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According to the recent Toast Tab survey, 56% of people order their food online and through the website. The same study also reveals why people visit the website often; to see special offers on that day and new recipes on the menu.

79% of restaurant owners agree that advancement in technology improves customer satisfaction and also preserves the rate. What indirectly implies that in the millenium era bringing your business to the network is an obligation.

In a highly competitive restaurant industry that has a website, it makes an effort to grow your business more easily. The following free templates of restaurant websites help you create an attractive and easy to maintain website.

The modern website template offers you a lot of customization options and many trendy visual effects for your website. The use of HTML5 and CSS3 helps the website to have animation effects without affecting the performance of the website. You can also find these templates of useful websites.

The following website templates for restaurants are designed and developed only on the HTML5 and CSS3 website, but are developed exclusively for the restaurant and other food-related industries.

Eatwell [19659007] Eatwell Free Template ” width=”1200″ height=”946″ srcset=”https://fdmania.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/17-best-free-restaurant-website-template-2018-colorlib.jpg 1200w, https://cdn.colorlib.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/eatwell-free-template-300×237.jpg 300w, https://cdn.colorlib.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/eatwell-free-template-768×605.jpg 768w, https://cdn.colorlib.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/eatwell-free-template-1024×807.jpg 1024w, https://cdn.colorlib.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/eatwell-free-template-776×612.jpg 776w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px”/>

Get people to eat more at home by introducing them to their world of food and drink with Eatwell. This free website template for restaurants is a real treat. It presents many premium features so you can benefit and offers the best online experience that exists. Show your front door or press any special offer you may be currently running with the full screen banner. In addition, the banner also supports a clean call-to-action button that opens a booking form in a pop-up window.

I know, right?

In addition, Eatwell displays all the content of your site on the move and has a delicious and categorized menu. Beautiful gallery, contact form and Google Maps are also included in Eatwell so you have everything available for the fastest launch of the site. Join the online world with a strong web presence and attract more customers to your food business.

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Restaurant of Colorlib

  Free website template of restaurant

Our website template of free, own and exclusive restaurant, with all the needs for your first business in food. Along with the restaurants, you can also use it for caterers undoubtedly. The convenient drop-down menu becomes transparent and sticky so that all visitors can quickly jump to other sections without the need to scroll back to the top. However, the restaurant has a one-page layout, so everything is gathered into a single, neat page.

Press your best rated dishes, show your delicious promotional video and present your current menu. Also, do not forget to introduce your qualified chefs and interact with your clients by starting a blog. In the Restaurant kit, you also get an active contact form, Google Maps, social media buttons and a subscription to the newsletter.

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  Free caviar template

Whatever your specialty, is the free Caviar restaurant website template that helps you attract more potential customers The tool is backed by Bootstrap Framework for the flexibility and extensibility of your page. In other words, the result you are about to create will adapt seamlessly to any screen resolution for outstanding performance. The clean and elegant web design of Caviar delights all visitors and makes them salivate. No problem, you can use the included booking form and book a table immediately. For your information, the booking form also includes a date and time selector for your convenience.

There is still more.

Caviar comes with a full-screen slide show, menu sticker, scrolling content upload and a button up. There is also a testimonial slider to let your customers talk about how your clients trust.

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  Bakery Free Template

Bakery is a website of a one-page template restaurant. This website template is the best choice for bakery, cafeteria, cafeteria and restaurant website.

The details on this website should be appreciated. From the font style to the color used, the designer has followed the famous design trend of restaurant websites. As soon as you land on the website template, a large banner image with delicious food images welcomes you.

Although it is a one-page restaurant website template, Bakery has all the web element you need in a professional restaurant website. The food menu section is intuitively designed in a tabbed interface; The user can easily switch between the tabs that he likes and find the food he wants.

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No matter what kind of restaurant you have, Risotto is ready to take care of your online presence. It does not need to be just an Italian! Risotto is a versatile website canvas that offers many exceptional features to shine on the Internet with all its light. From the navigation to the footer, each section of the Risotto template is designed and developed in a very attractive way.

Great attention to detail, image backgrounds, menu of drinks and cold drinks and any other part for the complete presentation of your food business. Of course, you will also discover an orderly way to reserve a table and opening hours. As for the first, you have everything predefined so you can use it from the box. As a matter of fact, use Risotto exactly as it is in its entirety if it suits your needs. Still, feel free to improve it and edit it since it is also very easy to do that.

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  free directory website template listing

The listing is a phenomenal and sophisticated directory directory template for restaurants. To be honest, you can use Listing for all kinds of intentions, but ours, at this time, are food businesses. It is a beautiful tool to create listings that follows all the latest trends and technologies. That is, the final creation of your website will be responsive and ready for mobile devices. In addition, Listing is also compatible with all modern web browsers and retina ready. The crisp, clean images of food make everyone's eyes bulge.

With clean and refined web design, the listing has great potential to help you grow your online project to the level of incredible. Grows so big, restaurants and other food companies will be eager to become a list of your directory. But at the end of the day, it is your directory that will help others succeed in the industry.

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Duck gives you all the options and features to complete the construction of your web space for your modern restaurant in the blink of an eye. Make a solid first impression with the full-screen slider and have them intrigued in an instant. Use the slide show to show your location and show off your delicious and delicious delicacies. Or even if you have a special offer, let the slide show press it for you. In summary, do what best suits your needs.

