Latest Beautiful Free WordPress Themes 2018 for Wedding

A carefully selected list of the best latest free WordPress themes for wedding websites, blogs 2018 magazines. These beautiful topics are made to simplify and facilitate its use.

Latest Beautiful Free WordPress Themes 2018 for Wedding

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and we would like it to continue like this. Like you, we would like you to be perfect and choosing the WordPress theme could be crucial. Everyone would like to display their photos, videos and memories in a beautiful and professional way.

We try to include a wide variety of free wedding themes in this list so they are complete and useful. Hopefully, this will be the only list you will need to find the perfect subject for you, your wife or your husband.

If you could not find the subject you were looking for, you may want to check this list. .


Unite is a modern, clean, responsive and highly customizable WordPress wedding theme, designed and developed to simplify and facilitate its use. The theme is inspired by the lavandula, but presented unlimited color options that can be changed by a simple one-click color picker. Other aspects of this topic can be modified, such as typography, links and other elements. This theme offers quality and functionality of first quality, but it is completely free. This is by far the best theme on this list and is better than many premium themes. It can be used as a static website and / or blog. You can see more in the theme demo. Unite is one of the few topics on this list that responds completely and is built with the best framework available: Bootstrap.

This is the right subject if you are looking for full control, premium support and the best possible design. Unite will make your website memorable and compelling.

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Owning and writing for a blog is a very rewarding experience. Many of us like to be heard, and we get in touch with us to share our thoughts, travel experiences, recipes and advice. Shapely is an exemplary WordPress theme that allows users to create professional blogs. Some of us are just writers, so it can be difficult to create a website from scratch. Fortunately, this product is extremely easy to use, and does not require any coding knowledge. After a few moments, you can enjoy a fully functional site. Shapely has a standard one page format, and its simplistic and flat design is ideal for blogs.

Even the best writing can be lost if it is not read. While many sites are poorly optimized for search engines, you will never have to experience that inconvenience. Shapely is ready for SEO, with the promise of rapidly scaling those hypercompetitive search results rankings. This translates directly into greater exposure and views, since your blog will be closer to the top of the Google page. It is possible to modify the colors of the website with a single click. In addition, you can implement hero images and rewrite the copyright information at the bottom of the page. For those who want to learn more about Shapely, a source of detailed documentation was added.

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Activello is a spectacular design, aesthetically clean and refined, expressive but discreet, bold and exceptional, graphically polished and finished, fully customizable and vibrantly colorful, neat and minimalist, it responds to the multipurpose theme of WordPress. It has been carefully designed with attention to detail in every corner and crevice to ensure a visually cohesive identity that permeates all Activello websites and web pages. Activello is adorned with all the tools and powerful short codes needed to quickly set up your own aesthetically pleasing and minimalist website in a matter of minutes, from the factory, with simple, easy-to-use configuration features that are very powerful and well-documented. that you can can make the most of them.

Activello is very developer-friendly and supports tons of free and premium WordPress plugins, so any webmaster can expand Activello’s core functionality to essentially become what he needs, from e-commerce to portfolio and corporate More. It really is infinitely broad in its capacity spectrum, and its sophisticated deployment of web development technologies makes Activello an efficient and highly customizable theme that looks and runs smoothly on all devices, browsers, platforms, screen sizes and known orientations. Bring the perfect minimalist presentation of Pixel from Activello to your website now!

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Blaskan is a WordPress theme dedicated to blogs and writing. It comes with many topics to talk about, classified on the side. You will get a clean, soft and minimalist concept. Blaskan uses a boxed design for the design and uses 3 columns to publish. One of them includes the biography of the authors, the recent publication and the labels used. You will get an elegant top bar and an easy-to-understand menu. Many pages of content and a search bar are displayed. Social icons and even an integrated calendar area too! Discover the many advantages of this theme, and just try it. Discover Blaskan!

