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A small business needs a professional digital point of sale to process customer needs and provide an impeccable business experience. Digital is the ideal place if you plan to connect with customers from all over the world, instead of being limited to just one city or country. At the beginning of 2000, the web was not yet so developed, and the commercial websites were quite simple; a little commercial information and contact details on how to get in touch. These days, however, the web is a powerful strength where business can be concluded directly from a mobile device, without having to move from your couch. And for this type of diversity, a commercial website must have excellent and dynamic features, but also a design that can complement those capabilities.

Unfortunately, hiring a web designer is still a costly task, in particular, if you're looking for a highly personalized job, you could be looking for a price range of $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 for a professional design, which is not it is something that is easily accessible to those without initial capital. But in recent years, many designers and freelancers have proposed to create templates and free themes that can be used to start your website in a few hours, instead of having to wait weeks to work with a custom independent designer. With the rapid evolution of different web frameworks and tools, getting a professional and responsive website for your small business is easier than ever.

Colorlib already covers some fantastic thematic rodeos in this field, but we believe that expanding this market In fact, we have to go further and create content that resonates in each niche individually, and that niche nowadays will be for the templates of websites for small businesses. These following templates are works of art that have led designers countless hours of hard work to reproduce what we understand as a small business perspective for a digital store. All topics, apart from some at the bottom, are available for instant download, and are complemented mainly by a documentation folder to give you an introduction on how to make these templates work for your business needs.

is a diverse summary that covers many different categories of small businesses, and with a little patience and touch-ups, you can customize each of the templates to suit your business needs perfectly.

Shapely (WordPress)

Shapely is a free commercial website template for WordPress that you can use for all types of projects. It could be a new independent business or a corporate institution, Shapely handles everything with ease. It is a powerful and feature-rich tool that is terribly easy to use. It is not necessary that you have any coding skills to take Shapely to your advantage and draw up the precise page you need for yourself or your clients. After all, Shapely is free for both personal and commercial use.

Responsive, retina ready, compatibility with WooCommerce, unlimited colors and hero image are just some of the gifts you receive with Shapely. You also have access to extensive documentation so you never have problems compiling with Shapely. However, we take things one step further and gather a selection of tutorial videos that will guide you through all the configuration, from the installation to the portfolio, the testimonials and the final release of your page.

By the way, we also have an exhaustive step-by-step guide on how to make a WordPress site for all new ones in the process.

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  Taxi Free Template

At the top, Taxi presents a large banner with text, call-to-action button and a reservation form. Visitors do not even need to navigate your page first to take measures, you can do so immediately, however, make sure you Taxize your maximum capacity, fill it with your content and tell the world why taxi services are the best in their class.

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  Balay Free Template [19659017] Free Balay Template
For your architectural studies or interior design, Balay is one of the most advanced tools to solve your problem with a website. The web design of this free commercial website template is modern and elegant, shows your work beautifully and attracts new customers. An amazing and large slider with clean navigation in the left sidebar welcomes all the guests and has them intrigued in an instant.

Balay reveals all the content that you intend to show on your site in scroll for an unforgettable experience. What you will also find in the package is a blog and a functional contact page with Google Maps. The Balay design is fully responsive to fit all devices and retina screens without problems. Boost your projects and talents and start witnessing the growth of the business you intended from the day of your initial plan to start this fantastic project.

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  Bakery Free Template

There is almost no need to describe the template of Bakery's free commercial website. You already know what was initially built by reading nothing but the name of the tool. The bakery is for bakeries that serve modern and urban locals, restaurants and even large supermarkets. But the most important thing is to show attractive images of your baked goods and get the guests to take their mouths to the water.

Bakery is a Bootstrap 4 website template that guarantees flexibility and extensibility. It is an aspect of the website ready for mobile devices that is easy to use, edits and adjusts to your needs. It comes with an adhesive multilevel drop-down menu, clean and minimalist look and a newsletter subscription widget. Keep customers informed for all their delicacy of tasty bread, including cakes and sweets. Also, nobody prevents you from using the Bakery blog section and start writing a food blog. It will surely make your business nothing but good.

