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Whoever is looking for the best WordPress podcast plugins, the search ends now. After going through a set of different solutions and tools, we select only the best ones. A collection for you to benefit now is ready and prepared for you and your business.

With the popularity of podcast programs growing every year, you can consider starting it yourself. Or you can plan to add another fantastic feature to your site and let your audience shoot up. No more excuses; It is fully equipped with all the necessities to become a much loved podcaster.

First and foremost, WordPress is by far one of the best CMS platforms for podcasters. Many already use it due to its flexibility, scalability and plugins and available themes. Not only that, the simplicity and ease of use allow practically anyone to launch a podcast program in a short space of time. The best thing about this is that it is not necessary to have any prior coding and design skills.

You can use a podcast for all kinds of intentions. Share your opinions and knowledge about the industry you are in. Start interviewing interesting people (see The Tim Ferriss Show ). If you just launched a new product, talk about it and publish it in an audio format. You may already have a successful YouTube channel and need to find a way to grow your business. That said, simply convert all your videos to audio and attract a new audience with him. There are many ways in which you can benefit greatly from an amazing podcast.

Save time and choose any of the following WordPress podcasting plugins, and start a podcast today. Surprise yourself with how much you can achieve with the use of a robust content management system such as WP and a powerful add-on.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

When starting, a simple and convenient add-on with hosting included is the best way to do it. Seriously Simple Podcasting is an all-in-one solution for you to be in charge of your podcast from the comfort of your WordPress site. There is no need for any third-party software. Everything is mixed in a single solution to make it much easier.

With Seriously Simple Podcasting, you can manage multiple podcast programs, each with a different feed. Speaking of feeds, SSP is compatible with both iTunes and Google Play and with a whole range of other platforms. To manage your podcast, the WordPress podcasting plugin is completely configured. You can customize the media player and have embedded codes for blog integration. Shortcuts and widgets allow you to display your podcast or individual episode feed anywhere on the site.

To investigate each episode, which has a better performance and has a low performance, the integrated statistics include Seriously Simple Podcasting. Have a clear understanding of what your fans like and what they do not like. Do more of what works, and watch the growth of your show.

The SSP configuration is almost too easy to be true. You'll have everything in order in a matter of clicks and your first live show sooner rather than later. Seriously Simple Podcasting is basic but very adaptable and strong in functions.

Libsyn Podcasting Plugin

  libsyn podcasting plugin

Libsyn is, for some reason, still in beta, but its popularity is rapidly increasing. The plugin is still updated, but when it is officially released, we do not know. However, you can now fully benefit and use it for your WordPress podcasting plugin. Feel free to make an account and start an episode after episode. Offer your listeners a unique experience and have them hook up and become loyal followers.

You can easily link your Libsyn account with your WordPress site and upload new programs directly from your page. With this in mind, you will not have to host any of your podcast content at your WordPress hosting provider. Let Libsyn's external cloud hosting take care of that, even when your website is inactive. If this happens, readers can download new episodes of applications and feeds.

Creating new episodes and programming them within WordPress will be a breeze with Libsyn. If you can already use the platform and become familiar with it, use the WordPress plugin and increase your podcasting adventure.


  podcasting powerpress plugin

If you have difficulty choosing the correct podcasting plugin for your WordPress site; Consider choosing PowerPress. It has everything ready and solved for you, from simple and advanced modes to widgets, SEO functions and a variety of playback options. PowerPress is compatible with iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn, among other applications and clients.

To make everything as easy and simple as possible at the beginning, you must start it with the simple PowerPress mode. In just three simple steps, you will have everything arranged so that your podcasting shows your swing. The first step is to set up your account with pure essentials. The second step is to build your first episode, and the last step is to send it to, for example, iTunes. After you understand the essentials and feel comfortable, intensify your podcast game by switching to advanced mode.

As I covered the simple mode, let's also talk about the advanced functions. Your player includes built-in functions and user role management, and allows you to create podcasts for custom blog posts. In addition, PowerPress will help you convert your listeners into subscribers of loyal podcasts. There is a full set of subscription tools available for you, so you do not have to worry too much about the technical part.

In case you are already using another podcasting add-on, the migration to PowerPress will be simple. We could go on and on about what PP can do for you and your great podcast. First try the free version and switch to advanced mode when you grow beyond expectations.

Featured podcast widget

  Podcast widget presented

With Featured Podcast Widget, you can display the desired widget podcast episode in the sidebar of your website. Warning: The widget is an extension that works only with the default PowerPress player.

The featured podcast widget will use the featured image of your episode, as well as an excerpt from the post with a link. After the short extract, you will find the media player, which is linked to the MP3 file of the podcast. Simple but direct.

The installation process of the featured podcast widget is simple and fast. When downloading, activate it first in the add-ons section of your WP administrator and then go to the Widget area. Complete the process by dragging the Featured Podcast Widget to the sidebar of your WordPress site, and you're ready to shoot. Write the title, choose the category and set which episode you want to show. It could be the last episode of the category, or you can manually set a custom with the ID. In addition, you can unmark the highlighted image and the summary separately.

Smart podcast player

  Smart podcast player

Smart Podcast Player is one of the best premium WordPress podcasting plugins on the market. It is suitable for both large podcasts and for all those who are starting, but wants to improve immediately. There are two pricing options available. It all depends on whether you want to save 33% and pay annually or pay a full monthly fee.

The HTML5 Player of Smart Podcast Player is beautifully designed to offer its audience the best user experience. With the full player option, you have all your file presented inside. The player shows all your episodes in the sidebar with a search box at the top. Allow each user to reach the desired episode as quickly as possible. In addition, you get Smart Track Player, which focuses on each individual episode. Instead of having a complete file on your player, include only one episode or song in particular.

