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Most people are very intrigued by beautiful things because they get their attention very quickly. They even want all their belongings to look really good. It is one of the most common human nature to select something based on appearance at the beginning. Therefore, this trend has also had a fair share in people's interest in technology with its increase in development. They want to own or get involved in technologies that are attractive to the eye. It is one of the most important priorities for them most of the time. If they find it interesting, only they will see with interest the characteristics of it.

One of the most common areas where we see the interest of people for their beautiful designs are mobile phones and smart phones. First verify if it looks good or not. Then they look at their characteristics only after they like their appearance. Similarly, it is the same case with websites as well. There is more chance that people will see and scroll down on a website if it looks beautiful. So, everyone wants their websites to look attractive today. A visually appealing website can attract more audience than a simple-looking website.

In general, people tend to focus primarily on the design of the website initially. If they like it, then they are more likely to review the features or services provided on the website. Therefore, we have compiled some of the best templates of beautiful websites that you can use to create a beautiful website. These beautiful templates of free websites have excellent ratings and comments, and have been carefully selected and tested for their purpose. So you can review them instead of spending your time looking for these website templates.


A blacksmith is generally referred to as a worker who develops metals. When you add a word in front of you, it becomes a word builder or simply a blogger in terms of the Internet. So, if you are a blogger who wants to create a website for you, WordSmith is one of the best options for you. A beautiful free website template that is best suited to meet your blogging needs. You can display your creative and informative articles with the help of the web space provided by this website template. You can make full use of this website template, whether you are a fashion blogger, food, travel or gymnastics or any other.

WordSmith is developed with a great design that will surely attract many audiences. It has a large image slider in the header of the home page. You can add beautiful images to make your website look attractive. You can also classify the publications on your website with the help of this template. Special publications can also be highlighted on the home page along with the category and the featured image of the publications. And if it moves down, they appear with a very smooth animation. This will further improve the beauty of your website and will definitely help you increase the amount of visitors on your website.

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If you want to build a Honey is the best website template beautiful and free for you, it has the appearance and the Perfect features to Explain about the couple through a website. By going through the design, you can add a beautiful background image to the header of the webpage. It already has integrated menu bars for the pages of the entire trip and the history of the couple, accommodation for reception attendees, gallery, pages, blog and contact. The template contains 3 more pages for, for example, bridesmaids, groomsmen and items in the pages section. It also has a combination of white and pink themed colors to make it look more attractive to the vibrations of the wedding.

Honey is a very light and smooth website performance template. The template is extremely sensitive too. You can browse without problems on all devices of any screen size. It can also be easily used in any web browser of your choice, since it is also compatible with all browsers. All this is due to the fact that it is widely based on Bootstrap 4. It also has many features for a marriage website. It is equipped with a countdown that can show the time remaining until the wedding reception. This countdown is designed with beautiful white and pink colors through which viewers can automatically know that it is for a wedding.

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Fantom   free-beautiful-website-template-fantom

With a well designed design and all rounding features, Fantom is the blog template for you to start your amazing blogs. It is a beautiful and free site. Badge that will help you take your blog platform to an increasingly higher growth. The template is developed completely focused to make sure that the website of your blog looks fantastic with many features. It has an impressive sidebar where you can add different items such as popular publications, publication categories and labels. You can also add the author's biography in the sidebar along with the author's social media links. In addition, this website template is incorporated with a search box in the sidebar as well.

Fantom also has a very unique design. You can present the multiple new blogs in the start slider with your title image as the background. You can also show the publication date, the number of comments, and the category of blog posts in the start slider itself. This makes it convenient for readers to search for the types of blogs they want to read. As the convenience of the audience always leads to the growth of the audience, it is one of the essential features you need on the website of your blog. This website template also has adequate contact details that can be used by your viewers if they want to ask you something about their blogs. The integration of Google Maps in the contact would even help them to keep in touch with you personally if possible.

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Travello   free-beautiful-website-template-travello

A beautiful and free website template specially designed for travel blogs And news, Travello is the perfect solution for Start your travel blogs. You can access many features and elements that you can use for your travel website. It has been developed focusing on an exceptional user experience along with an exquisite design. It has a built-in search box through which viewers can search the main travel destinations with the city, departure, arrival and budget filters. You can also divide your website into different sections of popular destinations, testimonials, special offers and many more.

