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Website designs do not have to be very complex and are full of intricate details. Sometimes it is better to choose web templates that highlight your own blogs and content. Instead of promoting all the sophisticated elements, sometimes you would like to use templates that put their own content in the center of the room. In many cases, the use of simple and free website templates that provide a user-friendly interface and a comfortable user experience is a much better option.

Therefore, in UiCookies we have made a list of templates of free websites that you can use for your websites. . These templates are extremely neat and as clean as possible. They are free of grouped elements and elements for your website. These templates can help you promote your own content and place it in the center of the showcase of your website.

This can exist in the form of incredible blog layouts, portfolio galleries, sidebar navigation and much more. Most of these HTML templates are also highly versatile, so they can be adjusted and perfectly adapted to the specifications of your website. This list also covers a wide range of niches and digital service areas. So check out the full list to see which website template fits your purpose.


Ronin is a free website template that can help you take your career to the next level. This portfolio-based website template gives you a clean and elegant website design that can help impress future employers and people interested in your trade. Regardless of whether your portfolio is designed for photography, art, music, literature, past achievements and more. You can count on Ronin to highlight the most important parts of all of them. The spatial area can be very useful when you want to present yourself professionally. If you are selling your content or working as a freelancer, Ronin is an excellent choice, as you can use incredible sections of service lists, progress bars, milestone trackers and user testimonials to your full advantage.

The Portfolio is definitely one of the highlights of this template that can show your gallery of images in a uniquely designed grid. Each portfolio list can be detailed to an absurd degree using a page of details of connected projects complete with ratings, description and prominent image. Ronin is also extremely friendly with the blog and contains tons of useful features for the blog. This includes tons of incredible publication and typography settings, as well as comments, statistics, links to share on social networks and more. The Bootstrap web template was encoded in HTML5 and works perfectly on mobile and PC platforms. As for free website templates, Ronin is one of the best in terms of helping you take your career to the next logical step.

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<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-487940" src = "https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ free-simple-website-template-ronald.jpg "alt =" simple and free website template – ronald [19659012] On the other side of the spectrum, we have Ronald, a website template for online digital agencies and companies Instead of putting a single person on a pedestal, Ronald aims to provide you with the tools to promote your entire company.The simple and free website template helps you increase the number of clients on your website and create a Strong online presence for your company Ronald presents the content of his website with a professional attitude The design of the full screen header is very unique and serves to fit the purpose of a hook The section of the list of offers makes use of grids and icons of design suitable for m Show the wide range of basic services offered by your company. About your company in your own agreement. Similarly, a portfolio gallery can be interconnected in its content to promote its previous work and show its capacity as an organization.

The surprising section of Team members further enhances the sense of unity. Each section in the team members section comes with personal social links, custom scroll effects on images and more. The navigation menu on the right sidebar is a great addition to the design that fits with the aesthetics of the website template. More navigation links can be provided using the footer widgets if necessary. You can also link an appropriate Instagram feed to your footer section if necessary. Like Ronin above, Ronald also comes with a similar section of Blog and Portfolio with his own custom post design. They are also combined with personalized contact pages and services page that provides useful forms, Google maps inlay, icon boxes and more. Each and every one of the elements of this template is fluid and responsive, and the site itself has an extremely optimized speed due to its HTML5 coding design.

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 simple and free website template - opium

Opium is a simple and free website template for all your blog requirements. The blog template presents a highly unique and innovative design style that stands apart from other web designs based on blogging media. From the minimalist and static header to the uniquely designed sidebar and the amazing previews of blogs. No opium seems conventional and orthodox. And yet, this is the reason why it works exactly. While its unique design factor still exists, it does not take anything away from your blogs and publications, and even shows them to viewers impeccably. The innovative web design of Opium is made to accompany your blogs and not to overcome them as the attractive element. The white background with darker and darker colors is an excellent color template for free websites, since the focus of your viewer's attention goes directly to the prominent images of your publication and its introductory content.

With the page category template, your readers can see your blogs endlessly A highly organized way based on various category and tag parameters. Each blog post has useful elements that are used to cover a wide range of blog genres. These blogs have a custom sidebar design that provides you with a popular posts section, an ingenious search bar, a short blogger biography section with links and social media images, ads, category and tag list and more. Similarly, you can also place your Instagram images directly using the Instagram information widget in the footer of the website, as well as a newsletter subscription email for your publications. The combination of all these elements, as well as the unique design style of Opium, makes it a perfect choice when it comes to templates of simple and free websites based on blogs.

