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Being part of the tourism and leisure business is not a simple matter. The list of competitors is so close that you can hardly find a space for your establishment in this business niche. As a result, and even apart from this, demanding customers have excessively demanding standards that become difficult to adequately meet. Given all this, we can not doubt the need for proper online promotion. By making your business visible online, you are focusing on different segments of society without crazy investments. It is so surprising that nowadays the quality of the content of the website and the ease of use are two main criteria that make the website successful. Do not worry if you have not acquired any design and development skills, since today we are ready to make your life easier with the summary of the best WordPress themes of leisure on the net.

How to create a website without pain:

  • Give preference to a simply manageable CMS, like WordPress. This company has an impeccable record in the Content Management slot. In addition, there are many WordPress leisure themes ready to use, so you do not have problems with web design.
  • Choose a premium WordPress theme. All you need to not buy a pig in a poke is to do a decent research. Try to find a reliable supplier that guarantees the high quality of the products and provides professional support to all your customers.
  • When buying a theme, make sure it is versatile enough to adapt to the specific functionality that leisure and the tourism website should have. For example, it is very important that you set up a complete online booking system and a calendar of events. Therefore, your customers can the most favorable options without much difficulty.

In order to reduce the search time for you, we have selected the 30 most powerful WordPress leisure themes that best show the criteria mentioned above.

Beach – City Beach & Pool Club WordPress Theme

Build a website is not even close of a leisure activity. However, you can have a good time choosing a WordPress theme with a drag-and-drop generator. The Playa theme comes with the WPBakery page generator, so it is now possible to change the appearance of the website without any interaction with a code. Choose the theme Beach and create an elegant and juicy design for your pool club.

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Jacqueline – Spa & Massage Salon WordPress Theme

  Jacqueline - Spa & Massage Salon WordPress Theme

There is no better way to take all Worries away and then go to a good spa session. Jacqueline's theme has a dating manager. Set up a prefabricated price table and let your customers choose the option that fits their budget. In addition, you can distribute gift certificates, since this theme is WooCommerce friendly and can be used for the e-commerce project.

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Golf Club – Sports & Events WordPress Theme

  Golf Club - Sports and Events WordPress Theme

Do you want to build an elegant website? and with class to invite more rich clients to your golf club? Then look at this WP theme. It is compatible with the most powerful premium WordPress add-ons, such as Visual Composer and WPML. The latter will simplify dealing with foreign clients, as it allows you to avoid any translation problems. Use the power of WooCommerce to sell high-quality golf clubs, gloves and other accessories.

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Great Fishing – Hunting and Hunting WordPress Theme

  Golf Club - Sports and Events WordPress Theme

Looking for an intelligent and orderly solution for your e-commerce need? Check out Great Fishing, the fully customizable WordPress theme prepared for WooCommerce. It is designed by industry professionals according to the peculiar preferences of lovers of fishing and hunting. It comes with 2 layouts of home pages.

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Kings & Queens – Medieval Reenactment WordPress Theme

  Kings & Queens - Medieval Reenactment WordPress Theme

Given the fact "Game of Thrones "wild popularity, the global fascination with the medieval environment is not surprising at all. The Kings & Queens theme has all the historical recreations that fans are looking for. The nice old-fashioned appearance of ready-made home pages works very well to generate interest or focus the attention of all visitors at random.

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Tennis Today – Sports School & Events WordPress Theme

  Tennis Today - Sports School & Events WordPress Theme

This theme has a delicate and modern design suitable for online representation of the sports school. It is also useful for an adequate commercial management, since it includes complements such as the reserved appointment, the calendar of events and the tennis equipment store. The design features include width and box options, unlimited variation of home page layouts, a group of header styles.

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Pizza House – Restaurant / Cafe / Bistro WordPress Theme

  Pizza House - Restaurant / Cafe / Bistro WordPress Theme

Choose A colorful and dazzling theme for your family restaurant. With the theme of Pizza House, it will make all visitors delicious, as its incredible gallery and blog options allow it to demonstrate its culinary delights in an energetic way. There is a customizable Google Map option, so your customers can always find your restaurant without any effort.