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  Repair of free template

No matter what kind of work you do as an operator, make sure you have a website that drives your services. Allow people to find you on the Internet, become familiar with what they do and hit them immediately. There is no need to miss the opportunity that is found on the web all the time. Repair is a free commercial website template for computer repair only, but it can also be easily used for other things.

Repair is a simple template to edit and use with a wide range of features. From an attractive full-screen banner and vibrant colors to a testimonial carousel and a job contact form, you will greatly benefit from the repair. There is also an Instagram feed and a newsletter widget included in the package, as well as social media buttons.

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  Free Halo Template

Halo is for all creative personalities who call passion for photography. It is the full screen slider that will surely make a strong first impression on all your guests and make them hungry for more. For more of its outstanding creations, the template of the free Halo website is displayed with a large and categorized portfolio. Your images will always be front and center with Halo.

Beautiful hover type effects, receptive design, convincing about us and a sophisticated services section, tell them what you offer and persuade them with your masterpieces for a constant growth of your photographic project. Halo does not miss the sections of blogs and contacts, too, and delivers them to you in the most refined way. Use the previous one not only for content marketing, but to express your individualism and to go on a personal level with all your visitors.

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  Free Bato template

Along with the innovative cover, Bato also has other internal pages for your projects, about, blog and contact. navigation section also has an excellent advancement of the gallery that you and your end users will surely enjoy. Also, the blog section of Bato is incredibly amazing, you might even want to use it to create a separate page with it. It's possible.

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  Reverse free template

Invest is a free commercial website template for financial and investment companies. Out of the box, Invest is the ideal complement for those who have something to do with the cryptocurrency, be it consulting, trade, exchange, whatever. The template shows a modern and modern web design that responds and is ready for mobile devices. Now you do not have to worry about the flexibility of your site. All of your final creations will look just as amazing on a mobile phone as on a desktop computer.

Persuade guests with the massive slider and introduce them to the world of virtual currencies with style. Invest even has a practical currency calculator and a subscription form included in the package. Announce your services, get in touch with you through the work contact form and start a financial and cryptocurrency blog, all this and much more with Invest.

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  Template without industry [19659053] Free industry template
In our collection of the best free business website templates, you will find the exact tool you need for your web space. Even if it is not 100% ideal, feel free to adjust it according to your request, since all the tools are super easy to use and use. And the industry is not different. While it is a template for everything industrial, web design is versatile enough to quickly adapt to other niches and industries.

Industry is a complete solution to design the best website for your company. From a well thought-out homepage to all the other internal sections, Industry offers everything you need and much more. You will find practical web elements, blog, request a quote form and an ingenious gallery, all arranged in a single and powerful template.

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Horse club

  Horse club free template

You see, I told you that there is something for every taste in this set of templates of free commercial websites. Here is one that is totally exclusive for the horse clubs and the breeding called, Horse Club. In most cases, we try to keep the names of our templates as simple as possible. In this way, you know immediately what you can expect, everything else is just a sweet gift that will hook you forever.

Horse Club is a Bootstrap template with minimal design and point. It supports video presentations, comes with price tables and offers a valuable appointment form. Also, Horse Club does not scare you, alter it and adjust it and incorporate your brand into it. Use the template freely and have them push their horse clubs further and start seeing incredible results soon after the site's launch.

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Glint is a super-ordered HMTL5 template with a focus on digital agencies. Creatives, freelancers, photographers and everyone else in the creative field can use it for their websites. But, in general, all small businesses will find that Glint fits their needs. The first thing you will notice is the level of features and "special effects" you have. For a second, you may be wondering if you are really reviewing the free response template for small businesses. You are! Sometimes, free does not mean lack of characteristics and possibilities. There is a ton you can make with the Glint template that you could discover just by building well with it.

The large G is suitable for mobile devices and retina, which makes it ideal for all new technology web browsers. Users of mobile devices and tablets will have fun investigating your company's website. The great animated statistics and each section that appears without problems in the parchment, Glint really attracts attention. In addition to all the necessary sections, such as services and features, the tool also has a great portfolio and a fully functional contact form. All in all, Glint is a versatile and free product that will help you create the ideal site. Are you ready to start?

