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Timelines are an excellent way to tell your story or the story of your brand. Thanks to the WordPress timeline add-ons listed here, adding this type of feature to your website has never been so easy.

When choosing a timeline add-on, it's a good idea to review the demos to see how the timelines you create when they are posted on your website will look. Many of these add-ons from the WordPress timeline include several templates that can transform your appearance with just a few clicks. You will also find at least some customization options in these tools, with some add-ons that offer more modification possibilities than others.

Another important point to consider when choosing this type of add-on is the type of content you can add to your timelines. Some simply allow you to display text on your timeline, while others allow you to insert images, videos and even custom HTML. You can also present your WordPress publications in a timeline format, with the ability to display content of the publication, such as the title, the featured image, except, and other details as part of the timeline. The addition of social sharing buttons to your timelines is another interesting feature that could help you distribute more traffic to your website.

With free and paid options in this collection of timeline add-ons, there are tools to meet all budgets and requirements.

Cool Timeline Pro aims to make it as easy as possible to add unique timelines to your WordPress website.

With this plugin installed, you can add vertical and horizontal timelines to your WordPress website to show important dates in your history or your business history. You can also use this tool to create a timeline of your blog posts and show your content in an interesting design. Through the configuration, it is easy to adjust the appearance and operation of the timeline. For example, you can change the order in which the content is displayed, as well as filter the content according to your own criteria.

Thanks to the good selection of timeline templates, users of this add-on can easily choose if they want to create a single timeline or double-sided designs. There are also optional animation effects that can help spice up your timelines and ensure they attract the attention of your visitors. If you have little space, the compact design of the timeline will be useful, while those with more available space will appreciate timeline designs that include text and other types of content.

 Cool Timeline Pro Plugin

Adding images to your timelines is also simple with this addon, which increases the type of projects with which this tool could work. For example, if you want to share how your website design has evolved over time, adding a schedule that includes screenshots of the site along with the dates of any redesign would be something that this add-on could easily handle. If you want help when it comes to adding timelines to your WordPress website, there are videos of online tutorials that show you how to use this add-on.

If you're looking for a feature-rich add-on that you can use to create timelines of all types and styles, then it's worth visiting Cool Timeline Pro and its demos.

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  WP Timeline Plugin

WP Timeline gives you the freedom to display any information you want in the timelines of your website.

With support for publications, pages, and other WordPress publishing type formats, the WP Timeline allows you to display a wide range of different content using the timeline format. You can also define the taxonomies of your site, such as categories and labels, to define what content should be displayed on your timelines. In addition, with the WP Timeline add-on, you can create as many timelines as your project requires, giving you many options on how to use this tool.

WP Timeline includes a competitive set of templates to show your timelines. You can check all these options on the add-on website; however, with templates that include single-column or multi-column layouts, horizontal and vertical options, and the ability to add custom text decorations to timeline descriptions, you can use the WP Timeline a series of Different ways In addition to timeline templates, you can also customize the output of this add-on. There are dark and light modes to choose from, as well as more granular controls that provide greater customization opportunities.

 WordPress plugin for timeline WP

Once you have created a timeline through the intuitive interface of the add-in, the timeline can be inserted into the content of your website using the corresponding short code. Due to the way WordPress short codes work, each time you update your timeline, each instance of it will also be updated on your site, without requiring any additional work on your part. As this is a well-coded add-on, WP Timeline will work with any WordPress theme that has also been created to meet coding standards. Also, if you choose this add-on, you can be sure that your timelines will also look great on any modern device, thanks to the WP Timeline designs.

WP Timeline is another versatile addition to this collection of the best WordPress timeline

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  Timeline Express Plugin

TimelineExpress is a free plugin with a user rating positive that has also been installed on more than 10,000 websites.

If you're looking for a free WordPress timeline plugin, then TimelineExpress is definitely worth considering. Despite being free to download, this add-on is not without important features. To start with, you have the option of adding animations to your timelines, which increases the chances that they will capture the attention of your visitors.

Also, when creating your timelines, you have many options that control how they are displayed. This includes the ability to show or hide dates, the option to add a link to read more to each entry in the timeline and a quick way to change the direction from ascending to descending. You can also add custom images to each item in the timeline.

 Timeline Express WordPress Add-in

If you decide at a later date that you need more features and functions from your timeline add-on, there is a paid version of TimelineExpress available. The update gives you more control over how your timelines work, plus access to the premium support channel in case you need help adding timelines to your WordPress website. Another good feature of the paid version of TimelineExpress makes it possible to add YouTube videos to the points on the timeline, instead of just static images. However, with users of the free add-on able to add animations to their timelines along with access to built-in caching support, this is a very capable tool even if you do not update.

With a top upgrade available and a library of free and paid add-ons, TimelineExpress is a plug-in that can be maintained as your needs grow.

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  Everest Timeline Plugin

Everest Timeline is an affordable premium WordPress add-on to the timeline with more than 50 prebuilt templates.

If you want a wide range of design options for each timeline you post on your WordPress website, this well-considered add-on has a good selection of templates with which you can work. In addition to the five-star rating of the users, Everest Timeline offers you the option of implementing horizontal or vertical timelines to suit your preferences. You can also choose the single-sided design mode or opt for templates that look like the popular design of the Facebook timeline. There is also a Twitter style option for even more options.

Once you have chosen a design for your timeline, the options do not stop there. Thanks to the support for a wide range of media formats, Everest Timeline gives you the possibility to add images, sliders, videos and personalized HTML content to the points in your timelines. With YouTube and Vimeo compatible, there is almost no limit to the type of video content you can add to your timelines with this WordPress add-on. Another notable feature of this tool are the optional buttons to share on social networks that can be added to your timelines, hoping to help increase the amount of shared content. The Lightbox functionality is also included, showing any item that is clicked on in this popular format.

 Everest Timeline WordPress Add-in

Some other reasons to consider the Everest premium add-on Timeline includes the 13 animation effects that you can apply to your timelines, the 16 animated charger icons and the 14 different data formats you can choose from. Thanks to the short code generator and the custom widget, showing these timelines on your WordPress website is also very simple. The list of customization options continues, so if you are looking for a highly configurable timeline add-on, Everest Timelines certainly meets that requirement.

Thanks to the great selection of templates, this could be one of the most attractive WordPress timeline add-ons. available today.

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