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The cryptocurrencies are still a big scandal these days. If you're a manic cripto or simply an enthusiast, I bet you know about a dozen blogs or websites that speak in a cryptographic language. I dare say that everyone who has access to the Internet heard something about Bitcoin. Of course, cryptocurrency is not a new term. However, even in 2018, the popularity of Bitcoin continues to gain momentum (because there are so many bitcoins left in mine). In general, this causes an incredible emotion in the currency exchange market. Now, the word "miner" arouses great interest among representatives of several generations at a time (when the younger generation invests money in graphics, the previous generation is trying to use some conventional methods, such as commerce). When someone really makes a profit from online commerce, these guys usually share their experience as blog posts or educational courses at Udemy, Coursera, etc. In general, the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies affects several spheres of human life / activity: financial, technological and legal.

Even if we take into account the fact that the cryptocurrency industry is risky and unpredictable, many of us see the future for it and great prospects. The interest of the investments continues to trap the minds of the potential owners of cryptocurrencies. At the same time, this market is still young and everyone has the opportunity to become one of their successful players. That is why today the websites that cover various cryptocurrency topics are also very successful businesses. Do you want to cover cryptocurrencies that happen all over the world? Do you want to give some recommendations for investments in cryptocurrencies? Are you planning to open your online store to sell crypto mining equipment? In any case, for each of these purposes, you will need your own website. And creating it would be much easier than it seems at first glance.

How to create a cryptocurrency website?

Analyzing current trends, the simplest solution that can come to mind is the creation of a blog or a cryptocurrency news site. The good news is that nowadays, due to an incredibly large amount of WordPress themes already prepared, anyone can build a website quickly and devote less effort. Take an instructional video, publish manuals and instructions on the cryptocurrency trade, and share a tutorial on how to extract several cryptocurrencies, what types are needed to achieve it, and so on. These days, high quality and reliable information in this area has a lot of weight and value. Do you have an idea that will attract the attention of investors? Do not waste your time! Choose the correct WordPress theme and create your own website in the shortest time possible. With the help of innovative personalization tools, customize the theme according to the need of your project. The WordPress CMS is known for its extreme SEO optimization that will help you improve the visibility of your blog (website or store) in the search results. Many plugins, custom widgets and popular modules will help create incredible functionality on your website. To help you implement your plans, we have selected the top 20 WordPress themes from CryptoCoin, ICO and Cryptocurrency. If your business idea can accelerate the development of the crypto world, and is ready to become your part, go ahead!

Top CryptoCoin, ICO and Cryptocurrency templates

As you can see, each of these templates included in this compilation serves as an indispensable assistant in the creation of a high quality website. However, in the era of advanced computer technologies and the latest web development techniques, a beautiful website is not enough. The competition is too high, and the range of options one can use to build professional projects online is too big to wait for blind luck. Therefore, it is time to think about usability, this is exactly what is required of your project. To begin with, the success of each professional online project depends to a large extent on your browsing. The simpler and more useful your website is, the more pleasure it will give your users as they browse your pages. So, what do you need? Do not forget that all sources must be legible, readable but not only pleasing to the eye. Fortunately for you, most WordPress themes can use Google fonts, there you can choose several combinations of fonts that will support and improve the stylistics of your project. Also, do not forget to take charge of the adaptability of the created online project. Do not let the limits of place and time deprive your site of traffic, and you – deserving clients! As expected, this mandatory option is present in each of the WordPress templates sent to an encrypted site.

Lymcoin | Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme

Lymcoin is a powerful WordPress cryptocoin theme developed with the WPBakery page generator. This theme will be the perfect base for almost any type of cryptocurrency website: cryptocurrency blog, cryptocoach, cryptocurrency accessory store, cryptography coach, blockchain specialist, initial coin offer (ICO), financial adviser, sellers of mining equipment, cryptocurrencies, mining blog. mining operations, ICO advisor, ICO Agency, cryptocurrency trading market, etc. In case you are planning to accept micropayments on your website, the ThemeREX donations will be useful. Some interesting features that will help you make the most of this theme, a powerful administrator (where you can control all aspects of customization that are not under the WPBakery constructor rule), multilingual support, powerful add-ons included (Revolution slider, reserved appointments, and essential grid).

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Crypton | Multipurpose cryptocurrency WordPress theme


In the range of all the cryptocurrency themes available in ThemeForest, there is an element that literally it can be any possible cryptocurrency website. It was originally launched as a blog, but developers and website owners liked its design and the template became a success. After the issue of Crypton began receiving periodic updates, each of them gave the owners of the template new designs and new features. Today, Crypton WordPress is a true multipurpose WordPress theme with cryptocurrencies. Inside you will have four surprising aspects: blog, magazine, training platform and a mining equipment store. As the template design is created with the creator of the WPBakery page, you will not have difficulty editing existing pages or creating new pages. The theme comes equipped with a lot of amazing add-ons like Cryptocurrency All-in-One that can show up-to-date information on currency exchange rates, display the disabled line on any page of the site, donations of ThemeREX to accept micro-payments, slider Revolution, Reserved Appointments and Essential Grid are also included.