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  Transcend free template

What should startups have on their websites to succeed online adventure? For the most part, it is vital that a startup website can transmit all vital business information and software within a single landing page; Homepage. The Transcend HTML5 template can certainly cover those aspects with ease. A great tendency in home websites is to use the main header area to display a full-screen image and outline the purpose of your software in a single sentence. Transcend is based on these approaches and allows you to specify a background image and also a description of it. In the header you can put the registration button and also links to your most important pages, such as features, prices, about your start, contact page.

Transcend has several production ready widgets available to talk about the most important points of your business and software, and if you are, for example, a company that develops website creation software, you can use the part of the portfolio to show the type of sites that people have built in the past using their platform; extra points for trust The customer comments and the latest blog posts widgets ensure that those who visit your website can be up to date on how your business works and how other people see it. The pricing template at the bottom is the perfect position to outline all of your available price plans, their appropriate benefits and the actual price. The footnote area is broad and offers even more opportunities to list important links and information.

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Brilliant and bright, that's what the Dinomuz template is for small businesses. If you truly want to stand out from the crowd, you must guarantee a strong first impression. You just need it. However, with any of our free business website templates, that is something you will not have problems with. No matter which one you choose, your online appearance will be unforgettable and the experience unforgettable. Instead of discovering the exact approach to follow when it comes to generating the desired page, use what is already available. Not only that, each template you find in this collection comes with a preview, so you can better understand what is possible with it.

As with everything else, Dinomuz saves you time in developing and designing your business site. Install it for free and put it to use immediately. Change the information and the next time you notice it, you will have a website ready for its launch to the online world. Boxed design, warm sunset colors, work showcase slider and subscription box to the newsletter, there is a lot you get with Dinomuz. Take your web presence to another level in a very short time.

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With his unreal creativity, he can easily exceed expectations. But why am I even saying this? It is important that you never feel limited in your life. You are the only limitation. And if you need help unlocking a new horizon of possibilities for you, find inspiration in these of the best free website templates for small businesses. Hell, use them to build your own page with them. Make your work look even more professional than it already is. One of those templates that will help you reach expert levels when it comes to web design is Go Crepe.

You can be a photographer, SEO company or local company, the Go Crepe template takes care of your needs and requirements with ease. . Capture the attention of visitors with an incredible slider, tell them why it is the best and show your completed projects. Go Crepe allows you to display the logos of the companies you worked or still is. Show the world that you are a true business in the industry you are in. And no one will have to think twice to contact you for business or at least sign up for your newsletter. Send them one or three attractive emails and get them 100%.

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Whether you develop applications for others or you are going to launch your own, if you need to build a website to showcase your work or product, the MobApp template is all you need . It is a free solution that will treat you and your masterpiece correctly. From the header to the footer, MobApp has everything you need to inspire others, awaken their curiosity and make them act. That could get in touch with you to create an application or download your own invention. For your information, a download button is highlighted in the main menu section so that users can also have quick access to download and install the application at any time. MobApp comes with an adhesive menu, so the CTA does not get anywhere, even when it has a third of depth on its website.

Displays the fantastic features of your products and complete projects and screenshots of the application in use. Do you already have a number of customers who reviewed your application? If so, share your testimonies and build trust. Prices and frequently asked questions, contacts and social icons, everything is included in the free website template for small businesses, MobApp. Make the most of and increase offers, downloads and sales of projects with MobApp.

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Small online or local businesses will be impressed by the level of elegance and professionalism they get with Creative Agency. Judging by its name alone, CA is for creative and digital agencies of almost any kind you can imagine. But the Creative Agency template goes much further. With some adjustments, it is not necessary to be technical, you can use it for any commercial landing site of a page. The HTML5 template is easy to use, customizable and ready for mobile devices. Knowing that more and more people use their mobile devices to search the web, it is essential to have a receptive website. Even Google will classify your page lover if it is not customizable.

Huge full-screen headlines with text and CTA is the first thing your guests will see. Attract them with something exceptional, so they will not be able to leave early instead of continuing to dig deeper and deeper into your website. White, blue and black are the color of the Creative Agency template with beautiful and attractive scroll effects. Portfolio promotes its work in the cleanest and most elegant way. No distractions, nothing. Just enjoy pure. And if you want to start writing a journal, Creative Agency has a complete blog integrated into the design.