That's not all.

More candies are presented in the form of parallax effect, countdown timer, reservation form and testimonial review / slider control. In addition to that, Pato also has at your disposal a complete blog section that you can use effortlessly for a fresh food blog. As a matter of fact, use it to create a separate page if that interests you.

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  Redcayenne free template

As hot as it sounds, Redcayenne is a free restaurant website template that stimulates things on the web . It is a professional tool with many outstanding assets and striking features. Redcayenne is built with Bootstrap and is extremely easy to use and edit. Everything is organized and in order what makes Redcayenne a useful template for both beginners and professionals.

The excellent slider with excellent transitions is the first thing that guests see on your site. Make it so attractive, it will be impossible to resist your offers and start moving to get more information about you. Advertise your restaurant, promote your chefs and, of course, show your menu. Execute it in such a fiery way that it will hasten the use of the booking form from the first moment. By the way, the form is part of the Redcayenne kit and also includes date and time selectors.

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  Template without coffee

The name of the following website templates tells you enough to know what you can use it for. However, it is the versatility of coffee that is most important at this time. Having said that, Coffee, which is for coffee shops by default, can also be adapted to restaurants and other food projects. If the simple and modern design of coffee is what you are looking for, simply change the content and it will instantly become something completely different. In this case, Coffee becomes a free restaurant website template.

How cool is that?

Café gives a warm welcome to all visitors with a massive and eye-catching banner. Below, a minimalist menu section and an ordered gallery oscillate. The tool is also ready to expand with a blog section and captures the guests' emails with the included newsletter subscription widget. Go against the grain and collect the coffee.

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  kitchen free restaurant website template

Cookery is a new design restaurant website template flat. This website template is built on startup, which by default has HTML5 and CSS3. So you can experience a fast and fluid loading website.

The Cookery web template is built in an elegant style, but can be used according to the user's requirements. This responsive web template is designed with a clean and flat grid system. The use of CSS3 makes

a multi-page restaurant website template with the basic pages you may need on a restaurant's website. The designs are designed in such a way that the images of the food are presented deliciously to the visitor.

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Mammas Kitchen

  mammas kitchen free restaurant website template

Mamma & # 39; s Kitchen is a site template free restaurant website. It is a unique website template that provides all the information in one place.

This website template is built on HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap. Mom's kitchen is mobile and responds immediately; Your website can serve your client well on any device. The use of the green color in this website template indirectly indicates that the food in the restaurant is fresh and healthy.

The menu section of this website template is designed intuitively and also looks clean. The category option given above helps the user to find and find the food they want easily. This website template is the best option for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food centers and other catering services.

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  delicious restaurant website free template

Delicious free restaurant website template is totally responsive. It is easy to customize and offers impressive display effects on devices of all screen sizes.

This restaurant website template is designed in HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3, which makes this website load faster and also mobile. With bright colors and popular Google fonts, this website template looks professional and also modern.

The food menu section is designed as a list view, when you move to other tabs, the transition effects are clean. In addition to the food menu section, it also has an event section in this website template.

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Cafe Home

  home coffee website template

Cafe Home is a multi-page restaurant website template. It is a simple template of simple website. Follow the usual design design. The website template is based on HTML5 and CSS3, so the website template responds in a mobile way. If you are looking for a neat and simple restaurant website template, this is the best option for you. More information / Download

Cafe and Restaurant

  cafe and restaurant website template

Cafe and restaurant is a modern restaurant website template. With large image holders, you can display your delicious food images and arouse the appetite of visitors as soon as they arrive on your website.

It is a multi-page website template with modern and bold fonts. With the white color as the background, the images and the text look clean in this website template. This website template is the best choice for restaurant, food and drink, brewery, gifts, hobbies and crafts.

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  free restaurant website template

Restaurant is a one page website template to make an exceptional website for a grocery store, restaurant, cafeteria and bakery. With the HTML5 in trend and the CSS3 framework, this website has an immaculate and professional appearance.

The use of bright red colors makes this restaurant website template an obvious choice for fast food restaurants. The effects of parallax on the images of food are pleasant. The details of the opening and closing hours are also a well thought-out web element.

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  eat free restaurant website template

Eat is a one page website template. It is built on HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap3 framework. This restaurant website template is easy to customize and maintain. This template complies with the latest requirements, and is a fully responsive template that adapts to all devices with multiple browser support.

With a bright yellow color, the website template receives attention easily as soon as the website lands. The large header section with logo and home button in the center helps you easily mark your website with your logo.

Instead of a menu option, only one gallery section is given to elegantly display the photos of your restaurant on the website. The images are shown with a small note at the bottom, so you can use this to mark the speed of the food.

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  grilling free restaurant website template

Grilling is another delicious restaurant website template. It's a one-page website template, which helps visitors see everything about their restaurant on one page.

This restaurant web template is designed with HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework. The effects of transition and other animation effects are clear and professional. Especially the menu section is designed in a very intuitive way.

It's the only restaurant website template on this list that offers a separate section for today's specials and offers. The colors, the flat grid pattern, the texture, the incredible font icons, the scroll animations, the functionality and the alignment all add up perfectly to make this template stand out, and it comes with many useful functions.

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What & # 39; s Your Choice

These are the best website templates for restaurants with modern design designs. Each of them is unique from the others and fulfills its purpose effectively. Depending on your needs, select the best free website template for your restaurant.

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