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Since you're here, you probably know what PageWiz is. But if not, I'll give you a brief introduction. It is the solution for your marketing needs. It will turn your home pages into profit margins that you have never seen before. At least, I hope so. Everything depends on you in the end. You are the boss of your business, and the effort you put into it will decide if you are going to be a worthy competitor in your niche or not. Either way, PageWiz is here to help you, just like all of these Pagewiz marketing templates.

So you have a commercial idea to sell products or services. Whats Next? Making an online presence is usually the best option. Fortunately, all these tools today make it much easier to get what you want whenever you want. Crazy, right? It's not so crazy once you see it.

You can also have your fantastic website, ready to go online with a store that has all your products in less than a day! Doing business has never been so easy. Configure your payment options, shipping methods and simply add. Present every detail you can sell, because you never know what people may want these days.

There is a market for everything, and everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie. Then, why not you too? Of course! And now that you want to do it, let me explain the excellent features of all these marketing templates that are shown here.

Each of the items below contains a free preview, so you do not have to trip over anything about how the final product will look like that. All you have left is to change things to your liking. And that's something you can certainly do with the powerful editor that PageWiz has on hand.

One thing you can also do is optimize your site with meta tags and proper descriptions so that your potential potential customers can find your site much easier. If it's too much trouble for you, then you're probably 80 years old. In that case, you must get your grandchildren to do this. But on a serious note, these templates will help you achieve success in your industry. They will help boost sales directly from your garage to your wallet.

Here are the best Pagewiz marketing templates we have found when we browse online for your marketing needs.


A modern construction multi-purpose landing page, ReadyMade will give new life to your business. With a clean and elegant design, the elements of this page are easily editable, and you can get the look you want in a matter of minutes. It also presents desktop and smartphone versions of your site. It is one of the colorful options in our collection of Pagewiz marketing templates.

More information / Download


  marketing template avira pagewiz

Looking for a template prepared for Pagewiz to take your real estate business to the next level? Avira is for you. Unlike the popular antivirus, this theme will attract customers to your website and keep them in it with its beautiful minimalist design. It is an excellent solution in our collection of Pagewiz marketing templates. More information / Download


  explore pagewiz marketing template

Explore offers a list of personalization options adapted to travel agencies that wish to have a modern and elegant landing page that attract the curious eyes of potential customers. There are many Pagewiz marketing templates, but Explore seems to be an excellent choice in terms of style and composition. More information / Download

JLanding Page

  jlanding pagewiz marketing template

JLanding Page is for startups who want to attract as much attention as possible. It is composed of three home pages that are ideal for new business opportunities. Jlanding Page is a template in our collection of Pagewiz marketing templates that seems to be an excellent option for real estate agencies. More information / Download


  solara marketing template pagewiz

Solara is a modern, clean and versatile home page. It can be used to publish home pages for design studios, creative groups and even independent designers. With the help of its drag and drop creator, the possibilities are endless. This same template in our summary of Pagewiz's marketing templates is a very clean and minimalist option that focuses on photography and images. More information / Download


  remote marketing template pagewiz

The remote control is ideal for exhibition applications and products, real estate agencies and other professional organizations. It's the template of the landing page you've always wanted. Its minimalist and elegant design allows it to capture the attention of its audience and preserve it. It is an excellent example of how the Pagewiz marketing templates should be, so we recommend that you review it. More information / Download


  bromo pagewiz marketing template

Bromo is a landing page template for Pagewiz users that offers unique customization options that can transform anything from a boring site in a very elegant design worthy of prizes. The staff will take your business to the next level! Be sure to use it to its full potential and see new successes on your way. More information / Download


