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Online is the first place where millennials seek an answer. Owning a website for your hotel helps you reach more potential customers. A survey says that the average star difference in the Yelp rating affects your hotel or restaurant business by 27%. Owning a website for your hotel is no longer an option, it is a must. These free templates of hotel websites help you create a modern website for a hotel. In this list, we have listed templates of free HTML and WordPress websites to help you choose the best template for your site.

HTML website templates for free hotels

HTML website templates help you create simple websites. Since HTML templates only do the predesigned work for which they are designed, they are faster and lighter on the server. These free templates of hotel websites help you create modern websites. HTML5 website templates and website templates compatible with Bootstrap give you a modern design design, and are also responsible for mobile devices. The free hotel website templates help you elegantly display the services and food of your hotel.

Luxury Hotel is a full-featured hotel website template. If you are looking for templates for a hotel that offers space, then you should try this template. Since this template is a complex style website template, you get food options, rooms and services by default.

Below the header image, you get an advanced search bar. In the search bar, the user can select the type of room, the date and can check availability. You also get the design of the style of the price card, the room rates. You can show the classifications of the room, the price and a button to reserve.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap 4 framework. You can also display your food images elegantly in this template. In the service section, clear icons are used to represent the services.

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 cozy free template

For almost any hosting company, especially hotels, here is Cozy. It is a template of free hotel website very updated and optimized with a wide range of assets. Not only should you spend zero money on it, but you should also make sure you save a lot of time and effort. From a modern web design to all the necessary material to create an excellent web space for your place, start attracting new potential customers and book your rooms 365 days.

Massive slider, availability and reservation forms, full Instagram Instagram width and section footer rich in widgets are some of Cozy's specialties. Of course, the tool is also completely mobile and ready for retina, as well as in tune with all major web browsers. You should not worry about the performance of your site, it will always be of the highest standards.

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Bright Hotel

 brighthotel free template

Bright Hotel is a free hotel website template that almost guarantees that you will win many more customers, thanks to their eye-catching web design. The special thing about the tool is its minimalist and immaculate appearance. Instead of using sophisticated things, Bright Hotel does things in a unique and direct way. And this is always the winning formula if you do not know exactly what you want on your website.

However, there are still many good things that you access once you download Bright Hotel. Full-screen slider with parallax effect, reviews, call-to-action buttons, fixed navigation and even a blog section, everything is included in the Bright Hotel package. Achieving excellent results and a thriving hotel is not very impossible once you have a solid online base running 24/7. Improve the Bright Hotel template if necessary and have the exact web space live in the blink of an eye.

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 royal free template

It does not necessarily need to be a luxury hotel or a boutique hotel to use the Royal Hotel template website Although it is the most suitable for the mentioned, Royal instantly adapts to other needs and regulations. In addition, you can also modify and adjust the canvas of the page, however, you will see that it fits better to your business. It is not necessary to continue to limit yourself to the exact appearance of the box when Royal is powerful enough to face all kinds of different projects and challenges.

As for the features, it is no secret that Royal has many. Once you start researching Royal's live preview page, you'll notice the premium feel you have. Even if it's free, the tool is still a cutting-edge solution to establish itself quickly with an Internet presence. Make your entire hosting business automated and grow to the next level. With the right site, you are about to create, you can reach those goals comfortably.

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 Luxehotel free template

If you manage a hotel or even a hotel chain, give your online business extra shine with the free hotel website template of Luxehotel. It provides a variety of features that will help you attract new visitors with ease. The Luxehotel web design is super clean and appealing to the eye, mobile design ready and compatible with all modern web browsers. The tool comes with a search option that includes pickers of dates of entry and exit, as well as the number of adults and children.

Luxehotel also has a food and beverage menu, supports videos and allows you to start writing a blog. Speaking of which, once you review the live preview of the blog section, you'll want to use it as your own page. Anyway, follow and make Luxehotel an independent blog if you consider it appropriate. Apart from that, you can also offer a tempting offer to all who subscribe to their newsletter, which, in turn, is part of the Luxehotel package.

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You can use Tour for all types of commercial pages related to the travel industry. While it is a template for travel agencies by default, you can restrict its features and also adapt it to the hotel-only website. All the free templates of hotel websites provided by us are easy to use and easy to edit and maintain. The same applies for Tour. That being said, feel free to use it for your hotel if you enjoy the design.

Regarding the load of content of displacement, effects of displacement, blog, button to return up and testimonies to loyalty to the client, Tour takes care of everything. Include your most popular travel destinations, the hotels you recommend, and start capturing visitors' emails at the time your website is launched. Tour also has many interior pages, parallax effect and a hotel search engine. Organize your hotel business and classify all your reservations online and avoid the use of sticky notes and other old school stuff.

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If it's luxury resorts, spas, hotels and villas where you specialize, update your website with Villa. You can even have this direct and professional template as inspiration and get a cutting-edge masterpiece. Anyone visiting your website will not have the opportunity to retain and book their rooms immediately. Villa makes the experience of exploring the rooms of your hotel and other services offered unforgettable.

