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One-page websites are most desired by most people instead of a multi-page website. All the details of the website on one page. Therefore, users do not need to go through several pages to search for information. You can find the required information on the same page. With the growing number of websites in the world, the number of single-page websites has also grown by a large margin. Therefore, in this article, we have listed the best single-page website template that you can use to create a website.

These single-page website templates can be used for anything according to your needs. They can be used for business, e-commerce, blogs, photography, fitness and many more. All these website templates are focused to help your website get a lot of new viewers. We have also included a free one-page website template for each purpose for your facility. Select the one you like the best and you can start creating your own websites.


If you want a free website template to highlight your big projects and goals, then Unapp is one of the best you can obtain. It is a commercial website template with a lot of features to help you take your business to success. Take your biggest projects to the online mass. With the help of this website template, you do not need to create your website from scratch. Therefore, you can also save a lot of your time, since it only requires a bit of your time for configuration and customizations.

You can create any type of business website with this theme. It has a header background in which you can add videos as well. This website template is full of animations. You can show several sections of the website with many attractive animations. This can be very attractive to website users, as they would like them to remain on your site. You can also add several sections in this website template to increase the functionality of the website. These sections may include services, blogs, information and contact. The works section can be further divided with two different designs that are grid with text and grid without text.

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  glint-free-one-page-website-template [19659002] A free one-page website template with an elegant and modern design, Glint is a companion perfect for you to create a one-page website. It is more focused for creative agencies such as photog Music, music and art websites. But with the help of some modifications, it can be suitable for almost any type of websites. It is developed with a totally responsive design. Therefore, you can use it on any type of device with any screen size. Nor should you worry about any defect in appearance and performance when you use it on mobile phones or tablets.

Glint has been beautifully designed with the help of the best clean and organized codes. It is also a website template for the retina that has a beautiful design. This free website template also has a lot of use of animations in it. It has a very elegant menu sidebar that appears with a sliding animation from the right side of the website. You can click on the menu you want and be redirected to the desired section with its smooth scrolling of a page. It is also a friendly website template for social media. Therefore, users can share their content on their social networks if they like it.

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Showcase your work and boost your business to success with the help of an online platform , Transcend can be a very good option for you. It is a free one-page website template. Developed with strategies to attract many new visitors. It also has a clean, beautiful and professional design. Therefore, whenever viewers visit your website, they will be automatically impressed with the appearance. This will be very useful to convert viewers into potential loyal customers as well. It also has many customization options. You can easily customize the website to your liking by dedicating a little of your time.

Transcend presents a very beautiful header section. It is a free individual website template where you can add a header image along with a custom logo. You can also add some texts in the header section. This will help give more details about their jobs and services. So visitors will have a brief idea of ​​what their service is all about just by looking at the header. You can also add something from the highlighted menu in the header section. When you click on the menu, you access the desired section with a smooth scroll of a page.

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As mentioned in the same name, CVPortfolio is a free web site template of a single page more suitable for portfolio websites. You can create a portfolio website with a One page layout and a beautiful design with it. It is specially designed to make your wallet website look attractive and professional. Your website can look much better from an average online CV or a portfolio website with this website template. This can be very useful if you are an independent professional or are looking for a new job. You can show your past projects and achievements in a very unique way using this free one-page website template.

This website template does not present a header or sidebar menu like a normal website. Instead, the header section contains your contact information. You can also add a CV download button right below it. Clients or the human resources manager can easily see your CV with this option to work with you or hire you. You can also add your viewing image and the current designations and personal information required in this website template. The links of their social networks can also be integrated right below their details with the icons of social networks. Below, there are many sections where you can highlight your best projects and jobs.

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CA App Landing

  ca-app-landing-page-free-one-page-website-page template

CA App Landing is a free website template of a single page that best suits Android Apps and IOS show websites. If you use this theme, you do not need to start from scratch to create a website. You can simply install this template and easily customize it to create your own unique website for your mobile applications. This website template is very easy to use and customize. Therefore, you will not have any problem when developing a website with the help of this free template from a single website. You can get a lot of new application users when promoting applications using this website template.

One of the best selling points of this website template is its beautiful design. It has a very clean and elegant design with a very smooth animation. It has a fixed header menu that appears only after scrolling through the header section of the webpage. You can add sections such as start, envelope, features, screenshot, testimonials, prices, equipment and contact. Along with these sections, you can also add a record button in the fixed header menu. This helps in the easy navigation of the website for users. This website template also supports video publishing formats. So you can add information through videos in various parts of the website to show the features of the application.

