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An excellent way to ensure that your viewers are interested in your website is to attract their attention from the start. The incredible and unique website designs, the impressive user interface and several graphic images are excellent articles to use with this. For this purpose, the creators of bootstrap templates create dynamic and impressive header designs. To complement this, many of them also create boot website templates with video background and even combine the two features.

Video background headers have a wide range of purposes. You can preview some of your products and how they work or demonstrate their content. Animated videos can help artists preview their work to any of their viewers. Software companies and their websites use video backgrounds to show how their software is used in a presentable manner. The landing pages and the pages Soon have video funds, as well as for the promotion of products. The number of uses of the video background templates seems innumerable.

Therefore, the UICookies blog presents you with this list of highly flexible and flexible HTML Bootstrap website templates with video background features. All these web templates were created within the framework of Bootstrap and are compatible with most web site systems, whether CMS or not. In addition, this allows you to integrate your website with a wide range of custom elements, scripts and more, if necessary.


Titan is completely free to use the website HTML5 Bootstrap Template with video background built to fit any type of website perfectly. Built with the most advanced technologies, this web template combines functionality and design to perfection. The full screen background of the video is a remarkable feature of this website. The video background supports high resolution video that mixes with the textual content and transparent header perfectly. The videos can be resized to perfectly fit the mobile platforms without tearing. We simply describe the aesthetic design of this incredible template as magnificent. The website template incorporates tons of parallax effect, smooth scrolling, custom pages, custom menus, frequently asked questions and 404 error pages.

You can use Titan as a one page layout, landing page, web sites, electronic commerce, blogs and portfolios. To complement the portfolios, Titan also provides tons of customizations. You can enable various page layouts, grid layout, masonry designs, scroll effects, and more. You can also place static images, Flex sliders, text rotators, and gradient overlay in the Video Background section. Each of these backgrounds contains the option to be full screen wallpapers or regular classic part widths. Titan sells itself as a powerful and multipurpose startup template with a video background and we completely agree. The template not only provides useful personalized elements for websites with specific purposes, such as restaurants or hospitals, but also store designs, blog designs, light boxes and more. With more than 90 HTML5 files, 7 built-in niches, several header styles and more, you can create websites that will surely surprise any of your readers as soon as they open your website.

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Sprout [19659010] sprout bootstrap website template with video background "width =" 1366 "height =" 672 "srcset =" https://uicookies.com/wp-content/ uploads / 2018/09 / screencapture-rezahaque-github-io-Sprout-image-background-html-2018-09-13-15_17_17.jpg 1366w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09 /screencapture-rezahaque-github-io-Sprout-image-background-html-2018-09-13-15_17_17-300×148.jpg 300w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/screencapture- rezahaque-github-io-Sprout-image-background-html-2018-09-13-15_17_17-768×378.jpg 768w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/screencapture-rezahaque-github -io-Sprout-image-background-html-2018-09-13-15_17_17-1024×504.jpg 1024w, https://uicookies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/screencapture-rezahaque-github-io- Sprout-image-background-html-2018-09-13-15_17_17-610×300.jpg 610w "sizes =" (max-width: 1366px) 100vw, 1366px "/>

Sprout is a template of p Landing page and soon with several features video background. Advertise your next products or products in progress using an absolutely amazing page coming soon with a full screen background. This background can mainly use a custom high definition video, an image background, elegant photographs and slideshows. The idea is quite simple, but Sprout manages to implement it with mastery. The landing page template also provides you with a dynamic countdown clock.

Users can also use the email subscription form to receive emails from you regarding the next product as well. Sprout is an HTML template built with CSS, HTML and Bootstrap framework. This gives website designers the ability to easily customize all web elements. Easily manage various color combinations, Jquery add-ons, background elements and more. In addition, detailed documentation describes the purpose and coding as well. HTML design and optimized SEO design guarantee the highest Google ranking. Sprout is also completely ready for the retina and the landing page along with the video background is perfectly resized on mobile platforms.

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  School Bootstrap Website Template with Video Background

School provides you with an amazing HTML template created primarily for educational institutions, tutoring agencies and consultancies. The complete web template consists of highly dynamic elements designed to attract enthusiastic students and students. The background feature of full screen video can be quite large to increase the user's attraction. While the header menu is not expandable, it is transparent, as well as the design of the displacement effect that complements the background of the video quite well. The buttons and logos section is very minimalist and clean too. In addition, the video background works perfectly on mobile phones. The Boostrap website template with video background gives you a smooth scrolling effect to give you a smooth browsing experience. The different sections are well designed and can have a wide range of color combinations.

