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It is said that sometimes simple is better. And we can not deny the fact that, sometimes, minimalism and simplistic vibrations are more attractive. That is exactly the trend that is becoming more and more popular every day. From simple designs to easy-to-use interfaces, even online websites have joined the trend. And now you can see thousands of examples online if you look around and have adapted. Especially when it comes to content-focused or professional sites, simple website designs are much easier to navigate or use. In addition to this, for those who seek a platform free of distractions, these have the best purpose.

In addition, a simple design is easy to achieve and needs much less attention to details and updates. That is correct if you like to concentrate more on the content and make the platform efficient and effective, then the simple templates of websites are the best option. Not only are they easy to maintain but they require minimal effort to update or stylize. However, this does not mean that they are the least attractive. In fact, those sites that are easy to use and easy to understand are more focused on the main purpose of the sites, whether personal or professional, that tend to earn more interest.

So, today we have made a list of the best website templates that are available for you to try. In addition, we have chosen these templates based on their popularity among users and our overall experience. This is to ensure that each of these work exactly as you prefer and get the optimal experience online. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our impressive collection and get connected today!


Mono, as the name suggests, is a clean, mono and simple website template that serves more than one purpose. Because it is multipurpose, this template is extremely flexible and customizable. The design is not only simple, it is also fully sensitive and ready for the retina. In addition to this, it is completely based on the latest Bootstrap framework and the HTML and CSS coding structure. The template is even compatible with several browsers. This guarantees a quality and superior quality standard to match your expectations. Perfect for almost all the niches of a website, this template is the level of perfection you are looking for. Get an incredible variety of features, options, elements and template designs that are ready to use. Choose from over 41 different and beautiful homepage layouts.

Not only this, but this template also offers a range of header and footer designs to choose from. The template is extremely light and loads quickly and easily. It also has an impressive looking portfolio and gallery sections as well. To make it more attractive, you also get more than 50 different button styles. In addition to this, the highly organized and well-commented codes are easy to customize. Ready for WooCommerce, friendly with translation, useful support, organized design, are some of the incredible features included. Get much more than you pay only with Mono!

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  simple website template in a bad mood

Moody is another impressive and amazing website template that is flexible and extensible. With tons of incredible options to try and choose from, this is probably a great option to opt for. It is completely sensitive and ready for the retina. This means that no matter what device your users are on, your site looks absolutely amazing. Based on the powerful and recent Bootstrap framework, this template will surely attract the attention of viewers immediately. In addition to this, the template package comes with tons of amazing features that make it practical and effective. The design is modern and elegant at the same time that it gives users the options to choose from a variety of selections. In addition, it also uses the advanced CSS and HTML coding structure that gives way to more impressive effects and animations as well.

What's more is that there are also tons of options for the design structure and design to choose from. As it is multipurpose, you can convert this template to anything you want. Get more than 118 HTML files that allow you to add useful elements that you might need. Not only this, but you also get access to a variety of incredible fonts and icons from Google Fonts and FontAwesome. In addition to this, you get more than 20 different homepage styles. It also includes more than 28 Portfolio styles and 11 blog styles that you can easily use. The template is easy to customize and all the codes are clean and well commented. You even get 2 different contact pages that make this template even effective. Whether you want to start a blog, create a corporate website or more, this template is undoubtedly the ideal option.

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  Simple Pace Website Template

The pace is astonishingly minimal and Simple Website Template that also features multiple-use options. It is designed to be simple, clean, professional looking and completely responsive. Following a simple color palette in black, white and gray, it is without a doubt the ideal choice if you need a simplistic site design. Based on the powerful Bootstrap frame, this template is modern and elegant. By giving it the edge of the style you want, you can edit and customize the theme as you wish. Being multi-purpose, this template is ideal for blogs, portfolios, corporate sites and more. The full-screen menu that it includes is an additional attractive factor. But that's not all, this template is rich in full features with everything you might need.

The template is also compatible with all browsers and includes more than 175 HTML files that you can use. However, the best part is that it offers options for designs of one or several pages. Not only this, but you can also choose between the different styles of header and footer design. In addition, the portfolio and the blog design also offer tons of variations. For the convenience of users, this template includes even more than 50 demo layouts that you can easily use. The template is powered with CSS and HTML coding structure. Also, get a great variety of short codes. You can use them to add all the useful elements you need.

