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The five most common website errors you receive are 400 for the wrong request, 401 for unauthorized error, 403 for prohibited error, the 404 most common for page not found, and 500 for internal server error. Among all these common error pages, the most common error page template that gets pre-packaged with your website template is 404.

We have also made a separate collection of 404 error page template, in this post We have listed the best free error page templates. We have managed to get another error page template also on this list. But still most of them are error templates based on 404. Since these free error page templates are easy to customize, you can use them as a basis to create your own custom error page. Before entering the list, all the free templates mentioned here are plain templates. You can not use them directly on your websites, but you can use them as inspiration and you can create your own templates.

Error Page 404 Vampire

You can use this page template of free error exactly as it is or you can add your personal touch.Make it follow your mark so that it does not feel weird when a visitor lands on it.Otherwise, it may appear that it is no longer on your page and you will leave it altogether. Do things in a creative and fun way, go against the norm and stand out from the crowd even when it comes to error pages.

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Error 404

  delete free error animation page template

This next one will definitely click you. If nothing but the safe return button. However, you can also start pressing the Delete key because the animation is too attractive and persuasive. Page Template 404 Free Error is a cartoon of a black and white finger by repeatedly pressing the Delete button on a keyboard. Unfortunately, there is no call to action button that this template offers.

However, the tool uses HTML and CSS in case you want to make customization adjustments and improve its presentation. You can add your own CTA or encourage visitors to return to where they came from in case their website has taken them to an error page. For some reason, these repeating short clips catch you every time and make you look at them with wide eyes.

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An error occurred

  an error occurred in the free page template

An error occurred in a template error page 500. With animated web elements and background, this template manages to provide an interactive experience to users. You also have the option to add your logo to the center of the page. Simple, clean texts are used to display the message to users and a single line space is provided to help you give a personalized message to the user.

To display the code, the user uses the logo of the website of the independent professional. To comply with the consistency of the design, a blue color scheme is used in the template, but you can change the color to the color of the mark if necessary. Since you gave clear instructions in the message to reload the page, you do not get any call-to-action button with this error page template. The template uses HTML5 and CSS frameworks.

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User not found

  user not found error page template free

If you are looking for an error page inspiration for Game website templates or membership website templates, then the User template not found is the best option for you. With the subtle and clean fault animation effect, it can indirectly show users a clear error message creatively. You have a lot of space in this full-width error page template to add your personal message.

Instead of using a call-to-action button to take the user to the previous page or homepage, the developer decided to go with the text link. The text link option is a good choice to keep the design clean and at the same time provide users with a useful feature.

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  unicorn error free page template

You do not need to be creative just with design and visual effects. You can also use words to stay creative. But this 404 error page template offers you a simple creative design and a lot of space to add a creative message.

The unicorn image took the main space in this design. If you have a brand character like Edd with the Easy digital download or the one-eyed monster with Optinmonster, you can use your brand character here instead of the unicorn. At the bottom, it has a call-to-action button to take the user to the previous page.

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In maintenance

  in maintenance-free error page template

This error page template can be used when your Site is down for scheduled maintenance. With simple animation and fewer options, this template uses only a few lines of code. Then, the template is light and also has a lot of room to improve, if necessary. In addition to the animated image and some lines of text, there are no other elements in this template. If you wish, you can customize this template to suit your needs. Some large websites will perform maintenance tasks only on certain parts of the website when leaving other pages, in order to provide users with uninterrupted service. If you are also doing so, you can add other web page links that work to this error page template to retain the visitor.

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404 Crying Baby

  404 crying baby error free page template

404 Lrying baby is another page template error message based on characters. This is a 404 error page template, it looks clean and perfect in pixels. The animation effects are smooth, each element is neatly animated, there is no lag or overlap. In the clean solid blue background, bold text 404 is clearly legible. This template does not give you any space to add personal messages or any other web element such as the call to action button. If you need it, you can customize this template, use HTML and CSS framework.

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Invoice error page

  Invoice free error page template

It is a perfect choice for both site templates personal web like for business website templates. In the full width design, this template fills the screen space with bold text 404 and a clean animated character. The alignment of the character and background is perfectly done to fit the zero of 404. Another interactive element that you get with this template is a pop-up text, which shows the character's name. You can use this space to add a text link to other pages. Again, if you have some brand character, you can use it here to make your website reflect your brand consistently throughout the design.

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Lost in Space

  lost in space free error page template

Lost in space is a complete package. This template is fully functional and has all the necessary features you need. This template meets all the requirements to create a perfect error page template. It is a full-width website template that intelligently manages the screen space with an animated background, which gives the template a vivid feel. You can clearly mention the error code and you are given enough space to add your personalized message. At the bottom, you have the option to add a call-to-action button to take visitors to the home page. This well-coded error page template uses HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript framework.

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404 Gradient

  Free 404 gradient error page template

404 gradient is a simple and elegant modern error page template . Most HTML website templates include 404 templates with the package. Today, even some of the top quality free website templates include all the basic pages designed for you. If you're not satisfied with the pre-grouped 404-page template, you can use some creative templates like this 404 gradient.