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<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-487945" src = "https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ free-simple-website-template-meetme.jpg "alt =" simple and free website template – meetme [19659022] Meetme is an excellent start-up website template tailored for personal websites.The simple and free site template Web puts you in the spotlight and celebrates your achievements.Provide any website viewer with detailed information about you using this accompanying HTML template.The color design and layout of the website template is also spectacular, but not It removes any content that you put in. The website is very flexible and can be improved to fit your needs.Use the progress bars and the milestone trackers to show the scope of your incredible capabilities along with a short biological text that adapts to your aspira rations, achievements and wishes.

You can use the timeline table to list the timeline of your artistic or career-based experience and achievements, as well as your educational timeline. When it comes to impressing clients and future employers, you can use the Service Offer sections to provide the list of areas your skills can cover. To further accentuate your capabilities and services, you can also use a portfolio gallery that comes with custom parallax effects, as well as a Lightbox viewer. Your viewers can see your wallet uninterrupted for hours and we can make sure you do not get tired of it. Testimonials with a rating system show how satisfied their previous clients and employers have been with their work and can serve as work references for their future. In summary, if you want to present yourself in a surprising way, Meetme is the perfect option for you.

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 simple and free website template - flash

If you are a photographer looking for a simple and perfect website template, then Flash is your choice. Flash as a website template understands the importance of sharing your websites around the world. Therefore, he does everything possible to present each image in a way that only attracts views towards them. Everything about the template accentuates the visual and presentation factor of your images and is designed to put your image in abundance on that perfect podium. Either the design of the full screen header or the list of images on the single home page. The unique presentation technique for the introduction section of the home page is just the tip of the iceberg. The sections of the list of services complement their images using a single boxed grid element. Similarly, the Testimonials section provides you with sliding user reviews made for your artistic demands.

For any photo website template, the Portfolio / Gallery section is the key figure. And Flash's definitely not disappointing. The images are previewed in a single unique grid, each image is displayed in a single frame design accompanied by blog texts. Each image can be interconnected with a separate publication that also provides attached text, details of the image and also allows you to rate and share it on social networks. The Instagram widget at the bottom of the web page is definitely one of the Instagram feed widgets with the most exclusive design we've seen. An Instagram page of any photographer is a reflection of his artistic self and it seems that Flash uses reflection to a perfect degree for his website. The website and all its valuable images can be seen perfectly on mobile platforms, and Flash is fully compatible with mobile devices. Its HTML5 encoding and the Bootstrap design also ensure optimized loading speeds.

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 simple and free website template - nikki

Be it your fashion, news, tips and tricks and more. Use Nikki, a website template for a magazine, as a means of publishing to present the content of any article in a modern and eye-catching way. When it comes to unique and refreshing design ideas, Nikki has thousands of them. This includes the carousel header enriched with parallax effect. From the first moment, hook up new viewers with eye-catching items embedded in the carousel slider. The blog list page shows your old and new posts in an orderly and easy to see way. Similarly, the sidebar of the website accentuates that modern feel of the website with its biography section of the author, the personalized bar to share on social networks, the latest blog widgets, the email subscription to the newsletter and more.

As the owner of a magazine website, you should pay special attention to the navigation features of your website template. Nikki makes great use of all works in books for this purpose. This includes mega drop-down menus that are absurdly detailed. Breadcrumbs also allows users to track the page and subdirectories of your website. Simply scroll through the Category submenu and your readers can easily see all the categories of their publications. The boxed design focuses on its textual content, while it can enable tons of useful typography options and cool elements in its publications. The footer of the website template comes with an ingenious integration to a wide range of social media platforms, as well as an Instagram feed section.

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 free and simple website template - snipp

Snipp is a website template for UI / UX designers who want their sites web represent a bit of their artistic self. Being a competitor in the field of art and creativity is difficult, so you could use Snipp as an impulse to promote your artistic content to the position it deserves to be. The main difficulty with respect to Snipp is that, although it looks fantastic, it is still very easy to configure. Prepare your functional site in minutes and use it as your digital extension to reach a worldwide audience in no time. The UI and UX design of the website is simply spectacular and its integration of the parallax effects is also amazing. The immersive top menu, as well as the header section with all kinds of introductory elements, acts as a perfect hook for any possible client.