Customize Villa according to your needs and make it suit your commercial needs down to the last detail. Although it's a free item, you can still do a lot with Villa and build the website for your boutique hotel that you've always wanted to have. A page is one of the first steps to promote your project and take it to new levels. Go ahead and see what is possible with Villa, it's free after all.

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 Travelix free template

Travelix is ​​an amazing free travel website template, but with some simple settings, you can Use it for your hotel and other related projects, too. The web design is sharp, responsive and optimized for fast loading speed and search engines. Get a high score and drive even more organic traffic that can become loyal and reliable customers. Advertise special offers with the full-screen slider, offer convenient navigation with the transparent menu and implement an easy-to-use hotel search feature.

See the full potential of Travelix by visiting their live preview page and be amazed by the beauty and comfort. Offers listings, news page, active contact form with Google Maps and compelling on the page, Travelix gives you the opportunity to attack the hotel industry explosively. Do not forget to connect your website to your social media accounts and show the world how sociable it is.

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No matter if you own a hotel or a travel agency, Platina is ready to both of them. From the first moment, Platina is a free travel agency website template, but you know that all our templates are easy to modify and highly adaptable. Having said that, you will not have problems to modify your demands and arouse the interest of a completely new clientele.

Today, everyone is using their desktops, heck, their mobile phones, to book their next vacation, so their online presence should be completely flexible. With Platina, you do not have to worry about responsiveness and device and browser compatibility. Everything is carefully packaged in the design, ready for you to take advantage of. Let visitors begin to enjoy the next stay at your place early, starting with your website.

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Duck is a cool and modern hotel website template. It is a website template full of features. Get all the necessary elements, features and web segments that you need on a hotel website. You can install the theme and use it immediately.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the latest Bootstrap framework. It is a well-coded and perfectly optimized website template. In this template, you get parallax scrolling, adhesive menu bar, carousel and a reservation form.

It is a multi-page website template. The home page of the website is designed intuitively so that the user can easily know all the features of your hotel. Content blocks handle both images and texts well.

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Fresh Food

 fresh food

Fresh food is a website template for a restaurant-style hotel. It is a colorful website template that helps you elegantly display the food and features of your hotel. Solid colors are also used in some parts of this template, which gives the template a more professional look.

Get parallax shifts, scroll effects, and carousels with this template to create an interactive website. The section of the gallery is designed in a grid view design. The content blocks are carefully designed so you can handle images and texts well.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. Fresh Food is a responsive website template that adapts perfectly to any screen size.

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Food Chef

 food chef

Food chef is a modern, clean, looking template for the hotel's website. If you are looking for a website template with trendy interactive visuals, then you should try the food chef template. On the white background, the images and visual effects look elegant.

In the header section, you get a large image slider. You can easily impress the user with beautiful images of your hotel with this image slider. The image slider also contains bold text to help you give an attractive title.

The segment above us includes colorful content blocks to help you make an introduction about you in an interesting way. You also get the service section, the food section and the contact form with this template.

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 dream hotel

Dream hotel is a website template of a professional hotel that looks clean. It is a colorful website template. Blank spaces and blocks of colorful content are used in appropriate proportion.

In the header section, you get a large image slider with bold text to make an interactive introduction as soon as users enter the site. In the header section itself, you get a static form to reserve a room in your hotel.

Content blocks are intuitively designed so you can handle large images and texts effectively. In the gallery section, you can show the rooms and their prices. The tabbed interface is provided in the gallery section so that the user can easily switch between room types and select the room they want.

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Royal Food

 royal food

Royal food is an elegant hotel website template. It is a unique website template that helps you portray your hotel's food and services effectively on a single page. Each segment on the home page is carefully designed.

The fonts used and the colors of the web elements look modern. The effects of scrolling and other visual effects on web elements are done with precision. Royal Food can be used as a landing page template or to create a simple website to show your services to the user.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework. It is a website template that is responsive to mobile devices so that users can view their website in an orderly manner on any portable device.

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Delish Food

 delish food

Delish food is a website template for hotels focused on food. This template follows a modern style design that handles images and texts effectively. You can display your images beautifully in this website template.

In the header image, you have the option to reserve a table. It is a multi-page website template. You can elaborate your services and prices separately in detail with the design of several pages. The visual effects in the web elements become simple and effective.

This template follows HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. This template is the best option for bars, pubs, coffee shops, pizzerias, tavern websites, restaurants, canteens and inns.

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Burger is a fast food style hotel website template. With the large image of the header and the bold text, this template manages to get people's attention instantly. It is a unique website template that helps you display your hotel's food and services effectively on one page.

The website template has a parallax shift effect. The food images in the background parallax roll make the website deliciously beautiful. You also get scrolling effects and subtle animation effects with this website template. In the contact segment, you have an interactive map to help visitors easily find the location of your hotel.

This template follows HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework. The Burger template is also optimized for the mobile screen, so images and texts are clearly visible even on small screen devices.

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Food Cadre

 food carte

Food cadre is a colorful hotel website template. This template helps you elegantly present the food and services of your hotel. It is also a one-page website template, it helps you make a simple and direct website.

