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Not only commercial companies, including the health and physical activity sector, are using online to reach more audiences. People are now more health conscious, they care about what they eat and drink. Some add reminders in their daily tasks to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. There are different platforms to reach the audience. For example, YouTube videos and social media marketing help reach their target audience. But it is more prudent to keep all your collections in one place so that the user can know more about their services without having to wander the Internet. Fitness websites help you reach more audiences, maintain a portfolio and also help the user to join their classes easily. The following are the best free fitness templates you can use to show off your fitness classes and extend the reach of your gym.


As a free fitness template, Robust provides you with all the necessary material for the rapid creation of pages. In addition, the features and assets offered are extensive and top quality. That said, make sure the word "free" does not fool you. All the tools you will find in this collection are of the highest level, following all the latest technological trends and web regulations. In fact, Robust is receptive, ready for the retina and in tune with all modern web browsers.

Robust comes with a full-width slider, drop-down menu, parallax effect, scrollable content loading and convenient weekly class schedule. Introduce your personal trainers, offer more information about their fantastic classes and boost your upcoming events. By using Robust, you can also start a blog and capture your emails with the integrated bulletin subscription form. It should not be too long from the moment you download Robust until the moment you launch it into the online world.

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  Fitnezz free template

If you have a gym, a gym or almost anything else that relates to you and is related to health, Fitnezz is the tool you should consider. It is a free fitness website template with incredible features and spectacular features. With little time and effort invested in its final part, you can have a page fully active and ready to start quickly. But first, be sure to check out Fitnezz's live preview page and be amazed at the level of professionalism it provides.

The skin of the website is flexible and ready to use on mobile devices, adapting fluidly to all devices even with retina displays. All this requires a fluent experience that examines all your classes, services and other offers, regardless of the device you use. Full screen slider, scrolling effects, unique programming section and testimonials are some of the assets you get with Fitnezz.

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  Free Fitness Template

Hence the name, Fitness is an ideal website template to use with fitness and gym centers. You are completely ready to promote your place and advertise online to have the opportunity to reach more potential sports enthusiasts. On the other hand, Fitness is loaded with greatness in the form of numerous features that help you realize your ideal web space without problems. After all, if you use Fitness exactly as it comes from the box, you really need to do very little work to turn it into an active page.

However, whenever you feel there is a need, be sure to personalize. No matter how you feel like it, let it follow your mark up to T. Everything is possible and also very easy and friendly for beginners. Although some skills will be useful, it is not necessary to be a professional to be able to build a website that drives your business.

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  Free gym template

You can do spectacular things for your business once you refine your web space and expand your reach. To do this, avoid creating a page from scratch and use the gym website template without a gym. It has the content and features ready and configured so you can take advantage of it and start designing your most appropriate website. Also, you do not even need to make many adjustments if the look is exactly what you are looking for. In fact, Gym is a clean, minimal and advanced tool with innumerable possibilities.

Some of the characteristics of Gym are a huge poster with text, fixed heading, body mass index calculator, open courses and weekly program. Regarding the technical part, Gym follows all the latest trends to make sure that its final web creation stands the test of time.

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Whether you are a personal trainer or owner of a gym, whatever the case, this free fitness website template is for further study. It's just called, Coach. It is a very simple tool that can become a sales / advertising machine in the blink of an eye. If your page is outdated or fresh in space, compile one as soon as possible with the Trainer template. Surprisingly, it will be much more comfortable than you think, so play fast.

Trainer is a website template based on Bootstrap that will help you boost your training services with everyone, which is crucial if you are selling online courses. Apart from that, Trainer has a minimal and neat web design with a full-screen banner, parallax effect, back-up button and a footer section full of features. If you would like to grow, now you know what actions you should take to make things move.

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  responsive free fitness website template

Fitness is a clean and modern website template for gyms and gyms. This template gives you a premium feel in the free version itself. It also has a premium version in which you get the option of advanced customization.

Fitness includes several pre-designed pages for you, so you get all the necessary pages you normally need on a fitness website. This template uses custom icons that go well with the general adjustment and the finishing of the template. The programming section is designed for cards that include icons to represent the corresponding physical fitness courses at that time. With this template, you get parallax scrolling, sharp effects and a price table designed intuitively.

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Gym Workout

  Gym Gym Free Website Template

Gym Workout is a colorful fitness modern website template. This template is a unique website template with all the necessary segments you need in a fitness website. Gym training template is the best choice for gyms, sports clubs and gyms. This template can also be used as a personal website template for personal trainers.