Preview graphic designs with images with parallax effects to illustrate your ability as a UI / UX designer and more using the portfolio listing page. Each image in the portfolio can be linked to a single page that accompanies a blog post for your convenience. Snipp also works as a marketing tool for your services. You can use the icon boxes and service sections to show your skill and experience in various fields. Similarly, Snipp also provides you with a testimonial section on a flexible slider for your convenience. All these elements are presentable in a broad design that provides a comfortable viewing experience and supports the website's smooth scrolling effect. The website is also extremely friendly for the blog with a lot of features on the blog. Snipp is also fully compatible with all browsers and with its design Bootstrap works perfectly on mobile platforms.

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 simple and free website template - book

Your blogs are the core of your website. This is the main idea behind Libro, a very unique Blogging website template that presents a design created to promote your blogs and only your blogs. The HTML website template presents a unique design concept that makes it an exceptional blog template. The home page is divisible into two clear columns. One to list all your blogs in chronological order in a masonry design. While the other functions like a carousel slider that has popular blogs on your website. The navigation menu is presented in the column on the left and when you click on the Menu button you are provided with a customizable and attractive looking Menu design. The right column works effectively as the interactive reading section, while the left column is a glorified header menu. This design choice has dazzled us completely.

Blogs can be listed in several categories in several ways. You can use two regular grids, a masonry design for the list of blogs, a single grid, and even a stacked grid of the Gallery without textual information. Each of these design designs can serve a different purpose and you can choose between them to fit the different page layouts. Create a single publication with a wide range of fonts, as well as visual elements and video inlays if necessary. Individual posts can also contain Comments and category buttons to help their viewers. As a final point, although it does not seem clear, the Book is also fully functional on mobile platforms. Its base Bootstrap also makes it perfectly suitable for mobile browsers and can expect the same functionality on all platforms.

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 simple and free website template - beckham

] Beckham is a portfolio-based template that eliminates all traditional formatting appearance for Offer you the website with the most exclusive aspect. The simple, free, uniquely designed website template offers your portfolio to present your own charisma. The linear but dynamic page design serves as a way to present your gallery and services in a professional manner. Beckham presents a black palette design, with no header section and a full-screen pop-up menu for navigation. As you scroll down, a progress bar appears to track your scroll. The dynamic effects of the image, the text rotators and the displacement effect make it seem that the website itself responds to each and every one of the actions. Use a mix of text, prominent images, icon boxes and an impressive portfolio list to tell your own story to your readers.

Counting animated statistics can help you announce your capabilities, while personalized social media links help you connect with your viewers at a higher level. The black color design really shows its strength when you are showing your incredible image in abundance. Each Portfolio list can be supplemented with its own unique page to provide crucial extended details about the product, if necessary. This is also true for blogs. The main page of the blog presents its readers an infinite number of blogs structured in a well-designed grid. Each blog can be displayed in a well-defined design with media that accompany it with tons of options to embellish the text. While the website may seem quite unusual and unorthodox, you can be sure that its ease of use is off the charts and that users will not take long to get acquainted with Beckham and his spectacular website perspective.

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 simple and free website template - strategy

Strategy is a simple and free website template for freelancers in various fields that meets the artistic and functional standards of modern websites. This template of Bootstrap Framework Power helps you sell your services in the market but in a wonderful way. The strategy works like a canvas. Paint your own art on the website to make sure it represents you and your skills at a transcendent level. The white design of the blank page accentuates the details of the image quite well and acts as a great basis for the effects of parallax in its multimedia content. The effects of displacement and displacement make you feel as if the website came alive every time you move. Each image in the portfolio gallery can be linked to a single list of the portfolio that contains more details and more.

The strategy gives you a wide range of great features and assets that you can use to your full potential from the start. Use the About page to define which members work on the projects you direct. The list of services uses icons and texts to define the areas that you can cover through their services. The contact page contains a personalized contact email form, as well as a Google map, also embedded. Strategy is also a blog-friendly template and provides you with the right amount of tools to create impressive blogs from the start. Finally, either on the blog page or in the portfolio, all the pages are fully executed in HTML5 and, therefore, have no relation with the decrease of site optimization.

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 simple and free website template - filete

Completely different from some of the others listed in this list so far, Steak is a website template for restaurant owners. The template opens with a full screen video background that acts as the perfect hook for your clients. Present the full range of the capabilities of your restaurant using the wide range of tools and elements offered by Steak. Create service lists with custom icon boxes that fit a food service using the customized services section. The template also comes with a fully customizable menu section. The menu listing includes a brief description of the menu item, as well as its price. Steak supports its restaurant on a digital platform by also providing its customers with a quote form to reserve tables directly from their website. The reservation form is accompanied by opening hours to help customers make the corresponding reservations.

