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Simple CSS templates are the best place to start your website experience. Whether you are a developer or a general user about to start a website for the first time, simple CSS templates are easy to use. In this list, we have compiled some of the best free simple CSS templates for you. All of these templates use the CSS3 framework with industry code standards, so editing and personalization will be easy.

Another great advantage of simple CSS templates is that they are easy to maintain. Even if you're wrong with some of the codes, you can easily fix them in these templates. As stated earlier, this template follows the industry code standards, so all of these templates are optimized appropriately. Although these are simple and free CSS templates, these templates offer you a perfect design in pixels. Functionality too, this template offers you a handful of options, but you have to manually manage to integrate them with your other tools and platforms.


The framework is a commercial website template created for SAAS companies specifically. But the design of this template is flexible, so you can use it for any type of business websites. This one-page website We offer you a long homepage, where you can add everything about your services. Logically organized segments also make this template the most suitable for landing pages. Light colors are used as the color scheme so that this template matches the simple design of the template.

The visual effects are kept as low as possible and used only in the required places. In the header, it has a large static hero image with bold text and call-to-action buttons. Parallax effects will give this template a vivid feel when the user scrolls down on your page. You also get an ordered price table with bold text and call to action button. Shadow effects are used to elegantly highlight the best price plan for users.

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Explorer is a simple and perfect website template for bloggers and travel photographers. This template helps you to elegantly display your best photos. In this template there is a lot of blank space, which makes the colorful pictures look more vibrant. If you are an independent professional and use your website to obtain new projects, this template could also help you with that. This multi-page template gives you enough space to explain your services in detail to users. Check out our templates for independent websites with more creative design and useful features to grow your business.

On the home page, you only have space to add some lines about yourself and some of your best photos in the gallery section. You get a separate page for the gallery, so you do not have to worry about the limited gallery space on the main page. Other useful features that you get with this template are a contact form, website loader graphics and an interactive map.

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Gree is designed primarily for the organic food industry The designer of this template has created this template from the commercial point of view, so you get many promotional elements and content blocks to explain r services. According to the name, this template uses green as the primary color scheme, which gives users a refreshing look. The icons used are also customized to match the general simple design and color scheme of the template. Each segment on the home page is separated by a stretched parallax bar complete with an image background. In this template sources of elegant and eye-catching appearance are used to give an informal appearance. It is a multi-page website template with basic pages like about, gallery and contact pages previously designed for you. On the entire subpage you have the option to add a large image slider in the header section.

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X Corporation

  x-corporation-free-simple-css-templates [19659002] X Corporation is a commercial website template rich in features. Although it is a free template, the creator of this template gave us many useful functions. This template gives equal importance to both text and image content so you can create an attractive website. Gradient color schemes are effectively managed throughout the template to elegantly highlight important sections and points. The selection of sources is also done with care in this template, since it is a commercial template, sources of formal appearance are used. Animation, on the other hand, is very subtle and is used only in the required section. The navigation menu options are provided both in the upper bar and in the footer for a better user experience. Throughout the template, incredible icons are used. Even if you need to customize this template, you have many icon options to choose from among the incredible icons of the font.

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Pixel is a bold website template with large sections and large texts. Bold website templates are always easy to interact on both small screen devices and desktop screens. The large elements ensure that the action of dental clicks is reduced and also gives you enough space to add all your contents. This template is designed for multipurpose use, so you will get many elements that can be useful now and some of the elements will be useful in the future.

Content blocks are designed to handle texts and images effectively. Visual effects are intelligently combined with clean design to keep the user engaged with their content. In this template bright and dark colors are used, and the designer has maintained the balance of colors in an intelligent way throughout the template. Just above the footer section, testimonial sections are used on all sub-pages to improve their credibility.

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The format is a simple website template for hotels, travel websites and photography websites The creator of this template has made the design flexible enough to meet the needs of all the niches for which it was designed. . All types of content are used in this template and the most important thing is that they are placed in the right place to obtain a better result. The pink color scheme of this template provides a relaxing feel to this template and makes it an obvious choice for the girls website. The line icons are used in this template and are customized to match the overall design of the template. Spaces for video content are not provided directly in this template, but space is provided for the links. Since it is an HTML5 template, you can easily add videos. The video player opens in a separate lightbox window to give users complete control over the player.

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Health is a medical website template full of functions. This template has used the HTML and CSS framework elegantly to bring all the contents in the given space. This template does not use regular sections with ab oxy design. To highlight important points, some of the content blocks are made to stand out from the regular frames. For beginners, this template will help you have the idea of ​​developing a creation design. Different shades and dyes of blue color are used in this template. The designer has used the colors with elegance throughout the template. Other useful features that you get with this template are the appointment booking form, the custom icons and the animated counters. The appointment form is in perfect working condition from the front-end, all you have to do is take care of the back-end process.

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  trainer-free-simple-css- templates

The trainer is a personal website template In the demo version, the trainer theme is used staff to show the template. With the impeccable and clean design, this template provides you with a broad or add both image and text content. The images are used instead of using icons to show the services elegantly to the users. The sources, on the other hand, are not regular sources of formal appearance. Although the sources seem casual, the readability of the texts is not compromised. As it is a personal website template, it offers a large amount of image space to add your photos in this template to improve your personal brand. In the top bar, you have the option to add a social media profile link. The footer section is made large enough to add all the important links and other content.

