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Jevelin is an advanced and multifunctional website template that can be used by any user regardless of the niche they want to enter. Or maybe you are already running an online project and are looking to improve your web space, once again, Jevelin is one of the best tools you can choose from. With its many features and prefabricated material, Jevelin offers you unlimited possibilities when creating the ideal page for your idea.

What's especially impressive about Jevelin is the fact that he does not need coding skills to manage and maintain a website like a pro. Not only that, even when it comes to adjusting and adjusting your home page, Jevelin is easy to use. That said, absolute novices can build dazzling websites, ready and ready to start attracting new visitors and potential customers as well.

Stash is a unique WordPress theme. It is a multiple niche design that provides a construction process without code and responsiveness. You will get the help of Visual Composer, +260 blocks and +48 demos. Stash is also built with a professional and creative concept. In addition, it adapts to many areas of interest with a personal touch that radiates creativity. You will get a mix between pre-built elements and customizable elements. Stash has a lot of focus on exhibition and transitivity. It is also ready for retina and offers integrations of famous specialized plugins for free. In addition, you can play with Slider Revolution and Essential Grid.

Stash is strong in the selection of fonts and icons. Provides sets of Google and Font Awesome. The design itself comes with unlimited colors, dark / light masks and customizable backgrounds. What about commercial transactions, forms or speed? Well, you get WooCommerce, Minimal Forms and SEO optimization among others. Stash is so thought to adapt to any scenerio, that what is not integrated, is compatible. Do you still have secondary thoughts? We do not blame you … We invite you to try it with free updates at least twice a month and personalized support. Oh! And I forget to mention a children's theme too! Come to use this unique instrument now! Use Stash!

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Porto is incredibly resourceful and rich in functions, technologically ambitious and very friendly for mobile devices, powerfully customizable and highly developed, extensively intelligent and thoughtful, brilliant and cl Web design, attractive and dynamic HTML5 multipurpose website template. It is a perfect and powerful framework for the development of sophisticated websites with all the functions that look and feel reliable and modern, cutting-edge and safe at the same time. For this, Porto is built with an effective deployment of the latest and best HTML5 web technologies and CSS3 visual scripts built through a modular Bootstrap design, which makes Porto friendly to developers and totally responsive.

Oporto includes many beautiful and dazzling features that are visually cohesive and integrated, as well as deeply functional, which makes it an excellent HTML5 home page template to create and manage modern and top-notch Landing Landing websites for business or professional applications of any kind. Porto requires absolutely no coding skills and offers such powerful features as Owl Carousel and Nivo Slider at your fingertips. To obtain the best possible results, Porto must be combined with the template of the Oporto administration website, to obtain the maximized customization options and the unprocessed power functions of the admin user. Porto is for professionals!

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The canvas is completely flexible, unimaginably customizable, visually striking and elegant, colorful and vibrant, alive and youthful, modern and full-featured, creative and innovative, incredibly powerful and infinitely flexible, graphically refined and aesthetically pleasing. HTML5 multipurpose website template with responsiveness. The developers painstakingly created this template with an omnidirectional eye for details in order to create a polished and perfected HTML5 landing page template capable of handling the demands of each of the websites. To that end, Canvas has been created with more than 75 home-made, professionally designed and fully developed web demos, and includes a huge and huge HTML5 500 file at your disposal for all kinds of specific, narrow or general purposes that can imagine 19659002] Canvas is, of course, fully prepared to meet the needs of the sophisticated and modern Landing Page websites, and its technological profile is broad enough to handle the captivating one-page or multiple-page websites that have always dreamed of. With abundant short codes to facilitate your workflow and quickly page after page in a completely customized professional visual style, Canvas is perhaps the truest multipurpose template on the market today, ready to bend to your liking and easily customized if you ever find a it does not need to be covered anymore within Canvas.