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Newspaper X

Newspaper X is an awesome WordPress theme that is geared towards news and magazines. It is completely free and available for download. It comes with a versatile and stylish ad-banner management (AdSense and others) integrated for profit. Newspaper X is based on Bootstrap and is easy to modify at the moment with WordPress Customizer. You will find features such as a header and top bar, and footer. Sharing social networks is integrated. Get your publications in its incredible categories: editorial, events, latest news and world news. This clever subject is simple, but it goes straight to the point. This is an attractive communication and stories told. Get it now! Get Newspaper X!

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NewsMag Lite

NewsMag Lite is an attractive and powerful, easy-to-use and very reliable, modern and versatile, fast-answer, free multipurpose website of the online WordPress magazine. The developers included this free ambitious design theme with powerful premium features and easily compatible with a range of free and premium add-ons. Intuitive in its interface, NewsMag Lite does not require any coding skills or development background to achieve splendidly polished professional results.

Introducing a series of web page templates and delayed demo page templates, NewsMag Lite greatly streamlines the design of the process journal, providing you with a complete and thought-out website for the magazine within each demo, and then offering you a multitude of top quality tools so you can visually customize every aspect of the end user experience of your website. Owning the website of your NewsMag Lite magazine is a simple and fun task that offers you total freedom over repetitions of endless color schemes, hundreds of Google fonts, transitions, animations, design styles and many more settings and options to adjust your website without writing a single line of code The advanced SEO settings built into this free theme ensures the best performance of the search engine. With NewsMag Lite by your side, everyone will receive your message!

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Illdy is beautifully structured and visually flexible and attractive, extremely easy to use and friendly to the developer, agile and colorful, innovative and novel, imaginative and technologically competent and skilled, mobile friendly and highly responsive, free WordPress creative, multipurpose website. It is a serious and useful free WordPress theme, designed with dedication and unbearable attention to detail, in order to produce an impressive professional quality theme that enables webmasters of any origin, with or without previous coding experience, to easily and seamlessly assemble high quality websites of all types, from corporate to commercial, from personal to professional, with the same speed and ease.

Illdy is especially powerful when implemented as a theme for blogging websites. Illdy not only has the WP Live Customizer, which puts all the power of dozens of short codes and widgets and hundreds of icons and icons of sources in your hands, a couple of clicks, and with visible live results, but also includes Illdy the beautiful Parallax loading and shifting technology for an attractive and cutting-edge user experience that keeps your audience dazzled and impressed. Illdy can easily handle all kinds of publications, and you can configure your designs to match your precise needs. What are you waiting for? Start blogging with Illdy, today!

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Breviter is a great WordPress blog created by hand and creative website theme It is the perfect theme to dress your projects with a new style. The charming visual arrangements make the end-user experience attractive. Visitors will surely notice their types of individual publications and will highlight it. Bloggers and professionals love using Breviter to make their voices heard. Always original, Breviter allows you to express a range of ideas in different shades and styles. Carefully selected design options allow you to provide an elegant presentation for your content. Whether it’s your daily blog post or your portfolio, Breviter makes it shine. Give Breviter a chance today, for free!

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 matches the wordpress bridal template

Match is a fresh and clean WordPress theme that you can use to post websites related to weddings. This simple and modern website template comes with excellent features that allow you to post your upcoming events and serves as a chronicle of your preparation for your next big day. This theme will make your website more accessible and visible on any type of device because its main frame is totally responsive and adapts efficiently to any type of device. It allows you to publish your content using Publication Formats, a wonderful and useful theme feature that allows you to display various types of content, including images, videos, quotes, links, audio and short excerpts called “asides”.

you can also take advantage of your outstanding images to arouse the interest of your friends and family. With its custom Menus function, you can set up and organize a group of navigation links so that visitors find the significant parts of your site faster. Matching allows you to highlight certain publications on your website, regardless of the publication date of your publication in the “Quick posts” feature of blogs. Your custom background helps you make a statement by allowing you to upload an amazing image or the color of your choice as the main background. Match is also suitable for personal websites, portfolios, travel and photography.

