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Now is your chance to start your own community of players with the complete list of clan websites compiled by hand. With the gaming industry being as popular as it is today, many are building their own pages around their favorite game. In this collection, you will find a variety of templates and themes from game websites for clan wars, blogs and fan sites.

No need to search the web on your own to find the most promising clan website templates. Here you will find some of the latest and most top-notch to help you with your sites. With countless online games and millions upon millions of users, you know that the market is immense.

Outside there is a game for almost all tastes. And so is a type of template to build a website to meet each user. Even so, if you do not find it perfect, you can improve it, modify it and, before you know it, have the exact website you always wanted.

Despite the fact of what kind of a player you are and / or what type of website you need to develop for your clan, below you will find only the most encouraging templates for your needs. Now you can create quickly and surprisingly easily and efficiently the website chosen by the clan. With the amount of available elements, material and features ready to use, you are seeing some of the best templates of clan websites.

Also, if you have already selected your preferred template or even created a great website, you may want to take care of your security with a VPN for games. But we all know that a VPN can also deal with a lot of other things.

Ludos Paradise

Ludos Paradise is also a hell of game blog as a clan website template, for all game enthusiasts. It is a tool with a dark and professional aspect that has its page covered in its entirety. With relative ease, you can have a fully functional website running in a very short time. With three different start variations and a lot of internal pages, you can start your project immediately and start attracting new users in an instant.

By using demo import with a single click, you can install the sample data and have a page that appears in the preview ready to go live immediately. Of course, you can improve and edit the aspect of it as you want and create a fully customized version of Ludos Paradise. The website canvas is receptive, ready for retina, in tune with modern web browsers and comes with first class support. With regular updates, your website will always be updated, fresh looking.

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  dw gamez

There are no limits to what you would like to achieve with your website when you get access to DW Gamez. Instead of doing a complete review of the website template, just visit the live preview page and be surprised. It is an amazing game template that will help you build an online magazine without any real knowledge. For the most part, you have all the material at your disposal. Just leave it in use and see how easy web design really is.

Some of the functions of DW Gamez are the responsiveness, a wide collection of widgets, classification system and detailed documentation. A good feature of DW Gamez is the next type of game publishing. It provides users with information when a new game is falling so they do not have to wonder. DW Gamez is flexible and extensible, that is, without effort it will adapt to your needs and requirements.

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Youplay is a Bootstrap website template for players of all genres. It is a great alternative that will make you a site creator, even if you do not have much experience doing it. Youplay is ideal for managing clan wars, creating a community and even as a blog or an online store. You can write game reviews, incorporate rankings and use Revolution Slider to promote and promote games and teams.

There are four demonstrations available for a quick release of the much-needed clan website. Youplay has Twitter and Instagram channels running, a functional AJAX contact form and even upcoming pages to announce the big start day. Parallax effect, Font Awesome icons, isotopes and compatibility with most browsers and platforms, Youplay thought of everything. But first, feel free to take a look at the demonstration and see it in action.

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Gaming Clan (Wix)

  wix clan website template

This is one from Wix. Gaming Clan is exactly what it says it is. It is a complete clan website template that will make your page in a very short time. It has all the features, elements and components of a powerful tool to create the clan's advanced website for communities. Gaming Clan supports videos, has a special place for the most recent members and a section to announce upcoming events. Also, post news and make team members familiar with what's fashionable and trending. Show the weapon of the month or anything else you want to bring in front of your fans and create fantastic galleries. The options are endless, all you need to use is your imagination and, before you know it, a website is finished and live. Act and observe the reaction.



PixieHype is a theme on the website of a game and a clan with a lot of ordered options. It is fully customizable so you have more freedom to develop and design the desired website. Small and large teams along with entire organizations can use PixieHype for their benefit. It is modern and powerful, with great flexibility to accelerate the process of creating your online gaming project.

Change color, add sponsor logos, upload custom backgrounds and manage and maintain your website from an easy-to-use administrator. Start publishing news content and keep everyone updated with the latest and the best. Detailed documentation files, support and useful tutorial videos will guide you on the journey of building your clan website. PixieHype is a theme of WordPress games and its complete solution to build the exact page you want. It's all ready to use, just add your personal touch to PixieHype and you're ready to shine.