Travello is a very useful companion for the development of a website. You can create a website with a beautiful design spending a zero budget and with minimal time and effort. Even though it is a free website template, your final website can give your viewers a premium feel when they use your website. It has a parallax effect along with the subscription subscription to newsletters. It also has excellent blog pages that will undoubtedly draw the attention of your audience. You can show your amazing blogs and start influencing your readers to travel more often. They can then share their content through their social networks to increase the reach of their audience.

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If you own a restaurant or a food cafe and want to start a website for it, then Diner is the best solution for you. The word diner itself means a person who is eating or, in general, a customer in a restaurant. ant. So this is a beautiful free website template, designed especially to meet the needs and demands of your restaurant's customers and build your successful business. It has a very attractive design that is very striking for the spectators. With the help of this template, you can further customize your website to make it look even more beautiful. In addition, it shows the contents of the website in spectacular animations as it moves down. This adds even more beauty to your website, like the icing on top of a luxurious desert.

It has many features that you can use on your restaurant's website. The menu bar is located in the right sidebar of the home page. When you click on it, the menu titles appear when the entire home page disappears and then show the entire menu of the website. This template also has a header in which the color changes as it scrolls down from the slider in the main header. This website template also comes with a responsive design. You can use it on any device of any size without degrading the beautiful design of your website.

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Filled with a wide range of customization options, Amado is a beautiful free website template that will help you create an awesome website. If you want to create an e-commerce website with A great design, then you're in luck. This website template has been specifically designed for this purpose. It also has a highly sensitive design. You can use this website on any handheld device, such as mobile phones and tablets. In the same way, it is very adaptable and flexible too. You can use it in any important web browser you want without affecting the performance or appearance of the website.

You can easily customize your e-commerce website and have it used in a short time with Amado. It has a beautifully designed category menu in the left sidebar. You can then display the products according to the categories in the left section of the screen. You also get a precompiled newsletter subscription with this website template. You can use them to collect the email addresses of your customers and send them several bulletins and offers by email. If they like the offers, they can share the contents of their website in their social networks. This will also help promote your e-commerce website and get more customers for your website.

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Similar to websites, you also need a good presentation when serving several You should make sure that the The food you are serving not only smells and tastes delicious, but also looks delicious. Uto is a beautiful free website template that will definitely help you get this feature on your website. It is designed specifically for restaurant websites where they can display their delicious varieties of food. It has an advanced design that will be very striking for its customers. With a great design, you also get an excellent user interface that your customers will find very easy to navigate.

Mourning has an amazing headline where you can use it as a slide show to showcase your numerous delicious foods. Your customers will also have the option to reserve a table in the header. If you scroll down, the restaurant's address, opening hours, phone number and e-mail address can also be mentioned just below the heading. The main menu bar appears from the right view bar with an excellent animation that occupies all the visible part of the page. By default, it consists of the house, menus, specialties, reservations, blog, about us and contact. There are many great animations to show the featured publications on the homepage. Also, this website template with many customizable options for you to create a fully functional restaurant website.

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Jackson is a beautiful free website template specially designed to create outstanding portfolios. When you are creating a website for your portfolio, you should make sure that it does not seem boring. You may have many achievements, but an attractive portfolio along with your achi The events will open more opportunities. This website template is also totally responsive. Therefore, visitors to your website can access your wallet on any device of any size at any time. Besides being compatible with other browsers, they will not have any problem with web browsers either.

This website template has two different sections for your portfolio with two different scroll bars for easy navigation. In the section on the left, you can add your basic information, such as a display image, name and current position. Below, there are a series of page titles that can be used for the entire website. Includes home, about services, skills, education, experience, work, blog and contact. In the right section of the website, the page you click is displayed. Using this website template, you can add many exciting elements. The most outstanding feature is the percentage of skills in which you can show the level of your abilities in percentage along with different color options.

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Images can say much more about something than words. Therefore, it is a known fact that images are more attractive to people than texts. Many S photographers tend to show their skills and services in photography with the help of websites through images. But while images help make websites look attractive, it's the way images are presented that makes the difference. You must make sure it is a well-designed photo website to attract more viewers. Imahe is a beautiful free website template that will definitely help you achieve it. It has been specially developed to make your website look absolutely brilliant.