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Malta – Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Wakesurfing Center WordPress Theme

  Malta - Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Wakesurfing Center WordPress Theme

] Are you a fan of water activities? You're not alone. There are many windsurfing fans who are willing to spend significant money for another bit of adrenaline. It has a fresh design decorated with wavy lines that will serve as an excellent decoration for its content. The theme includes a Visual Composer and tons of short codes, so there's no way you'll encounter difficulties while organizing web content.

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Triompher – Golf Club WordPress Theme

  Triompher - Golf Club WordPress Theme

Triompher is a WordPress theme of first class for a website of luxury sports. It has many prefabricated pages for reservations, products, services, membership, etc. This theme comes with a Parallax effect, so you can adjust a great web page that can be easily moved. Also, you get it with the Revolution and Swiper sliders, which are very popular tools for online promotion. These sliders come ready for mobile devices, such as the theme in general.

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Tavern – Pub, Restaurant & Brewery WordPress Theme

  Tavern - Pub, Restaurant and Brewery WordPress Theme

Promote your craft brewery with a theme tavern. With this, you will create an excellent online menu with different categories, description of the product's nutrition and other exciting information. In addition, there is a table reservation function, which is an absolute necessity for all public service establishments. The design features include 3 home page layouts, 2 header styles and the diversity of blog and gallery variations. The advanced functionality of the online booking system will impress you and your customers with its easy-to-use navigation and flexible options.

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Massage Therapist and Spa Salon WordPress Theme

  Massage Therapist and Spa Salon WordPress Theme

Let yourself be relax and let this WP theme do all the work for you. Use prefabricated masks for your spa salon, as it meets the specific requirements of this niche. By the way, the Swiper and Revolution sliders are also included in the themes package and these tools are friendly for mobile devices. Total compatibility with WooCommerce is another advantage of this issue, as it increases the ability to sell products and services online.

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Travesia – A travel agency WordPress theme

  Travesia - A travel agency WordPress theme

Increase the productivity of your travel agency travels. Crossing is a modern and versatile tool for online advertising. It comes with many extensions, so you can adjust all areas of the website, such as header and footer, to your liking. To boot, this theme is compatible with TRX add-ons, which means you can add more types of custom posts. In the end, you get a beautiful theme of 100% response.

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Tantra – A Yoga Studio and Fitness WordPress Theme Club

  Tantra - A Yoga Studio and Fitness WordPress Theme Club

Very atmospheric and vibrant The Tantra theme is perfect for a yoga studio or for any type of body treatment service. With Parallax Effect Backgrounds, you can create not only a practical but visually appealing website that improves your performance. Speaking of performance, the high quality code is super simple to index, so you will get the best ranking in the search engines.

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Food and drink: an elegant restaurant / cafe / pub WordPress theme

  Food and drink: an elegant restaurant / cafe / pub WordPress theme

There's no better way to popularize your restaurant than to actively promote it on the web. This theme has some impressive demos that will be adapted to a restaurant, brewery, cafeteria and bakery. Each of these masks has a specific atmosphere that puts the minds of potential customers in an enthusiastic way. There is an incredible option of table reservation, which will be attended by all who hate phone calls.

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N7 – Golf club, sports and events WordPress theme

  N7 - Golf club, sports and events WordPress theme

Can not find a theme that would look elegant enough for a main golf club? Meet N7: a highly praised item for clubs and sporting events. The fact of being truly receptive The N7 theme is very effective for mobile use. All images and elements fit perfectly to all screen sizes. You can change colors, fonts, use Fontello icons, place buttons and experiment with the design of the website. Tools like Visual Composer and Shortcode Builder will help you with that.

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OsTende – Theater WordPress Theme

  OsTende - Theater WordPress Theme

Everyone is a stage, and all men and women are merely players . Choose an elegant decoration to make this work more entertaining. The OsTende theme is ideal for games, shows, event management and online seat reservation. It includes tons of add-ons, such as MailChimp, Contact Form 7, Slider Revolution, Visual Composer and many more. OsTende is a timely solution for actors, players and entertainment companies.

