4 Cool Fake Virus Pranks to Freak Out Your Friends

Making jokes to your friends and family is the best kind of fun. And there is nothing wrong with a harmless joke, especially if the victim is someone other than you.

These days, we are constantly connected to our laptops, tablets or smartphones. So, what better way to defeat your partner or siblings than by destroying your hard drive with a fake virus? Although the following fake viruses may seem malicious to the unprepared, they are completely disinfected: there will be no damage to the system in which they are implemented.

With so many types of viruses, there is a lot of inspiration to imitate. It's time to sit down and watch someone writhe!

1. How to make a fake virus batch file

There are numerous variations of this joke. A batch file can be easily programmed to issue a long stream of nonsensical or malicious commands, which are displayed on the screen for the victim to see. In that, it becomes one of the most effective jokes because it seems that serious changes are occurring in the system, delivered in the Command Prompt

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Start by downloading our previously prepared code. When prompted, go to File> Save as . Set Save as type to All files. Next, assign your file an ingenious and intriguing name (remember, you want your potential victim to execute the file) and add the extension .bat . This extension converts your standard text document into a batch file whose commands will be executed when the victim opens the file.

The batch file will display the messages in sequence and then begin an automatic shutdown sequence.

You can stop the automatic shutdown by pressing Windows Key + R and then typing off / on [19459014contractedDate:1965901414FakeBlueScreenofDeath

A fake virus can annoy or confuse your victim. Another useful prank file is the fake blue screen of death (BSOD). A false BSOD simulates a total system failure, up to the final blue screen.

We have also prepared this code for you. Download bsod.txt and rename the file, adding the file extension .bat .

Change the icon of your file

To add realism to your fake files, I would suggest changing the default file icon for the batch file. The "cog" icon is intriguing, but a sensible person will leave the unknown file alone.

You can change the file icon

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to the Chrome browser icon: a much more reliable proposal.

Right click on the fake virus batch file and select Send to> Desktop (create shortcut) . Now, go to your desktop, right-click on the newly created shortcut and select Properties > Change icon . Go to your Google Chrome directory (mine is C: Program Files (x86) Google Chrome), select Application, then Chrome.exe. Press OK .

 Change the icon of a Windows application

You will now see several Chrome icons. Use the "standard" Chrome icon, press OK> Apply> OK .

The next time the victim selects Chrome from his desktop, the fake BSOD program will run … and hilarity will occur.

2. EICAR test file

This test file, although completely harmless, will activate most of the antivirus suites and will ask the user to take evasive action.

 The antivirus detects the EICAR test files

The EICAR test file is An internationally recognized antivirus test. As such, your antivirus will act quickly to rid your system of the "threat". Unfortunately, it will also immediately notify the victim that the signature of the virus matches the "Signature of the EICAR test", eliminating a bit of fun.

3. Fake update

Windows 10 has taken some time to overcome the bad press surrounding its forced update system. Before Windows 10, users could choose the time and place of their update. Windows 10 changed all that and, in the early days of the new operating system, many users found that their system was updated without warning.

 A fake Windows 10 update screen

FakeUpdate takes advantage of that deep fear, allowing you to change the victim's browser to a slow-moving Windows 10 update. Go to the linked site, select the update screen you would like (consider your operating system), then press F11 to enter full screen mode.

Do you want an extra extra? When you deliver this joke in person, when your victim exclaims that "the update takes a long time," you may suggest that pressing Intro generally speeds up the process, only to trigger a false BSOD!

The site includes older versions of Windows, as well as some common ransomware screens.

4. Create a custom error message prank

Finally, you can create a custom error message prank sequence for your victim. First, open Notepad.

Now, type the following:

  x = msgbox ("YOUR MESSAGE HERE", Button + Icon, "YOUR TITLE HERE") 

Write your joke / fear / humor message in the first section, and add a title to the dialog box in the second.

 Fake error script for Windows

Now I'll explain the buttons and icons. In the above code snippet, the button and the error message icon are represented by "o + 48". The buttons are the options available to the victim.

Select one of the following options:

  • 0 – OK
  • 1 – OK and Cancel
  • 2 – Cancel, retry, and Ignore
  • 3 – Yes, No, and Cancel
  • 4 – Yes ] and No
  • 5 – Retry and Cancel

You can also choose the icon that appears next to error messages:

  • 0 – No icon
  • 16 – Critical icon
  • 32 – Question mark icon
  • 48 – Warning icon
  • 64 – Information icon

In the "false error sequence" example, the button option is "0" for OK and "48" for adding the Warning icon.

 A fake virus script

When you're ready, go to File> Save as and choose a file name. Replace the .txt file extension with .vbs . Then, change Save as type to All files, and press Save . You can follow the icon change tutorial detailed above to complete your deception.

Now, if you want to add another error message in sequence, add another line to your Notepad file, modifying the message and the title of the dialog box if necessary. In the image below you can see a new error message, using "0" to show the OK button, and "64" to display the information icon. Play with your favorite combinations, then save the file (as shown above) when you're done.

 Saves a fake error as a VBS file

Note: Here is how it detects false malware warnings

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Now, run your fake virus prank

When I play the joke, I think it would be considered to watch your victim (if you can). It's all fun and games until someone has a panic attack and throws their computer through a window.

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