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  Free Saas template

SaaS is the perfect free solution for all those who run or plan to start a software as a service business. It helps you get exposure for your product, expand your user base and, of course, grow your business. As expected, the SaaS design is contemporary, clean and elegant, with all the sections to boost your work and get others to access it. They can do it using their smartphones, tablets or laptops since SaaS is 100% sensitive.

Some of the key features of SaaS are full screen banners, transparent and sticky menu, video support, price tables and good scrolling effects. Make your software shine online with SaaS and enjoy it. When the work comes in, it is very likely that it will witness the success and reach the objectives that it was proposed to achieve.

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For one-page sites, Drimo could not be a better tool for you to use It's a free commercial website template with eleven home page layouts that cover a pretty good amount of niches From mobile applications and hosting to professional repair services and product showcase, Drimo can make as many pages as you want. The features and remarkable performance are there, you just need to put the one available for use.

Surprise your visitors, potential users and customers with something new, following all the latest web and technology trends. Drimo is a Bootstrap template that offers almost all the options that a premium tool offers. Yes, that incredible Drimo is! But there are many other things that will take your business to the completely new level.

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  Robotics free template

Robots become increasingly popular, but those with artificial intelligence are sure to be the future. That said, if you are part of the industry and offer innovative solutions, Robotics is the free commercial website template for you to take advantage of. We made it as clean and modern as possible, with an excellent selection of colors to bring the experience to life and make it a remarkable experience. There is a ton you can do with Robotics using it from the factory.

However, do not contain yourself and incorporate your personal touch and personalize Robotics in the way you think best. The tool is easy to use and will help you create the result in the shortest possible time. Banner attention, scroll effects cracking, video support and a multi-level drop-down menu are some of the outstanding assets of Robotics. It is now or never to expand your reach and allow more people to come to you to do business.

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  CallCenter Free Business Website Template

It is none other than the free business website template of CallCenter that gives you provides the needs to classify a web space for their communication services. It is a simple and avant-garde element with an attractive web design that will keep your potential customers for longer. Once you are familiar with what you can do for them, they will not mind using the contact form and contacting you, requesting a quote.

The presence on the web that is a few minutes away from establishing with CallCenter will make your business reach the level you always wanted to go. All this requires new clients and a lot of new opportunities that, before the creation of the site, you were far from being close to it. Have complete control of your website and call center with the CallCenter template.

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  Template free agency website template

Show your creativity on all platforms, media and other things with Creative Agency. This free business website template is a killer. It can cover those who do not offer anything other than design to those who provide marketing services and even a general commercial showcase. Creative Agency is a flexible element that is very adaptable, not only to your projects but also to your devices. That is, it is a template ready for mobile devices that works without problems on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Creative Agency presents a great banner with parallax effect, unique project slider, testimonials and Instagram feed widget. It has a one page layout where visitors do not have to jump from one page to another to get more information about their agency. Instead, you have all the information gathered in one place for your convenience. That's it, now put your artistic mind to work and fatten after building your page.

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For those in the creative field , regardless of the services you offer, Fancy is the free template that manages everything for you. Full-width slider that you can use to rotate images, texts or both at the same time. Give them a quick idea of ​​what they do and allow them to investigate their service more thoroughly. And that's something Fancy is exceptionally good at. Showing your skills, your talent and all the rest you bring to the table.

Animated skill bars, parallax effect and great details along with modern web design guarantee an always amazing experience. Users can come from any device, using any web browser, and your page will always work and display its content without interruptions. By the way, Fancy also contains an active contact form and Google Maps so you can tell them exactly where your location is.

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  Template without security

Companies that offer security services can make a website with commercial security website template. If your page is old and outdated or is new in the field, have a strong web presence at all times with Security. The site mask is easy to use and easy to use, edit and convert into a work page. Give everyone the opportunity to get to know you better even before they hear you by phone or email.

The pages of the homepage, the team, about us, the blog and contact form part of the security kit. You do not have to build anything from scratch. Simply use the practical elements of the tool, add your material and information and it may already be configured for the launch. Things become exceptionally simple when you have the right set of tools ready to use at your fingertips. Well, security is one of those tools.

