, from menus to headers and more. Choose the way your audience interacts with your content while keeping things lightweight. Kleanity’s minimal layouts and designs are also perfect for all sorts of content. Their cleanliness fits on all niche subject matters and audiences. Responsive to the core, Kleanity lets you reach more people wherever they may be. With WPML features built into the theme, you can appeal to audiences worldwide. Overall, Kleanity is the perfect platform for attractive, minimal websites. Try Kleanity now!

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Kallyas is a lightweight and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. This theme is a streamlined and effective website-building platform. It’s perfect for a myriad different applications and website archetypes. Kallyas provides an intuitive way to construct articulate pages in minutes. You don’t need to write a single line of code to get sharp results. With the Visual Builder, website customization is as simple as drag and drop. Then you can fiddle with your elements and settings with utter ease. Kallyas also includes dozens of template pages that make your work easy and breezy.

Handsome layouts and demos look sleek and work smoothly across all usage cases. Moreover, Kallyas offers you a minimal visual environment where your content is the true star of the show. That way your audience won’t be distracted by flashy, pointless ornamentation. Kallyas keeps things streamlined and simple. The amazing Smart Loader minimzes your server load even during peak traffic. Integrated commercial features powered by WooCommerce let you market anything to anyone with ease. And since the developers built everything on Bootstrap, compatibility is the order of the day. There’s no telling what your websites can do with Kallyas at your side. Give Kallyas a go, and check it out!

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Brando is a one page design minimalistic multipurpose WordPress theme. The creators constructed it to be simple but customizable to different tastes. Brando can take any challenge you give it. You will get lots of demos on specialized topics. Brando has many premium features such as Visual Composer page builder. You can also utilize the multiple specialized layouts and styles of this crafty theme. You will get a distinctive minimalistic look, but packed up with awesome customizations. Moreover, Brando is fully responsive for screens, resolutions and browsers. It uses Lightbox galleries for elegant set ups and supports awesome backgrounds Parallax.

Thought it works on one page, you can shift from boxed to wide layouts at any moment. Brando is also great on icons/typography with Google Fonts and Fonts Awesome integration. They optimized it for speed, made it W3 compatible and SEO improved. Additionally, you can translate with WPML and share information with social media buttons. Brando is Bootstrap based and retina ready. Furthermore, you will get tons of options to get creative on portfolios and blogs. The theme is also quick to install and easy to understand through its panel. Overall, Brando is great to create smooth a natural, untouched vibe for your website. Enjoy the versatility and accessibility of Brando.

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morningtime-minimal-wordpress-blog-theme" width="1200" height="913" srcset=

Typology is a specialized texts WordPress theme. The developers essentially made it for writing purposes. Its goal is to be the best choice out there for those who prefer text to images. It is a one page design with a one-click demo install. Typology is customizable, of fast loading, and provides several posting layouts. It also has potent features to enable the best fonts and typography variation. Sizes, styles, and so many different aspects are all there to customize. They built the Admin panel to be intuitive to avoid the need of programming. You can also obtain 12 specialized short codes with lots of documentation. Additionally, Typology provides many custom headers, footers and custom widgets.

A special feature to find is its organizer for posts and pagination. Get constant updates and a great custom support system. They added a built-in translator into Typology and also made it RTL integrated. Also, his theme is the best choice for minimalistic bloggers and specific forum websites. Moreover, you will get two columns and 14 tags for browser searchers. Furthermore, they made Typology with 3 main sections: cover area, introduction section, posting section. Lastly, logos and icons to make your writing a named brand is an option too. Get down to it, start your creative writing and make yourself known with Typology!

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notio clean minimal portfolio theme

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that tries to spice things up, look no further than Notio. It is a theme that focuses on Deluxe Portfolios and E-Commerce, and it is very easy to use. Also, the creators designed Notio for the use of average people and that makes it great. Things that would have cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars if you went to an agency, are available for a minute fraction of that price.

Just as its name suggests, you can do this complicated installation process using its One-Click Installer. You will not find any page template with Notio, as it relies on pages that are designed with the Visual Composer Tool. There is a limitless amount of possible layouts, thanks to this feature. Additionally, Notio is available in high resolution, it is widget-ready, and it works with most browsers. The creators also included WooCommerce, along with WPML capabilities. Moreover, you will be able to create a nifty online store that will have multilingual and multi-currency support. This is especially useful if you plan on expanding to other countries or marketing towards different demographics. They also used Fuel Theme to empower Notio, a theme legacy that has taken ThemeForest by storm. This brand has forged a reputation for quality, visually appealing WordPress products. They also added a child theme as well.

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luisa - clean minimal portfolio theme

If you are a photographer, illustrator or graphic designer who wants you showcase your works on the web, LUISA WordPress theme could help you set up a blog in a jiffy. LUISA can help you publish your own professional-looking blog and portfolio with its well-designed website template. This theme comes with a one-click demo install that lets you create a website with just one click. This theme is very flexible and built based on Bootstrap 3 framework. The developers designed LUISA with usability and functionality in mind. It also comes with a simple design that offers you unlimited possibilities. In addition, LUISA includes a WordPress Customizer to make website design faster and less complicated. Moreover, this theme is fully responsive and runs smoothly on all types of mobile devices. It comes with a portfolio post type that makes posting your projects or previous works convenient.