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  pofo simple website template

One of the most popular creative and multifunctional website templates, Pofo is However, another simple website template we recommend. With a vibrant home page design and unique design and overall appearance, this template is one that will surely surprise viewers. The best part is that this template is highly customizable and can be modified according to your preferences. The template is completely sensitive and ready for retina. With high definition images, this template looks absolutely amazing, to say the least. If you are looking for something driven by Bootstrap and have a simple and minimal feel, this is the ideal option. Get more than 211 pages that you can easily integrate with creative design. In addition, it is optimized for speed and SEO. Not only this, but it is filled with tons of incredible options.

Get more than 26 different demo pages so you do not have to start from scratch. In addition, this template also offers variation options with blog and portfolio design designs Integrated with Google Fonts and FontAwesome, you also get different fonts and typography options. The package also includes premium add-ons like Revolution Slider and more. Get smooth scrolling and impressive animations that add to the attractiveness of the site. The most advanced features of this template include interactive animations, video background, drop-down menu, text sliders, progress bars, parallax sections and more. Get it today and see the difference it makes!

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  porto simple website template

Looking for a professional but simple website template? Then Porto is an incredible HTML agency website template that we surely recommend. Built with the powerful Bootstrap frame, it is completely responsive and is ready for retina. In addition to this, it is designed with a simple, clean and modern design in mind. Perfect for corporations and business websites of all niche, it includes tons of amazing features. Get a ton of demo pages from which you can choose to start. Backed with the advanced coding structure of CSS and HTML, it is flexible and extensible. Not only this, but the template has an amazing speed and is designed to be light.

What's great is that it offers an unlimited color palette to work with. This means that you can switch between different color combinations every time with ease. Also, you have options for the clear and dark version of the theme. So what you prefer is ready to show. Choose from a range of various design styles for blogs and portfolios. Not only this, the package also includes the premium complement Revolution Slider This makes it easy for users to display multimedia files in an attractive way. The template is also ready for RTL and is easy to translate. In addition to all this, get the amazing CSS animations and impressive effects.

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  Boltex simple website template

Boltex is another simple, elegant and clean site template. That is absolutely beautiful. Follow a creative design of the one page website that is easy to follow and navigate. It is also built with the powerful Bootstrap framework and is extremely advanced in terms of functions. In addition to the creative design structure, it is also quite flexible and suitable for all kinds of creative or professional companies, web studios, and more. As it is well commented, this theme is also easy to modify and edit. Also, what you get with the package seems to be worth what you pay for. Without a doubt, it is attractive and is sure to keep its users hooked and engaged. With tons of incredible customization options and useful elements, this superior website template is more than you can negotiate.

It has the incredible coding structure of CSS and HTML that makes it advanced and effective. This provides a way for more amazing features such as advanced animations and creative effects. In addition to this, you also have access to a range of demo pages that you can choose from. This ensures that you do not waste your time and effort from scratch. No matter in which niche you are involved, this simple premium website template has it all. Also get the option of several colors, which facilitates the edition of the elements according to your preferences. In addition, you also get the premium Slider Revolution add-on that allows users to easily create incredible sliders. The powerful coding structure is advanced and offers tons of options for you. Get the perfect website in a matter of seconds.

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  simple polo website template

Another popular name even when it comes to a multi-use website template, Polo Is Creative, modern and unique. It is interesting and dwells with the design of websites of all kinds. Whether you are looking to start a blog, a creative portfolio, corporate websites, professional websites or more, this creative website template is ideal for everyone. With additional attractive demo sites with more than 200 variations to choose from, you no longer need to spend time or effort from scratch. The images are stunning to look at and are extremely sensitive and ready for the retina. With Polo, the possibilities are almost endless. But that's not all, the subject also presents highly secure codes and files.

Get an amazing site, ready and ready to use with first quality features and quality. In addition, the template also offers 19 impressive header styles to match your preference. Get more than 40 short codes that are designed to offer more than 10 to 15 different styles. If you want to opt for a multi-page or single-page theme design, Polo also has options for everything. In addition to this, you also get incredible typography options, font variations, as well as RTL and an interface ready for translation. What is great is that this theme is also optimized for SEO, high speed and is perfectly compatible with cross browsers. The incredibly well encoded CSS and HTML codes offer 12 awesome Hover effects as well.

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Foundry is an amazingly multipurpose and creative tool. Simple, clean and professional website template. With incredible customization options and variations of useful features, this template is more than you can negotiate. It is completely sensitive and ready for the retina. Whether you want to be creative or simplistic, this versatile theme has options for everything. What is great is that this theme is also suitable for almost all category categories of websites. A robust website template based on Bootstrap for you, why not try it today? You have options for one-page and multi-page layouts. But that's not all, it also includes a variety of demo sites that you can install and start easily.