Imahe includes a lot of features and useful elements that you will always need for your photo website. It has a home page with an attractive slide show. It also has some very nice animations to show the content of the homepage as it moves down. This makes your website look very attractive to the viewers. As it is a photo website template, you also get a well-designed gallery where you can show the best photos you've clicked on. This website also has an excellent blog design page to share your blogs and increase interaction with site visitors. This will also help you increase the audience's reach.

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A blog template and news website with great attention to detail. Stuff is the perfect solution. for your blog and news website. It has a very clean and modern design that can attract many readers. Its simplicity in the user interface With a beautiful design, readers will be trapped in the words of their blogs and news. Its multiple features and elements for your website. You can add any type of content on the website. Whether it is an audio, video, images or text, you can show anything to your viewers. The variation of the types of content is always very appreciated for its beautiful design.

Stuff is a beautiful free website template with many design details. It has a lot of user-oriented sliding menus that contain start, blog, event, travel and about me by default. It also has a beautifully designed header slide show where you can add a number of relevant images on the home page. There is also an Instagram image feed embedded with this website template. This can increase the presence on social networks of your website through Instagram. For the blog page, you get 4 different designs. You can select any of them as they are well designed to make your website look attractive.

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Just when you need a studio to become a professional photographer, Studio can be the online help for your website of professional photography. It is a beautiful free website template that you can attr Take a lot of visitors with its advanced and modern design. It has a totally responsive design. Therefore, there are no difficulties to run the website on handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. You can also use it in any web browser of your choice, since it is also compatible with all browsers. No matter what device and web browser you use, the performance and design of the website will not be affected.

Studio also has a very intriguing design visually. You have a slide show on the home page where you can show the best and most attractive images of your photograph. The menu bar is also attached in the slide show with transparency. This is one of the small details that will help you make your website look more attractive. You also get 6 pages integrated with the templates of this website. They are at home, about, portfolio, blog, contact and elements. This website template is extremely friendly with social networks as well. You can share the contents of the website on social networks, which will also help to increase the reach of the audience.

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Sometimes, to select a website template for Your website, just the name of the template is enough website. This is the same case with the beautiful and free website. Original late. As the name implies, it has a unique and beautiful design for your website to show original content for your blogs. It is packed with many features and elements to help you create an attractive blog website. To begin with the appearance itself, you have a really nice carousel slide show in the header. You can add many beautiful images for your blog here along with animations for texts in it. You can also change the images by dragging the mouse pointer.

This website template also has a series of precompiled pages that you can use for your blogs. It includes a homepage, about us, individual publications and contact pages. You can also use the category menu bar with its addition of submenu bars. There is also a mega menu with 4 different titles as default in this website template. Here, you can add more mega menu items. Modify and make changes according to your needs and you can have a beautiful website with an easy interface. This website template also has a responsive design. Therefore, the performance and appearance of the website will not be affected if you use mobile devices.

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The promotion of a business must be well distributed. People tend to create business websites to make it easier. To help you spread information about your business, there is a beautiful and free website. What you can use is Halo. The word halo usually means a circular light that surrounds a saint or saintly person to represent them. Like a halo, you can use this website to represent your business through your website. It is more appropriate if your business is related to photography. It has an incredible portfolio and a blog section with which you can take your photographic career to success.

Halo has a very attractive website design with many beautiful details. When you move the cursor to a menu title, a small mark appears that lets you know what you are about to see. This website template also has a series of default pages where you can place your content in an attractive design. There is also a visually appealing gallery on the homepage in this website template. You can highlight your photographic skills in this section. You can also show the brief description of these images in the gallery when you place the mouse cursor over it. Along with it, you can show the services it offers through several icons and multiple Google sources.

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If you need a website for your hairdresser, Alotan is the best option for you. It's a beautiful free website template that you can use to showcase your talent as a barber. Increase the promotion of your shaving skills using this website template without any problem. It is very easy to use. You can set up a website with this website template in a matter of minutes. Each service you provide to your clients can be shown through this template with a beautiful design. You can easily increase the popularity of your hairdresser with the incredible design that this website template offers you.