The photo gallery and the portfolio section can show detailed images of the personalized effects of your institution. The presentation booking form has been made by hand for colleges and universities. Users can use these booking forms to complete appointment forms directly from their website. Education comes with a personalized section of testimonials with parallax effects and personalized icons so that users of your website can better understand your organization. The contact section has a unique design that also comes with a built-in contact form. The mixture of all these elements creates an atmosphere on your website that adapts well to educational institutions. The complete web template was built with HTML5 and CSS3, so it is so lightweight and highly optimized.

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  Cruise. bootstrap website template with video background

Travel agencies and cruise travel organizers will have a field day outside of this sensitive web template. Cruise is a minimalist HTML template that we highly recommend to tour operators, adventure cruisers and resort organizers. The web template is filled with tons of incredible parallax effects and animation effects. Place amazing video banners with Cruise, which also features a cozy header design. The header and menu fill perfectly with the background of the video and provide an efficient navigation of the site to the users. Custom parallax effects make web elements appear as viewers scroll down. The services section allows you to place useful textual information along with custom icons.

For your convenience and that of your customers, Cruise also comes with a Google Map embedding. The number of uses that this can have for a tourism and cruise agency seems almost infinite. The personalized contact form also comes with an attached newsletter form to inform your customers about upcoming trips or offers. While the entire web template is flat, you can use the quick links in the footer and headers to view any section at any time. The button to go to the personalized top is also a constant blessing for your viewers. The complete web template was created using the Bootstrap framework, the Jquery and HTML add-ons. Cruise is fully compatible with mobile devices, with all its elements ready for retina and navigation features suitable for mobile viewing.

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Frequent flyer

  Frequent flyer startup program website template with video background [19659002] Designed for adventurers, Frequent Flyer presents you with an amazing website template from Bootstrap with video background. The full screen background is a great feature that is used to the maximum for websites related to travel and adventure. Adventure blogs can put their own vlogs as a video background or even videos of amazing images so that their viewers can see them. The entire website is extremely friendly for social media and allows you to spread your stories around the world. Custom social bars can be placed throughout the website, as well as in the footer. The entire web template is presented with custom animations and scroll effects. The buttons and scroll effects also fit perfectly with the stunning color scheme of the template.

The template allows you to enable images with parallax effects in place. This is also implemented in the Team Members section where the social links for the corresponding members appear if they are passed over. The sectioned and structured form of the flat design website template will surely impress any possible viewer or client. A frequent flyer is a marketing tool and you can also use the flexible video background for advertising. The list of services section can also be very useful for organizations that work in a competitive environment. The section of the photo gallery also includes scroll effects, as well as a display of the lightbox gallery. Show impressive scenes and all your impressive photography portfolios in the section of the frequent traveler's gallery.

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  Travelo website template bootstrap with video background

If you are planning the rationalization All the advertising aspect of your travel agency, then Travelo is the web template for you. This highly sensitive bootstrap website template is full of features prepared for this exact purpose. From the beginning, your website can greet your customers with an incredible full screen video background. The background of the video is mixed not only with the personalized menu but also with the Reservations bar. The booking bar can help your customers book easily for their trips. However, having them consider this decision is intrinsically difficult. This is the reason why the entire website is optimized for the generation of potential customers through the service list section with custom icon boxes and highlighted image boxes.

Travelo offers you image sliders to use as a preview of the Gallery to showcase the various exotic locations you can cover. The videos, as well as the sections of the blog, can be used to provide valuable information to any of the users of your website. Website owners can also insert valuable reviews or comments from users using the testimonials section, which can also have a hyperlink. The complete template of the website is also completely advertising and you can also place banner ads. The complete template of the bootstrap website is compatible with all forms of digital platforms. The adaptive bootstrap design and HTML5 and CSS3 encoding also allow Travelo to be compatible with any external script or plug-in you want on your website.

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Ice Berg

  Iceberg berg bootbrap website template with video Background

Iceberg is a multi-page Bootstrap website template with video background created for planners of tourism and travel agencies. The theme of color and design of the website is very unique and beautiful. The home page has a full video background homepage layout with no other sections. Textual content and more can be placed on top of the beautiful video background, which leads to some interesting location promotion opportunities. The simple but highly efficient menu can provide a well-navigated browsing experience to your customers. The template is very versatile and can be used for several tour ads. Iceberg offers you a wide range of personalized short codes and web elements to diversify the content of your website.

