3 Star Queen Charge Guide (2018)

Queen Charges & Walks has become increasingly popular since Inferno Towers no longer blocks the recovery and, with this development, many foundations begin to defend themselves from Queen Walks & Charges with different methods lately: Single Target Inferno Towers, high Label points in areas of damage and traps just to name a few.

Reason enough for you to write a completely new guide on how you use it, how to channel your queen and much more useful information that will make your queen load more powerful.

Queen's Charge Strategy

Let's start with a little history first. Approximately two years ago, several attack compositions developed around the use of an Archer Queen with multiple healers to cultivate or also build a funnel for an attack, when the healers obtained a change of equilibrium, so their healings accumulate.

At the beginning, it was the "Superqueen" strategy, a cultivation strategy that the Queen used along with healers and archers / barbarians to break into the base and obtain the Dark Elixir Storage and the "Queen Walk", where the Queen It will clean the exterior buildings with the support of the Healers to build.

In City Hall 9, this was very popular to this day, but with TH10 + this strategy had some limitations, as would Inferno Towers, once it addressed the Queen Archer, block all healing effects and let Archer Queen die fast.

Now that this blockade of Inferno Towers is gone, combining your Archer Queen with Healers is more popular and powerful than ever.

The Queen Charge

While the Queen W alk is always a way to clean the outer buildings to build a funnel for your troops without risking to enter the rank of the Inferno Tower, the Queen's load will stuff your Queen Archer to the base.

The advantage of Queen Charge, compared to the classic Queen Walk, is:

  • You can take away the most powerful defenses
  • Take out the defending heroes
  • Clean the CC troops

and that makes be much easier for your army troops to tear down the base.

Combinations of the Queen's Walk

You can combine your Queen's Charge with almost every attack strategy, especially in the Clan War.

All you need to do this are well-updated healers and your Archer Queen should be at a decent level:

  • TH9: Level 25+
  • TH10: Level 30+ [19659000] TH11: Level 35 +

You will always face situations in which your Queen will be attacked by 3 or more defense points and then h er health & DPS is crucial, so it needs to be improved.

You can combine it with LaLoon by knocking down Air Defenses and defending Queen in advance or with Hog Riders, Miners, Bowlers, etc.

Today, You can also use the Queen Charge for regular attacks in multiplayer mode, like here with Miners for farm:

There's no composition out there. You can not use the Queen Charge with

Queen Charge Strategy Guide [19659004] Many times I see people doing a Queen Charge leaving her with some healers, then I release some Wall Breakers in the hope that she will enter the base.

This can work and also works often enough, but it also leaves a lot of potential in the way.

When making a solid load of the Queen, you always want to make sure you meet these two goals:

  1. Where do I want my Queen to go and what should she get her way? 19659012] How do I make sure she follows the path I've planned for her [1 9659031]? If you already did, you should skip the next chapter and go to the part where I give you practical tips that will help you avoid your burden with queen fails 😉

    Embarking cargo with queen

    A charge with queen always consists of a general configuration with Archer Queen:

    • 5 healers (6 if not well updated)
    • 3 Wizards / 2 Baby Dragons (as you prefer)
    • 5-8 Wall Breaker
    • 2-3 Fury Spells

    The Wizards and the Wall Breaker will make sure your Queen enters the base when you open the points. the wall of your Queen and also remove the external structures with the Wizards to channel it. [19659002] When I plan your Walk for the Queen, I can make it short and easy for you by choosing the location where you will do it.

    It's 95% of the time in the Archer Queen & Clan Castle (in Clan Wars) because these two will cause more problems to your other troops and you want to knock them down. In addition, you can always point to defenses such as the Eagle Artillery, the X-Bows, the Air Defenses (if you make air attacks) or the Bomb Tower (if you use Bowling Players, Miners, Pigs, Valks, etc.).

    Here is a sample base:

    The starting point here is a no-brainer because we need to pull the Clan Castle and that way, we can get the Artillery Eagle out of the way.

    The best way to get there is through the great compartment with the Tower of Bombs, once the Queen is there, we will get the Castle of the Clan and, sooner or later, also the Artillery of the Eagle. [19659002]   queen charge channeling guide

    When the left side of the base is cleared, we can send our troops from the bottom and they will be canalized perfectly towards the Town Hall.

    But let's go back to the queen's charge.

    Now we have three things to take care of during the queen's charge:

    • Wait until the queen puts her target on the defenses so we can knock down our Wall Breaker
    • Use our Baby Dragons to channel it, You do not want me to go around the perimeter of the base!
    • Keep it alive when the damage is also difficult with an anger spell in your healers

    This is the most important thing you should do and if you fail, the whole attack will fail!

     how to perform a queen charge correctly

    practice a bit to remain calm and watch your Queen from the beginning and then observe when she must release her Wall Breaker and her funnel troops.