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Nirvana – Yoga Studio and Fitness Club WordPress Theme


The appealing aspect of the Nirvana theme will not go unnoticed. It has a wonderful, displaceable and easy to use design that was created to help introduce your services from the most attractive perspective. You will experience the most elegant personalization of the website with the WPBakery and Shortcode builders. Add custom post types, use sets of widgets, and post animations.

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UniTravel – Travel Agency & Tourism Bureau WordPress Theme

  UniTravel - Travel Agency and Tourism Office WordPress Theme

  Crab & Spice - Restaurant and Coffee Shop WordPress Theme

Give flavor to the site web of your restaurant with a professional and contemporary WordPress theme. Crab and Spice has a variety of options you can choose from, such as 2 variations of booking styles: booking calendar and booking table scheme. It has a custom theme options panel with which it is easy to work. In addition, there are several demonstrations for restaurants and cafes that are good enough to improve the performance of your website without any additional adjustment.

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Solaris – Travel Agency WordPress Theme

  Solaris - Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Solaris is another topic for travel agencies that They have a clear and colorful design. It is very important for a travel agency to create a dazzling representation of beautiful places and captivating images, that's why this theme comes with a Polaroid effect for galleries. In addition, it is compatible with the ThemeREX add-on and has a lot of short codes, which facilitates the creation of personalized content.

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Tennis Club – Sports and events WordPress theme

  Solaris - Travel agency WordPress theme

Know the infallible theme for sporting events and clubs . It has the reservation functionality and the precise complements of Timeline that are useful in terms of programming planning. It has several demos that you can use immediately. A detailed documentation package of the subject and a friendly professional support will help you while the process of website adjustment.

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Asia Garden – Asian Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

  Asia Garden - Asian Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

Asian Garden theme en a fresh and crisp theme for an Asian restaurant. It comes with versatile designs that you can use to promote your services or organize food delivery services. The compatibility with WPBakery makes it useful for those who have no experience in web design and coding. There are more than 750 customizer options and a Google Fonts package integrated with this theme. In addition, the theme is ready for Retina and is 100% responsive.

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Edema – Wellness & Spa WordPress Theme

  Edema - Wellness & Spa WordPress Theme

Done with a quiet in mind and A true care for clients, the Edema theme has a beautiful responsive design for your website related to wellness. This theme is effective in terms of the mobile promotion, since all sections of the website are scrollable and can be adjusted to smaller screens, as well as larger screens. In addition, there is a Calendar of Events that you can use as a powerful promotional tool.

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Mandala – Yoga Studio and WordPress Theme Wellness Center

  Mandala - WordPress Theme Yoga and Wellness Center

] The well-designed theme of Mandala adapt to the yoga study of any orientation. Managing your business is easy when you have a WordPress theme with a powerful management interface equipped with a wide range of theme options. Its clean and valid HTML and CSS code establishes a theme work without problems and guarantees the highest ranking of Google. If you want to attract more visitors, then buy the Mandala theme.

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Ecopark – WordPress theme for vacation, holidays, travel & Resort

  Ecopark - WordPress theme for vacation, vacation, travel & resort

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Summer – Surf Beach Grunge – Blog & Shop

  Summer - Surf Beach Grunge - Blog & Shop

The end of summer doesn & # 39; This means that it is time to finalize summer activities. Create your surf blog today. It has 4 header options and 2 color variations. With WooCommerce you can provide pricing options and product filters for the convenience of customers. All questions related to the management of topics are described extensively in the documentation of a topic.

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Travel – Responsive WordPress Theme

  Travel - Responsive WordPress Theme

Travel is a modern travel theme, receptive and ready for the retina. You can adjust it using abbreviated codes and a powerful administration interface that is full of advantageous topic options. All designs are fully responsive, meaning you will have cutting-edge mobile performance. Choose this if you do not have time for the creation of the website design.

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Love Travel – Creative Travel Agency WordPress

  Love Travel - Creative Travel Agency WordPress

Do you like to travel? Share this feeling with the large audience. The theme Love Travel presents the Calendar of events. This tool allows your busy customers to make reservations online and design it very well in your calendar. The fact that this topic is optimized for SEO makes the possibility of its online success even more plausible.

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Shaka – A beach business theme for WordPress for water sports schools and activities

  Love Travel - Creative travel agency WordPress

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