With these short codes you can enable progress bars, custom buttons, alerts, breadcrumbs, tabs, custom forms and much more. The About Us page can be easily customized with textual information in several columns, team profile images with scroll effects, bulletin points and social media links. Easily create incredible portfolios and compile images of all the exotic locations and past experiences of your agencies with Iceberg. The template comes with a Gallery page with a portfolio section. The images in the image gallery are integrated with a dedicated Lightbox image viewer and both its displacement effect and its lightbox appear in a sensitive manner. Iceberg also provides you with a personalized contact form for user interaction. This contact form comes with a Google Map embedding to show your location, contact details and more. The high-definition video background, as well as the incredible menu, are also very easy to use for mobile devices.

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Appointment with doctor

  Bootstrap website template with medical appointment with video background

Doctor Appointment is an amazing HTML website template created for a single purpose, the appointment forms. However, this highly detailed free website template is useful for doctors of all specifications. Dentists, gynecologists, dermatologists, surgeons and more can customize these forms and their fields so that they adapt more to your work. Radio buttons with animation effects, an impressive color combination and mobile compatibility, Doctor Appointment has it all. The best part of the web template is definitely the video background. This video background can be endless and can be a comforting video for your patients when they fill out their forms.

The whole form is well optimized and extremely easy to use. The boot template is also compatible with mobile phones. This allows your clients to fill out their appointment forms on the fly, whenever they wish. The complete template is prepared for the retina and is fully compatible with the change in size. The full background video adequately covers the entire template and gives your website a more comfortable feel. This establishes the expectation of its customers to expect what they could get from their establishment: excellent service and comfort.

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World Tour

  World-Tour bootstrap website template with video background [19659002] World Tour is a complete packaged solution for all travel themed websites. The Bootstrap website template guarantees the maximum generation and retention of potential clients for your tourism company. Use the background video feature to instantly drag the viewer's interest to exotic locations, visually pleasing cuisines, and adventure opportunities. The entire web template has a very versatile and flexible design. You can freely use this free template for hotels, web agencies, automotive, music, leisure parks, tourism operations and more. World Tour also provides you with an appropriate booking form for customers. The Flat design is a complement with a surprising function of smooth movement with several effects of parallax. Custom icon boxes, scroll animations, flexible sliders, scroll to the top buttons and more; World Tour has them all. All articles may also have qualifications for better product clarity among users.

In the template of selective promotion of the product there is a section of special offers, as well as a section of discounts / sales with timers of countdown. If you want to create a better impression in your viewers, you can use the section of the gallery to show impressive images directly from your website. The custom lightbox gallery viewer can also display image descriptions as well. Finally, to increase the generation of potential customers, the template comes with a custom bulletin form and a personalized contact form. This can help you inform your customers more about the services and answer your questions. The full HTML web template is fully compatible with multiple platforms and its Bootstrap framework and HTML / CSS encoding ensure maximum SEO optimization for your websites.

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  Eduma bootstrap website template with video background

Eduma is a Bootstrap template based on education and the school that gives you a video background highly sensitive and adaptable. The template encoded in HTML provides you with an incredible grid-based design fit for educational institutions. Eduma provides several custom elements created to fit the websites created for schools, tutorials, universities and colleges. The background of the video fits perfectly with the design of the website and its full-screen design is combined with the personalized header menu that gives your site a highly professional feeling. Custom icon boxes, buttons, navigation buttons, dynamic content loading and smooth scrolling effects greatly improve the experience of your website visitors.

Create a well-ranked and categorized website with lists and links to various courses and faculties available at your school. The course page includes a categorized list of several lists in a custom table format. The search form that accompanies it can help users find the cause they need and more easily. The website is compatible with user account systems for students to use as well. Eduma provides you with a About Us page to give a rudimentary description of your institution to any student or their guardians. The contact page includes an embedding of Google Map, a personalized contact form and a subscription to the newsletter. All these elements contain a style that fits your website and will help you generate more interest towards your institution. You can fill your website completely using the custom short codes and the various elements that the template provides.

