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Either you are a beginner or an influencer, personal branding is very important in the digital world. If you are using your social media profile to share ideas on a particular topic, that is the first stage of the personal brand; from here it takes several steps. Owning a website is one of the main steps in the creation of a personal brand. If you have any questions, look for a famous digital media personality, at least you will have a one-page website. In this list, we have compiled some of the best free templates from personal Bootstrap websites that can improve your personal brand.

To provide users of all stages, we have compiled templates for both casual and professional uses. If you are an independent professional, your website is part of your business, so you should have a professional touch. On the other hand, if you are a budding professional and depend on companies to grow your career, your website should have a design similar to a resume. In this list of Bootstrap personal website templates, we have compiled templates for all of your purposes. All you have to do is select the one that suits you best.


Jackson is a perfect template for a personal website If you are looking for a template to showcase your work and share your work experience, this template is the best option. or you. This template is clean and helps you achieve your simple task. The designer of this template has made this a box width template so you can keep all your content well organized. In the header and in the upper part of the left sidebar, you have space to add your image, so that you have visibility on the website.

The left sidebar not only gives you space to add your image, it also provides you with text space to add your role. The animation effects are minimal and the displacement effects give an interactive feel. Other useful elements that you get with this template are the colored icons, the animated counters, the animated skill bars, the parallax effects and the timeline design. This template also offers you a portfolio section to show your work.

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Personal is a business-style website If you're about to take your business to the next level, it's template is for you. As a package, this late temperature gives you almost everything you need to create a fully functional website. The full-width design of this template gives you plenty of room to add modern web elements and great content. The depth and shadow effects are used to differentiate the web elements from the background. The color schemes are also chosen with great care to match the overall minimum design of the template. It is a template of several pages with basic subpages like about, services, portfolio, prices and predesigned contacts for you; As stated before, this template provides everything you need.

Talking about the portfolio design, this template gives you a separate page for the portfolio and also a section on the home page. The tabbed interface helps the user to easily filter the works in which they are interested.

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Noah is one of the best free templates of Bootstrap personal websites with a modern minimalist design . Combining creative and minimalist design is hard work, but the ors creativity of this staff has done a splendid job. Both the designer and the developer added their creative skills to bring this template to life. The full-width design of this template gave you a lot of space to add both text content and multimedia content. Each section of the home page is marked by bold text in the background.

Since this is a minimal template, the designer has used the texts as part of the design. The navigation menu options are hidden behind the burger menu to make use of the full-width design. In the burger menu option, you have space to add a search bar and portfolio sections. This template has several predesigned pages for you. The animation effects are clear, thanks to the latest HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks.

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Alotan is designed primarily for beauty salon websites, but this template has many personal elements that increase the brand, which makes it perfect for the personal website t emplates. Because it is a service-based website template, you get service-oriented features, such as opening hours, emergency contacts, and promotional banners. You can use these elements in the future when your business grows. In this template, a lot of space is reserved for the contents of the image, which you can use to add your image for better visibility.

Influencers and industry leaders will find this template design useful for their personal brand and will also help their audience identify their website easily. Visual effects are the strong point of this template. Class effects capture the user's attention easily and also add visual richness to the overall design of the template. As this template is not related to the topic we are discussing now, you must make small customizations. This template follows the standards of the industrial code, so developers will find it easy to work with this template.

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  civic-free-bootstrap-personal-website-template [19659002] Civic is a website template based on an online curriculum. If you already have a website and are looking for an additional page for your resume, then it is the template for you. The clear and bold design helps you to be very clear about the main theme. Logical segmentation helps the recruiter understand their experience and skills easily. The timeline design is used in this template to help you clearly explain your career. In the top bar you have two call-to-action buttons, for the demonstration purpose that you have used to download the resume and portfolio section, you can route them to the option you want. Many technology-related companies that ask for links to social media profiles, especially if you're a digital marketer, the profile of social networks speaks for you. In this template, just below the header section, you have space to add your social media profile links.

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Online CV


With more than four thousand downloads, this is one of the best templates of online curriculum. Again, this is also an added in the template to show your professional experience. If you already have a portfolio website template, you can add this template to your site. Many digital jobs now request a portfolio site, which helps the recruiter easily filter the candidate. Providing your downloadable resume on your website will give you an advantage over your fellow competitors.

The split-screen layout of this template gives you a large space to add your image and text content. Animated web elements are added in this template to share your experience interactively with visitors. This template has a separate section for the portfolio, where you can add the best of your work and give a link to your entire portfolio.

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Resume X, since the name implies that this template is also a template for online curriculum. Wide design, this template helps you create a well organized website. This template also follows a split screen layout, but in this template, you can add images and little about yourself in one section and a complete summary to the other. The left sidebar is made to help you get better visibility on your resume. This template also belongs to the creators of the CV online, so you will get many similar design keys in the template. As for the code, this template is also flexible enough to be easily customized.

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The law is a personal website template for white-collar professionals. The clean design of this template makes it the best choice for both commercial websites and personal websites. The innate design of this template helps you create a website focused on the content. This template has all the elements you need on a single page, so maintaining the website will be an easy job for you. Even if you need it, you can add additional pages with a little help from the developers, this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap structures.

The top navigation bar is a smart element, which automatically changes color and remains sticky for the user scrolls down. Line vector icons are used in this template to indicate features and services. As this template is designed for legal professionals, you get more icons related to that niche. When you use this template for other purposes, you will have some customization jobs.

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Trainer is a free Bootstrap personal website template for personal fitness trainers. The designer of this template has used an open-min ded approach so you can use this template for other purposes as well. On a clean white background, the texts and the image are easy to read and interact. All elements have a scale to work effectively even on small screen devices. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks. The trainer is a well-optimized website template; This template responds in a mobile way, optimized in speed and compatible with crossed browsers. The default design of this template gives equal importance to text and image content so you can easily attract your visitors.