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  template of landing page of weber

Weber is a landing page template unique in its kind that provides a clean, unique and professional-looking website environment. Due to its multi-purpose, you can use the tool for all kinds of objectives. Weber applies to business owners, niche websites and even personal bloggers. And with some adjustments, you can also use the tool for something completely unusual compared to what comes with the box.

This particular website template offers not only the usual features of a multi-concept HTML template. Weber is full of incredible resources that include, among others, sections of animated content and elements that have a transition effect without problems. Definitely making your brand stand out among others. In addition to that, Weber combines 33 predefined pages, 410 incredible sections, navigation through mega menus and a first-class page builder.

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  lunatic landing page template

To boost your mobile application and spread the name, Lunatic is the landing page template ideal for applications. Its modern and sophisticated web design incredibly shows its content, images, screens and other features that you want to share with your target audience. In the package, Lunatic offers three main house designs with an addition of three blog looks and a single blog page. From the first moment, you have a complete web solution for your innovative and refreshing application to reach a new circle of users.

In addition, Lunatic has many useful functions that will save you time and effort during the configuration of the cut. -edge page. Each user has access to Font Awesome icons, a contact form of work, smooth transitions and attractive effects, as well as simple color management. Take a look at this ordered tool and enter the web space with a strong online presence.

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Cryptency ICO

  cryptency ico landing page template

Cryptency ICO is a known cryptocurrency and Bitcoin sensitive landing page template. It offers functionality, efficiency and aesthetics to all its users. In terms of appearance, Cryptency ICO emanates a clean, modern and ready for mobile devices environment, ideal for the start of ICO, encryption agencies and other enthusiasts of the coin market. The template includes all the key elements that will be useful in your cryptocurrency company. To name a few, it comes with AJAX contact form, subscription form, ICO token counter and has a clean code.

For a faster site launch, Cryptency ICO comes with four eye-catching index pages that are colorful, bright, dark and lightweight. Choose what best resonates with your product and start from there.
If you plan to launch a website for your digital currency company, then Cryptency ICO is an essential tool for your business.

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  prosoft landing page template

By default, ProSoft, hence the name, is a landing page template for professional software of all kind. The site's canvas is immediately adapted to your needs and helps you launch your web presence in the shortest possible time. It's everything and everything in the package, ready for you to use and bring to your account. A lot of contemporary UI / UX elements are part of the package, as well as other valuable objects, such as valid W3C code, free Google sources and call-to-action buttons.

ProSoft also has three elegant and elegant demos; by default, white hero and video hero versions. Regardless of the design you dig the most, it is a promise that the result you will build will be first class. Take your software to a whole new level and highlight one mile with the help of the almighty ProSoft.

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  rupa landing page template

If you are looking for the best value for your money when it comes to a template landing page, then you do not have to look further, because Rupa is here. It is a page of capture of lead of a single product destined so much to industralists as to people of businesses. You can easily use it for online product marketing purposes that both digital and physical marketing specialists can use. There are few or no limitations when it comes to using Rupa for your offer exactly.

Rupa boasts of its simplicity and highly relevant characteristics for its business. These assets and features include three homes, responsive and retina-ready design, slider, dedicated support and a sticky menu. Rupa is based on the Bootstrap Framework, comes with free updates and is fully optimized for all modern web browsers. Jump with both feet and start something remarkable with Rupa.

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  landing page template palki

Our landing page template collection is from a variety of items that will fit all your needs and demands. Even if you are a demanding user, there is a guarantee that you will find the ideal look for any project that might be. For corporate and commercial websites, Palki is the tool that will do it well. It oscillates a one page design with all the needs and more. In addition, Palki follows all the latest trends and practices all recent technologies for an always incredible and stable encounter.

Palki is powered by the Bootstrap Framework, which gives it quick responsiveness and adaptability. It provides five homes that range from slider, animated and YouTube video to particles and parallax effects. Palki also does not miss a complete blog section that he can use for content marketing, as well as to be more personal with his current and potential new clients.