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 weddings - multipurpose wedding theme

Wedding is a smart and attractive WordPress theme created for wedding websites and businesses related to business. This theme is totally responsive and is equipped with excellent features that can help you create a beautiful and functional website or blog for your wedding. Many wedding event planners, photographers and other wedding-related companies choose this free Wedding WordPress theme because it allows them to modify the color schemes, design and styles of the website template.

The theme also allows users to use multiple pages with this theme topic. It has a large slider for the home page that makes your website more inviting for your guests, family and friends who want an update on your next event. The weddings have an excellent gallery support that allows you to publish and share your delicious photos. Lovely couples who want to share their endearing story with their guests, family and friends can use their personalized pages, as well as the details of their wedding and confirm their attendance. Business owners and wedding photographers, personalized pages could help them inform potential customers about their services and special offers. The testimonies and advertising features of the subject are really useful to spread the message.

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Wedding Style

 wedding style WordPress Theme

Wedding Style is a well-built theme for people and companies related to wedding events. This theme is completely responsive and is fully equipped with excellent features that can help you create a beautiful and functional website or blog for your wedding. Its amazing customization capabilities allow you to add attractive colors and other visually appealing design elements that could encourage your guests, friends and family to view your page online. Its versatile home page, font options and image slider allow you to display the images, the wishes of the guests and other relevant content on your website in a pleasant and presentable manner.
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Ever After

 Ever After Clean Wedding Theme

Forever is a clean style theme wedding blog decorated with beautiful elements of texture and design. Automattic, which is the company behind WordPress itself, gave its design to this theme and is responsible for its development. This theme optimizes photos, videos and other content to display. In addition, this theme has support for the RTL language and is ready for translation. More information / Download


 classic lovebirds wedding template

Lovebirds is a clean and beautiful WordPress theme designed and developed for weddings blogs and websites. Automattic gave this theme its design and is responsible for its development. Lovebirds is a Theme for Children’s Theme Forever that we have mentioned below. They also gave this topic a very clean code base that optimizes performance and simplicity.

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 forever classic wedding theme

Forever is a clean, minimalist and beautiful WordPress wedding theme. This theme features a prominent image slider and custom header images. This theme presents several custom designs and much more. Developers extensively use this theme as the main theme for various children’s themes, such as Lovebirds, which we mentioned earlier. More information / Download


 travelify travel wordpress theme

Travelify is a clean, modern and totally responsive WordPress theme designed and developed for travel and photography blogs, however, It could be adjusted to be used for blogs and wedding websites. It is a versatile WordPress theme with dozens of incredible features, such as the slider of outstanding images, various design options, blog templates and much more. This theme comes with detailed documentation and free support. More information / Download


 pinbin masonry WordPress theme

Pinbin is a clean, elegant and totally responsive theme that can be used for several different websites, including Wedding magazines and blogs. Features a Pinterest style grid design that is clean and responsive. The developers made the Pinbin theme well documented and also comes with free support. This is an amazing WordPress theme and I recommend seeing it yourself. More information / Download

My Wedding (Premium)

 My Wedding premium wedding theme

My Wedding is a beautiful and eye-catching wedding theme, My Wedding is responsive, based in the network and built on the impressive frontend framework of Bootstrap 3. The built-in RSVP form function allows your guests to respond directly to your inbox! Use the photo gallery to show the images of your big day and how you got here. Use the blog to show the event, the location information and keep your guests informed about your most important day. The theme features a large banner area and information about the couple at the top of the main page. The powerful Nimbus theme options panel allows you to reorder the rows of the main page, choose from hundreds of Google sources, change the configuration of the image and polish the SEO of your website from the inside out. The theme is totally responsive, so it also looks great on the sizes of tablets and mobile devices. The My Wedding theme is a must see

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