20+ Funny And Dark Comics With Unexpected Endings By Channelate

Ryan Hudson of Salt Lake City, UT, is the creative genius behind the webcomic Channelate, an eclectic mix of absurd, dark and always hilarious cartoons.

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Ryan's comics, which began a decade ago, as short 3 or 4 panel drawings, have recently expanded to include real-action cartoons on YouTube, as he seeks to spend more and more time to his passion. While his drawing style is clean and simple, his humor is the opposite. I think it's fair to say that Channelate will appeal to the dark and cynical side of your soul, giving you those explosive laughter that you can not control, a kind of laughter against your will. And as we all know, these are the best laughs! Scroll down to see some of Ryan's work and tell us what he thinks in the comments.

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