Steak also has highlights that you can use to promote your food services. This includes milestones counters to list the dishes and customers served. Testimonials can be used to list notable food reviews from respectable reviewers to attract more customer attention. The list of events can serve as a form of publicity to inform viewers of the website about upcoming menu offers, food offers and more. Along with the booking form, the footer has an integrated Google interactive map to help online viewers locate your restaurant. All these elements can be easily viewed and used on mobile platforms, since Steak is extremely easy to use for mobile devices. This allows its customers to discover their exquisite palate directly from their mobile phones.

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Bright Hotel

 simple and free website template - brighthotel

Similar to meat. , Bright Hotel is an interactive website template for hotel owners. Instead of a restaurant, it serves as an extension of the comfortable atmosphere of your hotel. The HTML template presents a unique and comfortable minimalist design built to enhance the user experience. Directly from the comfort of their palms, users can see the scope of their services, book rooms and set up for their departure. The perspective of the Bright Hotel website opens with a flexible full-screen slider that displays images of your rooms. Just below is the ingenious booking form to find and book appropriate rooms. The list of services is to define the full range of capabilities with which you can serve your visitors. Similarly, by using an integration of detailed gallery and portfolio designs, you can preview all the rooms available for booking along with the details of your rooms, as well as the cost.

The list of services is to define the full range of capabilities with which you can serve your visitors. Similarly, by using an integration of detailed gallery and portfolio designs, you can preview all the rooms available for booking along with the details of your rooms, as well as the cost. The Bright hotel also consists of a restaurant menu section that can be useful to showcase your catering services when it comes to food. List in detail the wide variety of cuisines and meals that can be served at different times of the day with this highly customizable food menu. Use blogs in the form of News and events to inform customers about events and new additions to your hotel. Putting your hotel and hospitality services is the goal of the Bright hotel. And, we would say that it does it quite well.

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Brotherly Love

 Free and simple website template - brotherlylove

Fancy the light of the heavens with this thematic web template of the church . Whether you are directing Jesus talk shows, providing daily quotes from the Bible or preaching the word of the Lord to large communities. Brotherly love adapts to their needs to spread the presence of religion on the web. The HTML template has a very spacious design with an excellent header design made with personalized social network links. The amount of activity that can be done on this highly versatile website is immense. You can publish and share sermons in the form of video and audio, as well as podcasts, and embed them directly in your web pages. Show the wide range of services your church offers, from marriage to baptism and more, using the Services Listing section. In addition, religious services can be listed on the Flex slider banner with interconnected publications that detail more information about these features.

Inform church attendees of upcoming events, as well as the latest events and the latest sermons, directly from the comfort of your website using fraternal love. The testimonies section is ready to preach the word of the Lord or notable appointments of pastors and more. Place an ingenious ministry link directly on the menu of your website to inform users of the activity carried out by the different groups of attendees of your church and motivate them to be interested in yourselves. You can use the Ministry section to provide different details about the wide range of activities that take place in them as well. You can also embed sermons directly into your website in the form of audio, music and video. Use the daily sermon service to help your viewers tune in directly to their website to receive their daily sermons from the comfort of their home.

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 simple and free website template - megazine [19659024] When it comes to fashion magazine templates, Megazine has exceeded us. This template has perhaps one of the unique web designs based on magazines that adapt well to the story. The combination of different designs and dynamic images help you present articles in an attractive way. The static left sidebar serves as the website's navigation menu. Links are customizable to help users see various content categories. Each subcategory page can have a different visual design to suit its own aesthetics. The header is provided as a flexible slider with multiple images to function as a slide show. You can also add more functionality to the header, including aggregate scrolling text, publishing links, and more. Megazine allows you to customize sidebars and publication designs to fit the aesthetics of each category.

Choose from different blog layouts, such as card layouts, masonry design, list layouts, featured video blogs and more. The idea is to create a distinctive feel for each subpage as much as possible. The sidebars can also be highly customized. Puede colocar una barra de búsqueda ingeniosa para buscar widgets, listas de categorías para filtrar contenido, blogs recientes para ver contenido recién producido y noticias de Instagram para ver nuestras maravillosas fotografías. También puede habilitar un formulario de suscripción al boletín para crear su lista de correo de suscripción para compartir sus blogs. Cada página de blog viene con toneladas de herramientas de edición y tipografía. Puede hacer que los blogs llamativos con las descripciones más detalladas de cualquier objeto importen con la combinación de los diversos códigos cortos y elementos que le proporcionó Megazine.

