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The galleries are an excellent way to show your hard work and effort. If you are an artist, photographer, painter or someone with incredible and creative ideas, having an outlet to represent it is a must. Especially with fierce competition in every business niche today, the brand and promotion has risen to a whole new level. So, what can you do to make yourself count? How can you differentiate yourself from the crowd and approach your audience in a more attractive way?

As complicated as it may seem, the answer is simple: an online gallery to reach a wider audience. With advances in technology, it is now much easier to create a presence for oneself. In addition, with active social media sites at your side, connecting with your customers and followers is as easy as a breeze. But everything comes down to impressing them with their creative ideas. That's right, just owning a website is not enough. It must perfectly reflect your ideas and be effective to make a lasting impression. In addition, elements and useful features to facilitate the process of navigation and use of your site is an advantage.

Fortunately for everyone looking to start an online gallery or create a functional and visually amazing website, there is an easy way out! It is not necessary to spend an endless amount of time, effort or investment to start. Now there are many options for gallery website templates that take care of everything! And to make it even simpler, our team at uiCookies has managed to bring together the best there is for you! Each of the gallery website templates that we have mentioned is completely free and guarantees high performance with its incredible set of functions. So feel free to review our list and choose the one that best suits your needs!


Explorer is a free web gallery template that is ideal for photographers, artists and creative minds looking to create an incredible variety of galleries. an expert or just a beginner, this template is easy enough to use so that anyone can use it easily. Totally based on the advanced framework of Bootstrap, it is an incredible option to start. The design itself is impressive to look at and has many incredible elements that can be used to promote you and your brand. The best part, however, is the unique and beautiful grid design that allows the user to display their images and multimedia files in an impressive gallery.

Explorer is also optimized for SEO, which means that your site has higher chances of ranking in all major SERPs. In addition to this, the codes used are clean and well commented, which gives way to a more customizable interface. It focuses mainly on the visualization of its content and is visually impressive to watch. Stay connected with your users and customers using social network integration. Even selling your products is much easier with Explorer. Simply download and start your trip online, improving your reach and promoting your brand only with the template of the gallery website; Explorer!

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However, another amazing free website gallery template ideal to show you and your brand is Pixels. A gallery web template based entirely on Bootstrap that will surely win their hearts. It captures the attention of your visitor. But the second is undoubtedly the impressive looking galleries with their works of art that will make them stay. If you want to start an online gallery, create a portfolio or start a creative agency website, this template is flexible enough to satisfy all needs. In addition, the template also uses clean and valid HTML and CSS codes that are easily customizable.

In addition to being compatible with several browsers, this tool is also friendly with SEO. This ensures that no matter which device or SERP you are in, your site will always end up better ranked. It is clean, modern and absolutely unique to look at. In addition, you also get amazing sliders and carousels to add a touch of creativity. In addition, the CSS animation also gives the option to add smooth animation and scroll effects. With so much choice that also for free, Pixels is definitely a great option if you are looking for a gallery website template.

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The format is a free gallery website template that is completely based on the advanced and powerful Bootstrap Use framework your online presence to promote your brand in a creative way only with Format. It is totally responsive and is ready for retina, which ensures that your website always looks amazing. The design is clean, modern and elegant to say the least. In addition, the amazing grid-based design style further enhances visual appeal. It is ideal for creating an online gallery, portfolios, creative websites, for designers, developers or independent professionals.

This template is the perfect way to start your online business as well. It supports e-commerce and gives you the easy transaction method. In addition to this, you can also add creative sliders and carousels with ease. In addition, you can easily add icons and change fonts to match your preferences. The well-commented and valid HTML and CSS encodings are also extremely customizable. Gallery and gallery-based design is further enhanced with animations and the scrolling effect. Leave a lasting impression on anyone visiting with Format alone.

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If you are someone who is looking to create a visually advanced and feature-r for your potential customers and users, then Aside is the perfect option for you. It is a free gallery website template that is totally responsive and surprising to look at. Like any gallery website template, Aside also allows users to easily create an impressive gallery to showcase their arts and works. It is the most suitable for anyone looking to create an online presence by showing their creative and innovative ideas. But that's not all, you also have the option of adding full-screen sliders and carousels in a matter of minutes.

In addition, this template is compatible with several browsers to work quickly and without problems in all major browsers. The huge grid-based design works wonderfully to create an impressive interface. You also get social network integration so you can stay connected with your users. In addition, this template also includes a mobile menu outside the canvas that facilitates navigation from mobile devices. In addition, the minimalist design that focuses on the content it shows also includes an impressive scroll effect and CSS animations. The best part, however, is that this template is absolutely free. Simply download and start creating easily with Aside!

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Stack is a creative, modern and multipurpose HTML website template that we love. Created with such attention to detail, this free template offers tons of customization features and useful elements. It is built with the powerful Bootstrap framework and will surely increase the efficiency of your site. As it is extremely flexible, you can use this template to create portfolios, resumes, personal websites, websites of creative agencies or even corporate sites. It is also totally receptive and ready for the retina. In addition, the effectiveness is enhanced by the compatibility between browsers.

