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Anyone looking for something, here is one of the best HTML website templates for games that we have been able to compile. To create an excellent website in the niche of the games, these templates will help you to do so. You can easily use them for all kinds of purposes, such as news, reviews, blogs, stores and even for developers and companies. Put your knowledge and experience into words and incredible content and start attracting like-minded people.

Before jumping on board, many first dig a little deeper to read the critiques of the game they are attracted to. Sometimes, more like most of the time, the official description of the video game lacks information. Not only that, players like to read personal reviews to better understand what they are getting into. As an expert as you are, it provides all the necessary specifications and information and creates an experience like nowhere else.

With the gaming industry being as big as it is, you can expect many website templates to be available to your service. To avoid spending your valuable time searching the web for what suits your needs, you can find the best HTML game website templates here. From those for news and comments to easy eCommerce and even find one to start a community with a great forum.

Just like your time is always well spent on video games, spend quality time building your gaming website as well. [19659005] Bravapp

Bravapp is one of the best solutions to boost your startup and put it in front of a global audience. It is a HTML website template for games with one page variations and several dark and light pages. In addition, you also get incredible blog pages and a contact section with an active form and integrated Google Maps. Bravapp is based on Bootstrap 4, which provides the necessary flexibility for your web presence to run smoothly on any device.

After all, you're starting a game for mobile devices, right?

Other strong features of Bravapp are compatibility with MailChimp, smooth transitions, amazing page loading speed and orderly and organized code. The web template for games is totally customizable, it is prepared for retina and has fantastic support. Your presence on the web will surely be tempting with Bravapp.

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  Website template strider gaming html5

Strider is an excellent HTML website template for games for developers and interested studios In expanding their businesses. The time has come for you to show your incredible work and attract new potential customers only because of the amazing page that is about to be established with the help of Strider. The configuration process is extremely simple with Strider and also comes with all the necessary information to use it.

You can choose from four incredible index page styles, each of which is a dark or light version. The particle effect, the slider, the video and the static image are the predesigned options you can choose for the fastest launch of the site. Strider is also responsive, compatible with several browsers, includes a functional contact form and presents some really cool animations.

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  gio gaming portal website template html

GIO is an HTML website template for multipurpose games complete functions or practices and material ready to use. In the GIO package, you get eighteen and account HTML files that you can modify effortlessly. There are four covers available and ready to use with shooting games, clans and zombies or for an online game magazine. Choose accordingly and mix with other elements to complete your web presence in a very short time.

Your gaming or gaming community will shine on the Internet with GIO. The tool is optimized for speed and comes with parallax and video boxes to give more flavor to the experience. In addition, GIO has a classification system, mega menu, owl carousel, AJAX contact form and smooth scrolling. The result will always work without problems on all devices and platforms due to the epic responsiveness of GIO.

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  escapium game room html website template

Something a bit different this time, but still a perfect addition to our best templates of HTML websites for games. Escapium is an escape room game template that you can use for a couple of different intentions. First, it's for all the real-life escape rooms where you and your friends are locked in a room and need to find an exit as soon as possible. The clock is running. Secondly, you can adjust Escapium and use it for almost any type of event-based website.

Call your attention with the great Escapium homepage and get familiar with your rooms using the included and exclusive pages. Escapium also has a blog section, a contact page and, of course, a booking page with a form. It takes very little work to meet your needs, just use all the valuable material at your fingertips and start your escape room business.

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  Goodgame game website template

Not all games are good, but GoodGames is right there in the top. Only GoodGames is not really a game but a great tool suitable for creating incredible websites within the gaming industry. However, if you reconsider everything, you can easily say that building a page is also a game. What do you say? Will we play GoodGames? The rules are very simple, there are almost none. You play with the design and that is more or less. Funny part? You do not need any previous skills and you can still complete it in a very short time.

With the HTML website template for GoodGames games, you can easily create a variety of pages for various purposes. You can start an online store, a news page, a massive game portal or use it to create a personal blog. Whichever option you are looking for, GoodGames will have it sorted. The template includes all the most important elements to create an expert-looking page. From the gallery and the forum to different blog designs, news and clan wars. It also comes with other internal pages along with many original elements (short codes) to modify it according to your needs. In fact, the GoodGames template is also responsive and retina ready for a smooth appearance on all devices.

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  plume gaming website template

With more than 400 UI elements, PLUME HTML5 will give you everything you need for a gaming site solid. Whatever you want to build, let PLUME help you. It is suitable for almost any type of page from the application, the news, the online store and everything else. It comes with 49 predefined demos, but you can always take the time and create a custom one. You will not believe how easy it is to adjust the template and add different elements. So simple, anyone can do it easily.