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Law is another simple website template for personal websites. This template is designed specifically designed for white collar professionals. Being a white collar professional, you may only get a few hours to spend on your website. As it is a one page site ate the user can manage the website easily in the few hours they receive. Although this is a one-page template, the creator of this template has given us all the options we need to create an effective website. On a clean white background, the images and texts are clearly visible. All elements in this template are scaled for better performance even on small screen devices. Other useful features that you get with this template are accordions, custom line icons, perfect sliders and subtle effects of professional animation.

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Instant is a simple restaurant website template. This one page template is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is replace the existing content with me. Your own unique personalized content. Only the necessary features are given in this template to set up an appropriate restaurant website. Like all other website templates related to food, it also gives more importance to the content of the image. You can share your delicious and delicious food images with this template. The clean white background of this template makes the colorful images of food look more vibrant. The food menu option is also provided in this template, where you can share your best food along with its price. If you are about to use the online food ordering service on your website, you can easily integrate this well-coded website with your tools.

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Landing as the name implies that this template is designed correctly for landing pages. The expert says that the content focused on the laser helps him to make a successful campaign. This template will help create a landing page centered on the laser easily. Each section on the homepage is made large enough to contain large contents and web elements. Since conversion is the main focus of the home pages, you get the conversion-centric elements located in the right places. For example, in the header, you have a registration form so that the user knows that he can register here as soon as he arrives at his page. The upper navigation bar remains fixed to allow the user to easily jump to any section there whenever he wishes.

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Apart is a perfect blog template. You are about to start a new blog, and this template will give you a good base. Especially if you are a travel or food blogger, this template is the best option for you. The home page gives you only space to add images. You have the option to add image links on the home page to take the user directly to the corresponding publications. Holders of images of all sizes are displayed on the home page, so you can add images of any size and orientation without worry. The navigation sidebar gives you space to add your logo and the social media profile links at the bottom of the page. Other subpages that you get with this template are about services, portfolio and contact.

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Unlock is a very simple simple basic website template. The designer of this template has created this template with a very open approach so you can use it for any purpose. All the elements and the options provided in this template are multidisciplinary so that it is the best suit for all purposes. Each segment is made large enough to add images and other types of long content. The text contents also receive the same importance in this template so you can explain your services in detail to the users. The vector icons are used in this template and are customized to fit well with the overall design of the template. Both gradients and solid colors are used in this template. The designer has used the combination of colors to perfection to highlight the important points and also to improve the visual aesthetics of the template.

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Initial is also a multipurpose website template, which can be used for both commercial websites and personal websites. With lots of white space, this template helps you to present the content carefully to users. No matter how long or verbose the content of the given blank space is, the content will look cleaner. Flat icons are used in this template, which fits well with the general simple design of the template. The flat green color scheme looks attractive on the clean white background. Other useful elements that you get with this template are carousels, preloaded graphics and neat personalized icons.

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Katt is a simple creative website template. The shapes and patterns are becoming one of the most used modern web design styles. This template uses a creative design along with attractive visuals to create an attractive website template. The design of content in box helps you to organize the content effectively. The default design of this template makes it a perfect choice for a blog template. Even if you are looking for a creative blog design inspiration for your existing website template, you can use this one. In the header, you have a small image slider with smooth transition effects. The main content block area is designed as a split screen, where you can add pictures and texts side by side to create attractive content.

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Labs is a colorful website template creativity. With the help of the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks, this template offers you more vibrant colors and modern web elements. Fill the empty space d background the designer has used patterns of geometric shapes. As said before, patterns of creative geometric shapes are one of the trendiest modern web designs. Another highlight of this template is the combination of colors. The intense purple color and the refreshing green color attract the user's attention easily and also gives visitors a refreshing feeling. It is a multipurpose website template, so you get many multidisciplinary elements that adapt well to all kinds of basic needs of the website.

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Suppablog is a personal brand focused website template for independent professionals and influential people. The central design of this template revolves around the owner of the website. mplate includes a large number of web elements to boost your personal brand and also improve your visibility throughout the website. Not only the design but also the visual effects are also simplified in this template. The fuzzy scroll effects help you to clearly highlight the important text that the user wants to see. The full navigation options are hidden behind the hamburger menu on the left side. In the left sidebar, you also have the option to add profile links to social networks.

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Creative Agency


Creative agency, as the name implies, this simple template is designed for agencies and other commercial websites. With the long homepage, the creator of this template gave us more spa to add to your business. On a clean white background, black ink texts are clearly visible. Texts are made in bold and larger so that the user can read the contents without any problem. You can even use this template as inspiration for the home page for the development of your personalized website. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework with industrial quality code standard so you can customize it and easily add it to your existing website.

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Datarc is another modern-looking website template for startups and creative studios. As it is a template of a page, the designer of this template has done every sec. Large enough to contain all its contents. A large amount of space is allocated between each element and the full-width design of the template is used effectively. With this one-page template, you get sections such as services, portfolio, equipment and contact. The portfolio section is a two-row grid with a tabbed interface so that the user can easily switch from one category to another. The animation effects in this template are clear and professional, so you can use this template even for business websites without any worries.

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Delicious is simple food and clean blog template. You can use this template for any type of personal blog, such as fashion, lifestyle or any other type of template, this template can handle it. You prefer that you can even use an image pattern in this template. The designer of this template made sure that the elements and content of the text were perfectly visible in the background version. This template has a lot of space to add images. In the header, it has a large portrait style image slider. The visual effects are excellent in this template and will surely attract the user's attention with ease. Just above the footer, it has a fully expanded widget to add Instagram feeds.

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