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Hoverex | Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme


Should you be planning to build an educational platform for cryptographic currency mining Hoverex WordPress the topic could be a good option for you. The theme contains a LearnPress add-on that allows you to create online courses with several units, tests (in each unit or lesson), questionnaires, certification, etc. Apart from that, the theme of Hoverex is driven by the WPBakery page generator that will help you edit any page in a matter of a few clicks, as well as create new pages and unique designs easily.

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Kryptex | Cryptocurrency & Mining WordPress Theme


Here is another WordPress theme that can be used to build an online education center by LearnPress. As I said, this add-on can allow you to create lessons with several units, final tests, certifications, etc. What is more important, due to the functionality of this theme, can be adjusted to any other educational project, which means that you can build an online center to learn to play the guitar. The design of the template is created with the help of the creator of the WPBakery page, which is considered the most sophisticated drag-and-drop page creator. What's more important The Kryptex theme has a set of fully-designed e-commerce pages, which means you can easily create a store with WooCommerce and sell both digital and physical products.

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Tolarcek – A Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency WordPress blog theme


If you want to join the cryptocurrency business in a matter of days, you can consider the Tolarcek WordPress theme for your website. With the Tolarcek theme, you can have a cryptocurrency blog, a mining equipment store or anything else imaginable. The Tolarcek theme is fully customizable (due to the WPBakery page builder) and adaptable, flexible and extensible. Having a website with the same look as in the demo is possible due to the import of sample content with a single click.

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DigiBit – Cryptocurrency Mining WordPress Theme


The Digibit theme was created with care for every cryptocurrency craze in the world. This WordPress theme will allow your owner to create an incredible cryptocurrency website in a matter of a few days. DigiBit has a set on numerous subpages Home page, About us, Services page, How it works page, Contacts page, Contact page, 6 types of Blog pages, 9 types of Portfolio pages and 12 types of Store pages with more than 150 abbreviated codes! With the help of Custom Layout Builder one can create: unlimited headings easily, build the Mega Menu with tons of content hidden within all the layers of the menu, adjust the design possibilities of the footer, enriching it with many great features. DigiBit WordPress is totally responsive and retina ready.

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Tradent's Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, cryptocurrency theme


Tradent's Cryptocurrency WordPress theme is another excellent in ThemeForest. By using this theme, you can easily create another cryptocurrency website. Tradent topics can cover a variety of the following topics: ICO-initial coin offer, Blockchain technology, investments and investments in cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency blog, cryptocurrency news portal, etc. The theme includes two homepage layouts and a large set of subpages. An interesting fact is that the theme has a Kirki add-on in its package, with its help you can easily edit the set of functions within the Customize panel. In terms of page editing, you can use a powerful drag-and-drop generator.

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Blockcaten Crypto Currency & Consulting WordPress theme


Blockcaten is an elegant cryptocurrency and a subject of consultation. The subject can easily cover the following range of micro topics: Financial Service, Financial Company, Financial Advisor, Cryptocurrency Operator, ICO and Blockchain Consultant, Currency Exchange, Ethereum Developer, Agent, Coach, Lawyers, Lawyers, Attorneys, Advisors , Lawyers, accounting lawyer, law firm, asset advisor, brokerage firm, commercial company, legal offices, investment in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin exchange, currency, crypto trade, mining, insurance and general corporate website. You can start the customization of this template by importing demo lists, with your help you can create your own designs and new pages. This theme is driven by the Unyson framework that gives many editing superpowers to the template.

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Creptaam – Theme Bitcoin, ICO Landing and Cryptocurrency WordPress


The Creptaam is the theme Cryptocurrency Mining WordPress This article was designed for digital currency, cryptocurrency, finance, business, corporate and consulting. This cryptocurrency WordPress theme comes with a large set of subpages that you can use to create an amazing website. In case you need a stylish and professional cryptocurrency website, the Creptaam theme will cover your needs. When talking about incredible features, the theme is equipped with a complement that can show real-time exchange rates and market data in real time, plus there is a currency exchange calculator that can count all world currencies . In terms of customization, the theme is developed with the help of the WPBakery page creator that will help you customize existing pages and create new ones quickly and easily.

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Borsen Crypto Currency & Finance WordPress Theme [19659053] borsen-crypto-currency-finance-wordpress-theme ” width=”1100″ height=”800″/>

Borsen is A powerful WordPress theme for cryptocurrency websites. Its modern and elegant design allows you to create a website that will look genuinely professional. This theme includes everything you need to create a successful website in the digital currency industry. Provide all necessary information, inform visitors about cryptocurrency exchange rates, offer their services and help them start buying / selling Bitcoin or any other Altcoin. Anyone who needs a quick and effective solution to start using the Internet, using WordPress themes, Borsen will definitely make your life a lot easier. This theme will provide everything you need to create a fantastic site for people who want to earn money selling or buying cryptocurrencies.