The design is perfectly unique and professional. In addition to the portfolio option, you also get tons of other incredible features. Add the carousels and sliders to focus on the main contents. Add a touch of creativity with CSS animations and amazing scrolling effect. You also get a range of icons and types that you can easily change. Created and designed with innovative and creative ideas in mind, Stack will surely make your website stand out from the crowd. The template package also includes social media integration and a modal dialog box for Log in and Register. This ensures that none of your potential or current customers is left out.

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Rea is a free and visually graphically advanced photo gallery template that is simply amazing. The design of the layout is attractive and ensures that your site stands out from the rest. It is totally receptive and is prepared for the retina. It is ideal to help users in impressive galleries, you can also use them to create portfolios, creative websites and more. The attractive design and effect of the typewriter is the least that this template can do. It offers many useful elements and functions that you can easily implement to obtain the perfect end result.

The comfortable navigation of the template by hamburgers is easy to use. In addition to this, you also get more buttons for a more professional touch. The icons and integration of social networks help you reach a wider audience. In addition to this, the template is SEO friendly, making sure that your website always has a high rank. The compatibility between browsers makes it even more efficient. The codes are well commented and are friendly to developers. But that's not all, there are many other functions included with the package. Hit and create a name for you and your brand in an impressive way only with Rhea.

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Cocoon is another amazing and amazing free website template created with corporate and professional websites in mind . The design is flexible, modern and presents a unique look that is impressive to look at. It is also totally receptive and ready for retina. Although it is intended for creative agency websites, there are no limitations as to what you can do with it. Make yourself and your website stand out from the crowd with technically advanced features and a visually stunning website template. That said, there are many incredible features that will help you get the perfect end result. The best, however, is the option to create hypnotic galleries in your grid-based design. The conceptualization of the design is ideal for anyone who dares to be different.

Ideal for photography, architecture, painters, artists and all creative minds, this template takes care of all your requirements. Take your website to a whole new level with the innovative template of the gallery website: Cocoon. For an easier navigation option, provide the side menu. In addition to this, you can even change the color schemes and choose the one that best suits your preferences. It includes several internal pages that you can easily integrate into your site. In addition to this, you also get integration of social networks and icons that ensure that you are always in contact with your users. It even allows you to easily share your work and ideas on a larger platform and audience. It is extremely easy to use and makes the whole process much easier. You even get impressive scroll effects and CSS animation. What could not be loved? Everything is great with Cocoon!

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Sun is a simple, minimalist HTML gallery web page template Focused on the content that is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to show their work. It is aesthetically clean, professional and elegant. It is completely based on the latest Bootstrap framework that gives you the standard interface to work with. If you are an artist, photographer, freelancer or anyone with a gallery to show this template it is definitely worth trying. It is extremely flexible and easy to work with. In addition, it is also totally receptive and ready for the retina. This ensures that your site looks amazing no matter what screen the device is on. It also loads fast and easy in any important browser since it is compatible with several browsers.

The gallery and portfolio section are efficient and filterable. In addition to this, you also get delicious and elegant blog sections. No matter what niche you work with, Sun will surely impress anyone who visits. In addition, by ensuring that none of your prospective customers and clients is lost, you also provide a fully-functioning Contact Form. The good thing is that there are also tons of icons and typography options that you can easily use. With the integration with popular social networking sites, you can also easily share your content. Simply owning a website is not enough, get the best offer on your site only with Sun. Developed with the powerful and advanced HTML and CSS coding, customize it as you wish and end with the perfect site!

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An innovative and unique creative gallery website template , reopening is totally responsive and graphically advanced templates. Backed with advanced CSS and HTML coding, this template is e xtremely customizable and user-friendly for the developer. It is best suited to create blog websites, galleries and personal sites. If you are looking for an attractive and eye-catching interface, full of incredible features, Reopen is the best option for you. In addition, it is clean, professional looking and focuses primarily on the content you want to display. The minimal and simplistic aesthetics improves efficiency even more. Create an amazing platform to show your media files in a striking way only with Reopen.

It also supports several browsers and guarantees high performance and high loading speed. In addition, this template is also compatible with Google Maps, which gives users an easier way to add locations. That's not all, because this template also supports multiple video formats, including YouTube and Vimeo video support. What's more, you also get smooth scrolling and fascinating CSS animations. It adds to the attractive factor and makes your site more attractive. This gallery website template completely free is the answer to all your needs. It also features the exclusive Hamburger menu that goes along with the full perspective of the template. There are several sections, including the Blog section and a contact section that makes it more accessible. Stand out from the crowd only with Reopen.

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Riddle is a clean, minimalist and unique website portfolio that is He has created with careful attention to detail. each element is based on the last frame of Bootstrap. In addition, the simple and minimalist look of the template follows is simply elegant and hypnotizing to say the least. Even the typographic and grid-based design structure adapts perfectly to the template. Ideal for anyone who wants to showcase themselves and their brand in an impressive way, this template offers many options to choose from. The filterable portfolio and the box and wide structure is what makes everything look amazing. In addition to this, the template is also totally responsive and is ready for retina. But although everything is done previously, you can easily customize and modify the elements with some CSS encodings.