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  Sierra Free Template

Have an innovative and creative web space for your startup with Sierra. Everyone will be intrigued with your page thanks to this wonderful free commercial website template. Ya sea que se trate de un producto o servicio, Sierra tiene la capacidad de manejar todos los proyectos y más. Es limpio, ordenado y organizado con montones de características excepcionales que le darán a la página algo de qué conversar.

No solo los usuarios adorarán regresar para descubrir qué nuevo tiene disponible para ellos, Sierra está optimizado de una manera tantos visitantes en nuevos clientes como sea posible. La experiencia del usuario de Sierra es de los más altos estándares con un diseño que es flexible y fácilmente ajustable. Excelentes barras de progreso y cargadores, hitos fantásticos, Instagram, boletín informativo, cartera filtrable y formulario de contacto, Sierra está cargada de activos y elementos.

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 Plantilla gratis de Mosh

Las agencias creativas, las pequeñas empresas e incluso las medianas empresas, Mosh le da la oportunidad de destacar entre la multitud. Hace cosas de una manera única que atraerá a cualquiera y a todos los que alguna vez aterrice en su página. La plantilla del sitio web de negocios gratuito está repleta de componentes prácticos y un diseño web ingenioso que te hacen parecer súper profesional en Internet. Y lo mismo vale para todos los dispositivos y navegadores. Después de todo, Mosh es compatible con dispositivos móviles y entre navegadores.

La página principal de Mosh es asombrosa, lo que llama la atención de todos los visitantes de su página. Otras secciones internas también están a su disposición para completar la tarea de creación del sitio lo más rápido posible. No lo olvide, puede mejorar el diseño de la plantilla y modificarla como le parezca. Disfruta de tu viaje al éxito con Mosh.

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BBS es una plantilla gratuita para pequeñas empresas e incluso profesionales que le gustaría construir su marca en línea. No solo eso, sino hacerlo con un estilo que otros envidiarán. Lo mejor es que la creación de un sitio web no requiere mucho de su esfuerzo. Como cuestión de hecho, lo tendrá construir en el momento más rápido que haya existido. Descargue la plantilla gratuita y comience a construir su página de inmediato. Cambia los textos y las imágenes y ya puedes haber terminado. Por supuesto, puede hacer otros ajustes, pero eso no es necesario si tiene prisa. Solo necesita hacer lo requerido y alcanzar los niveles de profesionales. Todo es muy posible con un producto poderoso como BBS. Notará las características útiles que se acercan a lo que utilizan las plantillas premium.

Si desea contar su historial y cuáles son sus planes futuros, puede hacerlo todo con BBS. ¿Hiciste un video promocional de YouTube para tu empresa? BBS admite incrustaciones de video y las hace aparecer increíblemente en su página. Also, would you like to build a newsletter list? Capture visitors’ emails easily with BBS’ integrated subscription box.

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You will not go wrong with Datarc template if you are a creative agency, a tech startup or even in need of a SaaS landing page. It is a stunning free template for small businesses with all the features for making your website one of the most terrific ones in your industry. Spending time to brainstorm the perfect web design for your page is not needed. Datarc is a polished template which will amaze you with its looks. But most importantly, it will help you construct a website that will wow your visitors and grow your business.

The amount of features you get with Datarc reaches beyond expectations. Especially when knowing it is a free business website template. Free does not always mean characteristics deficient. Datarc has many that will benefit you and the business or online project you want to forge a website for. It is a fullscreen template with a focus on strong first impression. Change the logo, add pictures, content and other whatnots and you can be ready to go live in little to no time. Full-width portfolio, team section and blog only add up to your overall web presence. Distinguishing from the competition with Datarc template will be easy.

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CA is an app landing page with a minimal and simplistic, yet modern, approach to web design. Developers of Android and iOS mobile applications do not have to search for a template to show their apps anymore. The template has all you need to promote the tool you put together which is a must have for all the mobile users. Besides, Ca App Landing is also for SaaS and a wide range of other technology related websites. Even for landing pages which are solely built for boosting sales. CA is an all-around free template that any small business can take to their advantage.

White with just the right amount of color to it to make it more tempting and attention grabbing. Sticky menu, hover effects, call-to-action buttons, video ember and a working contact form. Ca App Landing also has exclusive sections for features, screenshots, testimonials and team members. You can do magic with Ca App Landing. It is a one-page style of a template which you can use for showcasing your apps and make the downloads go uphill.