To attract the attention of the visitors but without interrupting them, 9 different notifications will do the trick. In addition, there are also 14 headings available along with 6 footers and 5 different copyright. Only by combining these numbers will you get a lot of variations for your newly created gaming website. The PLUME gaming website template also includes great features such as Disqus comment, Slider Revolution and Isotope.

Said in general terms, you have an unlimited amount of possibilities with the PLUME multipurpose template. Take all the good things for your benefit and start creating the best page focused on the game. You can achieve a lot with the template, even so, you can update the design and create something completely different. The choice is yours.

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  godlike game website template

To create something really amazing, the Godlike template will be very useful . Not only does it come with many interesting features, but the overall design is also mind-boggling. Perfect for the world of video games. Based on Bootstrap 4, GodLike is an HTML template for games with which you can enjoy creating different sites. Nothing prevents you from setting up an online store, a loyal community or something similar to a home page, showing your game. A modern web design with unlimited design combinations sounds very intriguing.

When the decision is made and you decide that the Godlike game website template is like God's, you are treated with more than 65 HTML files. To add more, the navigation is ready to slide, you can surprise the guests with an amazing presentation using Revolution Slider and enjoy the power of Mega Menu. Total responsiveness is also an important factor that any modern premium gaming template must offer and GodLike is fully equipped with it.

Go with the GodLike template and add fun effects to the site such as background audio, parallax and a background video. It is not necessary to stop here. You can do much more with the template and bring something revolutionary to the market.

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  Website Template for bboots games

When searching for the best community of like-minded people, let the BBOOTS template do your best Building a forum like none out there. Of course, you must play the game of putting your creativity into practice and truly forging an exceptional forum. But that is something that everyone is capable of. Apart from that, you do not need coding skills or previous experience.

BBOOTS is based on the Bootstrap Framework for full functionality. The template adapts without problems to all screen sizes and is compatible with all browsers. Consistency is key. There are also many add-ons added to the template so you can use them for the needs of your forum. In addition, 20 color presets are available, however, you can create a custom preset at any time with the Color function.

To obtain the ranking in the search engines, BBOOTS follows the best SEO practices. Make your forum popular and full of organic traffic. With fast loading speeds and a clean and modern design, visitors will be happy to look in the forum which results in a great bounce rate, or should I say, a low bounce rate. Let the search engines know that your website is full of quality material and provides a lot of useful information for the browser.

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Game Forest

  game forest gaming website template

Set up a website where people meet and hang out, enjoying the content of your game game. Game Forest is an HTML website template for games that you can use to blog, broadcast, video and, in general, a game website. Includes all the necessary elements for the best user experience. Special widgets for games, publications, newsletters and friends will be very useful to add more options to your web design. In your downloaded file, you will find more than 70 HTML pages, many custom components to give more flavor to things. These are tables, progress bars, various buttons, countdown timer and more. It also comes with a chat component.

The Game Forest template will never disappoint you. Once you start using all your functions, you will be surprised at how much you can create with a powerful HTML template. You can add a video as a background, experiment with sliders, different effects and benefit from free updates. Definitely you will not lack goodies and extras once you start to try things and see what Game Forest is made of. Personalize it to your needs and individualize the design so that it meets the needs of your gaming website.

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  game website template played

The name fits very well in the game industry, the template Youplay is a excellent way to put your passion online and be in charge of that. You create the website and have total control of each element. Then, when it needs to be improved and changed for any reason, you immediately know how to access it. Instead of starting from scratch, the HTML website template for Gameplay features 4 demonstrations to suit a variety of tastes. You can choose the one you like and personalize it easily. It is not necessary to adhere to the default version in case you want to add your personal touch. Feel free to do things your way and stand out from the crowd.

Some of the key features of the Youplay template are the Instagram and Twitter channels, the ajax contact form and Revolution Slider. In the package, you get designs for an online store, a blog and upcoming pages. You also save money with the included isotope. Also, if your intention is to start a forum, Youplay allows you to build one as well. Players, it's time to start an online project and put your enthusiasm for video games into words and incredible content.

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  hotmagazine gaming website template

It is very hot when it publishes something that nobody has ever spoken about. Or it's something a bit more controversial that helps you viralize. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box to attract more visitors and spread the word. If you are full of these fantastic ideas, bring them to life with the Hotmagazine HTML game website template. Share industry news, post what is fashionable at the moment and contribute your two cents on a specific game you are taking to the world.

The Hotmagazine template has a modern and elegant design fully customizable and ready to face new challenges. In other words, if you have a special idea for a news website or magazine, it is Hotmagazine that will surely lead you to the realization. With the template, you will not have problems designing a fully functional website that entertains a large amount of traffic.