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My profile

  my-profile-free-bootstrap-personal- website-template

My profile is a simple one-page resume template for freelancers. Your template includes all the elements you need to create an effective resume. By keeping this template as a base, you can create your own custom website template. Although this template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks, animation and visual effects are used very lightly in this template. The full-width design of this template gives you a lot of space to talk about your experience and skills. You also get a testimonial section in this template to improve your credibility factor. The contact form is simplified to match the overall design of the template, take a look at our collection of contact form templates for creative ideas.

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  personify-free-bootstrap-personal- website-template

Personify is a perfect personal website template. This template is a complete package, which also includes a separate page for your curriculum. The home page has a split screen layout to tell about you with your image. There are no other sections on the homepage, but it is a multi-page template so you can show your works and share your experience on different pages. The options of the navigation menu are hidden behind the icons of the hamburger menu, in which space to add your profile links of social networks. All subpages of this template follow the split screen design to maintain design consistency. The portfolio page follows a list design and uses scroll effects to display the related texts.

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Halo is a creative website template for creative professionals. This template is a perfect choice for photographers and graphic designers. The sign on this template makes it perfect for personal websites and commercial websites. Each section of the home page is made large enough to accommodate large texts and images. The designer of this template prioritized the content of the image on the content of the text, so you get a lot of image holders in this template. You can add images of any size and orientation without worries. Bold texts and large web elements facilitated interactions with this template, even on small screen devices.

It is a template of several pages with subpages like about, portfolio, blog and predesigned contacts for you. Just above the portfolio list, it has category tags, to help the user easily filter the option they want.

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Bato is a pure and minimalist website template, the creative design of this template makes it in a perfect choice only for those who want something different. nt of the package. On the home page, you have a split-screen style image slider to show your projects. That's it, you do not have any other section on the main page, but still, you have the option of adding a link to the project. As it is a multi-page template, you do not need to worry about the limited space on the homepage. To make use of the full-width design, the designer has hidden the navigation menu behind the hamburger menu.

All subpages in this template follow the same minimum design. Like most other modern templates, this template also uses texts as part of its design. For web elements and scrolling effects, this template uses a bright yellow color scheme, which captures the user's attention easily in this pristine template.

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CV Portfolio

  cvportfolio-free-bootstrap-personal-website- template

The CV portfolio is again a resume template, but it gives you multiple options to Share your portfolio. The portfolio is kept in the center of this template design, at the top you have the option to add about yourself. The upper yellow bar is used to highlight your contact information and just below it, you have a call to action button to download the resume. Offering an option to download your resume helps the recruiter easily process their profile in their internal process. Each section is made large enough to accommodate long texts and web elements. The sections are differentiated by different background colors. Speaking of the visual effects, since it is a model of curriculum vitae, the animation and visual effects are minimal and are used only in the required places.

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Portfolio Po

  po-portfolio- free-bootstrap-personal-website-template

Portfolio Po, as the name implies this late temperature is designed exclusively for purposes of purse. On the home page, you only have space to add your portfolio. The grid layout gives you enough space to add any number of jobs you want. It is a multi-page template, which also has a separate page for the portfolio, so just add your best photos on the homepage. Limiting the number of jobs on the home page will help the page load faster. The displacement effects are used for the details of the project and you also have the option to provide a link to the corresponding project. Other pages that you get with this template are blog pages, about and contact. The blog follows a mini split screen design with two articles per row. Individual blog page layouts are not given in this template, take a look at our free collection of blog templates for modern designs.

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Riddle is a perfect website template for freelancers. On the main page, at the top, you have space to add a welco message and some lines about you. Adding some effects such as typing or changing characters will make it even more animated. You also get a full-width portfolio section on the home page. Image holders are large enough to handle images of any size and orientation. As this portfolio follows a tile design with various sizes, you can easily add images of any orientation. Just above the portfolio, you have the category section to easily switch between the different categories. The texts become big and bold to get the attention of the user, try to use powerful words or rich words in conversion in this section to get a better result. In all the subpages, just above the footer, it has a call to action button to take the user to the contact page.

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Suitcase is a creative style website template designed specifically for freelancers. or you can see many contents and elements that are used to promote your service. If you are an independent professional and you are about to reach a mass audience for more projects, this template is for you. In the header, you have an image slider with bold text and call-to-action buttons. You can use these call-to-action buttons to take users to the portfolio or contact page. The text design is similar to the Coach template mentioned above, clear and quite different from the usual formal business style sources. The icons are also selected as appropriate to match the overall design of the template. It is a template of several pages, so it has more than enough space to explain all its services, best projects and any other idea you want to share.

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Sasha is the best personal website template of Bootstrap for bloggers. As a package, this template gives five variations of the home page and eight unique publication variations. If you are a web developer, you will find that this template is extremely useful, since it gives you the option to create an effective website in a very short time. The five variations of the home page follow the same simple minimalist design. Since it is a blog template, extreme care is taken with the sources to facilitate readability. This template provides you with blog page layout for all famous publishing formats, such as audio publications, video publications and gallery publications. If you plan to convert this template into a WordPress theme, these publication format templates will be useful for you.

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Work is a personal and professional website template. The creators of this template have balanced design and functionality. is of this template so that it can meet the purposes of both personal as well as professional use. This template gives you a proper homepage design, in which you can give a complete overview of your services and experiences. Visual effects are also used effectively used in this template. Since this template is designed for the business websites as well, the effects are kept mild and simple. The sticky left sidebar acts as a holder for navigation menus and also gives space to add your logo and social media profile links. Though this template uses the font, awesome icons, the designer of this template has customized it to fit the overall design of the template

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