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  Landing page template visapress

VisaPress is an ideal landing page template for any agency and immigration consulting company and visas However, since this tool is very flexible, you can also use VisaPress for all kinds of intentions, such as lawyers, agents, advisory services and migration consulting, to name a few. VisaPress is totally responsive and ready for mobile devices, working seamlessly on all popular retina displays and web browsers. No matter where they come from, your website with VisaPress will always work without problems.

The template offers three home page layouts, namely classic, regular and transparent appearance. In addition, VisaPress includes four home pages, training and classes, testimonials section and all other essential elements. If this particular topic is what you are interested in, VisaPress is the best solution you can work with. You do not need to do any additional research when you have everything in front of you.

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Landing Page

  template responsive page

You can name your product however you want, but sometimes, you just want to go with something simple and straightforward. That is the exact case when it comes to the landing page template. You can not be more direct than that. But Landing Page is much more than just a classic landing module. You can also use it as a soon-to-come page or a one-page website, showing only the details and essential content. Of course, you can have your personal opinion and create something unique and original that goes completely against the norm.

Landing Page has numerous predesigned designs with a variety of great effects and different looks. With everything available, you really do not need to be an expert to have a fully functional website in operation. The easiest solution would be to go with the demo that you like, improve it with your material and go. Of course, you can improve it with your signature touch as well and create a customized version of Landing Page.

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Angular Landing

  Angular Landing Page Template

Angular Landing, as its name would suggest, is a lead capture page template . Keep in mind that it is not just your daily landing page template due to its efficiency and length. Angular Landing is combined with flexible design and angular CLI and angular material. In addition, each section of the landing page template is composed of HTML, SCSS and TypeScript files. It is also organized in its own directory to facilitate personalization and reuse for users.

Additional features of this neat and clean template include price tables, carousels, regular updates, and navigation to navigation. Angular Landing has two original variations for you to choose from, both of which are of the highest quality. Enjoy the clean design and fantastic appearance of Angular Landing that will help you achieve the goals you always wanted to see for yourself.

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  landing page template agency

If you are looking for the best web solution to get your agency online, it goes without saying that the Agency is the landing page template you should consider. It is optimized and organized for the best performance to keep all your visitors satisfied and excited to learn more about what it does. The style of the Agency is ingenious and creative, pushing its content to the front and the center so that everyone can make the most of it. Due to its unique page layout, users do not need to jump from page to page and press the Back button to find and discover what they are looking for.

The agency has sixteen different homes, separated into two groups: classic and form version. From backgrounds of images and sliders to all kinds of different effects, such as winter, water, rain, particles and gradient, to name a few. In motion animations, SEO-ready, MailChimp integrated, practical contact form and Font Awesome icons ready for the retina, all this and much more resources Agency treats you.

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  Vigo Landing Page Template

Maybe you are already part of the industry or maybe you plan to join A business or online marketing related to health and medicine, VIGO can be the template of the landing page of your website. Mainly aimed at projects of food supplements, body improvement and medication affiliates, VIGO offers a fresh and professional look to a website. It is highly flexible and comes with several features for an enhanced user experience.

VIGO has five different houses, which are basically five presets of different colors. Still, for any customization retouch that you would like to make, of course, modify VIGO in the way that best suits your product. VIGO is easy to work with and modify according to your needs. Its main features include more than sixteen sections, pixel perfect coding, free fonts and icons, video support and fixed navigation.

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Onepage Studio

  onepage studio landing page template

Onepage Studio is a fantastic multipurpose landing page template with its own page creator. That's right, a practical and super valuable constructor is part of this gem. It allows everyone to create desired websites with little or no previous experience. On the other hand, designs and features are already there, waiting for you to use them. However, for any specific and exclusive design, the drag-and-drop generator will be very useful.

Among the content already prepared, Onepage Studio includes a ton of predefined houses, more than two hundred unique design components and much more. With Onepage Studio, everything becomes a simple and direct task. Image configuration, email integration, content editor, well-documented code and text style editing, everything turns out to be friendly to the newbies and approved by the developers. You'd better check this if you have not yet decided which tool to use. There are many possibilities that Onepage Studio becomes the only one.