What will hook you most is the amount of design modifications that Smart Podcast Player allows you to make. You can easily adapt it to your needs and make it integrate naturally into your WordPress website.

Listeners can broadcast or download each episode and share it by email or on their social networks. The buttons to accelerate and decelerate are useful when you need to hear something correctly or want to go through the episode quickly. Last but not least, Smart Podcast Player has a striking call to action that will help you grow your email list, all directly from the podcast player.

By the way, nothing less than Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income built Smart Podcast Player. However, although the features are amazing, it is not necessarily ideal for someone who has just started. However, for those with an already established audience, SPI is perfect.

Podlove Podcast Publisher

  Podlove Podcast Publisher

If you are looking for a free WordPress podcast plugin, then you should undoubtedly look at Podlove Podcast Publisher. It's a quick and efficient solution to take your podcast show to your site and it combines beautifully with WP. There is also a video of how to do it in the download page that will guide you through the appropriate configuration of the add-on. Having said that, do not be intimidated by the installation process and start using it. All of you are ordered.

The editor is fully equipped with Podlove's own player, which, of course, comes with the main podcasting plugin. It supports a wide range of audio and video files. In addition, the HTML5 player works fluently on all devices (touch) to ensure an excellent UX. The player can be customized with a short code, while the experienced ones can modify the code. There are not many add-ons that allow you to do so, so if you want to make your own adjustments and improvements, Podlove Podcast Publisher could be the ideal tool for you.

This add-on helps you create high-quality, fully compatible podcast feeds. and can manage multiple feeds within a website as if it were nothing. Another fantastic feature of the Editor is the chapter support. You can divide each episode into different sections so that listeners can access the desired content immediately. There's more to come, developers say, but only time will tell what features will add to this exceptional plugin for podcasters.

Podcasting Buzzsprout

  Podcasting buzzsprout

Buzzsprout Podcasting is a sophisticated plugin, which hundreds of podcasters use for their shows to entertain and educate their audiences. If you want to join users, you must first have a Buzzsprout account, and only then can you start benefiting from this fabulous tool. From that moment, you can start with the free option first, which allows up to 2 hours of upload per month and 90 days of accommodation.

The first and cheapest payment option sells for $ 12 a month. This gives you 3 hours of loading and indefinite hosting. Meanwhile, the most expensive plan costs $ 24 / month and offers 12 full hours. It all depends on how big your podcast is, but to test the waters, the free program will do it for you.

For all those who are already using another podcasting plugin but want to try something different, with Buzzsprout Podcasting, the migration will be perfect. All you need is the URL, and Buzzsprout takes care of everything else.

Instead of one, there are three HTML5 audio players to embed in your WordPress site. It does not matter which one you choose, each one is updated automatically when you publish a new podcast.

With the Buzzsprout Podcasting add-on, you get full iTunes support and a look at how your show works. For iTunes, an interactive tutorial is available to send your feed to iTunes and increase the popularity of your podcasting.

WordPress Plugin Podcast by Cincopa

  wordpress podcast plugin

When it comes to podcast players, you have a lot at your service, here we have one for you that will make your life much simpler, all you have to do is install the WordPress Podcast Player plugin first. After that, configure the options you need and embed it in the publications and pages of your blog. That's!

The Cincopa plugin has several templates available along with iTunes and Android subscription boxes. There is a range of premium plans available and one free too. Keep in mind that the free option only allows 3 audios, 3 videos and 50 images. Along with that, you get access to all the templates, slide shows, sliders and other things. There you have it, a WordPress podcast player plugin for your valuable audio program.

Sermon Manager

  sermon manager for wordpress

Sermon Manager was created exclusively for churches to talk to their listeners and spread the word online. The add-on is free, but whoever needs personalized help, premium support is available for an annual fee. This paid support of which I speak allows you to access the forum and support tickets.

With thousands and thousands of downloads, Sermon Manager is one of the largest WordPress sermon plugins available. Bring the sermons of the churches to the world network so that everyone can have the opportunity to listen to them. Sometimes, you need to hear them two, three or even more. Allowing visitors to have them available at all times is a great advantage for the church and the speaker.

Speaking of speakers, within the complement, you can name them, including references of the Bible, themes and books. For each sermon, you can add audio, video and PDF for notes. The HTML5 player is totally responsive and works perfectly. Let it be an iOS or an Android device. With abbreviated codes, it speeds up customization, adds what you need and eliminates what does not.

Your new favorite Sermon Manager works with any WordPress theme. The easy template can be modified to follow the design of your site and not act as a distraction. Begin to spread the Word of God on the Internet in a profound way.

Simple Podcast Press

  simple podcast press

Take care of your WordPress podcasting automation with Simple Podcast Press. This powerful plugin is not free yet, so you have many options available for your podcast program. It works with virtually all podcast hosting services, such as SoundCloud, PowerPress and Libsyn. You add the URL of your feed, and Simple Podcast Press does all the work for you. The beautiful player shows all the episodes, which are updated automatically when there are new releases available.

In just a few seconds, you will have the WordPress SPP podcast plugin ready. After installation, a compatible player with mobile devices will appear on your website. Not only is it beautiful, it will also help you boost the transmission of your episodes and the downloading of numbers from the ceiling. CTA (call-to-action) buttons to search listeners' emails are also available. With Simple Podcast Press, you will have no problem scaling your exposure to iTunes, creating a massive distribution list and observing the overall success of your podcast.

The player includes selectable timestamps, which means you can add time notes so listeners can jump directly to the desired time and get them hooked, surprisingly, for longer. Create playlists, add custom buttons, show your iTunes ratings and more. You can even make the text on the pages of your notes cloud to grow your popularity on Twitter. And, as you will discover on the fly, Simple Podcast Press has more reserved for you.

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