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Recently, the use of one-page website templates is increasing, especially among technology companies. One-page website templates easily provide all information to the user on a single page. All the user has to do is move and know more about the product. This type of templates helps you to provide an immersive storytelling experience for the user. The following are the best free templates on a web page that help you create an effective story. We have listed one page web templates free of HTML and WordPress to help you choose a better template for your site.

HTML Free Website Templates

HTML website templates help you create a simple website easily. One-page HTML website templates are used primarily for landing pages to display products and their characteristics. When you decided to use free templates from a web page in HTML, be sure to choose the template with all the features and segments you need on your site. Because you will not get any customization support in the free templates. If you need support, it is advisable to choose a premium website template. Saying that the following are the best free templates of a page in HTML.


Transcend is a modern, elegant and innovative free one-page website template for every creative mind there is. Whether you are an independent professional or a design studio, Transcend is easy to handle. The full screen banner is the first thing that warmly welcomes all visitors and intrigues them. Transcend also has a parallax effect that stimulates things in terms of the web experience of your site, captivating everyone. But first of all, it creates a strong first impression.

The great thing about Transcend is the combination of an incredible and great typography and wallet so that everyone can get something amazing immediately. All Transcend content is loaded on a roll, which makes navigating a page feel smoother and even more enjoyable. Now is the time to do things differently on the web and stand out from the crowd.

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 Free CV Template Porfolio

To create resume web sites and CV online, CVPortfolio is the template of the free website you need. It provides you with all the necessary material to promote yourself on the web as an independent professional or even as a job seeker. By sending them a link to their sophisticated website, they will no doubt be surprised by the level of their professionalism. And you do not need to do much to get to that degree.

CVPortfolio is a template that is best suited to all designers and other creative minds. What it presents is this full-width portfolio section that comes with filters so that visitors find what they are looking for more easily. Place your creations in front and center. CVPortfolio also does not miss other sections on, work experience and education. Start your career in style with CVPortfolio.

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When you need a network design that you do not see daily, Boxus is the mask of the site you need. This one-page website template is as original as it can be. But the whole experience starts with a full-screen slider that you can use to introduce yourself, your work and anything else you'd like to add additional brightness to. However, the real emotion begins when you start to move. It really is entertaining if you like.

Boxus guides a visitor tantalizingly through the world of his expertise and professionalism in a way he has not seen before. The elements not only move while moving, but the adhesive navigation also changes color. Great, do not you think? On the other hand, Boxus has sections for your services, portfolio, to write about you and also comes with a job contact form.

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Creative Agency

Creative Agency is ideal for almost any agency needing a web presence to resolve. Or even if your current page needs refreshing, Creative Agency can do that for you too. It is a free one page website template with a variety of features so you can take advantage of it. In addition, Creative Agency is also very clean and minimalist with an incredible attention to detail, a tempting portfolio and fantastic icons.

Whatever you do with Creative Agency, the result is always first class, ready to boost your services and talent beyond. You can change the logo, customize the look to follow your brand and even start a blog. Creative Agency is a template that is simple to use. That is, do not feel limited in any way, shape or form. Modify the design and let it provide you with the website you've always wanted.

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Bobsled is a a simple and framed one page website template for creative and all the others that are after creating a page to make the online space vibrate. Bright colors, responsive design and ready for the retina, compatible with several browsers and all the rest of the technology, Bobsled practices it all. The template also has the Bootstrap Framework technology to give your site the incredible flexibility it deserves.

If what you are looking for is something simple and easy to use, Bobsled is the tool you should consider. There is also a fully functional contact form that is part of the package so you do not have to create one from scratch. In addition, Bobsled treats you with a subscription form to begin capturing the emails of the guests at the time of the official launch of your page. Look no further and start using your creative mind to have a page and ready soon after.

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Celt provides you with a free website template solution for your construction company or construction. It is all you need to put your business online and attract new potential customers and thrive. The web design of Celt is clean and simple, putting your work and services in front and in the center so that everyone can get the most out of their web space. Speaking of all, Celt is receptive and ready for mobile devices, giving users of smartphones, tablets and computers the same browsing experience.

Due to Bootstrap 4, Celt is flexible and easy to use and use. Put all your amazing features to use and operate with Celt's total capacity for the industry's brightest and brightest website. Develop customer confidence with testimonials and prove that it is a serious business by showing the customer's logo with the handy slider.

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 Free Halo Template

For photographers and photography agencies specifically, here is Halo. A fascinating one-page free website template that creates a tempting online presence that no one can contain. Those who are interested in your services will rush to use the included contact form and will contact you to request a quote.