They equipped this theme with video support, so you can easily attach videos in your blog and portfolio and boost the user’s engagement in your website. LUISA’s parallax headers and portfolio section adds appeal to the appearance of your site. It also uses AJAX navigation to help your website visitors easily find the content they are searching for in your website. Furthermore, its prominent isotope and masonry grid layout makes your website look ordered and presentable. They crafted LUISA using clean code and best SEO technique to ensure that your blog will rank well on major search engines. A lot of developers also prefer this theme because it is Child theme ready, go well with WMPL and includes ready for use demo data. Lastly, they offer an amazing customer support to ensure that their customers make the most of their theme.

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Zerif PRO

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brixton - minimal blogging theme

Brixton is one of the top WordPress blogging themes. While other products boast their expansive feature list, Brixton takes pride in its simplicity. The authors streamlined, perfected, and optimized this theme for fast loading speeds instead of flashy animations and unnecessary slide shows. Its primary purpose is to showcase and promote your awesome blog posts, aiming to direct the reader’s gaze towards what is truly important. If you choose to implement this theme, you will be able to connect with your social media followers. It offers the ability to share content, resulting in a greater view count for posts. Your blog will certainly benefit from this increased popularity.

Your page will also have a nice About Us section, and a full width layout option. In addition, Brixton fans can enjoy a HTML version of their beloved WordPress product. Although it is quite minimalist, the design remains charming and elegant. Furthermore, you can gain users from its refreshingly unique layout. Additionally, they featured the primary color in the Theme Options. If you wish to improve your site’s aesthetic appeal and change the current palette, you may use the practical color picker. Lastly, Brixton offers 7 template variations for each post, and it is SEO-ready.

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ROUA minimal portfolio theme

ROUA is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme that will certainly make your website look elegant and stylish. This fresh and smart theme is perfect for artists, freelancers and creative agencies who want to showcase their works online. This fully responsive theme also helps you build a professional website in no time as it is very easy to set up and customize. The developers built it using Bootstrap 3 frontend framework, while its Redux framework backend panel makes theme customization fast and easy. Furthermore, you take advantage of its headers with parallax effects in creating an attention-grabbing statement. ROUA also includes custom page templates, AJAX portfolio and isotope & masonry layout. Overall, ROUA is the right theme if you are looking for a minimal WordPress theme for your personal portfolio, blog or combination between both.

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Simple & Elegant

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Bonno Clean Portfolio theme

Bonno is a spectacular modern and minimalist WordPress theme that can be used for different types of websites. It is fully responsive and built using clean and valid HTML5 & CSS3 code. Also, its stark looking homepage with 12-columns grid system make this theme an ideal website template for eCommerce site, online magazine and other kinds of news portal. Moreover, its minimal and sleek design allows your content to standout. Additionally, this theme comes with fascinating sliders and galleries that you can use in showcasing your content or product. Furthermore, the developers packed this theme with custom widgets, powerful shortcodes and other functional theme features. Lastly, they designed Bonno with simplicity and flexibility in mind.

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better - minimalistic wordpress theme

Better is a minimalistic and classic WordPress theme apt for building websites for lawyers, law firms and other kinds of legal businesses. The creators packed this theme with the finest theme features and options necessary for building a sound online presence for your legal business. They also built it with valid HTML5 code that makes your website loads really fast. Your website will look good and works fittingly on any types of mobile devices and screen size resolutions because it is fully responsive and retina ready. Moreover, its drag & drop page builder enables you to build unlimited page layout. The theme also includes functional features such as Slider Revolution, tons of shortcodes, minimalistic blog layout, shortcodes generator and WPML ready. Furthermore, you can modify the entire look of the theme without much effort using the Theme Customizer.

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lobo WordPress portfolio

Lobo provides a fresh and new portfolio concept for creative agencies and designers. This masonry grid style theme is fully responsive and retina ready. It helps also graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and other creative individuals develop a professional portfolio with a creative touch. Additionally, the theme has a custom module builder that allows you to build unique website layouts in no time. Moreover, make best use of its parallax or Lobo´s exclusive immersive sticky header to draw the attention of your target visitors or clients.

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angle - minimal and clean blog theme

Angle is a clean and crisp, professional looking, minimalist and beautiful WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, fully capable of handling a great variety of website projects of all sorts and nature, though uniquely designed with the aesthetic concept of minimalism in mind. With Angle you can create tremendously appealing websites in an incredibly short amount of time with absolutely no coding required and tons of customization options to make your site truly unique, all the while maintaining a strictly minimalist design that makes a point of getting out of the way from the actual star of the show–you beautiful content.

Angle is a theme for showcasing material without any distractions, for when you want your audience to lose focus of everything but what’s in front of them. Also, Angle’s Dynamic Homepage Builder offers a great number of customizable widgets and tools that expand the functionality of your pages without increasing their visual weight, by smoothly hiding away in beautiful transitions and subtle hovering effects that envelop the entirety of your website and fully immerse visitors in the atmosphere you’ve crafted for them. Retina ready and responsive, Angle also looks great everywhere and handles perfectly no matter the platform, device or browser. Moreover, you can utilize the extensively customizable Page Headers for all sorts of unique featured images and specific posts or page types. Keep it simple, with Angle!

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Read WP

read - minimalist blog theme

Read is a responsive WordPress theme focused on readability with a minimalist design. This theme is as minimal as it can get while keeping stunning design elements, functionality and usability. The developers also regularly updates this theme to keep up with the fast envolving WordPress core. Overall, this is the best blog theme around that focuses on readability and nothing else. Clean and stunning!

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For other clean and minimal WordPress themes for your website you can check this theme collection. If you are after simple blogging themes then you might consider this theme collection that features WordPress blogging themes for writers.

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