In the header section, you have a large hero image and a text rotator to give an impressive introduction to the user. This template uses different solid colors for each section to differentiate them elegantly. In this template only professional colors are used, so they act with lightness in the eyes of the user. With this one-page website template you get segments like, class schedules, testimony, gallery and a clean contact form.

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  free fitness gym website template gymv2

GymV2 is a community-focused colorful fitness website template. With this template, you get many modern web elements to engage users and encourage them to join the community. This template uses the modern violent color scale as the color scheme. It is a website template of several pages, so you will get more pages to describe your fitness services in detail to the user.

The homepage of the template is full of gadgets. Get a widget for Twitter feeds, events, class time and scrollable gallery. This template helps you to showcase your fitness courses and the logical design of the template helps the user to know more about you at a glance.

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  Resistance Free Endurance Website Template

Stamina Website Template is more or less similar to the Fitness website template mentioned above. But the Stamina template follows a different design. It is also a freemium type website template, you get all the premium features in the free version. But you need to get the premium version to get the template customization support.

The Stamina website template includes all the necessary features you need to create a professional fitness website template for your gym. This template uses custom icons to match the overall design of the template. The color orange is used as the main color scheme of this template. With this template, you get segment of functions, team segment, courses and price table on the home page. Stamina includes several elegantly predesigned pages for you.

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Fitness In

  fitness in free website template

Fitness In is a clean and modern looking website template . This template uses a full-width design design, so it has enough screen space to elegantly display the website to the user. Since it is a website template responsive to mobile devices, all web elements and their contents are designed to fit the small screen devices.

It is a one-page website template in which all the necessary segments are obtained to impress the users. a single page in itself. This template uses a modern blue color for web elements. Along with this template, you get custom icons, animated counters and parallax effects.

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Fitness Time

  fitness free time website template

Fitness is a style boot website template flat for fitness. It is a one-page website template so that the user can know all the details about you at a glance. This template uses a bright red color as the primary color scheme of the template, which manages to attract the user's attention easily. This template follows the traditional navigation menu bar at the top to facilitate navigation.

In the header section, you have a large image slider with sharp transition effects. Get neat personalized icons along with this template so you can elegantly represent your services to users. With this unique website template, you get segments like coaches, gallery and price table. The effects of displacement and other visual effects are also following subtle effects to maintain the template in the professional area.

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  asana free fitness website template

Asana is a gym website template for fitness enthusiasts yoga. This template helps you create an elegant and simple fitness website template to showcase your yoga classes. This template uses patterns for the background and green shades as the color scheme for the web elements.

In the header section, you have a large image slider with some random transition effects to help you give an interactive introduction to your fitness courses. . Bold and huge texts are used on the home page so that the user can read about you clearly, even on small screen devices. The homepage of this template remains simple, but you will get several predesigned pages for you in this template.

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Zero Size

  zero side free fitness website template

Zero Size is a modern and colorful fitness website template. This template uses modern colors for web elements. This template is full of visual effects for almost all the elements of this template that come from the sides and from the top as you move. These effects this template, not an option go for many of the users. But you really like the eye-catching visual effects on every page, the zero-size template is for you.

In addition to animation effects, this template uses professional fonts and colors. In the header section, you have a large image slider that automatically changes. As it is a Bootstrap website template, abbreviated codes are also obtained to integrate web elements such as progress bars, panels and labels.

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  free diving website fitness template

Plunge is a modern looking multi-purpose website template for travel, exercises and adventures. This template uses a modern design design and a clean professional color scheme that meets the current website design style.

Each segment on the main page differs by the clean white background and the images. The images between the section also act as a parallax scroll element. On the clean white background, the images and texts are clearly visible to users on any device. This template is responsive for mobile devices, so it also works well on small screen devices. The Plunge template provides you with custom icons, parallax effects, animated counters and carousels.

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Fitness goals

  fitness goals free website template

Fitness goals is a colorful fitness website template . This template follows a modern design design that gives the same proportion to both texts and multimedia content. It is a one-page website template that helps you to say only elegantly the most important information for the user.

On the clean white background, the images and texts are clearly visible. In the header section, it has a static image background and a text rotator. The transition effects in the texts are subtle and clean. As it is a website template, it has sections about us, class schedule, coaches, portfolio and contact form. The visual effects of this template are minimal and manage to attract the attention of people with ease.

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  website template fitfit free fitness

Fitpress is a clean and professional fitness website template. This template is filled with vibrant vibrant colors for web elements and content blocks. On white background, colorful images and web elements look clean.