From the full-screen slider that will surprise almost every user in the entire portfolio, Halo is no joke. The displacement effects are too tempting, which naturally convinces you to click. Also, be sure to show what you already accomplished in your career and tell the world what you are offering. Not only that, but why you are the best in space. As mentioned above, Halo comes with a functional contact form, as well as social media icons. Your photo project is about to get a new page that Halo will help you do it for you.

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Amazing and amazing words are written throughout Noah's web design. Not literally, but it's just the expression that used to tell you how cool this free website template is. Out of this world! The appearance is light, bright and minimalist, which makes its content in front of visitors and regular customers. When you want to build a personal page for your independent business, Noah is one of the best options you can take.

Instead of creating and designing a page from scratch, save time with ready-to-use material. Invest all the extra time, Noah saves you, create your brand and contact more customers. See success and give yourself the opportunity to become one of the most sought after professional people in your field. Thanks to Noah, now you can have a new and fine page ready to attract new customers.

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 Onepro free template

OnePro is a free landing page website template that creates a first impression solid and helps your business to prosper and expand. With the popularity of one-page websites, you might also consider creating one for your project. It is not necessary for the potential customer to click back and forth to find all the content they need. All the material simply moves and shows beautifully in OnePro's incredible web design.

Some of the key features of OnePro are large sliders, animated skill bars, categorized portfolios, parallax effect, and price tables. You see, the tool offers almost everything you need to cover all sectors of your business. In the OnePro kit, you also get Twitter and Instagram feeds and an option to grow your page with a blog.

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 Robotics free template

While you are too busy doing your thing, there is no need to spend all this additional time in the creation of the site. Instead, choose any of our excellent free and single-page website templates.

If drones, robots and other mechanical creations are what you do for a living, Robotics is an exclusive template that you will find very useful. benefit. This is the moment when you take an ingenious shortcut and save all the valuable time you need to build and assemble the next great achievement. Whatever it is, let Robotics show it on the web for you.

Robotics is a website template based on Bootstrap 4 that is 100% mobile and retina ready, as well as in tune with all modern web browsers. The web design is light and modern with good scroll effects and all kinds of details. The future lies in Robotics technology.

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 Free Download Template

Landing is, needless to say, a fantastic landing page website template for creative individuals, ready to push their services to a new level. It is not necessary to be on the lookout, show yourself, announce your talent and see great results on your way. I could be a writer or I could be a designer, heck, even a photographer, Landing is a great tool for all of you. In addition, the website's canvas is versatile enough to quickly adapt to almost any niche you find yourself in.

Use the landing to its full potential and do something great with it. Even if you use it as it is, you can have a really solid result. However, feel free to fill Landing with your individualism, after all, it is easy to use even if you are a beginner. Portfolio, parallax effect, button Back to top, price tables, unique details, all this and more is what you get with Landing.

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 Drimo Free Multipurpose Template

Drimo is a free template of a website for all kinds of intentions. It is a one-page multipurpose tool with eleven home page layouts. Each one serves a different niche, while, at the same time, they are all highly adjustable to turn them into something different and original. Drimo is ready for mobile applications, web hosting companies, operators, product showcases and more. Little work is needed to turn Drimo into a functional website.

The template can be free, but you'll never really feel it. Drimo is loaded with tons of premium features for a cutting-edge web space that will surprise all visitors. It is also a receptive tool that follows all the latest web and technology trends. Not to mention, its modern look will never age.

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 Free Bitcoin template

With the popularity of cryptocurrency (did it still invest?), Every time More companies are expanding their services to the currency market. Not only that, but it also launches new cryptographic projects on a daily basis. If you are someone who would like to start something new, Bitcoin is the one-page website template that will do it right. The tool offers you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently open a cryptocurrency page and help those in need.

From elements as large as a full-screen banner to small details that you only see once you investigate it, Bitcoin is full of valuable features and assets. It even has a good currency converter, price tables and a newsletter subscription widget. When it comes to web design, there is no need for you to do things from the beginning. Make your crypto project and live on the Internet in a blink of an eye with Bitcoin.

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 Free template book

It is not necessary to guess what the Book was built for. It is a free one page website template to display and promote your latest literary work. The large banner is equipped with text and call-to-action buttons to trigger your conversion rate and make your book a bestseller. The book also has other sections to present, testimonials and price tables.

Along with the book showcase, you can also use the Book template for online courses. Be creative with the tool and do not be afraid to go completely against the flow. It is easy to use and always makes sure that your final product is of the best and highest quality. The book is ready for mobile devices and is compatible with all platforms so that your website runs smoothly at all times. Expand your reach and get new fans ready to support you and your work with Book.