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  zero home page template

Do not be fooled by its name, ZERO is not a page template of Empty or no value destination. It is a complete opposite. It is full of many features and elements that can be useful for technical staff and various technology groups. ZERO brings to the table a smooth, elegant and elegant design to capture a horde of new potential customers and boost your downloads. In general, ZERO is best suited for the software and the type of application showcase of a website, but you can also use it for other purposes.

ZERO comes with a variety of great assets that you can take advantage of immediately. In the package, you will discover three start-up demonstrations, more than twelve color schemes, attractive scroll animations and a practical contact form. For greater efficiency and ease of use, ZERO is fully customizable and RTL is ready to cover a broad spectrum of users around the world.

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  Home page template hinata

Although it focuses more on mobile apps, Hinata is a landing page template that You can also use with web and desktop applications and other software. It is a highly flexible and adaptable page canvas that requires a complete website solution for your product. Expand your horizon with a tempting website and arouse the curiosity of even more potential users. Potentially, it will begin to witness a steady increase in downloads. After all, a website is still one of the best marketing tools that can take you to the new level.

Hinata has two main styles of main pages, each of which is presented in different approaches. In summary, Hinata offers a good selection of different solutions that you can take for your professional professional online presence. Everyone is unique and out of this world in their own creative way. The Hinata code is also very easy to customize. This gives you the freedom to modify Hinata and make it follow your mark to T.

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  appino homepage template

Appino is considered by many to be one of the perfect mobile app homepage templates. It is highly favored by application developers, marketers and the like due to its elegant, clean and powerful elements. As an HTML5 page template, Appino comes with multiple ready-to-use designs that can greatly influence app downloads and sales, which translates to the growth of your brand. Surely you can achieve fantastic results with a solid page that you are about to create with Appino.

With its highly customizable sections, headers, sliders, colors and prefabricated elements, Appino's use as a lead capture for your mobile application is convenient and efficient. Serving as a icing on the cake, Appino offers lifetime updates that are free. In addition, each Appino user also receives six months of free support that will answer all your questions and concerns.

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  jonny landing page template

Jonny is a two-in-one landing page template. It is a template available soon, as well as a landing module for generating leads that also serves as a contact page. There are twelve different niche demos available that you can use from the beginning. And if it happens that you are in a different niche compared to the ones available, with some quick adjustments, you can modify Jonny to suit your brand. After all, Jonny is organized and simple to edit. No matter what your experience, everyone can make the most of the solid Jonny.

Some of the resources of the tool are SEO facility, twelve useful buttons, work contact form, modal pop-up window and gallery. Of course, the list of assets that Jonny brings does not end here. However, to really understand Jonny's power, it is better to see his live preview page. The level of experience he brings to his screens will leave him amazed.

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  Crystal homepage template

Certainly, if you are looking for a clearly reliable homepage template for your website, Crystal should work better for you. It is a multipurpose web template that is popular in the market because of its professional and totally receptive environment. Out of the box, Crystal is ideally designed for agencies, startups and businesses of any kind, mainly those related to the company related to the application. Since Crystal is built with cutting-edge technologies, using the canvas on the page is quite challenging and friendly for beginners.

Crystal includes four home pages; Awesome slider, parallax background, video background and unique product variation. There is also a menu outside the canvas, filterable portfolio, CSS3 animations, detailed documentation and a work contact form. If you are in the process of spreading your word, now you know how to execute it correctly. Drive new enthusiasts to your product or service and prosper.

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  paper landing page template

Paper is a supreme multipurpose target page template for websites of all the genres and industries. It is ideal for business people, entrepreneurs, charitable groups, startups, freelancers and online knowledge base projects. With the least amount of work involved and a small investment, you can have a high-end page running quickly and efficiently. It is one of the most advanced, contemporary and ingenious templates that you can use for almost any page.