The service section is the brightest segment in this template. In the bright orange background, the services are carefully explained with the corresponding icons. Trendy and popular fonts are used in this template.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. This template can be used to create a simple hotel website to show the services it offers and the food.

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WordPress website templates are always easy to maintain and update than the HTML template. The theme of the premium food website offers you the option to reserve a table and manage visitors. When you integrate WooCommerce to the site, it also sells food easily on your site.

It does not mean that you should always buy the best premium WordPress theme to create a website. There are some of the best free WordPress themes, which give you a premium template look and finish. You can use add-ons to integrate the features you want. The following are the best free templates of WordPress hotel websites.



Hotelica is a WordPress hotel website template based on resort and hotel. It's a freemium type WordPress theme. Get a premium quality WordPress template with perfect pixels for free. In the free version, you only have limited customization options, apart from that, you get all the default functions in the free version itself.

With the large image slider, you can easily get the attention of the users. Under the header image, you get menu options. It is a unique website template that helps you describe all of your special features on a page.

The sources used and the icons of the services are clean and professional. Below the service section, you get the section of available rooms. The section of the room uses a carousel style design; You can display the images of the room, the price and a brief note about the room in this section.

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Travelify is a wide-box WordPress-style multipurpose website template. This template is designed primarily for travel bloggers. But with the organized design and useful web elements, Travelify can also be used as a template for the hotel's website.

In the header section, you have a large image slider with content blocks to hold the title. You can use this slider to describe your hotel and services. This template gives you multiple design options to choose from. Out of the box, it is ready for translation and optimized for mobile devices. This is a WordPress theme compatible with WooCommerce so you can sell your services from your site effectively.

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Hotel Hamburg

 hotel hamburg

The Hotel Hamburg is a simple template of the WordPress hotel website. This template is from the plugins company of the booking calendar. Therefore, by default, this template supports reservation of rooms online and reservations.

As soon as users arrive at your site, they will see an entry field box to check the availability of the room. You also get an image slider in the header section to show your hotel rooms.

It's a minimalist WordPress theme. On the clean white background, the images and texts are clearly visible to the user. This theme receives frequent updates from the author at an appropriate interval so that your website is always compatible with new themes and new versions of WordPress.

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Hotel Lite

 hotel lite

The hotel lite is also a lite version of the template of the hotel's website. In the lite version, it only has limited controls and options for customizations. To get more advanced features, you can upgrade to the pro version whenever you want.

It is a simple and clean WordPress hotel website template. With the large image slider and the bold text in the header section, you can offer an interactive introduction about your hotel. Under the heading section, it has the rooms section, where the best rooms for the user are shown.

This template also gives you the column of event notices and the latest news. It has a dedicated segment for special offers in this template.

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Hotel Melbourne

 hotel melbourne

Hotel Melbourne is a luxury style hotel website template. It is a multi-page website template with all the pages and basic options designed for you. In the top bar, you have the options to reserve a room and other contact details.

In the header section, you have an image slider with interesting transition effects. In the center of the image slider, you have a static banner with a call to action to reserve a room. The effects of transition, the effects of displacement and other visual effects follow the latest design trends.

In the rooms section, the available rooms are displayed in a card interface. The section of the room contains the images of the room, the cost of the room and the time available.

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Palazio Lite

 palazio lite

Palazio lite is a WordPress website template of box width. It is a simple and classic WordPress theme. With a large image slide, you can beautifully display the rooms of your hotel.

Palazio Lite is a multi-page website template. Follow the traditional navigation bar at the top of the website. Since the design of the home page is very minimal, you can use the predesigned web pages to describe more about your services and offers.

The fonts used are clean and bold so they can be read on any screen size. This template follows HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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Resortica is a colorful resort style WordPress hotel website template. This template follows creative design layout and trendy gradients. It is a multi-page website template with all the necessary pages you need in a website.

With the images and the gradient colors as the overlay, this template gives a peppy feel. This template gives you features like carousels, animated counters and neat fonts. Each segment in this theme is separated neatly without disturbing the creative layout style.

Restorica follows the hamburger style menu option to give an uninterrupted website experience for the users. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. This template also has a premium version.

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Eaterstop Lite

 eaterstop lite

Eaterstop lite is a full-width website template. This template suits for restaurants, hotels, and resorts. It is also a lite version of a premium WordPress theme. You get all the default and necessary features in the free version.

The header section has a big image slider. The transition effects for the slider are attractive and eye-catching. This template follows regular menu bar style at the top for easy navigation. There is a separate section for the food menu; here you can display your hotel foods along with their price.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. It is mobile optimized, and speed optimized WordPress theme.

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Choice is Yours

These are the best free hotel website templates you can use for your hotel website. Since it is a free website template, some of the templates give you more options and some give you only limited features. Select the template that fits your needs. If you need any help in selecting the best theme for your site, share your thoughts below in the comment section, and we will help you select one of the best hotel website templates. To get a better idea about the templates, feel free to check our other posts.

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