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GreenLife Agriculture

  Green-life bootstrap website template with video background

Green life Agriculture is a free template created for websites related to agriculture and agriculture. farming. The appropriate green theme along with the flat design fits the purpose of the template quite well. The green life not only provides you with a flexible slider capable of having 3 different video backgrounds. That's right, Green Life allows you to place multiple video backgrounds for various purposes. Users can easily change through videos and the transition effect between them is smooth and crisp. The navigation feature of this flat design HTML template is also perfect. Users are provided with a sliding and floating menu button that provides a transparent sidebar menu. This menu is easily customizable and provides navigation to any desirable section of the site. The scroll down button found in the background section of the video also offers an excellent entry point for users.

Administrations can also configure user accounts in this incredible startup template. Each element of the web template is custom designed to adapt to the "green" atmosphere. Custom icons and icon boxes, uppercase highlights, headings, crawler milestones, blog layouts and more You can use them all with your own green style. Banners and intermediate sections are also compatible with video backgrounds. The image gallery allows users to use the Lightbox viewer to view the images in the Gallery section. The social media bar, the subscription form to the newsletter and the contact form, all incorporated in an appropriate green color scheme, will surely attract the attention of other nature appreciators, an agricultural entrepreneur and nature enthusiasts. Greenlife Agriculture is a home-friendly website template for mobile devices with video backgrounds, custom color schemes, lots of great features and incredible website design, and you can not go wrong with this template.

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  Realbuild bootstrap website template with video background

RealBuild is highly customizable Website themed asset management template. This startup template with video background is designed to be a flat website template with ample options of pop-up windows and lightboxes. Its minimalist design, the use of several buttons and navigation functions, as well as a wide variety of ingenious functions, make it a web template that accompanies a large user. The various sections present remarkable information about your company or your website in a visually surprising way. Whether colorful. Section of us with custom icon boxes, the list of partners and sponsors or the members section of the Team: All are designed to meet your demands. Realbuild provides tons of tools to improve a user's experience on your website and help you find the items you are looking for.

The effect of smooth scrolling and the effect of transition and displacement means that the simple act of looking for the house of your dreams is in itself. nice for users. Your viewers can see the entire property in detail using the image view of the template light box. The Lightbox image viewer that comes with the text and accompanying information to complement the list. The encoding design of the actual compilation consists of HTMl5 and CSS3, as well as the Bootstrap framework and the jQuery plugins. This provides you with a highly responsive website that works perfectly on all platforms. Realbuild is also completely compatible with social networks. Its features include custom social icons and social bars. You can present these social icons in the header / footer section, as well as in the individual member lists.

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  Topiary homepage website template with video background

Built for gardening and Websites related to outdoor design, Topiary is a template for Very versatile boot with video background created to channel the readers of your website. Topiary is extremely customizable and contains tons of ingenious features. This makes it a website template that adapts to sites related to floristry, landscaping, planting, organic agriculture, agriculture, nurseries, ecology conservation and more. The web template opens with a strong blow with its fantastic video background banner. Overlapping icons and text, as well as text and site information, fit perfectly with the background of the video. You can also add an ingenious Social bar to the video banner with links to all your social media accounts. Banners can contain different text details that users can scroll using the buttons provided if necessary.

Topiary provides users with a completely transparent top menu overlay, instead of a simple sidebar. The transition effect and the simple and minimalist design give your website a highly professional look. To attract your viewers, you can use the Portfolio section to display all kinds of content related to your websites, such as different garden designs, flowers, previous projects and more. The add-on contains the Lightbox viewer, which allows viewers to get more information about the image by simply clicking on it. The lightbox viewer ensures that your readers can see the images up close without opening another tab as well. Topiary also comes naturally with a personalized contact form, as well as a built-in Google map to help customers learn more about your business. Topiary is also a Bootstrap template. This also means that your website is very compatible with several digital outputs and optimized speed.

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  Gloriou website template with video backgrounds

Glorious is a restaurant and cafe Website oriented template whose integration of video background complement is extremely Awesome. A smart choice for food and restaurant websites, the bootstrap template not only provides you with a full-screen video background complement with scrolling text, but also a booking form integrated with your side. The Flex sliders and scroll menu items are present throughout the template. This gives you attractive areas to preview your amazing kitchens and dishes. The entire web template contains tons of awesome parallax effects. Scrolling effects and custom transition effects are great to use and see.