In the top bar, you have contact information and your social media profile link. In the header section, you have a large static hero image with text slider. The effects of transition in the are clean and subtle. You also have the option to add a call-to-action button in the header section. In this one page website template, you can get sections on services, equipment, gallery, colorful price table and contact form.

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Tennis court

  tennis court fitness website template free

Tennis court is a site template clean and professional sports website. But this template includes all the necessary features and options you need in a fitness website template. This template follows the modern design so that it can attract the young audience easily.

Transition effects and other animation effects in this template are done intuitively. It is a full-width website template with a large amount of space for texts and images. In this template, you can elegantly display your images. With this multi-page website template, you get features like carousels, animated counters, countdown clock, incredible font icons, and sharp scrolling effects.

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Tru Fit

  physical fitness website template tru fit

Tru Fit helps you create a modern looking website simple. It does not include multiple segments on the homepage, it can only show important details to the user. But these are multi-page website templates, so you can describe the details of your services on separate pages.

In the header section, you have the option to add texts. Here in the demo price table is shown in the header image. On the home page, it has the segment of class programming, functions and testimony. You also have the option of adding video to the template. Tru Fit follows the burger style menu option. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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Fine Shape

  fine shape fitness website template

Fine shape helps you create look fitness website templates colorful and modern This template includes all the necessary features and modern web elements so you can create a website that suits your current needs. It is a one-page website template. Each segment of the page is clearly distinguished from each other.

This template contains great headlines of images throughout the design, so finding a place to show your best shot will not be a big problem. The effects of scrolling and other animation effects in web elements are done with a professional standard. This template follows the hamburger-style navigation menu to help the user enjoy a website experience without distractions. With this template, you will get sections such as about, courses, price table and gallery.

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Boxing Club

  boxing club free fitness website template

Boxing Club is a website template based on sports designed primarily for the boxing club niche. But this template is also a good option for fitness websites. It is a full width website template with modern design.

It is a one-page website template with all the functions and segments needed to impress the visitor on a page. This template uses blocks of colorful content and blue color as the primary color scheme for the web elements. This template follows the navigation of the top bar to provide an easy-to-use experience. In the header section, it has a static hero image and bold text with an elegant font.

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Flat Gym

  gym flat gym free website template

Flat Gym is a clean gym website template and professional. This template is full of visual effects from the header to the footer section of the website. On the home page, the transition effects are not too flashy, but on some pages it seems that the visual effects are exaggerated.

In addition to the visual effects, the template looks clean and simple. This template uses a modern professional blue color as the color scheme. It is a multi-page website template with all the necessary pages previously designed for you. You get custom icons for the service section to clearly show your services to the user. The template of the Flat Gym website uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework.

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  Marathon free fitness website template

Marathon is a clean and simple fitness website template . This template is designed primarily for the marathon, but can also be used as an event website template and gym website templates. The Marathon template can also be used as a personal trainer website template, since it includes web elements to showcase your experience, skills and experience elegantly to the user.

The full-width design helps the user to give a large amount of screen space to impress visitors to your site. The template of the Marathon website uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework. SO you get modern web elements with this template. With this template, you get features such as custom icons, countdown, animated graphics, animated counters and clean hover effects.

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  sprint free fitness website template

Sprint is a fitness website template to meet the needs of a modern website. This template includes modern design and web elements in trend. With the use of the pink color scheme, this template gets a feminist touch. But on the clean white background, the pink web elements look clean.

It is a one-page website template with subtle animation effects and scroll effects. Each section of the template is clearly distinguishable from each other. This one-page website template offers sections such as services, gallery, team and contact form. The gallery section follows a grid style design with tabbed interface for a better user-friendly browsing experience.

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Bike World

  Bicycle free world fitness website template

Bike World helps you create an Simple and modern gym website template. This template includes all the necessary features and web elements that you normally need to create a professional-looking gym site.

In the header section, you have a fully stretched static hero image as a background and text slider. The transition effects of the text slider are clean and perfectly synchronized so that the user can read a set of text clearly and easily. Bike World includes several pre-designed pages for you. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. As it is a Bootstrap template, you get the shortcode options for easy customization. Get short codes for progress bars, tabs, badges and forms.

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What one will wear on your site

Here are some of the best free fitness templates you can use for your gym, sports club, gym and health clubs. Most of the templates in this list follow a flexible design, so its use for the needs of the multipurpose website is not a problem. If you intend to use your site as a community, then it is better to use WordPress fitness themes because you have many options and user management is also easier with WordPress plugins. To get a better idea, check out our other collections of templates and collections of WordPress themes before selecting the best WordPress theme or template for your site.

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