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Small and local businesses, all types of agencies and one-man-bands, Dup suits everyone who wants to go online with style and fashion. Creating a new website or freshening up the current one became a lot simpler. As far as the design goes, Dup has you covered with a fantastic one. It is bright and gorgeous with which you will not have a problem keeping visitors around for longer than normal. They will instantly be interested in learning more about your services and become your potential new customers. Display your achievements and let the awards and completed projects speak for the business.

But to reach their hearts, promotional video will definitely be a great addition to feature on your page. Indeed, free small business website template, Dup, supports embeds, too. However, a video will not ruin the looks of your page. It will smoothly blend into the design and appear in a popup when someone clicks on it. Excellent slider with swiping and horizontal navigation showcases your work and tells guests all about it. If you are a superstar on Instagram, you can also connect Dup with your profile and display a minimalistic Instafeed in the footer.
You might not see much going on in the first place when checking Dup’s preview, but you will soon see how much the template can do for you.

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Are you looking for a free website template with an innovative idea regarding the design? Look no further, Boxus template is the one product you need. While I might write all about it here, the best way to experience it is by checking the live preview. See Boxus in action yourself and be impressed by the awesomeness.

The first thing you notice is the full-width image with text and logo. The perfect opportunity to create something against the grain and convincing. Once they begin to scroll no one will leave unless their laptop battery dies out. Not only will the bright colors fill them with curiosity, but the left-right concept, too. Especially how each section is highlighted and moves along scrolling. Boxus brings to the table even more than just the fantastic design.

Your small business can now display all its features, services and work in an original way. With Boxus, you also get a pre-made contact form, social icons and an additional slider to showcase what you do. If peculiarity is your thing, Boxus is your free template of choice.

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In our collection of free small business website templates, you will undoubtedly find one, two or even more products that will help you build your pages. They range from clean and simple ones to more complex and artistic, the choice is yours. However, if there are several that you like, save yourself time and pick the one which is keeping things simple. Simplicity is always the winning solution when it comes to web design. The experience browsing your content will always be a flawless one, no distractions, no nothing.

One template which is somewhere in between the simplicity and complexity is Bobsled. While it has all the features to represent your small business in the best light, it is clean and minimal. The sky blue color enhances the overall experience and makes your website look even more sophisticated. Aside from that, your business will appear even more qualified to complete even the most challenging projects.

Bobsled is a free HTML5 template for startups, agencies and personal pages. Let it do its thing and help you grow your business above and beyond. Those interested in working with you can use the contact form that Bobsled comes fully equipped with. Use the template out of the box and see first results in the shortest space of time.

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There is plainness and there is ultimacy both mixed into one incredible free small business website template. No wonder why it is called Labs. Definitely an item that you should check out. But once you open the live preview, you might fall in love with the design in an instant. Labs is one of those templates that has you and your business fully sorted with all the necessary elements and then some. Building and expanding brand online will not be a problem with Labs. It will be a fun journey, that’s for sure.

Labs features a big slider that welcomes visitors with its arms wide open. With the menu and place for logo above and key characteristics of your business below the slider, everyone who visits your page has a clearer idea what you do without needing to scroll much. But whoever is interested in exploring your fresh page can enjoy the process by moving further down your page. Rich choice of colors, top-notch features and an overall jaw-dropping design is what Labs satisfies its users with.

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Impact is a free small business website template that any business can take to its advantage. With the one- and multi-page layouts, any site owner can find it fit perfectly. In a brief, Impact surely is a multi-functional template with loads of useful features. No matter what kind of a website you would like to assemble, you can do it quickly and efficiently with Impact. The template is powered by Bootstrap framework what makes it flexible and responsive to work with mobile devices and desktops. Every page that you bring into the online world with Impact will be responsive, following all the latest technologies.

Without a doubt, you will have a strong impact on your visitors and witness growth of your small business. Choose between full-screen home page header or slider to showcase your project. Promote stuff you do and the skills you and your team have. Speaking of team, Impact has an entire segment dedicated to the staff members with social media icons. The categorized portfolio allows visitors to find the type of work they want to see in a snap. You also get an entire blog section, integrated Google Maps and working drop-us-a-message form. Develop the exact same website for your small business that you always desired with Impact template.