For example, when moving over the tables of icons in the lists of services, the spectators will receive information about it and about the photo of the members of the Team in the section Our team offers users their social network accounts. Create impressive food galleries for your food blogs or for advertising purposes using the template gallery section. The image gallery comes with different scroll effects, lightbox viewer and highlight text information for each listing. Glorious also contains many other useful elements and features, such as testimonial sections, carousel and banner text sliders, carousel menu slider, recipe list and more. En la sección de pie de página, no solo puede habilitar la información de contacto y un formulario de contacto personalizado, sino también un calendario de días de apertura. El diseño limpio, elegante y bien estructurado proporciona a la página web de su restaurante un tema profesional para ayudarlo a competir con los mejores chefs y restauradores del planeta.

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Pool Dive

 Pool-dive bootstrap plantilla de sitio web con fondo de video

Pool Dive es una plantilla web HTML con temas deportivos. Específicamente, una plantilla web temática de deportes acuáticos. Cuenta con toneladas de elementos fantásticos que se mezclan perfectamente con el diseño transparente de agua. El encabezado de video de fondo de pantalla completa es una herramienta increíble que también contiene un control deslizante flexible para que pueda insertar múltiples videos e imágenes. La sección del encabezado viene con un título de encabezado no intrusivo, así como una ingeniosa barra social. El botón de menú muestra un ingenioso menú de navegación hecho para adaptarse al diseño de video de fondo. Sus opciones de diseño y toneladas de controles deslizantes de carrusel lo convierten en una plantilla web perfecta para varios sitios web como clubes y compañías de piscinas, resorts de playa, escuelas de natación y más.

Varios elementos como cuadros de texto, testimonios y secciones Acerca de nosotros y La sección de contacto es transparente, hecha para integrarse en el fondo de su sitio web. También se puede colocar un video personalizado en los banners, así como en la suscripción al boletín masculino. Además de esto, para mejorar su aspecto impresionante, la plantilla contiene toneladas de efectos de desplazamiento y efectos de paralaje. Esto incluye una navegación suave, una sección de galería increíble, controles deslizantes de flexión suave y más. Además, El código HTML y CSS de Pool Dive mejora la facilidad de uso y la adaptabilidad, así como la facilidad de navegación móvil, así como la gran optimización SEO.

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 Craft bootstrap plantilla de sitio web con fondo de video

Craft es una plantilla web con temática de negocios y mercado que luce un diseño simple pero impresionante. La plantilla tiene ese aspecto y diseños increíblemente profesionales que seguramente se ajustarán a cualquier operación comercial. La plantilla de video de fondo proporciona un gran gancho para sus clientes. El control deslizante de Encabezado le permite colocar videos y fotos con efectos de transición geniales. Una sección Acerca de nosotros, apilada justo en la parte inferior de la plantilla de video, le da a su sitio web el espacio para hablar sobre su compañía para captar la atención necesaria. Las imágenes vienen con sus efectos personalizados que van desde la iluminación de bordes hasta los detalles de desplazamiento y más. También puede colocar pancartas de video en pantalla completa para la sección Nuestro equipo para hablar sobre su personal altamente experimentado.

La sección acerca de nosotros junto con una sección de Portafolio estructurada y filtrable puede ayudarlo a obtener una vista previa de sus productos. Un sitio web profesional de negocios El sitio web profesional de negocios siempre puede utilizar herramientas de generación de contactos e interacción con el usuario. Y Craft proporciona toneladas de ellos. Esta lista de herramientas también incluye una sección de página de contacto con fondos personalizados y botones de redes sociales de colores personalizados. La plantilla de sitio web bootstrap también le permite crear no solo blogs increíbles, sino también una sección de blog más reciente para su sitio web. Los blogs, así como el resto del sitio web, son increíbles para ver en teléfonos móviles debido al diseño HTML de la plantilla y al marco de Bootstrap. La plantilla presenta a los espectadores una experiencia altamente optimizada para impulsar su sitio web hacia arriba en la escala del mercado.

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Zona de viajes

Travel zone es una plantilla web temática de viajes y giras. Es una plantilla altamente flexible para las empresas que desean brindar a sus clientes una experiencia exquisita y fuera del mundo mundano. La plantilla del sitio web contiene todo para ayudarle a destacar en este mercado altamente competitivo. Incluye efectos Cool de desplazamiento y paralaje, iconos personalizados con temas de color, diseño de página de estructura, galerías de lightbox y más. Cuando se trata de viajar, lo primero que quiere usar es el poder del paisaje y la belleza de la naturaleza. Aquí es donde la función de video de fondo de Travel Zone llega a su máximo potencial.