    I usually use Wizards because they do not use a lot of hosting space, but Baby Dragons are better at first because they can not be attacked by ground defenses and have more hit points that will be covered if you missed the perfect moment.

    Once you have your funnel, you can send your other troops and they will take care of the rest of the base.

     queen Charge succe ss

    Timing Queen Charge

    In theory, a Queen Charge could eliminate a complete base without other troops if there was no timer.

    The Queen Charge takes time, as your Queen has to deal with defenses and often with Skeleton Traps or with a Lava Hound in Clan Castle.

    Now the success is to know how long it will take your troops to destroy the rest of the base and that is something you need to watch carefully the previous attacks.

    In general, I think you should deploy the other troops at this time:

    • Clan War 3 stars: 1:30 left on the clock (the most recent!)
    • Pushing / Crop: remains 1:00 on the clock (you do not need that 3 stars as much)

    The Grand Warden

    Combining the Grand Warden with your Queen Charge is very useful as it will help you overcome the problems situations, but also gives your Queen some additional health that is very useful in places with damage of high points of Archer To Wers and X-Bows.

    When you knock down the Grand Warden, ALWAYS wait until the Queen Archer receives a first damage : this will help keep your Healer locked in your Queen 🙂

    Save A Queen Charge!

    Things go wrong all the time and, sometimes, your Queen does not act as you thought she would do or if something unexpected came her way.

    Here you see the most common things that happen and what you should do in that case.

    Looking for Air Mines! With that amount of Queen's Charges, the defensive concepts changed and many prefer to put the Air Mines on the outside to knock down the Healers to make the Queen / Queen Charge Walk fail.

     looking for air mines hitting healers during the queen's charge in the clash of clans

    This is something you can not help but also something you have covered. With 5 healers in your Queen, you can easily afford to lose a Healer and even when you lose 2 of them; just watch your health more carefully and get ready to cast your anger spells when there are many punctual defenses on your Queen.

    Air Defenses! In a bad situation, it may happen that an Air Defense reaches your Healers and your Queen is not willing to withdraw her so soon. In most cases, you can avoid it by exploring the right of Air Defenses.

    You can achieve this with a simple disposition rule. Here is the interesting part:

    • The Archer Queen range is 5 tiles
    • The Air Defenses have a range of 10 tiles

    So, you just talk, you need a Wall space and 4 tiles between the Defense Aerial, like this:

     queen's walking range

    If you're City Council 11, this might also be a good idea to use the ability of your Grand Wardens to save your queen's load .

    Additional balloon! Recently I started taking 1 Globo with me to any attack because this space of 5 frames would do me a lot of favor.

     queen charge guide air defenses

    I always deploy It's the first time that there are many base constructions that put Seeking Air Mines on the corner. In a good situation, I can save 1-2 healers with this unique balloon and it is also a great help when I need to overcome an Air Defense. in a place that is not easy to reach: the balloon will simply charge the air defense until the queen falls down 🙂

    Inferno of a single target! The Inferno Towers no longer block healing, but the Tower of Hell of a single target, once blocked, will cause incredible damage that no healing can conceal. If the beam from the Tower of the One Hell is fixed on your Queen, you will need to use her ability quickly, that will save her.

     tower of hell against the queen of the archer

    I do not like to use the Great Guardian here, unless the Queen is only a few seconds away from destroying the Inferno Tower, since only the it will be invincible, but the DPS will accumulate and once the 5 seconds of Eternal Tome are over, the Queen will die instantly.

    Normally, I use his ability and start with my full attack for the Healers to move, since the Queen is lost anyway. Trying to get the most out is sometimes the best approach 🙂

    Do not wait too long, you can not change it now and you do not want to lose your healers and the great warden, so act fast!

    Walk the wrong way! Queen Archer is not the most intelligent person on earth, so sometimes she likes to do unpredictable things.

    The reason why you have your funnel troops and especially that many Wall Breakers with you is that you can correct your way with them.

    Be sure to break the outer funnel and also drop your Wall Breakers with care: with 8 Wall Breakers you can always break 3 wall sections and if one of them fails, 2 wall sections is always enough to keep your Queen in the way 🙂

    Now, for the end, I have some videos that I would like to recommend you:

    • The Charge Guide for the TH9 Queen of Powerbang (click here) that helps a lot to understand it
    • OneHive Gazette about how to channel the Queen (click here) wi Lots of examples

    Good luck and shock on! 🙂

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