With its wide range of features and elements, setting up your website with Paper is less tedious and more convenient. The paper comes with a massive horizon of responsive designs, eighteen and counting homes, blog and shopping pages as well. Optimized for deranged performance and fast loading speeds, Paper provides its visitors with a constant and relaxed skimming experience. Start now with paper and see the first results that come soon after.

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Apps Craft

Apps Craft is a specialized HTML landing page template. With its modern and avant-garde concept, Apps Craft attracts the curious clickers of the world. You will get +10 customizable home pages with Parallax effect included. Apps Craft is one of the most responsive templates. It also supports several browsers to go through any browser and reach as many people as possible. Increase your sales easily with SEO improvements specially made for your business. Apps Craft provides both the MailChimp subscription form and the Ajax job contact form. With any of them you will get an incredible feedback connection with customers. The social media exchange is also available for several known platforms.

Apps Craft also includes PSD files in layers to make great personalizations. In addition, it is compatible with Bootstrap and includes a magnificent Parallax effect. Beautiful skin colors, Google Web Fonts and high quality font icons are also part of the offer. In addition, Apps Craft provides the appropriate documentation files so you can easily download them. Todas las razones anteriores lo hacen extremadamente versátil y se piensa que se adapta a teléfonos móviles y tabletas. Si considera su inclinación hacia las aplicaciones, no tendrá dudas de su adaptabilidad. ¡Busca algo dinámico y hecho con las mejores características especializadas! Get Apps Craft

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LeadGen es una plantilla de sitio web multipropósito de marketing HTML flexible y sensible. Es un marco de recursos para webmasters de todos los ámbitos de la vida para obtener resultados. LeadGen es ideal para una amplia gama de industrias y aplicaciones de las que se puede beneficiar. Con un gran lapso de sitios web de demostración de la página de aterrizaje para elegir, las opciones son ilimitadas. LeadGen no necesita ninguna codificación para que pueda obtener sitios web de calidad profesional. LeadGen es una solución útil para diseñadores, arquitectos, creativos y profesionales. Implemente más de 300 elementos pulidos a través de un creador de páginas premium intuitivo.

LeadGen proporciona un marco sólido para comercializar sus productos y servicios para todos. La creación de formas perfectas es posible a través de unos pocos clics fáciles, con opciones avanzadas de administración. Ajuste sus transiciones y animaciones, personalice fondos de video e imágenes y más. Deje que su creatividad pierda con LeadGen y lleve su negocio a un segundo plano. Optimizado para marketing y SEO, LeadGen impulsará su tráfico a través del techo. Elegante y liviano, no obstruirá las cargas de su servidor bajo ningún tráfico. Desde bloggers y revistas hasta tiendas de comercio electrónico y portafolios, LeadGen lo tiene todo. Por no mencionar, compatibilidad cruzada fuera de la caja con todos los navegadores y dispositivos. ¡Configure la tienda en línea hoy mismo, eche un vistazo a LeadGen!

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Pivot is a visually stunning and comprehensively malleable, technologically well polished and professionally graphically designed, extremely intuitive and easy to use, developer friendly and cl eanly composed, vastly well documented and extremely responsive multipurpose HTML5 landing page template with Page Builder. This theme is an extremely innovative and creatively designed template, capable of letting users of any skill level produce handsome and impressive one page or multipage websites without any coding whatsoever. To achieve this, Pivot deploys a very effective and highly intuitive visual Page Builder, featuring a block-based interface wherein over 70 custom built, fully customizable content blocks are available for your convenience, to simply drop into place on your pages and then freely fiddle with their individual settings and overall appearance and behavior.

That is why Pivot is such a flexible and versatile choice as a Landing Page website template. It really puts you in the driver’s seat of your website’s navigational experience every step of the way and through every nook and cranny, with wonderful functionality at your fingertips, including Campaign Monitors, MailChimp integration, gorgeous HTML5 Video Backgrounds and hardware Parallax visual effects to dazzle and engage your incoming traffic. Welcome your visitors with elegance and flexibility, with Pivot, and center the world around your website!

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