Alotan can be your best companion to take your hairdresser to online success. It is highly sensitive Therefore, all its features and beautiful designs will not be affected when using your website on any portable device of any screen size. The template is also highly flexible and adaptable. It can work in any web browser without any degradation in its performance, since it is also compatible with all browsers. You can help your clients with their barber appointments too. This can increase the comfort of your customers that will also greatly help your hairdressing business.

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Real-life sonar can help you detect objects from a very far distance. Similarly, the beautiful Sonar website free template can also help you grow your business far away. best suited if your business is affiliated with photography. But with some changes, you can use this website template in any type of business. Definitely, you can increase business success with the attractive designs of this website template. It has a very responsive design. So your website can be accessed anywhere through any devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It is also cross-browser compatible so that your website can be used on any web browsers.

Moving on to the appearance of Sonar, it has been a well-designed header where you can showcase your finest photography. You can also change the images by dragging them from the mouse. If you want to view the menu, it appears from the right sidebar with a very nice animation. This website template is also extremely social friendly. Your visitors can share the contents of the website on social media. This will also help you to promote your business. As you scroll down the webpage, you can also see the contents with amazing fade in animations.

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 free-beautiful-website-template-riddle "width =" 1344 "height = "589" srcset = "https://fdmania.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/1540841952_476_20-free-beautiful-website-templates-based-on-bootstrap-2018-uicookies.png 1344w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads /2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-riddle-300x131.png 300w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-riddle-768x337. png 768w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-riddle-1024x449.png 1024w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/ 2018/08 / free-beautiful-website-template-riddle-610x267.png 610w "sizes =" (max-width: 1344px) 100vw, 1344px "/> </p>
<p><span style= Your achievements in life can be a riddle for the people who Do not know, that's why these riddles are answered in your portfolio So, Riddle can be a great help to create an attractive portf olio to showcase your achievements and skills. It is a free website that can help you with the success of your career. You can show your portfolio with the help of 4 pages prebuilt in this website template. You get a homepage with a well-designed header where you can give a short introduction about yourself. Then, you can feature different posts in the as to gallery if you scroll down.

In Riddle, you also get an About page. Here you can add information about yourself along with your picture. You can also place the scanned signature of yours along with the number of clients, projects and collabs by default. In the work page, you can highlight your projects with their respective featured images, titles, and categories. You also get a contact page with this website template. If someone is interested to work with you or provide your employment opportunities, then they can use the contact forms from the template. This website template also has a responsive design so you will have no problems with the device to the web browser that you are using.

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 free-beautiful-website-template- photo "width =" 1348 "height =" 609 "srcset =" https://fdmania.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/1540841953_496_20-free-beautiful-website-templates-based-on-bootstrap-2018-uicookies.png 1348w, https: // uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-foto-300x136.png 300w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful -website-template-foto-768x347.png 768w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-foto-1024x463.png 1024w, https: // uicookies .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/08 / free-beautiful-website-template-photo-610x276.png 610w "sizes =" (max-width: 1348px) 100vw, 1348px "/> </p>
<p><span style= Photo is a free beautiful website template that can help you take your photography projects into a higher level. You can share a lot of your photography projects in a be Authentic layout on your portfolio with the help of this website template. It is a social media friendly website too. So your contents can be shared through social media. This will help you to grow the reach of your audience even more. It has an amazing portfolio section where you can showcase the projects that you've previously worked on. In this way, your viewers can know a lot about you too.

This website template also has a responsive design. You can use it on any handheld devices like mobile phones or tablets and even on laptops of any screen sizes. It is a highly flexible and adaptable website template too as it is cross-browser compatible. So, you can use it on any web browser of your choice. You also get a blog section with this website template where you can share your blogs to your website viewers. This section is SEO optimized so that you can get a lot of traffic from your blogs. Along with it, the contact section is also included in this website. You can increase the interaction with your audience with the help of the contact forms in this website template. They will definitely do this if they like your portfolio or