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 Template without coffee

Coffee is nothing more than a free website template for coffee shops, pubs and also you can use it for restaurants. Like any other template that we bring to the table, Coffee is also very easy to customize and edit to follow your brand to T. Change what needs to be changed, leave everything else as it is and have the final creation ready for the launch in a very short time.

With Coffee, you can create the best web presence and intrigue everyone who visits your site. One thing is for sure, they will be unable to contain themselves and run to their place to ask for a cup of Joe. Next time, it is very likely that you will come with a group of friends because this new cafe is too good not to visit on a regular basis.

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 Free Saas template

SaaS gives you the creative freedom to design the exact page about the image always dreamed awake. It is an ideal tool for business based on services such as software, but it can also be applied to mobile and web applications. The first thing you should do with regard to marketing your product is to create a page. And I could not come to a better place to quickly complete the establishment of your new online space. Do it with the SaaS template.

Contemporary and elegant design combined with innovative features makes SaaS a convenient product for creating websites. Fixed navigation, strategically placed call-to-action buttons and a solid selection of other features make SaaS one to think about. Organize everything and increase the potential of your product with SaaS.

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 Template without startup

Startups and small businesses, we have a special one-page website template at your disposal that will take care of the tedious process of establishment of the website. Much work is already done, you just need to transform this powerful tool into an active website and make it reach the web with great success. Especially if you are in extreme hurry, it is a good decision to take the start template.

The tool is equipped with all the essential elements and many more features so that your products and services can see the light and awaken people's attention. Startup is responsive, based on Bootstrap 4, supports videos and comes with a captivating portfolio. Also included are price tables, testimonial slider, Instagram feed and subscription to newsletters. Spread the word and make your startup known with Startup.

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 See free template

Watch is a free one-page template website that you do not have to use just for watches and other watches. It handles much more than that.

Why is this important?

You can use Watch for almost any type of product that you would like to share with the world. Write about your specifications, show the promotional video and, of course, sell it. You can answer frequently asked questions with the help of accordions and capture emails from potential users with the newsletter widget. Deliver your products to them through emails later and make them unable to resist their masterpieces.

Regardless of your product, Watch makes sure that it shows beautifully and smoothly on all devices. Users of mobile and desktop devices will witness the same experience all the time without fail. With a solid product and a persuasive web presence, your chances of success are high.

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Susan is a new one-page website template. This template is full of vibrant colors and relaxing visual effects. It's a feature-rich website template with all the modern web elements you need to create a professional-looking website template.

Susan comes with two demonstration variations that are not obtained in most free website templates. It is a perfect HTML website template for pixels with clean design and subtle animations. You also get custom icons that fit well with the general design of the website template. In the white and grayish clean background, each segment is separated neatly. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the latest Bootstrap framework. Along with the template of the homepage, you also get the template design for your blog.

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Colid is an application based on a web page template. It is designed for the homepage of the mobile application, but the pristine design of the template can be used for any website for commercial purposes. When you add your own content and images, the template is set to go.

This template follows a modern futuristic design that impresses users as soon as they arrive at your site. With this template, you get custom icons, neat content blocks and price cards. Visual effects and other transition effects on web elements are simple and enjoyable to see in this professional-looking website template. The most interesting visual effect in this template is the animated logos in the testimonial segment.

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BizPro is a one-page modish website template. This template is the best option for agencies, companies and personal portfolio sites. This template has all the necessary features you need to create a professional website.

In the header section, you have a large image slider that can handle both images and videos well. When you move the cursor over the next and previous arrow in the slider of the image, a preview of the next slide will be displayed, it is an intuitive design. The service section also has excellent effects and features to elegantly display your services. Custom icons are used in this template so you can represent your services well in this template.

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MobApp, as the name implies, this web page template is designed primarily for applications mobile This template can also be used for other software tools and application-based websites. MobApp is also a perfect option for the homepage to display its product and functions elegantly to users.

Since MobApp is a unique web page template, the impulsively designed home page provides you with all the necessary home page sections. Get sections such as features, gallery, prices and contact form. MobApp is a 100% mobile responsive website template, so your site can work well on any type of device. This template follows HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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Datarc is a one-page website template for commercial sites. If you are looking for a modern and colorful web template that really stands out from the crowd, then you should try the Datarc website templates. In addition to being a free template, Datarc provides premium features in the HTML website template.

Datarc is a well-coded website template. It is a flexible and easy to use website template. All you need to do is add your content and other details, and that's all your site is ready to launch. With this template, you get smooth scrolling, gallery section and team section. This template follows the traditional navigation bar at the top to facilitate navigation.