When your business involves providing services to others, your best choice of a website template is going to be one that’s aimed at agencies and service businesses. The Frame theme could be your starting point for understanding how agency portfolios work online and how majority of agency websites are structured to cover the basic needs of such a website, and how to organize it so that customers can see the work that you do, the services you provide, and the kind of expertise you have in the field.

Frame has a minimal feel to it. The header is plain typography which straight away steers into the direction of your business portfolio that you can rearrange based on categories; show your customers what you are made of, and what kind of experiences you’ve had in the past. Following up that you have an individual section for actually discussing your services that are built as unique icon font grids, so you have a lot of room to make up the best short descriptions of what you provide to grab that attention. The menu at the top is a hamburger icon that is going to open a full-screen menu with available links, such as how to get in contact with you and anything else that’s vital for customers to know.



FreeHTML5 are true heroes in free and responsive HTML5 templates. They release free templates that have the design quality of expensive ones. A very famous business type arises in the fitness category. There are limitless potentials for many varieties and types of fitness exercises. You can use Trainer to customize and tailor your general gym or fitness club business. Right from the start, you have a full-width homepage layout that gives room for a business logo, links, full background image, and fitness gym value outline. A dynamic widget below the header allows you to show the kind of fitness classes that you provide, and users can select between different days of the week to see what is being offered on that specific day.

Below that, you can show an inspirational image or a quote to give your users that little boost of motivation, and get them to signup with your gym. Then down below that, you have a widget for displaying all your class and fitness programs, each can be tailored to show a little bit of description, and a link button for signing up, or perhaps for learning more. Your gym or fitness club instructors can get their individual profile widgets that can be amplified with their profile pictures, and once a user hovers the picture you can show their names, their expertise, a little info about themselves, and social media links. At the end you have the pricing tables module, and a widget for showing the latest posts from the blog. Footer includes contact information, a contact form submission form, and essential business information.

It’s amazing how beautiful the Trainer template is, it’s a work of art that won’t leave you disappointed.

More info / Download


Individual mobile app templates work great when you’re only in the business for promoting a single application, but what businesses that have more than a single mobile application? Landing in this case doesn’t even limit itself to that concept, it’s both a mobile template but also a desktop template for agencies, businesses, and startups that are actively developing mobile applications, and you could modify Landing to suit also your website where you provide app development services. This is another example of just how good these theme developers are, the design has a stunning quality to it and you at first won’t believe that this is indeed a free template. We love the screenshots widget which is in-built as a full-width slider where you can put in your mobile applications images and have users scroll through them.

The tour section is for showing off your application features, why they are better than competition, and you can put in screenshots here too. Reminds us a few designs that startups like Stripe use; concise, straight to the essentials, and beautiful. Features uses font icon grid layout to expand on the information that you’ve already shared about your app. Testimonials is beautifully organized and designed so people can see why others prefer to use your apps, and how they find your apps to be helpful in their lives. Pricing widget sits on a white background, with green borders adding that simplicity effect. Specify anything that your customers would need to know about each of the plans and enjoy as the sales start pouring in.



Although free templates are often downloaded by thousands of people, it’s not so common to run into the same template twice; it isn’t. This gives you an advantage of having a unique design, optimized for your requirements that your startup requires. Unlock is yet another exceptional free HTML5 template that’s going to be a wonderful template to begin your startup website design. Unlcok in particular delivers a slightly more colorful experience, like colored font icons for example.

The testimonials widget is also neatly packed together, so you’re getting the absolute most of the homepage space that you’ve got to work with. A products showcase widget can be divided into different sizes images that show your products and then you can individually specify the information about each that will display once user hovers over each of the product photos. Latest blog posts can be shown at the bottom which is followed by a business style footer. Great for product startups, for small businesses that provide services, and agencies could easily adapt to the Unlock template too.



It’s likely that the main reason these templates have been so greatly designed and overall provide a very smooth business feel is that they’re built using Bootstrap, infused with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and SASS to strengthen the quality of these designs. Pixels has had nearly 4,000 downloads to date, and is page structured template ideal for businesses, portfolios and service-based agencies that need a new layer of quality for their website.