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Crypterio – ICO and cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

  crypterio-bitcoin -and-cryptocurrency-wordpress-theme

Multipurpose WordPress template Crypterio is a perfect option to create an ICO website, or any other business-related cryptocurrency offering its advice in the field of investment, crypto mining, blockchain technologies, etc. The 100% sensitive theme includes all the elements necessary for an effective personalization (including the WPBakery page generator) will look great on any modern device and screen resolution. With the help of a powerful administration panel, one can make changes to the overall appearance of the theme with a single click.

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Crypterium – Cryptocurrency WordPress theme and ICO landing page


The multipurpose WordPress template Crypterio is a perfect option to create an ICO website or any other company related to cryptocurrencies that offers advice in the field of investment, cryptography, blockchain technologies, etc. The 100% sensitive theme includes all the elements necessary for an effective personalization (including the WPBakery page generator) will look great on any modern device and screen resolution. With the help of a powerful administration panel, one can make changes to the overall appearance of the subject in one click.

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Cryptic – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

  crypt-cryptocurrency- wordpress-theme

Cryptic is perfect for establishing a professional site that is occupy the cryptocurrency exchange market. Its elegant appearance is combined with a good group of functions designed to build a powerful site. Your visitors will undoubtedly enjoy great functionality and intuitive navigation. The payment method of Bitcoin WooCommerce, the ICO compilation directory, the cryptocurrency calculator is just the beginning of the whole list of great features of this topic. By the way, you do not need any coding skills to create a site in your database, everything is quick and easy. Try it!

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ITok – ICO and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme


Discover the ITok WordPress theme, a professionally designed theme with powerful functionality. It was created to meet the needs of any type of digital consulting or encryption business. Being enhanced with top-level add-ons and tools to configure its content and design, it proves to be a powerful solution for a professional website. Try it online and attract more potential customers.

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Cryptro: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin and financial technology Topic


Consider this premium theme to meet the needs of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, bitcoin and financial planning businesses. Its powerful drag-and-drop content generator allows quick and easy personalization. This process will not take you too long. You can incorporate the desired changes into the design in a short time thanks to the most advanced administration panel. If you still have questions, the specialized support team will help you. If you are looking for a professional theme with good support, this product is for you.

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Bitmex – Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin WordPress Theme

  bitmex-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-wordpress-theme [19659084] bitmex-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-wordpress-theme

If your mining business Encryption are small or large, the Bitmex theme is ideal for its effective presentation. The theme is easier to build and customize. You can make all the desired changes in real time with the help of the creator of the WPBakery page. In addition to a modern look, it goes with a set of feature-rich add-ons that aim to perform their work seamlessly and smoothly, as well as generating great effects and functionalities to get the best UX. This topic is what you need to get close to a powerful cryptocurrency website.

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XPEXCoin – Powerful Bitcoin and cryptocurrency theme WordPress


Do you need an efficient solution for an online mining crypto farm website, a financial project or a commercial consulting project? Try this theme ready to use. You will enjoy its one-click installation and a set of useful elements for an effective presentation of the cryptocurrency consultancy and the promotion of the cryptocurrency company. The theme is equipped with pie chart, ICO launch countdown, cryptocurrency calculator, static tabs, progress bar for the timeline, real-time change rates, everything your clients need for a convenient job with statistics . Make your customers happy and improve your online business with this powerful theme.

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Crypto – Crypto Currency WordPress Theme


Feel free to use this theme already prepared for a business site that deals with Bitcoin, Bitcoin wallet, cryptocurrencies or digital currencies. Simple installation and configuration allow you to build the desired web presence with ease. By choosing this template, you will save about $ 70, just as you do with the best Slider Revolution add-on ($ 25) and the creator of Visual Composer WordPress ($ 45). A built-in cryptocurrency calculator offers its customers an option to buy and sell bitcoins. They can also sell mining equipment in a Bitcoin mining site.

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Cryptokn – ICO Landing Page & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme


Do you need a modern WordPress site with an attractive design? This hot WordPress theme with a great set of predesigned pages will help you get the one. You can easily customize it to meet your business goals and it will not cost you extra effort. A powerful management area allows you to change any configuration without touching any code. The thoughtful documentation makes your work with the subject pleasant. Try this topic and your customers will enjoy how fast your site is, and their beautiful appearance of your site on all handheld devices.

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Cryptcio – WordPress innovative theme

  cryptcio-innovative-wordpress- theme

Here is another responsive WordPress theme that will fit perfectly to marketing specialists and consultants who understand the cryptocurrency markets and their trends. Cryptcio is an excellent template to create an ICO platform. With the help of the WPBakery page generator support, you can easily modify the design as you like. With compatibility with WPML you can reach new investors and become a world class player, as this template can easily be translated into any language.

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