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Good Games


Good Games, the template of HTML games for news sites, startups, eSports and similar. It consists of all the indispensable elements when it comes to building a game portal. That requires clan wars, gallery, shop, forum, blog section and even soon and 404 pages. In summary, it is a clan website template that adapts to a wide range of player demands. In addition, Good Games also has predefined elements known as abbreviated codes to quickly and efficiently create something unique. Play with what is available and little you know, a website that attracts attention is ready to enter the world of online gaming.

Tournament, teams and team member pages, many widgets for social buttons, upcoming games and latest blog posts and a job contact form, get it all with the Good Games template.

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  gaming sport club

Team is a generic HTML template for all kinds of sports equipment pages, including gaming sites and eSports It has lots of demonstrations ready to use, both for sports and for online game worlds, plus two additional color presets. Team is an easy-to-use and perfect template for mobile devices developed in Bootstrap 3 and compatible with all popular browsers. A customizable template that easily adjusts to create a wide range of websites. To cover most of the work, Team comes with tons of internal pages that you just need to put into play. Add your content, text and are ready to accept new visitors and turn them into loyal fans.

Talking about internal pages, Team has ordered with section of matches, team, news, online store and contact pages. Some additional pages will arrive soon, 404, envelope and donations, to name a few.

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PLUME is a multipurpose HTML5 template with tons of prefabricated material to improve your workflow. In a crowd of more than fifty demonstrations available, one is dedicated exclusively to games. However, with more than forty short codes and more than 400 UI elements, you can also create your own designs. Customizing is easy and so is creating a unique gaming website. The code is well commented which makes existing demonstrations simple to improve and create new designs easily.

But with the content available only, you can create countless variations with PLUME. Lots of headers and footers, different notifications, Disqus comments, sticky menu, whatever, PLUME has it all. For even more excitement, it comes with four premium add-ons, Fancybox, isotope filter, WOW and Slider Revolution animations. It really is amazing how much you get for a small investment of two pumpkin spice lattes.

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  sweet world

As the clan website templates are few and far between, we have incorporated some other game templates that could be of great use to you. At the end of the day, with a little creativity and skills, you can quickly convert the chosen template into something completely different compared to what was originally created. And Sweet World is one of those. It's a cute and fun one-page template to promote your game or application or anything else that needs online promotion. Suggestion: introduce it in the modification blender and you can design the perfect design for your equipment.

In the Sweet World template package, you'll find a free video creator to promote the game in a way that attracts new fans. Mobile fitness, speed optimization and full screen mode, these and many more features you get with Sweet World.

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Game Forest


Creating a game community with the template of the Game Forest website will be very easy. This HTML template works with Bootstrap 4, which provides flexibility and total extensibility. You can go the easy way and put together the final website with the available elements and pages or you can modify the demonstration material and individualize the template. Whatever you think is right, you can do it with the Game Forest template.

More than seventy HTML files, exclusive design for games, ready for retina, compatible with mobile devices and a clean code is what Forest makes. In addition, widgets, sliders and effects, video background support and game review section are all amazing components of Game Forest. You will definitely be surprised by the amount of features with which the template treats you. By implementing all modern web technologies and having fun in so many ways, making a website with Game Forest will be pure entertainment. Just like your favorite video game is.

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Hotmagazine is an HTML template for news and magazine games that you can use for anything related to the game. Even when it comes to clans, teams, matches and other features, you can have it all on your website that you create with the help of Hotmagazine. It contains all the basic elements and advanced features of a professional journal template. But you may discover some fine details only when you start working with Hotmagazine. In other words, you have so many things on and ready for you, you may miss some things by taking a quick look at the live preview.

A clean and modern appearance with a sophisticated code that has no complications to edit, Hotmagazine thought of both beginners and those with much previous experience in the development of the site. If you like to write about the world of video games and would like to start your own project, start with the Hotmagazine template.

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