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One page

  one page-free-one-page-template-page

As suggested by its own name, One Page is a free website template of a single page. You can use this website template for any purpose. It is suitable for any website such as bl og, photography, e-commerce, business, food, travel, etc. You can even use it for one-page corporate websites. All you need to do is install the website template and make some changes. Then, you can start creating any type of one page website according to your requirements. It is a free one-page website template that is also designed with a good combination of colors and grid style elements.

To begin with, it has a very good looking header section. You can add your own header and text background image in the slide show. This can help you provide better information about your website in the header. If visitors like what they see, they will definitely go through their website. To help you with the functionalities of the website, you can also add home sections, services, jobs, about, and contact. You can also add a custom logo in the header to make your website more unique. You can also show statistics of numbers in the different sections of the website to show more detailed information.

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If you want an impressive one-page website for your creative agency, Roran can give you great help. It is a free one-page website template designed specifically for high-level websites. Illuminate your creative talents Like your unique creative ideas, this website template can also help you create a unique website. It has a wide range of customization options. You can use these options to create any type of website you want. This free one-page website template also has an easy user experience design. Therefore, the chances of having problems when creating a website are minimal.

Roran has everything you'll ever need in a one-page website. It has a grid header background image that looks quite unique and interesting at the same time. Something like this is always useful to create a curiosity within the spectators. Therefore, it is sure that you will be willing to visit several parts of your website. This can increase the number of new visitors or viewers on your website. The majority of these visitors can also lead potential clients or clients for the services they provide through their website. This free one-page website template also has a simple design and easy-to-use contact forms. These characteristics are also a great help for your success.

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Imrah Demirag


A free one-page website template, ideal for websites portfolio, Imrah Demirag will not disappoint you. Although it is designed, it focuses primarily on the web of portfolio sites, it can also be used for any personal, corporate or non-corporate website. It is a very easy to use design that can be used without problems when editing and creating a website. You can change this website template as you wish according to your requirements. It is designed with a variety of great color combinations. You can select any of them and create your own unique websites.

Imrah Demirag can also help you attract many people to your website with a very clean and classic design. When you look at it for the first time, it seems that some of the best work has been included in a website. It is very inspired by the appearance of a newspaper. But, the designs have been creatively designed to look as attractive as possible. This free one-page website template also includes its own button design of social networking icons. The contents of the website are shared using these buttons. You can also add a custom logo in the center of the header menu to show your trademark to website visitors.

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You can earn a lot through your website if you spice it up a bit. Misal is a spicy dish that is very popular in western India. But here, Misal is a free one-page website template that is ready to spice up your newly created website. It has many features and customizable options for you to work on your website. Therefore, it can be suitable for almost any type of website, although it is specially designed for portfolio websites. You can use it for any type of websites with only some settings here and there.

In this free one-page website template, you get a very functional and good looking header section. Here you can put different sections and menu options for your website. You can also add your custom logo at the bottom of the header section. It seems a pretty strange position for a logo but it seems really interesting. This experience is the same for visitors and visitors of the website. Keeping things interesting always makes them hooked on your website. Therefore, this website template can provide you with the perfect elements to keep your visitors and customers interested in your website.

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Port is a free one-page website template that is best suited to portfolio websites. This website has been carefully designed with a wide range of customizable options. The plugins can also help you customize your website according to your requirements. Therefore, you can also use this website template for any type of website with the help of some changes. It is developed with the help of some of the best color schemes. This can also be useful to create your own unique website. Select the color you want for your website and see how it helps you get more visitors and customers.

This free one-page website template has a very elegant and modern design. You can add your own custom logo in the header section. The header section also includes a button where you can provide users with multiple options. It can be used to register, login, request a quote, subscribe to the newsletter, etc. As you scroll through the web page, you can jump to the next section with the help of an angular arrow down as well. The next section will automatically be presented to you through a smooth downward movement.

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If you want to extend the scope of your business with the help of a one-page website, let BIzPro be a guide for you. It is a free one-page website template that you can use for any business website. From small local businesses to large corporate companies. This website template has a totally responsive design. Therefore, your users can access the website at any time with any device of any screen size. The performance and design of the website are also not affected when used on different devices.

This free one-page website template also has a lot of striking features and features. You can add a slow zoom in the background image in the header slide show. You can also add sections such as home, services, portfolio, team, skills, customers, prices, blogs and contacts to your website. You can also add different icons to provide the details of the section about and services. In the same way, projects can also be highlighted with images with animations. The option to add statistics with work percentage is also available for the team section.