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 free-beautiful-website-template-po-portfolio "width =" 1345 "height =" 605 "srcset =" https://fdmania.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/1540841954_256_20-free-beautiful-website-templates-based-on-bootstrap-2018-uicookies.png 1345w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/ uploads / 2018/08 / free-beautiful-website-template-po-portfolio-300x135.png 300w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-po -portfolio-768x345.png 768w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-po-portfolio-1024x461.png 1024w, https://uicookies.com /wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-po-portfolio-610x274.png 610w "sizes =" (max-width: 1345px) 100vw, 1345px "/> </p>
<p><span style= People mention their creative works on their portfolio This is their capacity for employment in their respective fields of work With the inclusion of portfolio in the na me itself, Po-Portfolio is a free beautiful website template designed to attract a lot of opportunities for you. You also get a very alluring design. This design is quite unique too. It will help you to stand out which is always better because it will always be noticed by more people. The whole homepage is divided into a gallery. Your viewers can click on the featured images to see your past projects.it has a responsive design. So the layouts and appearance will not be affected by using it on any devices or web browsers.

Po-Portfolio has a lot of features and elements that are essential for your portfolio. The menu items appear from the left sidebar with an amazing slider of the website. The menu titles are then displayed vertically. It includes different pages or sections of the website. It includes the homepage, portfolio, blog, about and contact pages. The homepage and the portfolio are quite similar. You can see the projects and post in detail by clicking on the featured images. But in the blog section, the featured image of the blog is presented alongside the title, author, date posted, and the category of the blog. This will look quite interesting to the viewers. So, Po-portfolio can be really beneficial to you to make a portfolio.

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free-beautiful-website-template-karl" width="1344" height="603" srcset="https://fdmania.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/1540841955_661_20-free-beautiful-website-templates-based-on-bootstrap-2018-uicookies.png 1344w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-karl-300x135.png 300w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-karl-768x345.png 768w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-karl-1024x459.png 1024w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-karl-610x274.png 610w" sizes="(max-width: 1344px) 100vw, 1344px"/></p>
<p><span style=If you want to create an eCommerce website, then Karl is the best free beautiful website template for you. You can create a beautiful online store which can bring a lot of customers. The only things customers want are good products with good deals. But a good looking website can help a lot to gain the attention of them as it is your main purpose. With the help of Karl, you can build a well functioning website template in no time. This will save a lot of time because you don’t need to create a website from scratch. You’ll also be having a website that is filled with a lot of features and a premium feel even though it’s a free website template.

Karl has a very cool design. It comes with an incredible slideshow in the homepage where you can show the latest trends. You can also highlight the special deals of your online store below the slideshow. If you scroll further down, you’ll also be able to display the new arrivals. The header of the website is also well crafted. You can put the logo or the name of your online store at the top. Then it can be followed by the social media buttons, pages and categories, and contact sections for the menu bar. By default, the pages consist of home, shop, product detail, cart, and checkout. So, this website template has all the necessary elements for your website.

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Wedding 2

free-beautiful-website-template-wedding-2" width="1343" height="605" srcset="https://fdmania.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/1540841956_580_20-free-beautiful-website-templates-based-on-bootstrap-2018-uicookies.png 1343w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-wedding-2-300x135.png 300w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-wedding-2-768x346.png 768w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-wedding-2-1024x461.png 1024w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/free-beautiful-website-template-wedding-2-610x275.png 610w" sizes="(max-width: 1343px) 100vw, 1343px"/></p>
<p><span style=Everything looks really nice at a wedding. Everything including the bride, the groom, the arrangements for the reception and the guests look top notch. But before the wedding reception, the invitat ions and the information regarding the wedding are shared. So, most people create websites for these producers. To help you with this, Wedding 2 is the best free beautiful website template for you. It has a fully responsive one-page design. So, your wedding information can be viewed on any devices like mobile phones or tablets. It can also be used on any web browsers without affecting the performance and the appearance of the website.

Wedding 2 has a very beautiful layout. You can add a header background image related to a wedding as shown in the demo. You can also mention the dates and other vital information about the wedding on the header background image. The menu bar on the header consists of different pages namely home, our story, the wedding, gallery, and rsvp. You can include all these as a one-page layout in the home section as well. The home, wedding and gallery pages are always expected to be well designed in which it does meet the expectation. But, the contact forms in the RSVP is also beautifully crafted. It contains a header image followed by the contact details alongside the contact form.

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