The template creates an impressive output so you can leave a great first impression. With Riddle, we're pretty sure you can promote your brand and expand your sales and potential business. He is strongly focused to improve the attention towards his masterpieces. Get clean and beautiful typography with Google Fonts too. In addition, it also includes the Carousel option and slider that supports most types of multimedia files. To make it more interesting, you can even add a blog section. Keep users engaged on your site for hours with Riddle. This incredible template is compatible with several browsers, includes contact forms in operation and integration of social networks. You can even tell your users exactly where you are based on Google Maps in a matter of minutes.

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As its name suggests, this template is create and design taking into account portfolios and galleries. You are a designer, artist, photographer or any creative soul, this gallery website template is the perfect start for your online travel. It is clean, modular and flexible, offering an amazing range of useful features and features. The fully responsive design ensures that your site has an incredible appearance no matter what device it is on. The images have a surprisingly high resolution that makes them visually dazzling and ready for the retina. It has a simple, clean and clutter-free online interface where you can easily add your masterpieces for others to see. The gallery or portfolio is surely the main focus of this template and is based entirely on the powerful Bootstrap framework.

You also get amazing Fonts and Google Fonts icons to match the aesthetics of the site. Choose between the different color schemes and choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition to this, the template is also verified with multiple Internet browsers that guarantee high performance. Give a lasting impression and be the only one that is remembered only with Po-Portfolio. Create amazing galleries, show off your masterpieces, promote yourself and start your amazing online presence today!

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Impressively exquisite and surprising to look at, this template is surely one of the You can find templates for gallery websites. In addition to being creative and innovative, Halo is packed with all concepts. Some sections and elements that you can use to create the perfect website. It is totally responsive and is built with the powerful Bootstrap framework. The HTML and CSS codes used are also well commented and friendly to developers. This makes it easier to modify and customize if desired. The images presented are HD and Retina Ready. In addition, it is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to show their masterpieces in an interactive interface.

The template also has a large number of ready-to-use elements that are used to add additional functions. In addition, the template also includes sections for blogs, contact information and impressive portfolios. You can even add amazing icons and fonts to increase your creativity. To add a touch of creativity, you also get impressive animations and CSS effects. You can also choose to add sliders and carousels. It is also easy to use, so even if you are a beginner, you have absolutely no problem. The displacement effect it presents is remarkably another great advantage. Build the website of your visions and dreams only with the template of the free gallery website Halo!

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As the name specifies, CVPortfolio is a creative online CV and intuitive, portfolio, and the template of the gallery website. If you want to create personal professional-looking sites, CV portfolios or simply a boa gallery In your masterpiece, this template has everything online for you. It is flexible, clean and includes tons of incredible features. The structure of the design itself is amazing to look at. Giving an easy advantage to the simplistic design, this template is efficient and the perfect way to start. Show your work, promote your brand, give your location and contact details, the possibility is unlimited.

Create the perfect website in a matter of minutes and without any coding knowledge. It is also totally receptive and is ready for the retina. In addition, there are also tons of creative elements that you can easily integrate. This includes sliders, carousels, timeline and more. Choose from a range of color combinations and make it look interesting. In addition, you can also use creative fonts and icons to give it a professional touch. The template has been tested and guarantees compatibility between browsers. The template is also backed with amazing support of themes that will never stop hanging. Get the ideal start for a perfect online platform with only the free gallery website template CVPortfolio. Impress anyone who lands on their site and stands out from the crowd!

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Yaseen is a clean and minimal web gallery template that is completely built on the last Bootstrap framework. In addition to the simplistic charm about appearance, this template is also amazing to work with. Create the best interpretation of you and your work by impressing anyone who lands there. Get an incredible range of features that allow the user to easily create a website that is worth all their time and effort. Add dazzling portfolios and gallery sections that are also filterable. In addition to this, you also get amazing typography, unique design and much more!

The template is totally responsive and is ready for retina. This assures the user that no matter which device their users are on, their site looks pristine. Each and every one of the small elements has been designed and strategically placed to create the visually advanced modules. You also get tons of useful sections and internal pages that you can easily integrate. There is absolutely no limit that limits this template! So be as creative as you want and get the perfect end result, just with Yaseen.

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Just as the name suggests, this modern unique and stunning looking template is a free HTML gallery website template. Best suited for anyone with a creative touch, this template is based on the creative grid-based layout styl mi. The portfolio or the gallery sections are the main attraction and it is perfectly complimented with the minimal style. It is also fully responsive and retina ready. Feature-rich and visually astounding, take your website to the next level only with Portfolio! Whether you are looking to start a personal site, corporate site or simply a freelance site, this gallery website template is the perfect way to start.

Get a head start on anything you put your heart and ideas into. Start building the perfect website to represent yourself. Get amazing typography options, stunning hover effects, working Contact Form, layout variation and much more. There are plenty of amazing customizing options at your disposal so that you end up with something you love! The template also includes tons of other Pages and elements that you can easily add. There are blog section, testimonials as well as a Contact Us page so that you do not have to start from scratch. Reach up to your maximum potential leaving to impact!

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