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Moodle is one of the famous open source learning management systems. Among the open source LMS software, Moodle is the best option to use. Since it has more support and add-ons available to help you. In recent years, many Moodle partners have also come together to improve this open source platform. The following are some of the best free and premium Moodle Bootstrap templates that you can use for your Moodle site.

With the premium template of Moodle Bootstrap, you will get the author's support to make some customizations and basic installations. One of the drawbacks of the Moodle platform is that the learning curve for beginners and new users is very pronounced. It will take a couple of weeks to get an overview of the operating principle of the platform. To personalize a Moodle theme, you must get help from an expert. If you want to use a free template, read the installation guide to get the best result.

Another drawback of Moodle is the user interface. Although you have many options and support, the Moodle user interface is not as good. In this list of Moodle Bootstrap templates, you can see that almost all templates use a similar interface.

If you are still in a quandary when selecting the learning management software, take a look at the publication of the e-learning industry to read the complete comparison of all types of LMS. For companies that provide serious online courses, it is better to opt for the premium LMS such as Adobe Captivate or you can use the WordPress educational themes that support LMS. Telling us, let's enter the list of free and premium Moodle Bootstrap templates.


Lambda is a classic Moodle style template. Here developers have put a lot of effort into making this Moodle template look clean and have also managed to add interactive web elements. It is a multi-page website template with all the subpages required for an electronic learning site. The primary color scheme of the template is yellow, but the color is handled perfectly so it does not look flashy. On the homepage at the top you have the member login option and in the header section, you have image slider. The effects of transition in the template are clear and there is enough time between each image so that the user can read the texts without haste. The options of the drop-down menu are also given for a better user experience. Along with this template, you get three demo variations. Almost all variations follow a similar design design with minor changes.

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New Learning

  new learning moodle bootstrap template

New learning is a colorful learning management template that uses the Moodle framework. The New Learning template gives the user a premium look and feel with its design. The visual effects used in this template are clean and elegant. Speaking of the effects of animation, this template only uses the effects in the required place, which makes this template easily fit professional eLearning sites. The use of a transparent color overlay for the content blocks gives this template a more vivid feel. In the top bar, you have the option of member login and search options. Just below the search option, you have a place to add your social media profile links. With this template, you get all the elements and modern web features combined with the main features of Moodle. This flexible website template also offers you a box width design and the option to change the header style.

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  academic moodle bootstrap template

Academic is a clean appearance template of Moodle bootstrap. With the full width design, you have plenty of space to carefully add your courses to the user. The use of white space provides users with a visual experience without clutter, regardless of the amount of content that they add to the website. The clean white background also adds richness to colorful web elements. In the header section, it has image slider, the transition effects are clean and simple. The course page is designed with easy navigation options so that the user can easily search and find the course they want. In the footer, you have the option to add an Instagram widget. The academic template uses HTMl5, CSS3, Bootstrap and the latest Moodle framework.

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  school moodle bootstrap template

School is a Moodle Bootstrap template for schools and universities. With this template, you get features like parallax effects, custom icons and interactive content blocks. This template does not include many functions, such as the Lambda Moodle template. But the available functions work perfectly. In the header, it has image slider with animated texts. The transition effects and animation effects in this template are clean and subtle. Another element of this template is the element blocks. As of now, only four elements are given as blocks. As it is a premium template, you may get more features in the future.

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  Moodle bootstrap flora template

Flora is a simple, direct, classic style Moodle website template. The homepage is full of interactive elements and visual effects. The course page is almost similar to the user interface of the Moodle course as you have seen in many Moodle boot templates in this list. As in the school template mentioned above, this template also provides blocks. On the right, you have the option to add a gallery image.

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  Trending moodle bootstrap template

The web trending template Moodle bootstrap is a website template rich in visual effects. The design of the home page consists of all the important web elements to create promotions of your courses. The logical design of the template helps the user to have a complete overview of the courses offered and their characteristics. In the header section, you have the image slider with interesting transition effects. Other features that you get with this template are parallax effects, carousels, custom icons and subscription form. The course pages follow the same design style as the Moodle course features. Filter options and search options help the user find the required courses easily.

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  learning zone moodle bootstrap template

The LearningZone Moodle template is also from the same author of the trending website template mentioned above. But with this template, you get completely different web designs and elements. On the clean white background, the orange color scheme of the template looks elegant. In the top bar, you have the option of member login and registration option. For a better option drop-down menu navigation website is used. The main page includes all the web elements to promote your e-learning courses. Different filter options are provided in this template to help the user easily find the courses they want and enroll in it. The template uses the framework CSS3, HTML, JS and Bootstrap.