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Dinomuz is a page width web page template in a box. With the stimulating color code followed in this template, you can impress your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site. It is a multipurpose website template for any type of professional and personal site.

Each segment on the home page is separated with a neat white background and a modern gradient. This template uses custom icons that fit well with the contemporary look of this template. It is a simple-looking website template with only necessary segments and features. Visual effects are also kept clean and simple in this template.

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Glint is a creative design style website template for agencies and studios creative This template uses the burger style menu option to give users a distracting website experience. This template is the best option for portfolio sites, agencies and studios websites.

Get animated counters, parallax scrolling, and carousels with this template. The effects of transition and other visual effects in this template are clean and professional looking. Each segment of this template is very well separated with solid green color and clean white background colors. This template also provides you with customized icons to show your services carefully to users. The Glint template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework.

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CA App Landing

CA The landing website template of the application is a site template Clean and fresh web page for mobile applications. This template follows modern design designs and uses modern web elements that meet the needs of the modern world.

Since it is a single page website template, each segment is intuitively designed so you can elegantly describe all the features of your site. . This template can be used as a home page for software tools, products and applications. You also have the option to integrate video into this template easily. In the header section a call-to-action button is given to subscribe for a better lead capture

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 imperial website template

Imperial is a one-page professional-looking website template. This template uses modern design and web elements to make your site future proof. In the clean and white background of the shaded image, the images and texts look clean. It is a website template that is responsive to mobile devices so that all web elements are calibrated and work well even on small screen devices.

With this template, you get parallax shifts, carousels, and image slider. In the header section, you get a static image with animated texts to help you give a captivating introduction about you to the user. You also have the option to add a call-to-action button in the header section.

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 laura website template

Laura is a new one page website template. This HTML template is the best option for creative agencies, personal sites and portfolio sites. With the full-width website design design, this template manages the screen space effectively. You have more spaces to tell about your services and company.

This template, which comes from the factory, offers you a segment like, portfolio, testimony and contact. Laura can also be used as a photography website template. The gallery section of the template uses masonry style design to display images with elegance. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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 regna website template

Regna is another simple one-page website template. The professional-looking website template fits all commercial sites. With the clean-looking header section, you can give visitors an impressive start as soon as they arrive at your site.

La plantilla del sitio web de Regna incluye contadores animados, desplazamiento de paralaje y efectos de desplazamiento sin inconvenientes. El segmento de cartera está diseñado en una interfaz con pestañas para facilitar la navegación. El usuario puede cambiar fácilmente entre las pestañas para encontrar el trabajo tuyo. En el formulario de contacto, obtienes un mapa interactivo para ubicar tu oficina fácilmente. Esta plantilla también usa HTML5, CSS3 y framework Bootstrap.

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Plantillas de sitios web gratuitos de una página para WordPress

Las plantillas de sitios web de una página gratuitas en WordPress le brindan muchas opciones en comparación con la plantilla de sitio web HTML. Incluso si selecciona una plantilla que pierde una o dos características, puede personalizarla fácilmente en la plantilla de WordPress. Administrar y actualizar los contenidos en WordPress es mucho más simple y fácil de usar. Las siguientes son las mejores plantillas gratuitas de una página para WordPress.

One Page Power

 plantilla de página web de una página

One Page Power es una página corporativa plantilla de sitio web. Esta plantilla sigue un diseño de diseño moderno y una tonalidad maravillosa para atraer a la gente de la era moderna. La posición del logotipo del estilo del centro te da una fuerte presencia de marca en tu sitio. Tan pronto como el usuario llega a su sitio, nota fácilmente el icono de su marca.

En la sección del encabezado, obtiene una imagen estática y textos en negrita para dar la bienvenida a sus visitantes. Esta plantilla también usa iconos personalizados que combinan bien con el diseño general de la plantilla del sitio web de WordPress. Fuera de la caja, este tema es móvil y totalmente optimizado para SEO y velocidad. One Page Power es compatible con WooCommerce para que pueda vender fácilmente sus productos en su sitio.

Más información / Descargar

One Page Club

 plantilla de página web de club de una página

Si busca una plantilla de página web gratuita y colorida de una página para WordPress sitio, entonces debe echarle un vistazo al tema One Page Club. Es un tema premium de WordPress con todas las funciones necesarias que necesitas en un sitio web profesional.

En la sección de encabezado, tienes un control deslizante de imagen grande con texto en negrita y llamado a la acción. También obtiene iconos coloridos y limpios en esta plantilla para mostrar elegantemente sus servicios al usuario. En el segmento de equipo, obtienes una tarjeta como un diseño que contiene las imágenes de los miembros de tu equipo y sus enlaces de perfil de redes sociales. Esta plantilla también es compatible con WooCommerce para ayudarlo a configurar la tienda en línea fácilmente sin siquiera sudar una gota.