If you are starting an online portfolio, a gallery or an online store, this template offers surprising sections and compatibility with WooCommerce. . For those who want to start a blog, there are also typography options and captivating sources. Get awesome effects and CSS and HTML animations. It also includes the incredible Variant Page Builder with more than 95 different blocks. To easily share social networks, you can add social network add-ons and social icons. In addition, the included MailChimp and Contact forms increase the efficiency for you to keep in touch with your users. For an even more advanced look, this template also supports a range of video files. But that's not all, get it today and enjoy the amazing features you have online for you today!

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  jango simple website template

Just as the name suggests, Jango is a large collection of useful and effective components gathered for create the perfect and simple website template. Ideal for websites in all niches, Jango is an amazingly surprising template that has options for all your needs. It is built using the Bootstrap framework that matches the expectations of the users. It is flexible and extensible, providing tons of customization options. Completely receptive and ready for the retina, it follows a framework of components that adds to the attractive factor of the template. It is ideal for each type of website niche and categories, no matter what you are targeting. The limit is possibly unlimited, since the final result depends completely on the users.

Jango also presents an incredibly fast speed and development structure that allows users high performance. With more than 300 components, you can mix and match easily for effective results. It is a constantly growing topic, which means that it is periodically updated with innovative and inspiring features from time to time. In addition, it has a powerful administration panel and an easy-to-use interface. Get more than 1500 UI components, 700 pages, 7 administration topics and more from which you can choose. Not only this, but the template is fully compatible with all RTL languages ​​and is also ready for translation. It includes an impressive gallery, portfolio, blog, as well as sections of the store that make your site efficient. But that's not all, this theme also has variations for the header and footer styles. In addition, the typography, fonts and icons available add more to what you can achieve.

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  Simple xeone website template

Including tons of amazing features, XeOne is a premium premium site template from One Page! And, no doubt, it is backed with amazing visual effects and useful components. Undoubtedly, it is responsive, which means that it adapts to any screen size of the device, be it small or large. What makes it even better is that it has an impressive parallax effect. That adds the additional attractive factor that makes any website surprising. It is based on the Bootstrap framework that is advanced and powerful. Not only this, but the coding structure is also well commented, is clean, valid and user-friendly for the developer. The multiple variations in the design structure and the styles you can choose give you flexibility and control over the appearance of the site. The graphics ready for the retina add the final touches to make the template absolutely flawless.

Includes templates of more than 30 pages, each of which represents a professional and unique concept. But that's not all, it also has more than 50 page elements that you can use to your advantage. Get a range of color combinations that add to the attractive factor. In addition, this template is ready for translation and is compatible with RTL. It also includes the premium complement Slider Revolution that facilitates the addition of creative and innovative sliders. In addition, the template has an incredible portfolio, gallery, parallax and blog sections as well. It is also compatible with all browsers, which ensures that your site loads quickly and easily in all browsers. For your convenience, this template is also compatible with the video background.

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  Scripts Simple Website Template

Scripts is an extremely simple website template that is designed especially for nonprofit organizations' websites. Professionally built with a clean and neat design structure, this template is amazing to watch. It is ideal for churches, fundraisers, non-profit organizations, charities and similar niches. With 7 gorgeous design styles you can choose from, you have total control over the appearance of the site. Not only this, but the advanced images are backed with powerful CSS and HTML coding. Because it follows a minimalist style, the template is also lightweight and fast loading. If you want to start a fund or a charity or simply an online store, this template is also compatible with WooCommerce. In addition to this, it is also SEO friendly and is ready for translation.

Making sure that nothing is omitted, this template has also dealt with the smallest elements, such as fonts and icons. You get a wide variety of options to choose from. The best thing about this is that it also includes the professional and premium Slider Revolution that allows the user to easily add innovative sliders. It is highly sensitive and automatically adjusts to each screen size of the device. Not only this, but it is full of tons of useful pages that you can use such as the Contact Us page, the team page, the administration page, the store pages and more. This option gives you the initial advantage since you do not have to waste extra time and effort. It also includes incredible galleries and portfolio sections. Although it is minimal and simple to say, this template is certainly not less!