The homepage can adapt to a mobile application since the demo shows a mobile smartphone screen showcasing an example, but also shows that this theme Pixels is mobile responsive too. You have the main homepage, and other pages like Work, Services, About and Contact that have been individually styled with the same style. We’ve to agree to what it says at the bottom of Pixels template, that less is more, and this minimal yet crisp design is going to get the job done, and done it well.



The Initial template has a few parallax effects added to it, so you’re getting a pretty good deal for creating a project website that you wish to be simple and easy to navigate, yet with some infusion of dynamic effects like Parallax. We see Simple being a good fit for freelancers who run their small businesses, and only need a tiny online platform to outline their best work, rates, and services that they provide. Some extra pages in the template are available to help you diversify the number of content you show on the homepage. Download


guide free business website template

Guide is a superb template that’s going to be perfect for business websites and projects of all size. If you’re planning to finally release your software on the web, Guide template could take of the necessity to have a template that can outline your software’s capabilities, while still maintaining that regular and professional feel that you see modern business websites use these days.

There’s a good reason why more than 7,000 people have downloaded this template. The layout comes in two types, boxed and wide, so whichever you prefer you can opt to use. There is predefined color presets to help you change up the color scheme with a single click. The layout is neatly organized to give you plenty of room for discussing what your business is about, and with the addition of images you can make it look like a comfortable design that won’t get unnoticed.



union free business website template

Last one from FreeHTML5 — these boys have outdone themselves, and we only touched the very surface of the rest of their templates collection, since this one is particularly focused on small business designs. Union is perhaps the combination of all of the above-mentioned templates into one, unique and stellar design. It’s just impeccable, completely well refined and structured so that any digital, physical, or service based business could launch their digital enterprise.

From top to the very bottom you’re engaging your readers through a spectacular design that doesn’t miss including any details or important widgets that would benefit the explanation process of your business purpose. Footer in particular is well organized, and you can specify your physical business location using the bottom Google Maps widget.



stellar free business website template

Stellar has a full-width background with a boxed layout, beautifully built and optimized for optimal eye appeal. Could work great for agencies and freelancers who want to promote their services. The grade of this theme model is unprecedented, truly flawless and shines in every way possible. We know that you’ll love the big header with a transparent background which is separated from the main layout area. The kinds of layouts are often used by programmers who want to discuss their projects, but certainly small businesses could benefit too.

There’s a sticky navigation widget that scrolls with the user once they enter the main layout area, and from that same navigation you can select and jump between different site sections. Footer embraces the same transparent background scenario, providing a fluent user experience. Take notice in the demo of how the colors change from top to bottom, little things like that can make for amazing first impressions. Still hard to believe that themes of this quality and momentum are being offered for free download, who needs to waste money on premium templates when you can just download themes like Stellar for free.



Occasionally all your small business needs is a good landing page, and you can call it a day. Cachet is a powerful choice for your small business website needs. The layout colors might seem a little bit dark, but who says you can’t navigate to the stylesheet and just change the colors as you prefer. You need to optimize the majority of these free responsive HTML5 templates for personal use anyway. Cachet has been downloaded a little over 180,000 times now, and yet it is difficult still to come across a business website that uses this exact template, in the way that it is presented in the demo.

Cachet’s approach to listing information is Description & Picture, so on one side you have a picture, and on the other a description. Could very well work for photographers who wish to sell their photography online. Landed also offers a selection of layouts, with or without sidebars, and additional menus. Landed includes a choice of web elements to help you create more meaningful layouts, or specific pages for specific purposes. Think of it as a Bootstrap framework boilerplate, but with all the styling already done on your behalf.



Black is that one design that you see highly successful online businesses use, and that sort of is how Black is defined — a responsive HTML5 landing page template that’s built for the purpose of building up conversion rates through a graceful design. With its professional and crystal clear design, Black is a great pick for promoting products or services. The styling behind Black is responsive, is optimized for retina displays; so all your mobile and tablet users will get to experience that crystal crisp user experience.

Notable features include scrolling animations, so elements only open when you get to them through browsing, you can select from a collection of font icons to spice up individual design categories, you also have the ability to build your email list with a preconfigured MailChimp widget. If you have been planning a big product launch and want to jump straight into the process of generating leads, then Black is a template you won’t want to miss.



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