To speed up the process, choose one of the 6 ready-to-use home page layouts and organize all the sample data. in the exact order All types of internal pages are at your service, 8 designs of unique publications and a contact form of work. Is not this material more than enough for you to build a website in a short and crazy time? Of course.

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  Team game website template

The ability to create eSport sites and games is inevitable with the template HTML of the team It serves all the functions and options necessary for you to develop a website for teams, a fan site, a tournament page and the like. The template includes incredible views of 256 pages to feed almost any taste. There are also charts and diagrams included in the package to show results and statistics. By following all modern HTML5 and CSS3 standards, you can expect the Team template to be flexible and work seamlessly on all devices.

Although the template is already very colorful, with new updates, the team of professionals will launch new color presets. Enjoy a refreshment in your design with beautiful colors that will guarantee an excellent website experience. Make it attractive and memorable, and visitors will surely return to see what is happening.

Never underestimate a powerful HTML website template for games. It will help you accelerate the process of carrying out your idea for an online project. Whether it's from a hobby point of view or from a commercial perspective, it does not matter, templates like Team will always meet all your demands. Not only will you be satisfied, but also the visitors that land on your page. In addition to the client for whom you could be creating a page.

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  forca game website template

In Italian, forca means power and that is exactly what you are treated with this Receptive template that we are about to introduce you to. Get to know the Forca HTML website template. Perfect for news sites and magazines where you can share everything and everything about the industry that you are most passionate about. You know more about games, trends and everything between them. Why would not you want to share this knowledge with the world? Why do not you bring your online gaming experience and help others learn from it? In case you are considering starting a website, the Forca staff is the one who will make it possible for you.

You are looking for a 100 ready and ready for the retina design with a variety of features to create the perfect online platform oriented to the news. Is that something that you see yourself running and being in charge? Look no further, the Forca template is here to accommodate your requirement and help you realize even the smallest details. Are not we fascinated by all the details that encourage us to continue browsing and reading? However, at the end of the day, what matters most is the quality content. Impress everyone for their ability to work hard.

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  indigamer gaming website template

Based on Skeleton Grid, Indigamer is an HTML website template for games with an amazing design that will cause The eyes of many visitors bulk up. And that is exactly what I should be looking for. Even so, the content is as important as the overall design. To be honest, without high quality content, you will not be able to attract many guests. Create only the best of the best so that players are not only interested in visiting your website, but search engines also give a bit of brightness by ranking it higher. Fair enough.

The Indigamer template comes with 10 HTML5 files and offers you the option to customize it and build multiple designs. Those who like to write videogame reviews will love Indigamer. In fact, you can use the template for all types of review sites. You just need to modify it accordingly. That is, add different images and make it look relevant to the niche. But, what is relevant? It does not hurt to sometimes go against the grain. As a matter of fact, sometimes, you should consider taking a completely different route and avoiding the one dictated by the industry. With the responsive site template, Indigamer, you can achieve all that and more.

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Game Devs Redux

  game devs redux gaming website template

Playing games should be fun, right? And they should also build websites. He does not need to be tormented by the endless lines of code he does not fully understand. An HTML website template for games that knows how to play well is Game Devs Redux. This cheerful and fantastic theme will serve creative agencies, startups, players, studios and any other individual. Begin to experience the same emotions as when you play the game. But those emotions that feel good, not the ones that make you angry and you just want to hit the wall.

While many use Bootstrap to develop templates for HTML5 websites, Game Devs Redux uses Foundation 6. You have full control of the template and, finally, your web page. Do what seems right to you and your online project and start creating the fantasy page. In the zip file, you get the HTML template along with the design files and a complete documentation. Use the latter to familiarize yourself with the subject and begin to form your first web design. With a quality guide, you will have no problem establishing a site and publishing it in the online space.

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  dragonico game website template

To get straight to the point, Dragonic might not be the cheapest on this list of the best HTML website templates for games. Soon, after reviewing the specifications of the template, you realize why a slightly higher price. In short, because he deserves it. With this unique premium single-page game template, you'll get tingling sensations in each person visiting your site. Any game you want to promote, Dragonic will do everything possible to present it in the best possible light. Especially pay close attention to those little details that we love so much.

Optimized for high loading speeds and ready for mobile screens, the Dragonic template creates a great user experience. The full-screen mode will take everyone's breath away, while the heroes' introduction and function will share more information and details. Three more things and you will become a guaranteed fan: video gallery, store integration and reviews. The video galleries are complemented with the section of images and reviews that also allows you to share your contact. When it comes to the online store, sell both digital and physical products to your loyal readers.

You really need to go deep to find such beauty. It is not necessary that you spend time browsing, we did all the hard work for you. Here we are with the Dragonic staff and it is clearly one that will go beyond expectations.