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Compact One

 compact one website template

Compact one es una plantilla de negocio perfecta para una página web. Tiene todos los elementos y características web que necesita para crear un sitio corporativo. Esta plantilla también se puede usar como un sitio personal y un sitio de cartera.

La plantilla Compact One proporciona controles deslizantes animados, contador animado e iconos personalizados. Todos los efectos de transición y otros efectos visuales en los elementos web se realizan inmaculadamente. El tema Compact One WordPress también se puede utilizar como una página de inicio de aplicación. En la sección del encabezado, tiene el control deslizante de la imagen y los textos en negrita para ayudarlo a contar una introducción interesante sobre usted. Esta plantilla usa HTML5, CSS3 y framework Bootstrap.

Más información / Descargar


 illdy plantilla gratuita de una página de negocios

Illdy es una plantilla de sitio web de una página gratuita y rica en características. Es una plantilla de sitio web multipropósito que maneja eficientemente cualquier tipo de sitios web personales o profesionales. Con esta plantilla, obtienes íconos impresionantes de fuente, imagen de héroe y diseño plano receptivo.

En la sección de encabezado, obtienes una gran imagen de héroe estático. Puede decir acerca de su sitio con las fuentes de aspecto llamativo y pulcro en la sección del encabezado. También tiene la opción de agregar una llamada a la acción en la imagen del encabezado para obtener una mejor tasa de conversión. Illdy es un tema premium gratis, obtienes muchas opciones de personalización con esta plantilla. Es receptivo para dispositivos móviles y también está listo para la traducción.

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MedZone Lite

medzone lite website template

MedZone Lite is a free one page medical website template. This template provides you all the necessary features you need to create a health-based website. It is a flexible website template hence you can customize the theme to fit your needs. This WordPress Theme can also be used for other professional sites.

On the clean white background, the red colored web elements are clearly visible. You also get custom icons with this template to depict your services to the user neatly. The icons are customized nicely so that it fits well with the overall design of the website template.

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Business One Page

business one page website template

Business One Page, as the name, implies it is a perfectly designed website template for corporate sites. With the clean design and custom icons, this template portrays your professional services neatly to the users.

In the header section you get an image slider with perfect size, neither so big nor so small. In the header section, you also get the option to add a call to action buttons. The transition effects and the hover effects on this template are done neatly on this template. This one-page website theme also gives you pre-designed blog section for you. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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Be One Page

be one page website template

Be One Page is an interactive free one-page website template for WordPress. This template can be used for corporate sites, personal site and for portfolio sites. In the headers section, you have the option to add hero image.

This template uses bright and dark color schemes to separate each section on the home page. You get animated sliders, hover effects and neat visual effects on the web elements. The portfolio section is the most colorful section of this WordPress theme. The portfolio works are grouped and organized as per their category. The category option is shown at the top so that the user can easily switch between different categories.

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Business Page

business page website template

The Business page is a professional looking one-page website template. With this WordPress theme, you get premium theme design for free. In the header section, you get big hero image with the horizontal sliding option. You can also add a call to action button to the header image slider.

On the clean white background, the web elements with the rose tint look clean and elegant. You also get a separate portfolio segment on the homepage. The portfolio segment uses a grid style layout. Tabbed interface is given in the portfolio section, which helps the user to easily switch between tabs and find the work they are interested in.

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One Page Parallax

one page parallax website template

One Page Parallax is an attractive personal website style one page WordPress theme. With bold texts and big content blocks, you can elegantly display your services on one page. This is a full-width website template so that you have plenty of screen space to impress the users.

One Page Parallax is a 100% mobile responsive website template so that your website performs well even on a small screen website template. This template follows HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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Oneline Lite

oneline lite website template

Oneline Lite is a simple and straightforward one-page website template. This template can be used for any professional websites. The Oneline lite uses modern layout and trendy colors. In the header section, you get big image slider with a call to action button.

The service section uses neat custom icons to depict the services. Each segment is elegantly divided by a slanting column, which incorporates parallax effects in them. This template is also compatible with WooCommerce. You can sell your services easily on your site and can easily keep track of the products from the admin dashboard itself. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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What’s Your Favorite?

That’s all for this listing, hope you guys enjoyed it and might find one of these free one page website templates interesting for your site. As told before, since these are all free website templates you get only limited support. For more advanced features and support you it is better to get a premium WordPress theme or premium HTML template. What’s your favorite free one page website template? Let us know in the comment section below.

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