Muestre las increíbles escenas dignas de visitar a sus clientes desde el primer momento usando estos increíbles fondos de video de pantalla completa. Puede colocar estos fondos de video incluso en banners y deslizadores si lo desea. Travel Zone es una plantilla orientada a los viajes, y lo asegura con su sección de cartera personalizada y la sección de galería. Estas imágenes vienen con efectos de desplazamiento personalizados, así como un visor de lightbox bien acompañado. Además, Travel Zone le proporciona una sección de Google Map para diversos propósitos geográficos. La plantilla cuenta con la codificación HTMl5, que es muy ligera y optimizada. El marco de bootstrap también garantiza la compatibilidad entre navegadores en todos los dispositivos digitales.

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 Plantilla de sitio web bootstrap con contenido de video con fondo de video

Diviértase al máximo con esta increíble web de Bootstrap plantilla llamada Alcohol que le brinda un cóctel perfecto de temas de colores geniales, fondos de video receptivos y funcionalidad. La plantilla web orientada a bares y restaurantes tiene un gran impacto con su increíble encabezado de fondo de video junto con un deslizador de texto genial. Los botones y el diseño de color de todo el encabezado son espectaculares y seguramente atraerán la atención de su lector desde el primer momento. Varias secciones pueden contener fondos de video también para una amplia gama de propósitos, como mostrar recetas de bebidas, técnicas de barra y más.

La plantilla en sí utiliza toneladas de elementos geniales como barras de progreso coloridas, diseño web limpio y estructurado, efectos de paralaje. Y más para dar un factor de presentación único a su sitio web. Sorprenda a sus espectadores con una increíble sección de galería junto con un excelente visor de lightbox. La sección de testimonios en este incluso viene con un fondo de video en sí. All these functions work correctly on all platforms, from PC to mobile. The template’s HTML, and CSS coding makes it compatible with all sorts of changes as well. The Bootstrap framework ensures that your website is fully functional on mobile browsers and retains its presentation factor to boot.

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Fit & Spa

Fit-&-Spa bootstrap website template with video background

If you’re looking for highly flexible Bootstrap website templates with video backgrounds, then Fit & Spa is the pick for you. This Bootstrap framework powered template has a charm that has the aesthetics of a beautiful website design. Right off the bat, the template provides you with a Video background with transparent minimalistic header menus. This video background can contain additional text and a site title that completely augments the background video. Your users can check out all the services your business provides with the excellently made Services and About us sections. These come with hover effects over images, buttons, additional info and more. The services section provides information using Icon text boxes with hover effects over the icons themselves. The Flex slider in the Testimonials section provides readers with a slideshow effect where reviews chance once you click on a different image.

Fit & Spa is essentially a web template made for service providing companies and institutions. Therefore, it also includes a Quote or Reservation form. Using this, the users can fill up reservations using various customizable fields. The template also offers a nifty, minimalist and suiting Contact us element which comes with a Newsletter subscription and contact details. The entire website is social media friendly and provides you with a sticky social bar. Every element and section is compatible with mobile platforms as well. Using smart modern techniques and coding, Fit & Spa guarantees a smooth and optimised browsing experience.

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Trade Mart

Trade-mart bootstrap website template with video background

Trade Mart is highly flexible corporate, and business-themed web template. This template contains tons of cool features that a corporate business website can make full use of. This includes the beautiful full-screen video background. The template provides you with a highly professional header section with the video above the header menu. This provides users with a full non-intrusive view of the video, with only your website’s name on top of it. To help you keep things professional and tidy, Trade Mart provides users with tons of typography options. This contains features for elements such as Icon boxes, Smooth scrolling and Transition effects. Furthermore, the template’s professional and effective theme. The Flex slider comes with a cool Flex slider with user reviews on top of fitting background detail.

The Gallery’s images present themselves with custom hover effect as well as a functional lightbox viewer. Hovering over the photos on the Team section provides users with contact links to the team members. And lastly, the bottom of the web plage also includes a useful Google map embed and a Contact mail. This amazing web template makes a point of convenience to your website. Through and through it adds slight features that would make looking for information and using your services easy. Mobile platform compatibility takes a boost due to its HTML5 and CSS3 coding as well.

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