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 plantilla de sitio web simple y gratuita - amado

Amado es una plantilla de sitio web simple y gratuita para comercio electrónico y anuncios clasificados en línea. La plantilla de comercio electrónico adaptable presenta un diseño minimalista e innovador que hace que los espectadores sigan buscando más artículos. Cuando se trata de la experiencia del usuario, Amado está simplemente fuera de los gráficos. La sección de búsqueda de elementos permite a los usuarios filtrar los elementos según una amplia gama de parámetros, como colores, categorías, precios, fechas, marcas y más. Cada artículo viene con su propia etiqueta de precio, calificación y un botón ingenioso para enviar el artículo directamente a su carrito de compras. Cada lista de elementos puede complementarse con imágenes adicionales con un visor de lightbox con funciones de zoom. Los usuarios también pueden dejar una revisión del artículo en su página cuando lo deseen. La barra de búsqueda dinámica puede ayudarlo a encontrar cualquier artículo en la tienda a través de la búsqueda cuidadosa de etiquetas y palabras clave.

También puede usar varias páginas para promover ventas de artículos específicos. Coloque los elementos destacados y enfocados en la página de inicio en un diseño de mampostería para reunir tracción hacia ella desde el primer momento. Del mismo modo, puede crear una sección de artículos con descuento, así como una lista agregada para promover las ventas de artículos específicos cuando sea necesario. Usando la barra lateral izquierda, los usuarios pueden abrir sus páginas de pago cuando quieran pagar artículos. Las características de navegación de Amado es definitivamente un punto notable en nuestra opinión. La plantilla del sitio web también es muy amigable para el usuario con sus enlaces a redes sociales, así como con el correo de suscripción al boletín. Además, el sitio web es completamente utilizable en plataformas móviles, ya que todos los elementos pueden redimensionarse para adaptarse a varios tamaños de pantalla perfectamente.

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 plantilla de sitio web simple y gratuita - lingua [19659024] Lingua es una nueva versión de las mejores plantillas de sitios web de la escuela, especialmente aquellas basadas en la capacitación en idiomas. Los usuarios pueden simplemente ingresar a su sitio web para enlistarse en cursos en línea a través de los cuales puede guiar fácilmente a sus estudiantes a través de varios cursos dependiendo de la amplia gama de niveles de dificultad. Los estudiantes pueden inscribirse y pagar varios cursos de idiomas directamente desde el formulario de inscripción del curso. Para ayudar a sus estudiantes, puede usar un temporizador de cuenta regresiva junto con el formulario. En lugar de una simple sección de miembros del equipo, puede crear una lista de tutor personalizada con información introductoria sobre los instructores. Esto se combina con enlaces de redes sociales y detalles de contacto que ayudan a sus estudiantes a comunicarse con sus tutores. Del mismo modo, use la lista de eventos para notificar a los estudiantes sobre las próximas clases, eventos, seminarios, presentaciones y presentaciones de tareas.

Además, Lingua también es una plantilla web que se adapta a los blogs. Se puede compartir información adicional sobre los idiomas y el idioma que se detalla con los estudiantes en forma de blogs detallados. Estos pueden funcionar como notas importantes y referencias a ellos que se acceden directamente desde el sitio web. Puede filtrar el blog para varias categorías y muestra los blogs en una cuadrícula personalizada con texto flotante. Cada publicación de blog es flexible en gran medida y contiene varios códigos cortos para una amplia gama de propósitos. Las secciones de comentarios también pueden ayudar a los estudiantes a seguir discutiendo el tema e incluso pedir más consultas. Los botones de compartir en las redes sociales y los metadatos de Publicación están integrados junto a la publicación para la conveniencia del espectador. Finalmente, el sitio web es de libre acceso tanto para plataformas móviles como para PC, ya que todos los elementos del sitio web también están completamente listos para retina.

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 plantilla de sitio web simple y gratuita - jackson

Como diseñador independiente, siempre estás buscando oportunidades para hacer crecer tu carrera. Y Jackson le proporciona esto en forma de presentación del sitio web. Jackson lo coloca en el centro de su sitio web para publicitarlo como una persona respetada. El control deslizante de flex puede contener tanto enlaces a tu CV como a tu portafolio. De manera similar, la barra lateral de navegación izquierda puede ayudar a los espectadores a navegar por subsecciones importantes de su sitio web. Estas subsecciones pueden ser: Listado de servicios y habilidades, resaltado educativo, experiencia laboral, portafolios y más. La sección Acerca de mí, debidamente denominada, utiliza íconos de listas de servicios bien definidos para defender sus habilidades en cualquier campo y cómo puede contribuir a cualquier cliente o empleador que pueda considerar contratarlo. Use contadores de hitos para realizar un seguimiento de sus proyectos, logros y trabajos realizados anteriormente.