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  minibuzz simple website template

A simple website template designed with portfolio, and a gallery as a focal point, Minibuzz as the name suggests is a mini package of everything you need. Completely receptive, ready for the retina and friendly with the mobile, the first look at the template is enough to leave a lasting impression. Suitable for informal websites or even for professional purposes, it is flexible and extensible for your convenience. The clean and tidy design also perfectly complements the impressive available sources. And do not forget the advanced and powerful Bootstrap framework on which it is built. It has a full width structure that also works with CSS and HTML coding. And speaking of the codes, all are clean, well commented and friendly to the developer.

The template is also compatible with all browsers and comes with features that make your experience even better. For the sake of your international audience, this template is completely translated and ready for the RTL language. What's more is that it comes with the unlimited color palette to choose from. For an easier navigation option, it also offers a multi-level drop-down menu. The sections of the gallery or portfolio are also lovely to watch.

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  simple minimal website template

If you are looking for something clean, minimalist and that highlights the main contents you want to focus on, then Minimalio is the perfect choice for you. Developed by the Bootstrap framework, this simple website template is rich in features and advanced. The interactive portfolio design it offers comes with tons of customization options. If you want to modify the color schemes, the fonts, the header and more, it all depends on you. Ideal for blogs or portfolios, the theme is simplistic. You get more than 7 different styles of homepage to try and more than 6 different wallet variations.

If that is not enough, it also includes useful pages for contact, equipment and more. With clean and well-commented CSS and HTML coding, you also get a page scrolling and smooth transitions. But that's not all, it also has incredible animations and effects that raise the general feeling of the site. Another useful aspect of this template is that it also supports video pages if you want to add one. It is also fully responsive and displays excellent HD images. In addition, it is fully compatible with multiple browsers and fast loading. Get the perfect site and ready in a few minutes and get blogs today!

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  unique website template

Singular is another fabulous option if you are looking for an awesome simple website template. Whether you want to start a personal profile, a website, a blog, a portfolio or even professional sites, is flexible enough to meet your needs. Following a futuristic but simple design, this theme is magnificent and visually appealing. The design is based on the powerful Bootstrap framework that ensures that your site loads quickly and easily in all Internet browsers. Another great thing is that it is completely sensitive and is ready for the retina.

Making sure you have an impeccable and ready website, this template is also easy to use. Because it is minimal and simple, it also has a fast loading speed and is also extremely light. The sections of the gallery / portfolio are impressive and out of this world. What is more is that it is completely optimized for SEO! With a range of fonts to choose from, you can go bold or beautiful, it's up to you. Even the CSS and HTML coding used is well commented to make it easy for the developer. If you are looking for a creative, innovative and minimal site template, then this is a perfect choice!

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  simple website template

The definition of simple but sophisticated, Mirror is a beautiful and simple premium website template. Designed with clean and well-commented coding, this template will surely turn heads. The design itself is extremely attractive and eye-catching. With an easy-to-use interface, it is perfect even for beginners or beginners. It is fully responsive and all devices are compatible with the screen. In addition to this, it is also compatible with all browsers, which makes loading fast and easy. It is perfect to start a personal portfolio, blogs and even corporate websites.

This template offers more than 25 different Portfolio pages and more than 35 HTML pages that you can use. In addition to this, it also has more than 4 home pages for your convenience. You can choose from a variety of Google sources that match your preferences. In addition to this, the isotope gallery that can be filtered adds to the attractive factor. Fed with the Bootstrap framework, it is modern and unique. Get free lifetime updates and dedicated support so you never encounter any problems while using the template. You also have access to a fully functional Ajax Contact form that makes it even more efficient.

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  iblue simple website template

A professional and modern looking website template iBlue is a clean and simple website template that is multipurpose. It is completely sensitive and professional in sight. With a simplistic approach, this template offers the user the option to focus mainly on the important content. It also has a range of incredible customization options that make the process of creating something creative and unique. Even the color schemes included make the experience even better! As you use the Bootstrap professional framework, it is sure to match your expectations. However, this not all!

iBlue comes with more than 10 start pages that you can start with. Each of them represents a unique concept and a niche. In addition to this, you also get a contact form that you can use completely. In addition, the template also offers variations for the header and footer styles. With an unlimited color palette, you can choose, you can customize your site as you wish. However, the best thing is that it also supports the video background. Other advances of this incredible template are the HTML and CSS coding, the short codes, the compatibility between browsers, the Google sources, more than 10 load pages and more than 20 pages of blogs and portfolio. Try it today and we are sure that you will never look back.