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A free single Boxus is all you need. You can create any type of website from a single page or from a single page with this website template. It can be used for creative, digital, media, web design or any other agency. It has a lot of bright colors options. You can experiment a lot with them and find an appropriate one for your website. These colors are meant to make your website attractive and get more viewers. It will also help you differentiate yourself from the rest of the average-looking websites.

The use of this free one-page website template will benefit you a lot. It has a very modern and beautiful design with many interesting features. The color of the header menu changes constantly as you move. It changes each time it reaches another section while moving up or down. You can add several sections such as services, portfolio, news, videos, skills and contacts. Each of these sections is carefully designed to provide the maximum functionality easy to use. This is what most viewers or customers look for in a website. In summary, the success of your website is assured with this website template.

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Creative Agency


This free single website template is as useful as shown in the Own name. It is a free single page website template that is developed with a primary Focus for the creative agency. Although Creative Agency is more suitable for creative agencies, it can be used for almost any website with the help of some modifications. It can be used for digital and media agencies, as well as websites for short business destination pages. Since it is a website template, you do not need to put a lot of work into your configuration. You can make some customizations here and there to create your own website.

This free one-page website template also has many useful attributes of its own. It is a completely flexible and adaptable website template. Therefore, it can be used in any of your favorite browsers. It is also a totally responsive website template. You can also use it on any device with any screen size. It can be used on any mobile phone and tablet without affecting the performance or appearance of the website. Your customers or website visitors can access your website at any time and with the device they want.

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To excel in your business with a website, Bobsled can be the perfect sled for you to your road to success. It is a free one-page website template that is most preferable for t The business landing page. You can use it for new companies related to technology, personal websites or any other commercial website. All you need to do is little personalization here and there, and it's good to create your own commercial website. Since this website template is very easy to use, it will not take much time either. You can save time to use it and think of other brilliant ideas of yours.

You can get a modern, beautiful, unique and clean design with this free one-page website template. It has a lot of attractive visual blocks that will always stay one step ahead of your competitors. This website template has a wide range of samples for text and buttons. You can explore all these different variants and use them on your website. You can also add your company's custom logo and images of your works and services. In this way, you are making your website attractive with text and also with visual aspects.

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Datarc is a free one-page website template that you can use to create a site professional looking web It is also a multipurpose website template that can be used for businesses, creative agencies or centuries. You can use this website for any type of business organization. You can create a website for a newly created company, as well as a business established with it. This unique free website template has all the features you will need for a business website. Also, this is an easy-to-use website template. Therefore, you have to spend much less time and effort to create your own commercial website.

It has many amazing features that you can use for your professional business website. You have a functional contact form through which your clients can contact you regarding the services they provide. This form can also be used by website visitors. These visitors can also be potential customers for the future by increasing interaction with them through contact forms. It also has a large portfolio section. You can show all the skills, achievements, previous jobs and projects in this section. This can be very useful to create a good impression and trust in the service for your clients.

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To conquer any business sector, you need a solid strategy. One of the best strategies used today is to create a website for your business or services. Sector is a free one-page website. That can help you a lot for this strategy. It can meet all the needs of your business or corporate website. This website template can also be customized with its customizable features to fit any type of website. Therefore, it can also be considered as a multipurpose template. You can also create blog, portfolio, eCommerce and many more websites with the help of this website template

You can work on a lot of this free single page website template. A professional looking website with great functionalities can be made in minutes with this template. On top of that, the impressively elegant design of this template will definitely catch the eye of a lot of users. It features a very nice header section where you can add background image and text. These images and texts can be used to briefly describe what your website is about in the header itself. This free single page website template is also social media friendly. So the contents of your website can be shared to the reach of the audience.

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 free single page website template ufolio

Ufolio is a free single page website template best suitable for portfolio websites. It is carefully crafted with clean codes packed with a lot of features. These features are intended to help you create your own unique website with a beautiful design. This website template is also very easy to setup and use. You will not be spending a lot of your time and effort to create a website with this template. A website can be easily created without any problems with this website. So, with the help of this website template, you can also save a lot of time which can be used for other tasks.

Ufolio is a free single page website template through which you get a website with beautiful design and great features. Therefore, this particular website is sure to give you best results for your success. It's responsive design can also be a lot of help for you. This website can be conveniently used on any device without any problems. It will work smoothly without affecting the design on any screen sizes. This website template is also compatible cross browser. So, it can be accessed on any of your major web browsers without any change in performance. Considering all these features for free, this website would be a great bargain for you.

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