Puede usar los menús basados ​​en pestañas en su sección de educación para enumerar nuestros logros académicos de una manera más detallada. De manera similar, se puede usar una línea de tiempo graficada con la integración de iconos e imágenes para enumerar sus experiencias de trabajo pasadas y logros de una manera impresionante. Ninguna presentación de carrera está completa sin una página de portafolio exquisita. Jackson presenta esto utilizando imágenes detalladas con efectos de paralaje y contador de estadísticas. Los contadores rastrean el número de vistas, me gusta y comparte en cada publicación de la galería para fines de documentación y publicidad. As a final touch, you can preview recently made blogs as well as a Contact mail form for contacting you on the bottom of the webpage.

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free simple website template - essence

Essence can be a great choice if you’re looking for a fashion eCommerce template with a clean and sleek design that welcomes viewers. The free website template makes use of a large number of responsive elements to provide users with a unique user experience. Powered by Bootstrap 4, Essence ensures that your customers can browse your entire shop catalog straight from the comfort of their phones. The header menu lets users browse through all the distinctive categories you’ve listed your items under. Essence is also compatible with a User account system for your eCommerce website. You can use a wide number of featured sections to promote specific items sales on your homepage. This includes Sales and discount banners to inform users of upcoming and currently ongoing sales deals. Similarly, you can place featured products on a slideshow as well.

While users can use the search bar to find items, they can browse indefinitely on the item viewing terminal. Using filtering, customers can narrow down the items they’d consider buying straight from the website and view them in detail as well. Each item comes with its own price, rating button  Add to cart button. If you’re a fashionista running your own market, then blogging is essential to you and Essence understands that. The free simple website template also comes with blog ready features. Promote your blogs using the newsletter subscription mail that is also provided alongside the other footer widgets. From the blogs to the sliders to the parallax effect, every element in the website is highly responsive and sure to attract views to various items on the shop.

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free simple website template - balita

Balita is a multipurpose free Bootstrap template that provides a browsing experience like no other. With its uniquely designed layout and blog functions, Balita can help you preview information about any topic with no difficulty at all. From travel to eating to business, blog about them all using this highly versatile web template. Balita’s essence lies in its simplicity and clean design. The top header menu featured blogs in the carousel sliders and various filtering option let users improve user’s browsing and blog searching experience. Similarly, reading through any blog is itself an accommodating experience due to the various parallax effects and scrolling effects enabled on the website template.

Each blog can contain tons of visual imagery and cues to make your blogs prettier. The comments section allows users to post their opinion on various post matters and thus increase on-site user interaction. Balita is also extremely social media friendly. The header and footer both contain social media links to a wide range of platforms. Similarly, posts are shareable on these media platforms quite as easily as well. Treat yourself as the elementary part about yourself and present what you stand for in both the About section as well as the sidebar Author bio. Similarly, you are also free to add personal social links to your author bio section as well. Balita is a free simple website template that celebrates your creativity and ensures that it propagates over the internet.

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free simple website template - balay

And for the final listing, we have a completely different website design in the form of Balay, an interior design based web template. Whether you are a freelance Interior designer or an owner or a reputable Interior designing agency. Balay can help you promote you and your services to all the needy homeowners out there in desperate need of an interior reconfiguration. Balay makes the point to present your services and projects in a linear but awesome manner. The web template features responsive on scroll effects that make even using the website fun and interactive. The large flex slider works to introduce various interior designs and structures you have personally worked with. The mix of custom construction icons and related imagery helps you portray your capabilities as an interior designer. Similarly, the milestone banner is usable for showing how many customers and houses you’ve pleased over time.

The portfolio is a medium tool for a designer and Balay goes to the extra length for beautifying it. Each image in the portfolio comes with a rating bar, an online share button, and a view counter. The blank spacey background design goes along well with the portfolio layouts. It also works as great padding for viewing images with a Lightbox viewer. But when it comes to being a designer, it’s also important to spread the message of art and creativity. Balay’s strong blog friendly features attest to this and provide you with all the tools necessary to blog your heart out. Each of these blogs and portfolio element is completely retina friendly and is viewable from a smartphone device as well. This helps you cater to a larger audience and impress more possible customers.

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