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  Spotlight simple website template

As well as the name would reveal it, this simple website The template is designed and designed to ensure that your website is keep in the center of attention. Following a minimalist and clean design structure, everything you want to share with your audience remains in the spotlight! The panel is attractive and completely sensitive and ready for retina. The unique portfolio and gallery-based design is multipurpose. You can use this theme for any type of website niche, whether you are starting a professional and personal site. With a powerful and well-commented coding structure, it is friendly to the developer.

Easy to use, customizable and flexible, this theme offers a range of amazing features. It's an RTL language ready and ready for translation too. In addition, when preparing to highlight its content, this theme provides an unlimited level menu, a message box, tabs, and table styles. Not only this, but for easier navigation, you can even add custom Google Maps. Validated with W3C XHTML, each and every element is placed for maximum impact. The PrettyPhoto gallery he presents is impressive, to say the least. Perfect for corporate, agency and business websites. Get your spot in the Spotlight today!

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 plantilla de sitio web simple de lee

Lee es un modelo minimalista, limpio y moderno. Plantilla de sitio web simple que cuenta con una interfaz increíblemente receptiva y lista para retina. Es ideal para sitios web profesionales y de negocios, e incluso blogs y carteras simples. Con un conjunto único de características que hacen que la experiencia sea mejor para sus usuarios, esta plantilla es impresionante visualmente. Construido con el marco profesional de Bootstrap, alcanza sus expectativas con el mínimo esfuerzo. El diseño también está diseñado para ajustarse automáticamente a todo el tamaño de la pantalla del dispositivo con facilidad. Además, incluso los elementos visuales están listos para retina y son increíblemente increíbles.

La interfaz está lista para el lenguaje RTL y es fácil de traducir, lo que hace que su sitio esté listo para una audiencia internacional. Obtienes 2 páginas de inicio diferentes y de diseño único y 5 hermosos archivos HTML que puedes usar. Para agregar a eso, también incluye increíbles fuentes de Google que puedes cambiar desde y hacia. Además, es compatible con navegador cruzado y flexible. Además, como la plantilla es mínima y simplista, es de carga rápida y muy ligera. ¡La plantilla diseñada que responde al 100% de fluidos es definitivamente una que debes probar si estás buscando crear el sitio web ideal y simple!

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 plantilla de sitio web simple charlotty

Otro Plantilla de sitio web minimalista y limpia que definitivamente recomendamos a nuestros usuarios es Charlotty. Construido profesionalmente con un diseño receptivo y listo para retina, las imágenes son suficientes para captar la atención de cualquier persona. Incluso la combinación de colores y la tipografía, así como las fuentes, se combinan perfectamente con el tema. Una apariencia sofisticada y atractiva está respaldada por el poderoso marco Bootstrap. Además de esto, también incluye la estructura de codificación CSS y HTML útil y efectiva. Todos estos son limpios, válidos y están bien comentados, por lo que también es amigable para el desarrollador.

Fácil de modificar e incluyendo una gama de opciones de personalización, esta plantilla es ideal para sitios web simples de todos los nichos. Incluye un Encabezado Adhesivo, Menú Móvil Moderno que facilita el proceso de navegación. Además de esto, la plantilla admite iconos de Font Awesome, Google Fonts e incluso Google Maps. Optimizado SEO, asegura que su sitio está siempre en la parte superior. Para su comodidad, también incluye una página 404 de aspecto profesional para que tenga una ventaja mientras su sitio está inactivo. ¡Fácil de usar, modificar y crear con, esta sencilla plantilla de sitio web es la opción ideal para usted!

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Por último, pero no menos importante, Hundai es una plantilla de sitio web de cartera personal con un diseño creativo muy artesanal que estamos enamorados. Construido teniendo en cuenta los sitios personales, CV, currículums y portafolios. Está escrito usando HTML y CSS c Lo que está limpio, bien comentado y válido. Las fuentes de Google, así como la paleta de colores simplista, combinan perfectamente con el diseño general del sitio. Además de esto, la plantilla es completamente receptiva, lista para retina y visualmente atractiva. For a simpler usage, this template is also a One-Page design. The clean and minimal design also ensures a lightweight and fast-loading experience.

Built using the powerful Bootstrap framework, it uses CSS, HTML and JQuery animation. With Google fonts, colour palette variations, unlimited font Awesome and more, this template is feature-rich! Packed with awesome animations, stunning effects and a clean interface to work with, this ensures that your site leaves a lasting impression. It is also cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy on all internet browser. In addition to this, the template is extremely lightweight. Apart from that, it also supports video background and easy customizing options. Extremely easy to handle the layout is flexible and extensible.

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