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  Template edutech moodle bootstrap

Edutech is a bold educational web template. The red color scheme of the template easily manages to get the user's attention as soon as he lands on his site. But the color of the template is not too flashy and is within the range of professional color. In the header section, you have a large static image background. The interactive text slider helps you give an impressive introduction to the user. The sticky navigation bar provides a better user experience and the user can easily switch between the pages whenever they want. The effects of displacement and other visual effects in this template are also done in an orderly manner.

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  university moodle bootstrap template

University is a box width website template. The modern combination of spot colors gives this template a modern look. The e-commerce website template, such as design, helps you promote your courses elegantly to users. The modern design of this template easily accommodates texts and multimedia content easily. Other useful features that you get with this Moodle Bootstrap template are visual effects, gallery effects, carousels and colorful content blocks. As usual, like most other Moodle templates, this template also has the same course page with the similar user interface. This version of the template is optimized for mobile devices, optimized in speed and compatible with several browsers.

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  cognitio moodle bootsign template

Cognitio is a classic style website template with shaded colors and gray background. It is a website template rich in images that indicates courses with images. The colorful labels of the course compensate the classic style of the template. With this template, you also have the option to add videos easily. In the header section, you have a normal size image slider with different details of the course. You also have the option to add a call-to-action button on the image slider to take the user directly to the course you want. Other useful features that you get with this template are accordions, image slider, carousels and neat animation effects. This Moodle Bootstrap template uses HTML, CSS3 and javascript frameworks.

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  moodle bootstrap customizable template

Adaptable is one of the few free Moodle Bootstrap templates that offers a premium template as features. This is a one-page template and shows the entire Moodle function on the home page itself. The full-width design and blue-green color scheme of the template make it look like a modern website template. A unique feature of this template is the instant notification bar, as you can see in the news website templates. As this free template is based exclusively on the Moodle platform, you get all the default Moodle features with this template.

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  academy moodle bootstrap template

Academi is a complete learning management website template that you get for free. Although the design seems a little outdated, it has all the web elements placed correctly in the right place. Unlike some of the premium Moodle Bootstrap templates mentioned above, these free templates have all the features in perfect working conditions. In the header section, you have an image slider with text. The transition effects of the image slider are clear and simple. Other features that you get with this Moodle template are a calendar, accordion, user login and registration page.

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  eguru moodle cargo template

Eguru is a simple and simple Moodle Bootstrap template. With this template, you can display your educational services and the courses it offers. This template does not include extravagant elements or elements focused on the conversion. In the header section, you have an image slider. The sidebar gives you the option to add more useful course and calendar links. The layout of the grid style course helps you show courses with cover images. Course navigation and other LMS features are similar to all Moodle templates. This Moodle template is responsive, compatible with several browsers and also supports several languages.

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  klass moodle bootslist template

Klass is almost similar to the Eguru template mentioned above. The different instant that you will detect as soon as you see this template is the lack of a sidebar. The Klass template uses a full page layout. With this design, you get a lot of space to showcase your educational services and courses. Adjustable floating grid tiles are used in this template. So you can view courses of any length of title and images in order in this template with the same spacing. The template uses HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and the Moodle framework. It is responsive to mobile devices, optimized for speed and also compatible with several browsers.

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  snap moodle bootstrap template

Snap is an interactive Moodle Bootstrap premium template that you get for free. With full-width design and modern colors, this template manages to compete with modern websites. But still, due to the restriction of the Moodle user interface, the template is not very attractive, as you can see in many modern templates of HTML websites. On the homepage, you have image sliders and sections of featured courses to showcase your best-selling courses. The icons are used to explain the characteristics and services of their e-learning courses. With this template, you get all the pages you need to run an effective online course offer website.

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  squared moodle bootstrap template

As the name implies is a mosaic-based moodle template. When compared to the regular style, this template seems a bit refreshing, but even so, the user interface in this template is not up to the mark. If you are looking for a site template with the mosaic interface, then you can find this interesting template. Like most other templates, Squared also uses HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and the latest version of the Moodle framework.

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Here are some of the free and premium Moodle boot templates you can use for your site. Since the last version 3.4 of Moodle was released in November 2017, we have managed to compile the template that is updated to the current version. Then you do not need to worry about compatibility issues. What is your favorite Moodle Bootstrap template? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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