  Marketing template of vpropos pagewiz

vPropos presents six predefined templates and a drag-and-drop style interface. It is a multipurpose home page made for affiliate marketing, as well as to show applications and products. It is a template that will help you boost your site to the era of the rocket with its various customization options. More information / Download


  gather pagewiz marketing template

Gather is a Pagewiz template that uses features such as Google Maps with style, work event countdown widgets and a Cool design and no problems to back it all up. The ideal use is for concerts, exhibitions, meetings and conferences. The main point of sale of Gather is its intuitive interface and highly customizable elements. This template stands out from the rest. More information / Download


  elegant pagewiz marketing template

Elegant is an all-in-one landing page from Pagewiz, which will give life to your design studio or website portfolio with its unique style and responsive design. It offers both a desktop version and a mobile version so you can quickly find the right solution for your project. Enrich it with your personal touch and shoot your presence on the web. More information / Download


  knights pagewiz marketing template

Knights presents impressive scroll effects and font icons and is an all-in-one template that will adapt to any niche or business that you are trying to configure. For personal and corporate needs, Knights will do their things with all the functions and assets included. Get your website sorted now and start taking new offers soon after. More information / Download


  mobis pagewiz marketing template

Mobis is a perfect destination page for multiple uses designed especially for almost all kinds of purposes, such as startups, launch applications, web hosting, Software as a Service sites and many others that use the Pagewiz platform. No coding skills are needed.

Gone are the days when you have to wait for hours to make your landing page look good. With the help of Mobis, you can customize everything in a couple of minutes to publish it online.

More information / Download


  pagewiz scaler marketing template

Ideal for expeditions and private vacations, this Pagewiz landing page will undoubtedly embolden your brand with your Unique customization options and a wide variety of custom features. Climber has a perfect design in pixels, comes with mail integration, allows you to upload your own logo and helps you start with a single click. More information / Download


  kicking the pagewiz marketing template

With a lot of customization options along with an easy-to-use interface, Kickin is the home page that you have always wanted. All elements are fully editable and give you superior control over your website without having to write a single line of code. More information / Download

Travel Tour

  travel page marketing template

A perfect template for all tour guides and travel agencies, TravelTour will direct the attention of your audience to where you should be: your services Offering multiple designs and high quality PSD images makes these eye-catching a must for anyone trying to boost their business to the next level. More information / Download


  xplore pagewiz marketing template

Ideal for sites on travel, events and coworking trips, this landing page will surely attract a wide variety of clients with its unique design and intuitive interface. Highly customizable and highly attractive, Xplore will give you what you need and more than that. More information / Download


  media pagewiz marketing template

Making homepages was never so easy, especially with a template like this. Medium offers a unique flavor in the market with an elegant user interface and a splendid design. Medium is optimized for performance and has real statistics to have total control over your conversions. More information / Download


  myearth pagewiz marketing template

Do you like to play with endless functions and personalization options? MyEarth is a landing page for you! With a unique design and seamless integration, create your new homepage in minutes with My Earth! It is very likely to happen because of the practical template you are about to access. More information / Download


  adventour pagewiz marketing template

Adventour is a premium marketing template from Pagewiz designed for holiday and travel destination pages. It has a large number of customization options available that increase your flexibility. Its design is also fully integrated with all screen sizes and devices. In the package, you get 475 icons, amazing CSS animations and a functional contact form. More information / Download


  massketing pagewiz marketing template

Massketing will bring your website to life with a beautiful design and a stylish user interface that offers a lot of options customization, ranging from drag-and-drop editing to desktop and smartphone design integration; This theme will strive to take your business to the top! More information / Download


  flatico pagewiz marketing template

You want a new Pagewiz homepage that is quick to set up and looks amazing when you promote your new smartphone apps . Easy to customize, fast to configure, Flatico is a template that you want to try. It comes with all the needs and more for a quick and reliable launch of your marketing campaign. More information / Download

How did you like our collection of Pagewiz Marketing Templates?

We have finalized our list of Pagewiz marketing templates that you can use on your website immediately. Although the listed templates would work for almost any niche, these specific templates have been designed for the niche marketing. Therefore, expect to see many forms of lead grip, brighter colors and bolder typography.

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