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Escape Room

  escape website template

It's not always just about computers, mobile phones, tablets, a pair of headphones , a keyboard and a mouse when talking about the world of video games. What about the games of physical adventures and in real time? Did you ever think about that?

To offer you something a little different compared to what we present in this list of the best HTML website templates for games, we present Escape Room. For all the logic game enthusiasts who are in the business of the escape room, this template will be a perfect solution to further promote their rooms. Do you have something unusual that can not be found elsewhere? Are you opening a new location? Attract a wider audience of people interested in your services by putting your creative mind into practice and starting to design a splendid website. Use the Escape Room template to help you.

There are two pages from which you can choose and start creating things. The template is responsive and compatible with several browsers, so it will look beautifully for all visitors regardless of the device or browser they use. Since, anyway, you are a very skilled individual, take that skill to the online world as well. Create a mysterious website that attracts attention.

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WordPress templates for the gaming industry

Whoever needs a complete solution for their game or any other project related to the game, below you will find the best WordPress game templates of the world. In most cases, install these tools with a single click and start improving them according to your request immediately. Fast and reliable solutions for a professional appearance online that will boost your user base.


 cloux gaming html website template

No matter the type and style of your game, Cloux is here to solve it with a web space for it. A large selection of eight home pages is at your disposal to use immediately or a customized version of them. The theme customizer and the useful page generator give everyone the opportunity to modify Cloux to their tastes. And no, you do not have to be an experienced coder to do it.

The options you have with Cloux are almost endless. From the list of games and advertising to the compatibility with bbPress, WooCommerce and WPML, Cloux can do many things for you. You can also use the blog section with the review system and expand your reach further. The advanced search forms, login and registration, optimized SEO and the best header and footer builder, do things your way with Cloux.

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 arcane gaming Website html template

Arcane is a WordPress game template with an amazing selection of material and predefined resources. Grow your gaming community to new levels and reach your goals much faster than initially planned. Your users can easily create teams and tournaments to challenge others and keep track of everything. Arcane offers you to quickly create tournaments and team wars and launch the action.

Parallax effect, animations, classification system, WPML and bbPress ready, whatever, Arcane really offers its own experience. Each user of the template also receives access to the full support and documentation forum for a smoother construction process of their gaming website. Even if you're new to page development, Arcanne is incredibly easy to use and edit without touching a single line of code. Game on!

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 eldritch gaming html website template

For games and eSports, Eldritch could not be a better template to use. It will surely arouse your interest once you start browsing on your live preview page.

It's absolutely amazing!

Each section and every detail of Eldritch is carefully designed and developed for the best performance on all devices and platforms. If you need an epic, then you need Eldritch.

Six first page designs are at your disposal and ready for you to use them as they are or the improvements according to your demands. Eldritch is also ready to sell games using the power of WooCommerce. In addition, it offers a large number of other internal pages for matches, envelope and contact sections. You will also receive a next page to start the early hype and take your emails with the newsletter subscription widget. Start something extraordinary in the gaming industry with Eldritch.

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 esport gaming HTML website template

It goes without saying that eSport is a website template for games with many amazing features. Although it comes with a lot of immaculate material ready to use, you can still do things your way and modify the look of it. By using the powerful Visual Composer tool, it only requires a bit of drag and drop, and you can create custom designs with incredible ease. And it does not ask for any prior knowledge.

Games, accessories, unlimited players and sliders, sponsors section, forum ready, asset list could continue forever. The eSport is something that you should surely consider if this is the kind of website you plan to launch. For the games and games community, eSport is an ideal tool to realize all your ideas and create something out of this world. But first, download the template and install it with a simple click. No se pone más difícil.

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 powerup gaming Plantilla de página web html

PowerUp es una plantilla de sitio web de juegos limpio y ordenado para bloggers y periodistas en línea a los que les apasiona una cosa solo: videojuegos. Tiene un diseño web oscuro y limpio, que llama la atención y que intriga a todos para que sigan investigando el contenido publicado. PowerUp es una herramienta de desarrollo de sitio web muy sencilla que brinda mucha diversión tanto al webmaster como al usuario final.

El código de la plantilla es limpio y liviano para una velocidad de carga rápida y un rendimiento excelente. Está, por supuesto, 100% listo para dispositivos móviles para que sus sitios web se adapten con fluidez a cualquier dispositivo, desde teléfonos inteligentes y tabletas hasta computadoras de escritorio. El práctico menú desplegable de varios niveles les ofrece a los usuarios encontrar el contenido que necesitan rápidamente con tan pocos clics como sea posible. Además, PowerUp te hace sentir cómodo construyendo tu página gracias al acceso total a la documentación y al equipo de expertos. Lo que sea que quieras juntar, puedes hacerlo con PowerUp.

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