With this template, you can clearly indicate the error to the user and also have a small space to add your personal message. Call to action button at the bottom can be used to take the user to the main page or the previous page.

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Error Page n. ° 2

  error page 2 free page template

Error page n. ° 2 is a light color error page template. To match its light color, the animation effects are also designed with a dark to light color transformation. It is also a 404 error page template, since the code is shared directly with you, you can change it to work for other errors as well. Like the loss in space, this template is also a complete error page template with a perfect pixel design and useful functions. With this template, you get a line space to add a personalized message and a call to action button at the bottom. This template is purely developed with the latest HTML and CSS framework.

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Swinging 404

  page template 404 rolling error

This error page template is the best match for templates of kindergarten website. Because the soft colors and the attractive minimal animation effects of this error page template can be combined well with the templates on the school website. In addition to the visual effects, all the other features are still the same as you saw on the page Error # 2 and the gradient error page template 404. At the bottom, you have the option to add a call button to the action to take users to the main page or the previous page. Again, it's a clean encoded template that only uses the latest HTML and CSS frameworks.

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Torch not found

  torch not found free error page template

It is an interactive template is a clean visual effect. To logically match the meaning of the page not found, the search with torch animation is used in this template. With this template, you can directly notify the user of the error code and the page error message not found. This template did not give you any other options to help you add a personal message; it's an obvious choice because for this type of animated template, even if you add a personal message, most users won; Do not stay on the page to see the message.

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  closed error page template closed

If you are looking for a creative error page template for a website template of a restaurant or any other shop-related template, you may need to check this template. With brilliant color and subtle animation, it manages to notify the user that an error has occurred. At the top, you have the option to add your social profile link and a link to the contact details. If the website template uses any other color scheme, you can change the bright yellow color of this template to the default website color scheme. This template is developed exclusively in HTML and CSS frameworks.

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Glitch Effect

  glitch effect error page template

Glitch Effect is one of the trend design trends in the visual industry. Now he is slowly going to the world of web design. With modern web development, we can create a perfect fault effect that looks surreal. Again, this template is just a base, you must develop your own error page on this. As for the features, you do not get any option either. To put it simply, this template only shows 404 error message directly to users.

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SVG Animation

  svg animation error free page template

SVG Animation is another animated template error page 404. If you want to remain creative only with the visual effects, you can make use of this template. But it has a lot of white space in this full width design. So you can customize and use this space to add other useful links or a search bar option.

The SVG animation template uses HTML, CSS and Javascript frameworks. As this template prioritizes visual effects, it has well-encoded Javascript and only a few lines of CSS. This template does not respond to mobile devices. In general, if you intended to use this template, make it clear that you can not use it directly, you must compile your error page about this code.

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Text Back

  text back free error page template

The text back is a flat error page template for the 404 error. With the solid color background and the floating animation, this template adapts to the trend of modern web design. There is a lot of space in this full page template if you need to add other web elements, such as a search bar. The call to action button uses colors scroll effects. Above all, a clean-looking error page template that can be used as a basis to develop your own custom error page. This clean encoded template uses HTML and CSS framework.

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Oops Error Page

  oops free error page template

It is a modern error page template with material colors and design of flat design. This simple error page template simply does its job. It shows the error code, the corresponding message and an option to take the user to the home page. The most notable part of this error page template is the use of the color scheme. The correct color options are chosen that match and balance each other. This colorful error page template is the best choice for any kind of modern colorful website templates and one page website templates.

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Simple error page

  simple simple error page template

It's another smart and clean error page template. As its name implies, this template follows a simple design and options are also limited. But where this template stands out from the rest is with the unique and considered error message. With the large amount of space for the text message, you can add as many characters as you want. The only drawback of this template is that you have to click on all the links as a text link, you have no other option. By adding some codes, you can make the text link appear differently from other texts.

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Photo Error

  Free photo error page template

This error page template is a design inspiration for the Website template for photography and for directory website templates. Instead of a static background, this template uses the effect of falling animated photos. You can use this part to show some of your best clicks, even on the error page. But the problem is that you have to get your hands dirty to make this template according to your desire. Without customizations, you can not make a personal impression with this error page template. Another useful feature that you get with this template is a call-to-action button to take the user to the home page and the scrolling effects.

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Hacker thematic error page

  Hacker free error page template

This idea page template error me led to the early use of the website that was found at CERN. Full of green screen with codes and blinking screen. If you are still a person who loves old designs, this error page template will impress you.

In the name of the inheritance of the old design, the developer, Robin Selmer, did not omit any useful function. He provided you with the options to add a text link to other pages on your website. To make this simple error page template, the developer uses the HTML and CSS framework. The base code used is shared directly with you, so you can directly change the code and visualize the result.

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What Will Your Inspiration

Here are some of the best free error page templates that you can use as design inspiration to create your own custom error pages. Most of the templates on this list share the code they used to help you get a better idea of ​​how they work. If you are a developer, this free error template will definitely be a base model to create your own customized template for your web projects. Still can not find the template you want? See our other collections of templates to get a better idea.

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